YouTube BRAINWASHING KIDS? #ElsaGate! – Dude Soup Podcast 151

YouTube BRAINWASHING KIDS? #ElsaGate! – Dude Soup Podcast 151

All right I Want us to have to do I know I’m forgetting something or not we’re not live yet. We’re absolutely live One who are live I mean, yeah, the intro the intro thing is running. All right. Well. Fuck it. Let’s get it started Yeah, yes, I double checked every checked all of this clap synced Just feels like there’s a vacuum right now not because I should be yeah Okay, go over first. I did pay my rent okay definitely not any oh that’s it. That’s we’re gotta Call her up right now. Live say you’re on the air She’s on an airplane you would ever go to you’re in the air formal dinner or something where then they say like alright Let us pray before the meal mhm, but you’re the only one with your eyes open well Yeah, I I actually I just go like this I go Let’s just make this face. This is my everyone else around me a spring face. I Can’t see it, but I think I know it I think I know it I always keep my eyes open just to see who’s got their eyes on yeah I look at him who needs saving here. It was great at dance wedding you know there was there was praying and I opened my eyes and James and Jake I Think our Jewish friend. Yeah, we’re all the stairs As loud as possible Everybody welcome to a an insidious and offensive bowl of dude soup you think you’re eating one thing But your kid is on the ground licking drips from something else it all make sense eventually we’re talking to talk about Elsa gay today I’m your host and podcast MC Lawrence Sonntag that title is gonna get longer every week seems that every week Yeah, cuz uh my job changes every week Bruce. I’m like. I’m a podcast chameleon It doesn’t change the 150 of these under 51 on soon one for do one on that topic. I’m joined by Child sex ring expert Bruce Greene hello, my name is Bruce your honor Disney’s animated short frozen adventure or lost magical adventure expert James Williams mmm They get they removed it because of my complaints yeah, that’s right I’m saving everyone who hasn’t seen Coco yet, but will X forensic sexpert, but primarily in regards to gunshot wounds of cartoon characters Adam Kovac hey, I’m good I was gonna say I want to be the other woman from frozen, but I can’t remember nada and sadhana It’s all Hans Christian Andersen All of their names split up. I want to be along there’s like a Christian there’s like Christian or something is the Elco and then Anna and Then Elsa and then Olaf expert at least Willems Hey, Lise. Oh hey. I’m the Olaf expert. You are why can’t I just feel wait so funny and the effort of Olaf films But she’s the expert of a law class Let’s enjoyed you guys you guys have all sorted it out this podcast is brought to you by to sponsors blue apron and movement watch as You can go to movement calm dude soup to get a watch for $95 it includes a free strap and free shipping and it sends in an elegant gift box that May or may not have anything to do with the holidays coming up And then you can also get a free meal from blue apron by going to Blueprint calm soup your first dinner for free hear more about those offers later. We’re playing Jesus Christ What is the name of this game? Also is right there the game guarantee eared? Yeah, it’s got a hold on was it called game tengoku Cruisin mix I believe yeah, so it’s like a remaster of uh just like it’s my fantasy fulfillment Yeah, I mean give it a minute hold on mmm Well I think it’s the same character except in the remaster She got a lot more jiggly can anybody with a controller Yes, you can’t how good I have tested that in one hand who wants to Who wants to play to me? I’ll do it It’s a game parody shoot-’em-up Bruce And you have to hold down right bumper instead of tapping a to shoot cuz then a lot all right for you All right oh Yeah, that horrendous shrieking is gonna get that real fun Luckily you guys don’t have to deal with that because I have recently after 150 episodes Figured out that people when people were saying hey, it’s really annoying to hear video game sounds I was like maybe it’s really annoying to your video game. Sounds well finally listened We’re talking about Elsa gate today. You may have heard about it on the internet But perhaps you don’t know what it is, or you wonder why people are all tossed up about it We did touch on it briefly in a podcast about a month ago. You can turn that down hey sure Bruce I’m pausing you don’t like Absolutely bother a hundred percent yeah, it’s real cute. It’s real cute and everyone loves it See you like that. You’re you’re just shooting things in an arcade I do this I’m having fun Everyone’s having would you tap the button instead of just holding everyone’s upset about the the short frozen film before Coco yeah That’s what this is all about that’s what this is all about good I’m so I’m I’m not gonna go see Coco until I take that shit out They did number eight yeah, I’m waiting till December 8th good for you Adam. I’m a hero man. I wish I could have been here I’m a boycott I guess oh so Elsa gate Is is we brought it up into in in relation to the YouTube algorithm? And how YouTube is growing increasingly run by machine learning? And it’s just like robots programming robots that and then that content Eventually makes its way to humans and we try to Apply certain patterns to it that you know we don’t have to complete story and it gets weird it gets us Exceptionally weird when it comes to children’s content Because children have a number of factors about them. That are different than how adults consume content I’ll get it they are stupid but they’re also primal they have short attention spans and most worryingly parents tend to leave their kids with a tablet and Just let them consume whatever content They want and whatever volume or whatever order they want and that has interesting implications as far as AI is concerned And how you YouTube’s recommendation engine is concerning anyway? We’ll get onto it, and I’ll have a brief history rundown So here is here’s a brief summary And it’s actually much more complicated than this but luckily we have a whole hour to talk about it So this is via the ELSA gates subreddit because of course there’s a subreddit Quote else’ gate is the phenomenon on YouTube of reoccurring themes animations and context of inappropriate topics and videos on several channels? available and targeted at kids those videos often feature Spiderman frozen Elsa Joker Mickey Mouse and other characters popular with kids The two big sides of Elsa gates are whether or not this entire situation is an unintended consequence of how YouTube prioritizes and recommends videos and how kids consume videos or if it is a Shit this fucking video game is intense. You can also turn it down absolutely it only goes. I’d only goes up first. You know Go down all the way. Yeah. I was right. I’m wondering if the high-pitched screaming Japanese girl is a good conversation enhancer If the high-pitched Japanese screaming girl is going to immediately Elsa gate this video that was part of the reason that I chose this the other the other reason being there is nothing new to play the song I Think it would be funny if I was like as a lawyer like hold on. I’m gonna give you some advice Continue please tell me your problems no please pay attention Oh, yeah, lack of attention span is another factor, but all right so the two sides to the Elsa gate discussion or investigation whatever whatever you want to call it is a is are these videos being intentionally made to Mass manipulate an entire generation of people is there a conspiracy Or is it just incidental based on how YouTube’s monetization and recommendation engine works Oh wasn’t that we’re watching that one video series right that was like this very kid-friendly and then people were making Like 4chan versions of it that were kind of Peppa Pig yeah And now like and then there’s the finger family song there’s another big right? Yeah, maybe you weren’t here Bruce, but it was like is a super family-friendly sort of content And then it was something where people could just easily Like I think Lawrence you’re saying is like just made by a robot right it could be yeah So and that’s that’s part of the investigation there’s a lot of a lot of internet Colombo’s out there, and I don’t say that entirely disparagingly because It’s it and like any conspiracy can be tough You don’t know where where the crazy line is drawn or where your brain And is seeing patterns where there aren’t any so what do we think the conspiracy is like well who? Who’s gaining from this is one about a lot of people making a shitload of money? There’s a lot of monetized views that are be basically like Like kids are basically bought farms for these views okay That are earning specific channels a lot of monetized views or like a cartoon character Shooting another one of they hadn’t fucking it kind of well Yeah
