Zencastr Review – How We Record High-Quality Podcast Audio (Zencastr Features, Pricing, Experience)

Zencastr Review – How We Record High-Quality Podcast Audio (Zencastr Features, Pricing, Experience)

– Podcasting has been huge for us. We run the digital agency marketing podcast
every week. A lot of interviews with people in the marketing
industry, talking about their lives, talking about the things they do to be successful. It’s been great for our business. In today’s video I wanna run through the tool
that we use to run this whole podcast, Zencastr. So lets jump into it. Zencastr, if you guys don’t know, is a software
that allows you to record podcasts easily. The most impressive thing about Zencastr,
or the thing that makes it easiest to use, is that it records podcasts on both sides. So while I’m doing a podcast, it’s recording
on my computer, but on the person I’m interviewing side, it’s also recording, and what that does
is it gets rid of a lot of the lag that can come, sometimes, if you’re interviewing people
over Skype, or interviewing people over the internet in general. So lets run through some of the features. Logging in’s super easy. What we do is have each interview subject
have their own folder, and you can create new episodes here. You can add credits, it’s really easy, you
can add new interview subjects here, different folders. And right now our credits are 10 hours a month,
so that’s as much as we’re allowed to record a month. And it connects right to Dropbox as well,
so you can upload directly to Dropbox. The interviewing process is super easy as
well. When one of your interviewing subjects jumps
into the app, they’ll see this page, where Experiment 27 is me, they’ll show up down
here. And you’ll talk back and forth. On the recording side it’s super easy, you
just hit new recording, and it’ll just start. There’s also sound effects, so you can play
like an intro, and outro sound. Dramatic piano, three podcasters walk into
a bar, and the bartender says, “You wanna hear my podcast?” And then if you really get a zinger in there,
you can just hit ’em with the… I don’t use any of these. But they are in here. The last thing on the podcast recording side,
is this thing called automatic post-production. And Rinaldo, who runs our podcast, loves this,
because it saves him a bunch of work. So after an interview’s done, the wav file
from both subjects will be uploaded into the Cloud, and you can just click these buttons. Hit run post-production, and the app will
automatically master the files. It’ll automatically squash ’em down, and then
all Rinaldo has to do is just clip out the umm’s, and the ahh’s, and any of the filler
words, speed it up a little bit, and we’re good to go. The only downside of Zencastr, is sometimes,
because it’s recording on both sides, and not on one side, if somebody’s internet goes
out for a very long time, the recording could be lost. We’ve lost only two, or three though in the
40 or 50 interviews we’ve done. And in terms of payment, we’re on the $20
a month plan. This one’s free, as well, if you wanna only
record up to eight hours a month. We wanted the unlimited recordings, and the
live editing, and the high quality sound, so that’s why we’re paying 20 bucks a month
for it. There’s a $250 a month package, as well, but
I don’t know if that would be worth getting unless you’re running like 50 podcasts or
whatever. But if you’re just starting out, the free
one should be great. You pay per use for the post-productions. So question for you, do you run a podcast? I would love to listen to an episode. Link it down in the comments, I’ll check it
out. If you wanna see me make more videos, be sure
to like to encourage this type of content, on YouTube, subscribe for more sale training,
and if you need marketing support for your digital agency, check out experiment27.com. Thanks.

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  1. Great review, Alex! I publish the Better PR Now podcast (http://betterprnow.com) using Skype and eCamm call recorder. Recently had connection issues with Skype, so I switched to Zencastr, quickly set up an account, and got the interview done. Sound quality was great! I'm sold on Zencastr. Thanks for the review!

  2. Check out Zencastr and use the coupon EXPERIMENT27 and you will get 20% off for the first 3 months. If you sign up for the annual plan, it will give you 20% off for the entire year:

  3. Hi Alex, thanks for highlighting Zencastr. I podcast at https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/green-fish-blue-oceans/id1197657125. So, I just wrapped up S1, a solo show. In S2, I'm adding a co-host (remote) and doing interviews. So I think I understood about post-production, but can you clarify? With Zencastr, do I need Audacity or Garageband for post-production? I want to try the free subscription for now (and thanks for the 20% off code for later) so do I upload the WAV file from Dropbox into Audacity or Garageband? Also, this sounds silly, but do I need to use Skype or Pamela to set up the call? Thanks in advance!

  4. As requested. https://www.philipdbennett.com/podcast/growth-hacking/ Here if you need me. Thanks for sharing. I'll check out your tools 🙂

  5. Thanks for your great content. It was simple and good to know. I just started running podcast in Japan. I’m definitely going to use the Zencastr!

