Zoom H2N Microphone Audio Recorder Review

Hi, here we are on the fifth of six
videos, plus a bonus, I’m making about the microphones I use and why
I use them. In this fifth video, we are going to be talking about this
sophisticated microphone because not only is it a microphone it’s
actually an audio recorder as well and I’ll tell you some more about that in a
moment my name is sue Ferrara of wisdom 12th mastery where I help you take all
that wisdom you got up in your brain brain dump it organize it and help you
take it out to the world with video so you can help more people boost your own
income and the income of the people that you help but let’s get back to this zoom
h2n video recorder and microphone this is the second most expensive of all of
the microphones that I have it comes in around 160 to 200 bucks us but it’s well
worth it because it has a myriad of features I’m not going to talk about all
of the features today because this would become a very long video because in fact
it comes with a very large instruction booklet but but this microphone does do
an awful lot of different things you can see from this picture it comes with many
different items in the box it comes with a remote control with a windsock with
two different ways of holding it either a tripod it will go on any tripod any
3/8 inch tripod and here is your lollipop way that you can attach this
microphone and you can hold it now the other way you can use this microphone is
if you buy this little gizmo it’s really very inexpensive and you screw it into
the 3/8 screw jack it turns it into a hot shoe and you can then hotshoe this
microphone on top of any camera that you’re using which if you were then at
the same time recording from a lav mic through an external microphone to the
camera as I’m doing means you get double audio back up why do you need double
audio back up well in an earlier video about microphones I mentioned widget
which is one of my mantras in life whiticus what if just in case
because have you had the experience of recording a video and then finding out
the audio is really not good enough or you’ve got to turn it on or something
like this so if you can always do a backup of your audio as you are
recording and this is what I use this for I’m not doing it on this video so
I’m I’m risking it but I will always have this microphone somewhere close by
and as I begin recording I will just come to the side here hold it down turn
it on and away we go so now I am recording on this microphone how am i
recording on this microphone well it’s really neat because not only is it a
microphone it’s battery run or you can use AC but in the bottom here if I open
it up and flip out the SD card isn’t that lovely with an SD card you have a
totally separate independent recording of your audio which is always worth
having widget I’m going to turn the recording off now it’s going to turn off
this little red button here and if I want to turn off the microphone stroke
recorder I just hold the button down here for a while and it’s turned off
having an independent SD card backup of my audio has saved me many many times
when inadvertently something had happened to the main track audio that I
was recording and any of you who know anything about video recording it’s dead
simple to swap one audio track for another and I’ll make a video about that
in at a later time I would be happy using h2n as a microphone at any time in
fact I do sometimes it has an output here that will go into any external
microphone jack so you can use this as your regular microphone the only reason
that I don’t is I like things small and this is a little bit too big a lot of
people say it’s great you can put it in your pocket but for me it just it’s just
a little bit too big that’s my review of the h2 n zoom microphone and audio
recorder as I say it doesn’t offer a lot more I will put a link to the microphone
to the PDF the instruction booklet in the description below join me in my next
video video 6 of 7 with the bonus where I will be talking about wireless
microphones thank you for watching this video I’d be really grateful if you’d
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channel and if you know anyone who’s looking for a more sophisticated
microphone share this video with them so that they can learn about the zoom h2n
as well that’s all from me right now I’ll see you in the next video so so
long for now

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