I mean so that’s the that’s in the extreme minority of this of what this content is cuz there’s actually there’s a lot of Innocuous content that kids consume, and that’s still a lot of money But let me let me give you guys a brief history here. Hopefully this will go by quickly So in February 2015 google google introduces the YouTube kids app the idea being that all ten on this app will be pre-screened programmatically not manually To be safe for kids and that you can like you can turn off search with it, so essentially you can Have a tablet that’s running YouTube kids give it to a child and then be Confident that they’re only going to watch child appropriate content Ma’am um China internet kind of yeah, that’s cool But protects like Netflix kids is curated content for children so line I could be wrong, but as these kids is manually curated YouTube kids is not so this is oh Yeah, so that just really quick Lawrence I think this sort of speaks to the same thing we constantly say about YouTube which is Even when they say manual review for monetization like when the video gets T monetized on YouTube it gets T monetized and then you can request an appeal for a manual review and When you request an appeal for a manual review you’re assuming someone a person actually looks at that video and says oh We should monetize this or nevermind We shouldn’t monetize this our theory is that even when you request a manual review a lot of the times It’s still a robot doing that and so then busy Maury go ahead that’s a more human robot could be yeah, I guess like a suit and tie on the Criteria yeah, so the way that the YouTube heon’s apps worked in the past is that? Programmatic filters would determine if a video is safe for kids and then if it’s flagged by somebody then a human were to review it and If if it got reviewed it would be age gated Which means it can’t show up in YouTube kids app it also means that certain ads can’t run on it alright So so kids app introduced in February 2015 By May 2015 certain watch groups were already started to say there’s something very wrong here Let’s see here Let me click through real quick to see the name of the advocacy group the the campaign for a commercial-free childhood and the Center for Digital democracy on Tuesday stepped up their criticism of the site, so this is a sorry. This is via today today calm And this this this was published in May 2015 Stepped up the criticism site saying that is rife with content unsuitable for children So basically to watchdog groups said hey you launched this YouTube kids app We took a look and there’s a lot of stuff on here the kids shouldn’t be watching In any 2015 Google issued the statement quote We work to make the videos and YouTube kids as family-friendly as possible we take feedback very seriously We appreciate the people driving problematic content to our attention and make it possible for anyone to flag a video If liked videos are manually reviewed 24/7 and any videos that don’t belong in the app are removed for parents who want a more restricted experience recommend they turn off search That was essentially their their statement at the time Will you review it if you flag it and if you turn off search it’s less likely that your kid will find a problem video So they were pretty dismissive of it that III say they’re pretty dismissive of it back in 2015 All right skipping up to 2016. There is a another another article ran and today Gone today calm And this is like increasing in severity, so like Mickey Mouse. There’s something called the family finger song It’s very popular with kids videos, but it’s just like a nursery rhyme about your fingers But no and this in this version Mickey Mouse is with a family of other Mickey Mouse’s and as he’s counting off the fingers He’s shooting them in the head and this is a video that showed up on YouTube kids on YouTube kids yes And then YouTube issued the comment again quote we appreciate people drawing problematic content content to our attention A sing the same statement actually, so I don’t think that’s a new one anyway so that it was again a problem in 2016 concerned parents There were like testimonials from for mothers and and parents and and Families was saying this is kind of messed up And I didn’t know my kid was seeing this stuff. Yeah Okay, so now we have better parent better. How’s my eyes yeah, that’s the easy answer well. Here’s here’s my thing though I I will give the parents that benefit of the doubt in this one because they say they they say notice and then they say Something and then I can only assume that those parents are no longer allowing their kids to go onto YouTube kids I bet there’s not many like dual complaints like I’m back again. I’m noticing this again You know maybe they’re probably warning for the next parent but so here’s here’s the where we’re now learning the dawn of Elsa gate basically when a Larger group of people become aware of this and start to start to wonder if there’s something Thoroughly insidious going on here, or if it’s just unintended consequences of YouTube’s algorithms so in July 25 in July July 25 2017 now we’re this year CEO the Atlantic posted a story titled the algorithm that makes preschoolers obsessed with YouTube and this is essentially This is not so much about Elsa gate itself, but more or less Talking about the mentality of a toddler, and how that interacts with YouTube’s ecosystem And it’s really actually fascinating, and this is kind of what plays into Elsa gate Elsa gates creation So toddlers are starved for control, and they have no attention span Because they’re largely not allowed to make decisions It’s like you don’t get to choose what you eat. You don’t get to choose Where you go or when you sleep? But you’re kind of old enough to be frustrated at that even if you don’t know how to say it in words so YouTube an interactive experience like that is The the mentals the mental effects of that haven’t been studied yet So this article is more about how? This shit is like crack cocaine to a small child if you can watch a series of very bright Colorful expressive videos and the rate that you want in the amount that you want repeated as many times as you want it’s I mean to the extent that like other generations have had it like maybe you had a DVD you watched over and over again when you Were a kid or a favorite movie a Disney movie something like that. I’ll one-up what all these kids have to deal with To deal well we had a VHS copy of like and there was like a Bugs Bunny or something on it, right But what we did know was at the end of the tape someone had recorded pornography No like someone’s parent and we got to the end and it was like Hustler TV or something like that or something like whatever the 80s had okay, maybe playboy or something But it was just like a woman flashing her badge or whatever. I was like a four-year-old we’re like what the hell is this I’m like I Don’t know did that traumatize me probably Maybe a little bit, maybe how were you when you saw that I must have been like five So this is this is even talking about kids that are like two or three Okay, which notice get them younger now well and let me you may be on to something with that so And and I promise this is important Or it will be in the in the long run because so this article talks about how kids brains react to that environment quote Let’s say your kids watch the same kinds of videos over and over video makers take notice of what’s most popular than mimic it hoping That kids will click on their stuff when they do YouTube’s algorithm takes no and recommends those videos to kids kids keep clicking on them Keep being offered more the same Which means video makers keep making those kinds of videos hoping kids will click so? Kind of like we’ve noticed sometimes YouTube can become its own propagation engine where because something hits everyone makes that video Thus increasing the traffic on that kind of video thus making it more of a hits? I I guess the thing is imagine if who have whatever adult taped pornography on there Put it specifically after Looney Tunes right because they knew you would see it, right And then you’d watch it again because every single time you watch that VHS they get money for it ok that makes