YouTube Studio Setup – Home Video Studio Setup and Tour

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  1. very informative video!.. very easy to understand for everyone. BTW ,,whenever you want to travel to different countries and do some shooting, i recommend you fly on an F214-44 since they have the best 577s and the fluxcapacitors in the cabin make safer for the electronic equipment. they have the best NEERS's and 889-CVX's around. ALso when you board,you walk through the Grouners Mattatos,they are very cool to set up once you get to your seat. When you find your seat on the 551-MHTers or the PPr5s-vss you just press the 775-ers but you cant just push the button, you set up the Crawlper's or the G.U.N.B.F's 556…cont get the 557 if they offer them..even if they're free.grab the JUUR.s's they can do some 445's look bad.

  2. This was extremely helpful and so thorough! Thanks for sharing this. The led ring light is really a great help for YouTubers. #ledringlight

  3. Most of the tech stuff you talked about was hard for me to understand lol mabe explain better for inexpirenced peeps

  4. I'm glad to know that I'm NOT the only ONE that does the 3,2,1 or forget where I was going with my content. I've just started to become more raw in my videos, as I don't have all the time in the world to edit my videos!

  5. Hey i'm looking for suggestions please!!!? I cannot stream my DJ sets live because my ISP upload speed is terrible. I am wanting to produce video logs of my sets to post online. I have a canon 80d and a pretty nice webcam but I want to run the audio feed out of the mixer instead of sound off my mic on the camera. Any suggestions?

  6. Hey, thanks for the great video..but I have to record my classroom session where I use projector to display slides, and tutor is at the podium..since projector is ON, light is very simple over the face of the tutor..please suggest the best way to record..

  7. I just wanna say I love your videos. I just started my channel couple weeks ago and I came across your channel just couple days ago. Good content and value added. Keep it up.

  8. I noticed the timing of the step focus when you were demonstrating the boom mic set up. The focus shifted from the product to you while panning. The timing seemed planned. How did you pull that off?

  9. We were looking for the Khow-How, a technical aspect of it. How to record a video, how to edit a recording, how to upload on youtube, etc. Instead, You b*shitted. You think the audience does not know all you said. You wasted your time and mine as well. I think you are technically incompetent that's why you avoided a technical session and limited yourself to talk.

  10. As far as lighting goes, just use what you have. ( You would be surprised what you have in ur house that could potentially be useful)

  11. If I were to sit at a desk and I have a camera at the end of the desk what microphone would I use to reach both of me and my friends voices from the other side of the desk

  12. Really appreciate this! I am working on a YT set up in my small apartment. It's a challenge will be doing the low budget version of this 🙂

  13. Technology laptop laptop technology and and the machine Google Google Drive and photographer machine large in and camera AK machine Technology white

  14. Thank you very much for this video! I’m an amateur musician just preparing to record my first couple of videos. I’ve just starting to assemble a studio in my home. I think I have audio covered but the lighting is something I hadn’t put a lot of thought into and want to explore a bit more. I’d also like to look into a different camera a some point but am currently shooting with a GoPro Hero 4. I’m sure I’ll be revisiting this video often. Thank You, I’ll be uploading my first few videos soon!

  15. This is nice, really such a big help for beginners like me. Godspeed and for more helpful videos like this one.

  16. I just bought a backdrop, two tripods… One of my phone one for my Canon G7x Marr II and I am looking for lights and a mic.

  17. Sean, hi! Nobody is talking about scripting and how to read it. How do you follow a script? Do you learn it all or do you have bullet points written somewhere next to your camera? Your response would really be helpful.- Greetings from central Mexico

  18. hey, Sean! Great setup suggestion. Hope to reach that point in my youtube setup.. for now it's just a phone and simple stand for me. hey, just pushing my luck: is it possible to get a channel checkup from you? What do I need to do more to really grow? If channel check up is not an option, it's ok hehe. Thanks!

  19. Great video. Me and my wife are setting up a home studio for videos and this video was very helpful. Gracias 🙂

  20. I swear guys this guy is a MUST subscribe…everything I search for my channel he has a video for it take notes on this guy guys he is awesome

  21. I dont know why but you get my trust when it comes to these things coz once you recommend it i know its worth buying it:)

  22. Hello!! what would you say the minimum power is for lighting especially when it comes to taking photos at home or for YouTube videos?? I've bought a lamp but the ligtht seems quite weak…

  23. Pretty decent advice. I prefer Chroma for background use, but getting the lighting right can be difficult…?

  24. Can you show me how I can set up a tv big background like the one in the following youtube channel: It is a tv youtube channel for news. Looking forwards to hearing from you. Thanks!

  25. I just bought a ring light paid around $120 , Amazon . Have to say bit disappointed . Noticed flickering light on my recent first video . I’m using Sony A 7 . I also have extra lighting huge big bulbs . Yes have a back window .
    Still my lighting isn’t good . Lighting for me is the hardest to get right .

  26. Dude… you should never set up your camera facing at your window because it’s too much bright light and can’t see you on video! Either find another room without a window or use a green screen back drop covering the window.

  27. I don’t get it. You talk about all this awesome equipment even mentioning your expensive fluid head tripod the. The first pan you utilize from you “b” roll and it’s shaky as shit! Come on now! If you got it, use it! Everything was so slick except that shot!

  28. Can’t seem to find anyone on YouTube who builds film or sitcom style studio in their living room… I’m thinking about making a 90s style sitcom like “Martin” using my living room but I want it to be able to be changed into another set without switching locations 😅 is it all about props and lighting or is there more to it

  29. Nicely presented, however it would be helpful to separate out the two issues of TECHNICAL and FRAMING which is the artistic side of composition. The latter is the far more delicate art of directing and having a good eye. I'm afraid I think your backgrounds are too cluttered and the angles that you offer in this demo a bit ugly – it needs a bit more care to make it shine.

  30. Dude, do you think that Rode mic would work well for capturing guitarists? I do some lesson videos where I’m talking and playing

  31. Glad you included the out takes at the end. Really helps with my confidence when I see someone at your level having the same issues as everyone else.

  32. Great video. I’m setting up my in-home studio right. Subscribe to my page. My channel will include interviews, film reviews, discussions, opinion pieces and world news. Subscribe now!

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