  6. Thanks for the info on Zencastr. I am just starting out on podcasting. Here is an episode. Any feedback to make it better is welcome. https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-rfnkg-8b5f84

  7. Great intro, thanks Alex. I'm definitely going to be using this on my Mellow Brick Road podcast, the show for the older entrepreneur. https://itunes.apple.com/au/podcast/mellow-brick-road/id1347758019?mt=2

  8. Hi Alex, Thanks. I'm currently using Zoom and Audacity. It's been working fine for me but one of my guests recommended Zencastr so now checking into so appreciate the review.

  9. Much Appreciated dude! I do a Podcast on Entrepreneurship and Fitness. Check it out and let me know what y'all think . https://lnkd.in/eTgJkTx

  10. Just came across Zencastr. It looks fantastic. I make a podcast called ComposerCast and I'm editing an hour-long interview right now that was recorded over Skype with 3 of us all talking at the same time. I think Zencastr would have made the editing progress much easier. You can check out the podcast on composercast.co.uk if you like, all about video game music.

  11. Yes i Do run a podcast!! Looking to do better online interviews(currently using Zoom.us) This video was helpful… My podcast is the Empower Good Podcast.. Just search it in itunes. Thanks again, would love to connect!

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  13. I just got into podcasting. My show is called "The Human Chess Project" and would love any feedback. Thanks

  14. Hey Alex,
    Great video mate thanks 👌👍👏
    Do you ever record visual aspects of your interviews online and if so what Program or platform do you use mate?
    I'd love you to listen to one of my shows buddy, Pearcey Presents anywhere you get ya pods from 😉😉

  15. Hi Alex, Thanks for posting this video. We were struggling to figure out how to do interviews with people on the other side of the world. This is going to be the trick!!!
    As requested: https://soundcloud.com/stevoeandgoody/crisis-goats-pig-doggin-trophy-hunting-elephants-and-your-mom

  16. I have a podcast that I do with my friends at flickereffect.com and YouTube channel at YouTube.com/flickereffect. Two of us live southern California while the other two are in Orlando. We've been using Skype to record our shows but just recently made the switch to Discord and I'm wondering if zencastr would be better and what is the difference between something like Skype and zencastr?

  17. Going to check it out, thanks for sharing! I have a podcast for encouraging women, pass it along to your girlfriends! https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-girly-bliss-show/id1405156036?mt=2 * also on spreaker for andriod users 🙂

  18. Hello thank you for this quick informative video. I do have a podcast titled Positive Forward Motion each episode is 8 minutes or less and promised to empower motivate and inspire you to have more success personally and professionally the reason i am learning about zencastr is I am about to extend on my topics with podcast interviews.

    you can find my podcast on iTunes spotify stitcher etc..
    I have my first remote interview this week Yahoo
    you can also fine me denisescattergood.com
    keep up the great work
    Positive Forward Motion!

  19. Great video Alex! I have been debating switching over from Skype. My podcast is called Do Dope Sh*t, feel free to check it out https://itunes.apple.com/ca/podcast/do-dope-sh-t/id1348197636?mt=2 🙂

  20. What about video recording ??

    I want to have video + Audio recordings.

    Video for youtube .

    Audio for iTunes and Spotify.

    Shameless Plug




  21. please check out Who Taught You How To Drive?! https://whotaughtyouhowtodrive.podbean.com/ I don't use this software yet, but I am looking for options to broaden my interview reach. Thanks for this!

  22. Yup, our podcast is thisweekincrypto.co! We tried Zencastr, and losing any episodes is unacceptable. A viable solution is Zoom US or simply having each side record their audio on Quicktime. We recommend a hardware device, like the ZoomH6 as it is the highest quality and 100% reliable.

  23. hi thanks for the video I produce a podcast called TennisPAL Chronicles and right now the interivews I do are on skype but we were looking for something cleaner with less drop outs so I am going for this software based on yor recommendation. You can listen to our cast here : https://apple.co/2UWfGtt would love your feedback!

  24. The podcast I'm launching would require guest to call in. Most guests won't be tech savvy. What is the basic requirement on their end in order to connect effectively? Regular phone? Mic and headset? Ipod earbuds? Just need a little guidance . on this.

  25. Thank you for the info on using Zencastr. I was looking for a tool like this.


  26. Thanks for this video! What if I don't have Dropbox? Will I still be able to download the tracks as soon as the recording is done? Also what do you do if the internet goes out on one side? Will you have part of the recording or do you have to start over?

    If you want to check out the show here is a link that will get you to all the platforms https://lnk.bio/0kZv

    The show is all about real food & drink as well as the processes that bring it to our tables.

  27. Hello. I have the free version and I did a test recording but it seems Zencastr makes my voice sound a lot lower/heavier than it really is. Any idea why? Are there some settings I could change?

  28. Good video, and this looks like what I need for the guests we have… you asked to give feedback to podcasts, so here's ours: www.fujicast.co.uk – a radio style show about photography (not just Fuji stuff either) – thanks for the great film

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