it way more insidious and then Accidentally leaving a VHS player and then that gets recommended to other kids and increasing volume Oh, yeah, and imagine a robot takes that VHS and goes well I can just recreate this exactly and then a robot recreates that over and over Be my new best friend That article also calls out the issue that there aren’t humans curating this content So unlike unlike past situations where like you’re your parent had to rent a tape for you Just hold on right bumper you know how at the button all the time? I just can’t see oh yeah, you’re too far away. Yeah, that’s a big issue Okay, so now November 4th Elsa Gates basically in full-swing or rather people have noticed that This is a trend that these videos are doing a lot of views and that there, are there is a seemingly crafted force behind it that there is something shoving these videos out and that there is a Intelligent process by which these videos are made and curated like the titles are just combinations of strings of words that work The content of the videos is just re constitutions of things that work It’s kind of this weird oroboro of content some of it getting very actually very graphic and disturbing All right, so this is November 4th, New York Times on YouTube kids startling videos slip past filters So this is it starting to get maybe mainstream attention And this is the first time YouTube actually does anything about it, or acknowledges it in any major way Quote parents and children have flocked to Google owned YouTube kids since it was introduced in early 2015 We have two more than 11 million weekly viewers are drawn by its seemingly infinite supply of clips including those from popular shows by Disney Nickelodeon by Bert Arabia skipping down Perrin to encourage to report inappropriate videos Which someone at YouTube manually reviews? He said the he being Malik Ducard YouTube’s global head of family and learning content He noted that in the past 30 days quote less than point zero zero five percent Of the millions of videos viewed in the app were removed for being inappropriate. We strive. He added to make that fraction even lower How many so how many total videos were there I miss that number um. They say no like total kids videos Yeah
I don’t know that you could put a number on that that’s what I mean like That’s kind of the thing I always like to know about YouTube do they deal in volume volume, yeah Yeah, no That’s what each part of it is another thing when you have a system like this even if one yes gets by you go well It was a good ride absolutely. Yeah, cuz then you’re like cuz with kids. Yeah the kids Yeah, it’s like there really is no second chance like Nickelodeon With us growing up or Cartoon Network or anything could not have aired right? Uh, you know a Leatherface film or something go oops. Sorry it got past the filter I mean they would have been shut the fuck down and even then you know there were episodes of specific shows that Post air were never aired again because they had such low back down Okay I feel like there were you know episodes of Scooby Doo and stuff that had like drug allusions and things like that that later yeah, received blowback Flintstones was so risque when it first came out like there were episodes that just never aired again because um you know Barney’s parent or Since it started getting some pretty severe attention Good YouTube actually changed their policies a bit published on November 22nd they had out lied there their steps that they were going to go through and One of those affected us personally actually we had a what was at a demo disc It was a notice with We played I think of frozen flash game a few of them where I can’t Remote do we dress her up She was pregnant. I know that on our Elsa one of the two was probably hot it also like hand repair Oh, yeah We pull that shit other and that’s when we discover like Jack Frost is and all those games for some reason even though I don’t Think he’s an actual character, so yes. He’s in that one movie where the Guardians Defenders of the Guardians, oh it’s a different franchise. Yeah, God kids are weird so be clear that video those flash games were not sexual in nature there’s weird Yeah, but probably also kind of yeah They are kind of violence isn’t a big issue when we looked at but when we looked at rule 34? I’m pretty sure that’s probably what what did that? Ha, maybe so either way it was Elsa on the front, and it’s like it was just called frozen and pregnant Yeah, I could see a kid seeing that and go, but that should just be flagged as sorry This is theoretically gets educated that never shows up on the YouTube right yeah It’s I don’t know it’s the same situation with like Adult Swim. You know it’s like kids shouldn’t be stumbling into Adult Swim. Yeah So here here the major concerns about If if you were to dive into the the idea and and it is fairly substantiate it based on like The waves in which this content is made the manner in which it’s made the similarities between all the content you Could I mean there are people who make fairly convincing cases that this is an orchestrated effort to? program an entire generation of human beings whoa yes with the following techniques So there is grooming wherein essentially you you desensitize a child to sexual acts so they’re more okay with being sexually trafficked There’s learned helplessness, and these are all like techniques performed by cult leaders or people that People that torture these are like things you dude it to humans change the way they think learned helplessness is a if you subject someone kind of like clockwork horn style if you subject a human to a Series of traumatic events when they have no ability to react When they experience those events in the future and they do have an ability to react it’s more likely they will do nothing okay? So if you expose someone to violence and and and sexual acts or you see them Or they’re just sitting there, and they just they they yeah, they take it in passively. It’s more likely. They’ll do that later in life You can normalize inappropriate behavior, which is essentially just making the shocking seem less shocking by exposure? This is this is out there so the subreddit also pointed something called color programming Which is something cult leaders do a lot which is like we are blue the path is blue. You want to be blue There’s a lot of that kind of thing in these kids videos. There’s associations with colors. There was repetitions of colors There’s associating colors with certain behaviors and certain Certain images so yeah, I would say though isn’t it in line with How we all kind of grew up with school with our children’s programming in general two plus two is four right yeah, thanks, Barney But you purple dinosaur But that was a fun that was all done with oversight like that was done with with actual humans watching and making sure that That there were no accidental problems going on right. This is this is the Wild West and it in the past at least relied on? viewer reports to curate So a lot of that stuff could get through without anyone even knowing and then kids would watch it in mass the YouTube algorithm would Bump it up, and now you have millions of kids watching this thing without a single human being knowing what’s going on So that’s that’s kind of a concern So there’s all those theories versus the idea that this is just this is either AI cannibalizing AI to make money or human beings just sort of Trying to predict the YouTube algorithm and make money off of it so That’s that’s kind of what Elsa gate is and and what it’s what it is now YouTube has has cracked down on it They’ve removed videos there. They’ve changed their policies a little bit they announced five steps They were taking to sort of collaborate with other groups It’d be nice if we could put our video back up because I had like two million views And just not call it frozen and not put frozen on the thumbnail. I’m okay with that Yeah, it’s weird bruce was saying like it’s just gone. They didn’t know that literally just gone. They didn’t unlist it They didn’t like private it It’s in the video manager meeting like the thing where you published a video on on the funhouse YouTube channel on the like the backend But there’s no way to bring it back up, and I can’t even really click on it or anything. It’s not gonna link It’s just dead you know it’d also be nice if we could uncheck Something on our end that says do not show this on to give kids. Yeah are we? First I don’t know for sure, but if if we wanted to when we uploaded a video could we already educated ourselves? Yes, there’d be no reason to say you could say educate this and absolutely does that mean H cated? I believe it was a Track that was a lot. Just maybe this is a team people hand the curtain But yeah with dudes with demo demo discs specifically we had runt we had to walk a really fine line With that show to get it not age gated Which is essentially how much of the porn? Can we show a lot of blur? Oh yeah? Yeah, yeah leaving that like I feel like we still get in trouble for Implied oh absolutely no. It’s like it’s really funny. How how far censorship has come because now censorship is almost risque, and it’s Like ooh, they bleeped that word they can’t show that like we believed it. Yeah, it’s still on YouTube again This is up to like whether or not the robot catches it It’s pretty far-reaching news even like SNL Weekend Update had a joke about Elsa gate exactly Yeah, I didn’t hear it, but I saw the graphic I saw reference is told this is I mean like YouTube again and again and again we sort of like this entire year I feel like the theme of This year for YouTube is to hire more people like just hire more humans that can actually curate this content the can I and that’s the thing is that I know they can try though and They can do better than they’ve been doing and I think they are they would operate at a loss um Well, and that’s sort of the catch is that they have to figure out how to run a business that way because right now It’s suffering like a lot almost the Beast is too big for that right first, and yeah the vols verse exactly so they need to Figure out a way to hire enough people I know like we can always say yeah That won’t be enough because of course there are billions of hours of content on YouTube But the more people you hire the better you’re gonna get at this. I I do know for a fact that there are farms like basically farms of my dog when I was Screening videos on YouTube right now they could turn into those there are farms of like Basically people that they’ve outsourced to watch content on Facebook now I know that there are a few I had heard about in Phoenix and things like that that were Just you know hundreds of people sitting at computers clicking no, no yes No, no, no yes, no on Facebook content because Facebook’s doing the same thing right now they’re they I don’t know if they’re ahead of YouTube on that probably not ah My my perception there like they are equal with YouTube Yeah, only on that front because they see the problems YouTube’s going through right exactly so they’re gonna scale up they’re learning from the YouTube problems and and sort of employing their own farms I hope I’m pretty sure YouTube is doing the same thing I’d be very surprised if they weren’t and That’s why I think that sometimes It’s a manual review a literal manual review, but still that person is working like a robot But they’re just like they just always see is the word fetish and they caddy monetize yes wears No, subjectivity – right exactly. No one’s watching the video. I just see the word fetish go well It’s bad and give me an educational video of like fetish explain like it could be the most kid-friendly thing But or like I’ve got to finish for ice cream. I love ice cream yeah, and my dick I’m using that as an example only because we just uploaded a video that we had fetish in the title it got D monetized immediately literally hit right away, and we changed the title requested a review and they said no, so So it was like anything like that once it gets tagged then whether or not It’s a you know a robot somewhere or an actual human I don’t think either one of them is working as well as expect I guess we should just do more research on pornography websites, and whatever they have as tags Like not use this thing What does it come dumpster VD a cream pie? they’re all like things we can’t use I love putting cream pie in titles I’d be curious with a if they at least did a thing where They created a system where those that wanted to play ball fairly Could go there And do it so instead of YouTube kids that ain’t working because they don’t want to put a leash on the Beast right Why don’t you do a YouTube adults? Adults what and we can go all right? Well post our videos here, and we want to do it here This is where we want our videos to live. Yep. Theoretically that’s pornhub well. No no nothing advertisers buy into YouTube Oh, yeah, they buy into the Adult Swim version of YouTube because they know what they’re getting yeah Exactly you get that with this way That’s when you set off like when you set off the beast or whenever you do your change that to the algorithm That’s supposed to fix things which never does At least it doesn’t hurt the people who are at least trying to play by the rules Yeah, you know but nothing about the system and sorry. I don’t mean to sound too contrarian I’m just I’m sort of just diagramming out how that would play in my head. I don’t think about it. Yeah, no matter What somebody’s gonna exploit the system if there’s more ad money in kid content? They’ll say. Oh. No. This is good content and lie out of their fucking mouth There’s there’s no reason to compel people to opt out of money Just for good faith well there’s More money and kid content than they should Focus their business strategy around putting more money into making sure kid content as kid Chi I agree with that and so like the responsibility shouldn’t be ours to fix their ship I’m I’m not a hundred percent for manual curation of Online content that’s on demand, but when it comes to kids stuff Yeah, maybe take the Netflix approach and just hire director programming goes all right I’ve got a team of 200 people their job is to scour all the things that have been submitted And we will curate every day well I mean they’ll program like a TV station, but instead of having to you know license content They’re just there getting it for free. Maybe YouTube does introduce some kind of subscription model where if you’re paying into actually Financially supporting a tube and paying a monthly fee to utilize. It as a service. You’re going to get more one-on-one Personal human well then they’re running Desperate times if their model is on the verge of collapse They might just have to introduce like we may have to start paying YouTube as a service just to as a platform to support our videos, maybe I can only imagine how paranoid people already are about preferential treatment on YouTube if YouTube were to have introduced an Explicit preferential treatment program, they would catch so much hell Oh, I mean It does go against everything that was the basis of the original invention which was YouTube you can be on the tube anybody everybody humans or monsters I’ve changed over you know 15 years or whatever. It’s not sustainable Obviously so no it. I don’t know I don’t know how they’re going to make it work Yeah, say it’s a really interesting problem there there were like two things that could never happen for YouTube to keep working one was that A big sponsor could not appear on a tear an ad for terrorism and then that happen and the other is you cannot show? explicit content to kids and now that’s happening or it has been for a while so and any I tend to think and this is anecdotal but Based on based on my experience with YouTube and my experience at the human race my experience with the computers to me this all feels like Certain people found a way to make money, and they didn’t care Tett to think about the morality of it They’re just like oh I can make money Just by like everyone wants to turn key – way to make money Everybody wants to just come into the office turn a crank and walk out with a paycheck That’s what every like get-rich-quick scheme is based on fucking like buying and selling short selling stocks the Winklevoss take coin billionaire Yeah, right Yeah, so there you go Yeah in that and that’s essentially what this has become you don’t have to care about the content You don’t have to think there’s no creativity involved. It’s just MIT mishmash all these phrases that you see crank out 500 videos a week because there’s no creativity in them yeah, and then make some cash and you can do it all by yourself You’re also kind of describing the MCM model, which is like like just sign them up. It’s like Did you look at their content and they’re like nope? They’re numbers. Yeah, but look at that number That’s a good number right yeah, right, but is the content good doesn’t matter, but it’s free money, baby Yeah, it’s like if you walked into a bank And I’m not saying this wouldn’t happen if you walked into a bank, and you’re like I’d like a 10 million dollar loan and they’re like well, what kind of Assets you have as capital and you open up a duffel bag You’re like I have 1 million dollars in cash, and they’re like well. That sounds like you got money good not counting the fact that you had just robbed the armored truck outside I Guess it would be more of like a photo of your million dollars see proof right there look at the numbers I mean I used to can look at the back back of Olof vids and go they have made this much in ad revenue Well, but it was always that’s always was whenever there was a TrueView video Went over there was like a an ad deal all right Why is this video have 4 million views in 3 comments 4 million and for me? It was always like formally and flat plus like 530 and then yeah like a to 202 and a half thumbs up for thumbs down like It’s funny how like and then I think people eventually caught on because yeah those sales things go through go look at the number Well numbers great, but then I think people got upset when like no you got to do work Well, I mean yeah, I think the game there was You use you sell a video before it’s been made to a brand and you say hey Brant We’re gonna get you 4 million views no problem, and then you negotiate the deal such that you know that you have Like you shortchange the production so you have the cash sitting around a TrueView it if you need to yeah So it’s a shit video that wasn’t hard to make and you just buy the views you You tell the client who’s too dumb to know what true view is Hey look You’ve got your 4 million views, and then you just cash the check so it’s it’s in some ways It’s the same kind of shell game that I’ve seen happen in front of my eyes That seems like it’s this Some dude and in fucking India doesn’t give a flying fuck what? This kid might see he doesn’t even know what the kid might see because he’s got a render farm that’s just Auto cranking these videos out and Since the algorithm has determined that kids like taboo topics like violence and I mean I remember being a toddler I wanted to see everything bad I was until the Lord Jesus Christ were so drilled into my head that I realized it was a sin But it makes sense to me that toddler viewing habits would tell YouTube that toddlers want to see these this kind of video because they’re shocked by it and then in turn that enters the sort of ouroboros the the digital Centipede of content so then more and more videos with shocking content get made because that’s what people click on and watch to the end so I don’t know it seems like a self-created problem and not to not to excuse YouTube But to me it does kind of seem like there’s no way they could have seen it coming But they definitely have to be responsible for it being here. It’s a weird. It’s sort of like yeah this I’m not saying This is a solution or anything But it’s like it’s sort like YouTube kind of saying like this is how you would like end the war on drugs It was like people want it give it to him in fact create a system that gives them more of it So it’s like we have like imagine. It’s like the gutter the US government in the 1980s with Pablo Escobar You know they’re like we have discovered that humans love cocaine we are now a cocaine country. Yeah. God dammit this game oh, yeah, there’s a lot of sparkles going on, but it’s like but someone go like isn’t cocaine bad like you don’t know you’re fine Yeah, oh sure. We gotta do a happy. Yeah. We do I was waiting for a Somewhat of a conclusion, but a sorry walk okay well speaking of coke, you know what’s more addictive than cocaine Good food That’s true like the kind that comes to you with your blue apron as it’s blue apron is such a recurring and dedicated sponsor this Podcast thank you for that kind of went through all the all the talking points while ago So it’s time for another episode of cooking with Lawrence wherein I share with you my hard-hard brought Lessons about life love and cooking at Eat Pray Love essentially in a convenient 90 second dad had read So okay, well this time Nearly every every recipe with blue apron requires that you like pad off meat with paper towel and then salt and pepper both sides yes and let me tell you I Being dedicated to hygiene like I am It took a while for me to find a good system, and here’s my system, and maybe you guys can Kim now oh, yeah, yeah, no Problem with the paper towels here, yeah sign guys, are yeah I mean Uses the same towel every yeah, every time it doesn’t even bend anymore It’s great now, so I basically remove the meat from the packaging put it on the like So I’ll cut the packaging open have water paper tells my other hand and then I sort of pour out the blood and meat juices and stuff then I Deposited onto the paper towel And then I I put the packaging in the sink as I rinse it before I put in the trash you don’t want Decomposing blood and your try and so then I Pat it off good good Good drop it onto the plate when it’s all already dry wash my hands mmm. Okay now Here’s the thing then I have a meat hand and a shaker hand that way you isolate that can contaminants So you just basically you’re just keeping track of which hand exactly Bruce Yeah Going back to ancient Roman times the left hand is the dirty hand So I’m salt than I’m pepper in with my right hand and then I flipped with my left and my salt and pepper Well, that’s just the dirty hand then wouldn’t you want it not touching the meat huh no it becomes the dirty hand It’s it’s designated dirty hands, so it’s meat hands. Not dirty hands medium. Yeah You could also get a Well you could get tongs But then you uh you’re gonna have to flip the meat on the pan anyway And you’re not gonna want to use your hand then the meat doesn’t taste like you. That’s true I just washed my hands or what after Sometimes what I do is I keep a stream of warm water going so that way Easily get in get on dirt soap and then get under again be done with that nice Go ahead Lawrence. That’s pretty much it. That’s it These are meant to be You think you can get blue apron do I put that on the front page, so here’s a trick? Now here’s the real takeaway. Okay? Here’s the problem? My girlfriend likes grunt like a grinder instead of a shaker because she likes larger chunks of pepper and salt Don’t do that not not in the the meaty phase because so you just wash your hands right they’re gonna be a little slick You get a sheer plastic grinder. You’re grinding. You’re grinding It catches on one peppercorn that thing’s gonna fly right out of your hand so be careful of that. I serious heavens I’m never all of it there’s one time where I was I was grinding with a pepper shaker and one caught in the grinder flipped it out of my hand it banged on the table it broke the grinder part a piece a Shard of plastic flew into the food as it was cooking here, so here’s a view Here’s the ad read blue apron makes cooking so easy that Lawrence can somehow manage it There you go, so thank you blue apron for sponsoring this podcast where they’ve got a special deal for you all right You can get your first dinner for free. That’s a $30 value by going to blue apron calm soup blueprint calm slasher soup It’s a box service. They send you ingredients all portioned out you cook them according to recipe cards And you get your first one for free $30 value blueprint calms slash soup. Thank you for your sponsorship blue apron uh Yeah, I don’t know if you guys had it today for lunch there you go That’s our nation as you call it me soy steak Back at me and said that steak thing Listen realistic Elsa gate shit whoa whoa? There’s a girl who was chained to a briefcase that another girl has clearly solved it Or I don’t know. I think we saved we saved Elsa world So that is that is in essence a history and current state of Elsa gate The Elsa gate subreddit actually has put together some pretty impressive timelines of the channels that have made this kind of content and what’s happened to them and how they perform If you want you can you can to the main menu, and uh look at some eating yeah one on the right sorry hit You might have to hurts hits there you go. They’re heavy spongy Bingo are chemo plus you can look at that HD data, it’s all up to you man. It’s it’s a playground of your choosing. What’s the data? That’s like. I don’t care. I don’t care. Okay. Good just So I don’t know do you guys have any more questions or takeaways about Elsa Gate it is kind of for me? It’s just it’s a milestone of a new generation. We’re gonna be dealing with in ten years We’re gonna be dealing with human beings that were raised in this way. Oh you think so yeah absolutely. It’s happening right now I’m it’s it’s weird I hear this over and over and over from different generations Which is always like oh this generation is the worst and I I’m in like you learn more desensitized sacks, and they’re lalala I don’t everything’s works bad. I don’t think it’s gonna cause the downfall of humanity. It’s just different. Oh well Yeah, I mean like and I guess that’s a good. That’s a good way of thinking about it Because a lot of people don’t think that a lot of doing is like oh well It’s way worse than it ever was and I don’t necessarily think so I think that it’s just more of a it’s a different It’s a different generation this does seem to be the first time like this happened like all kids are awesome another radio We’re sand Wells is gonna rot their brains And school library yeah, yeah, and and so like I feel like this always happens But this does seem to be the first time where the corporation behind it has been like oh come on lay off Yeah, you know like what are we supposed to do? It’s big. You know like Television television introduces standards and practices, and they have time slots where they certain content is run And I don’t know I also shouldn’t have dressed that way Like super Barozzi bra if she didn’t want it Yeah, watch it. She’s teasing me my only concern is not it is with the children watching it But not because they think it’s gonna warp their brains or make a bad generation or anything like that humans are pretty malleable It’s just the fact that it seems like no one wants to step up and say like alright fuck. This is real bad This we should have taken responsibility for this much like the children that just saw Anna fuck the elk or whatever YouTube is growing up and YouTube really needs to Really needs to start hiring a lot of people and start curating a lot more So that was our lesson months ago We talked about the urgent pocket my my I agree with you aren’t I feel like this is a system That’s what not isn’t that the art from that yes, ma’am All right, no no no there’s a beat-em-up called tuff enuf. Oh, oh sorry I’ve had some late. I I have a feeling I I could be wrong But I think the YouTube kids platform was something that was built purely out of a monetary decision mm-hmm it wasn’t someone going You know who needs content kids like I think things like Sesame Street at least Came from a place where someone said we should make an educational thing for children yeah that they can watch that isn’t you know? It’s like it’s it’s live action, but it’s cartoon friendly, and so yeah, yeah It’s like there’s actually like a soul behind it where’s this one? They said we’ll make a robot that can make us so much fucking money Yeah, that’s make sure you had actual like educators working on its conception, right? But that’s the difference between a show and a net wow it’s like Todd from Princeton and it’s it’s hard for me to my heart can only bleed so hard for someone who goes Fuck we built this thing out of greed and now it’s not working because kids keep watching pornography cuz people are animals like Like please someone feel bad for me like no absolutely not I think I mean like I think it’s so yes greed obviously drives some of this. I think it’s also the fact that YouTube I Originally I think YouTube started as hey we want to make something where everybody can put their own stuff. That’s cool Yeah, like we and what a lot of monetization right But then yeah my mom’s monetization starts getting in the way Then that obviously gets driven again by greed like Adam was saying before so it’s just about curation that’s all it is and I I don’t I don’t know why it’s taking YouTube this long or Even maybe had they weren’t even trying to prevent it. That’s the thing that sort of Scares me a little bit is it like what I’m sure somewhat along the way Although this this sort of goes against my own rules about my own life Which is I’ve seen corporations time and time again know that something bad was happening For months or years and go you know what it doesn’t matter because right now We’re making a ton of money And now as long as we can hold this off even with lawsuits that are coming it won’t matter because we’re gonna make money hand Over fist and the lawsuit will only be a fraction of that cost had we stopped at five years earlier, yeah And that’s sort of the thing that I thought that worries me about YouTube is I I would hope that YouTube will start working on things to prevent this rather than damage control every six months Ya know briefs. I think you’re you’re absolutely right to me to me the one thing I can’t wrap my head around the thing that to me that seems the most immoral is YouTube making a kid’s app Knowing that it had no manual oversight Yeah and also knowing knowing like by 2015 there were already some weird things happening on YouTube and Especially you’d like that was like basically primed blow up for gamergate so that was As I see it that was kind of the first real? weaponized mass manipulation of how the internet works and then like Like claiming control of hashtags claiming control of search results like I don’t know what the term is but where you basically like make Google? Float bed and misinformation about people to the top of the search pages so you like ruin people’s careers and shit like that those are all techniques that were that were like being proven to be very effective at that time and For them for Google in that ecosystem to say here’s an app for kids by the way all of its curated by AI That to me is like okay, that’s not okay It’s putting a little too much faith in our robot overlords right which is betrayed you time and time again, and yes, yeah No
I know. I’m not what I’m saying like when they learned about ad pocalypse well it learned about whatever when the ad hoc Let’s hit back in March. They should have been like somebody should have been you know racing the alarm on YouTube kids They’ve been like whoa there’s all sorts of crazy shit over there. We need to fix that right now I mean I’m sure they dealt with that since day one and they’re probably pulling their hair out like I just I I Know that no matter well. No matter. What YouTube does or any other platform does it’s never perfect We all know if it was they would fire their entire engineering staff and there wouldn’t be Job postings for new you know hires to improve the system How you wouldn’t be so sensitive to the possibility possibility of a class-action lawsuit coming out of that thinking that like okay? Well at least with YouTube’s proper. They’re you’re complying to terms and agreements that are set that you know We are willingly looking using this platform, but with the kids YouTube kids I’m sure that there are specific terms best like this is content That’s that’s appropriate for children like it’s safe for your children to come here. We we You know as Yui YouTube 100% guarantee that I don’t know that those are their terms But I would imagine That might be it. I actually wonder you think they don’t put that kind of what are you talking about that the more? I’m thinking to myself. I want that disclaimer says something like we’re not responsible for what you’re Canady Maybe that’s sort of YouTube’s overall mantra ever since the Viacom thing. They basically the same like You can’t sue us You got to go after the content creator We we are just the platform Right we hold no responsibility for that that is the term service you agree to When you sign up or you watch a video on our site, and they’re like okay? This is also sometimes like a Silicon Valley thing like not the show, but like the place where they’re like we’re geniuses we can make an Algorithm yes too much like they completely lose sight of the fact that Most of the human population isn’t as smart or aware or can navigate these things the same way they do just because they are a city full of geniuses pushing the technological landscape forward like it’s I just have to imagine that in the Promotional language for any two kids there has to be something pushing that this is a safe haven For your children to go to and that makes it this makes them susceptible to some kind of legal action Yeah, at least I would hope there’s got it They knew that something they’re not so stupid that they think nothing would slip through the cracks Yeah So there’s no way that they would put that up promising or under under legal recourse that this is a safe environment I don’t know. Why your kids watch Sesame Street on HBO. Please surely think Sesame Street is like the only content that’s really okay for It’s especially toddlers not Blue’s Clues. No well So yeah, I don’t know I yeah I I don’t know that I necessarily buy into the conspiracy of it all that is Taunt to be frank kind of fun to read it is it is sort of a kind of like a cyberpunk milestone in my head of the mass manipulation of the human race via technology or whatever I don’t know if I buy into that being the case here, but you know it’s a Stranger things have happened in this world. I guess here’s another important thing as a I’m not anywhere close to being a pair, but I have a friend She has a five year old and she was telling me that she’s been showing her kid like old movies And this thing and even realize kids. I don’t fucking here. It is that’s true They don’t know when shit came out there They just know that there’s something moving at 24 frames a second in front of them So you as a parent can curate your own content? There’s so much to choose from and that’s like you could be your own TV parent TV a century’s worth of content Well, I mean so you’re right Adam, but the the issue there is kind of as I spoke to earlier toddlers prefer Choosing what they want to watch they prefer that extra Exorcist they prefer to exercise that that control Sir and then another 18, they’re living under my roof right right well Let’s say you you see your kid down in front of Casablanca, and they won’t shut the fuck up They just keep crying and yelling Rolling around on the grows in front so you just shove a towel in their hands to shut the fuck up so I can go Masturbate and then and then they they find their way to Peppa Pig drinking, man. Yeah, Merry Christmas I Mean, I’m not saying cheer kids Casablancas like maybe The Princess Bride. You know or something a bit more kid fun Maybe what Lawrence is saying There’s a there’s his empirical evidence to say that the child no matter the content will be Will may not potentially engage with it and may not It may not serve the purpose of watching it or showing it to them because even I think they didn’t pick it But now what you do is you just hire some Silicon Valley nerd to take your hard drive that has 1200 kid-friendly movies that you yourself have verified and then put that on an app And then you make the button on your iPad look like YouTube so they go there I can only watch the shit that you’ve approved. I think that they’re doing it We gotta be smarter than the toddler’s people call James, Tube if you let the toddler’s win man We’re in for so else’s stuff in hardening this week is no that’s shit. I was sorry I mean I guess that’s her to prep for uh. I I hope not I hope there isn’t there’s not uh I don’t want this video deleted. Um, but okay, okay, I guess on that subject So sometimes on the internet I find a thing I think that somebody’s written And I think man that was that was say turd really well That is uh that is poetry right there, and then I think there’s one man, I know Who is excellent at reading poetry that’s Bruce some that Bruce read something okay? Lawrence should we do this before? What time is it? Yeah? We should pretty late? Yeah, man? We’ll do teeth time floss I’ll write it after this after I read this. Thanks for the treatments forward This podcast is all sponsored by movement watch, which had I acknowledged my watch before I would know what time it is Because it says right there. We got ten minutes left. We’re gonna Go maybe five minutes over yeah, man time flies when you’re playing a weird Japanese shoot them up That’s not what Sumerian time fly. 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It’s a good parent Well hey you gotta express the effort, and then your dad’s like I don’t want to watch anyway well alright Then I did my best dad yeah See you next year But you can get that deal by going to movement comm dude soup. That’s MVM t-dot-com Dude soup any watch starting at $95 free strap Shipping is free an elegant gift, box. I want to see that gift box I don’t know how elegant it is, but I bet it’s real elegant so once more movement calm dude soup Thank you for your sponsorship, and thank you for the watch give me that piece of paper alright, so Here’s here’s a missive. This is two years back. This is from the from the height of from the height of gamergate actually There’s a reference to Anita Anita sarkeesian and them so it is on the same topic of Basically people figuring out that the wool has been pulled over their eyes and striving for freedom here You go Bruce will write a comment for you hold on let me. Let me do the thing And I have a header Judy do you got a network these greece’s glasses? Yep, they are with my coke bottle glasses All right, I just take it away. This is from reddit commenter marlo speaking two years ago As ridiculous as my statement is going to sound I’m pretty sure that Anita sarkeesian is trying to prevent us from experiencing the joys of 2d women The kind of joys many Japanese men who have rejected the pig disgusting ways of 3d women already have There is nothing more frightening to these feminists than the idea of a man finding emotional fulfillment Through love of a robot or the FDA the woman as opposed to an actual woman Most of society is set up to shame men who don’t fall in line and also fall in love with women Men, who haven’t been approved by women are deemed other and rejected from society the future wife Who’s in the Hatsune Miku oculus rift sex experiences take away one of feminism and women’s? powerful weapons over the male gender their dominance over sexuality Once man is freed from the institutional forces, which oppress him and force him to find purpose in the approval of women He will be free to pursue his own dreams finally men will have no need to fight over women as they will have something that replaces them the same way robots have replaced the male industrial workforce of the world Wars will be ended and we will achieve world peace The masculine will be set free allowed full creativity Then the world will enter a new enlightened age we will explore Mars Jupiter, and the farthest reaches of our solar system Male and female will be united working together towards a better future for Humanity, but only if we can free ourselves first Wow Thanks for writing that ok, so that was two years ago No so he may just not have had the slash s to put it them yeah, maybe is maybe at the beginning I was like this guy’s a prick and I was like has to be talking about going to space being sarcastic Has to be sarcastic got to see escalated It’s possible. It’s possible I’ve known people too without a hint of irony make that make that argument as sincerely as they can so It demonstrates too much understanding of that mindset is the thing that gets me usually if somebody Knows enough to think that that sort of mindset is stupid They don’t understand it to the degree that that person did I guess that’s all good parodies based on understanding, yeah? The only reason Louie CK was so funny is because he actually did masturbate in front of people oh Yeah, I guess yeah, okay. We could be dealing with an amateur Louie CK So does this guy jerk off to Hatsune Miku you never absolutely? Does he actually believe that jerking off to Hatsune Miku gets him to Mars? No not maybe not yeah But that’s part of it well either way. We’ll never know yeah part of the part of the lettuce masturbate to anime and Make America great again mindset is that if you if you remove all those distractions? Then then the true the truth the right people will make the earth good for you. That’s not you though mm-hmm It’s everyone else that were the smart people I get to ride on their coattails as long as all the other people are gone Right well, I also love the implication that you’ve been like You’ve been shackled. They’re so loyal in them the male gender if only we had an opportunity to fly if women stopped depressing Mentir ridiculous control of estoppel ease. I don’t know I’ll mention it at the next secret meeting Work something out I need it I need to get in those meetings made up Yeah, you don’t want to be seen yeah, all right. Let’s uh, let’s net hard I mean that was pretty hard netting but we can do better mm-hmm, so I’m sorry. I’m Adam. I’m sorry oh no I’m very I’m sorry darn isn’t the nightmare over? I’m sorry. I said, I’m sorry. That’s okay. Mmm. No way that overlays okay, so got Goodbye, link why is it there ten minutes ago? I was it doing that because it’s the same browser a game the game is very very intense yeah And close the game how many threads your CPU have not enough. That’s the answer Yeah, all right, so we got the Omega where Omega virgin etics last week’s Victor If you’ll recall listeners and viewers that is that is the manner by which Omegas and the Omega verse can perpetuate their genetics versus the alpha and beta of the world Omegas as we all know are self lubricating Supplicating men who can get her I’m gonna stack it up against the fat world wiki So It’s pretty much what it sounds like welcome to the fat world wiki it’s a collaborative project based on the fictional yet fantastical alternate reality created by fan 2011 is that are fat instead of skinny, yeah Question their main on this génesis rodríguez is that a that a woman? It looks like a woman okay hold on Jenna Jennifer stoned and Ed eaten sharing like there’s a Jennifer Lawrence Yeah, that’s it. Oh this just last activity. Yeah. Yeah, I see the whole gallery Let’s see was this random page on fat world or random page it. Yeah, okay, all right? Yeah, yep, she’s in the fairway on this. I has too many cup quakes This popular most visited articles Taylor Swift of course of course Not so Swift. I he’s oh she looks good fat Yes, she does Bruce what it’s true, and the one there’s an above average. They just stretch like above average oh Let’s see they just stretch that out. That’s bullshit. No they added a chance Marce Lita Mickie James people Stephanie McMahon, okay, so these are all WWE oh people all right good so the thing the thing to note about that world wiki is not only is it a collection of pictures but It’s also histories of their weights, and how they have put on weight Do they talk about how much food they ate um? Let’s see oh well after? Women like a look no yeah her current weight is 470 pounds. It doesn’t say how she came fat. It’s morally It’s more about how their fat interacted with seventy pounds. That’s not 407 pounds Where yeah, I don’t understand above average thing you’re all wrestlers. I like that they stretch the make some last matter issue awesome I know Stacy lazy, though. It is lazy Its moist photoshop’s oh the be desired Uh well there’s a blog Look you Can see the traffic Hi, mine, Oh Mm in 2013 hi to everyone has been hang on this wiki based on my work fat world I want to thank everyone for your contribution so far I’ve always been Intending to create a dictionary a reference sheet Give everyone who has enjoyed fat world a sense of how much celebrity in our world weigh in the alternate universe I created and even If they are celebrities and even in they even weight every day a post like this when there’s like zero engagement on it I just imagine someone standing on a small hill a little bit deserts A nobody ya know anything we say like a tweet that has like no favorite replies. I was just like right guys Can you believe this administration? I was just like guys up at the hill screaming Sicily strong She really funny yeah, hey Vera, Farmiga, they spelled it wrong beer it’s supposed to be very farm ago, but now she is She currently weights 390 pounds. Oh, so that’s the only thing that shows. It’s that weight. I’ll show how they got fat It just shows their weight. Well. It looks like depending on the person. There’s more elaborate Post written about them about Elsa I still want to see question I want to see the exposition as to how this person gained so much weight. That’s well yeah food You search Specifically search fat world maybe a big release. Oh, that’d be good. There’s no way you think you’re on fat one There’s no way please more fun. House is on me. I think we will be now oh yeah Okay Hopefully it’s tagged appropriately I’d be nice. I think this may not have been updated Sandra Oh, though since we she’s basically with us we will be on this site in a week. I hope laughter there She is but it’s still only women are there any men 500 Fat world is just a world where women are fat Oh, he’s one of the three most prominent actresses on Grey’s due to her ability and high week. That’s what it said Oh really, it’s good well See what he’s saying is this whole arts alternative all there’s a lot of women on Issues you have to be fat in order to be a celebrity at value is it Amy Poehler, Daphne Zuniga Catherine zeta-jones, Oh Eliza Dushku whoa Megan Fox Liz about Oh like Melissa McCartney oh Yeah, cuz she’s normally fat. I see a car thief McCarthy, but yeah, let’s see em It’s uh steam browsers chugging a little bit yeah, Oh, what’s McCarthy there? She is uh? How sue just fatter Yeah, better 7 or 55 pounds they doubled pregnancies in the weight friendly nature of Mike & Molly McCarthy weighs in at seven hundred and fifty five pounds is she actually the cousin of Jenny McCarthy? Yes, yeah Absolutely yes today. I learned thanks fat. Well there. She is she’s also the fat world. She’s 650 I had no idea right 650 That’s not what she credits to her pregnancy and help from cousin Melissa McCarthy wow This guy right all of these oh no way no, no because he was a Tips and guidelines for contribution. I wish there were some dudes on here. I think there’s stifling them here. We go I mean It’s an alternate history timeline unlike normal alternate timelines fad world is basically our world But with a vast majority of women fat while the large wholesale changes in history haven’t occurred in fat world there are minor differences Here are some culture examples in the 1970 afl-nfl merger saw the Atlanta Falcons, Minnesota Vikings innocence thought about it new today AFL in Instead of the instead of the Colts Browns and Steelers okay that okay Some interesting side effects at the Raider state in Oakland never entered. LA. What does it have to do fat world whatever? Effect this is the stuff that he loves yeah, so he’s putting the stuff that he loves That’s why he wrote in the DeLorean Motor Company Wasn’t purchased by WWF anymore Tom billionaire oh You know why are you? cuz it was a car made entirely of steel it weighed like four times as much as any other car which is one of the Reason it failed so it could carry fast support. Well if anything It’s a fat car was it still was it made of aluminum either way It was metal and I was really heavy, and everyone’s like. This is a disaster Okay, so Ryan Pictures is still operating. Thank God good. I was glad Anna Nicole Smith is still alive, but is she fat She’s the heaviest mobile woman in the world okay one of the most be says a woman in Hollywood sir General said Brad Pitt’s still married to together Okay, so our last example because not all the celebrities in our world will be celebrities in fat world celebrities in our world phone under The following categories of fat world famous and fat not famous in fat famous said not fat Not famous and not fat, but there. I haven’t seen any not at people I haven’t yet Famous fashion miles in fat world are actually bbw models and pay site stars in our world. Okay, how much do they weigh? Fan mm has the final say as you’re contributing. Please keep in mind the fan Mm as final editorial say and what is written that makes sense especially when it comes to weight once again kitchen Item and the man on top of the hill by himself going these are final. Yeah ass tears Mm-hmm so fan mm. You out of your mind has has been brilliance brilliance born He’s imagine an entire world of fat women and I like that and I like this a lot boy. Oh boy Do I like this law we yeah Omega versus way too complicated? I know what this is It’s simple that’s what I like about it are that oh, yeah Yeah, let’s let’s take it to a vote deliberations, Omega versus genetics versus fat world James what do you hate cast me a vote? I’m going to cast my vote for Omega verse because I feel like Omega verse contains directions like there’s a guideline there Whereas fat world is just pure fantasy. It doesn’t it doesn’t accurately convey. How we reach this point And how we could better improve our world I mimic fat world Fair there’s no aspiration mmm-hmm Bruce. What do you think voting for fat world okay? I’m gonna vote for fat world because it’s so accepting mm-hmm it allows anyone to imagine that they are a celebrity in fat world No matter their weight no No men no men either miss just women Three people are in fat world they just don’t whine one person of color I would I would say it discriminates more than the current world yeah Yeah, oh, she looks good. Yeah, she does nice looks real. Good look. She’s eating the hotdog their skin Angelina Jolie you’re killing it uh Adam what you think I’m gonna fat world all right. It’s day one At least yeah, thank you mega well The expectation that Lawrence will choose fat world. There’s a lot. No. I don’t get to choose Pushed it we pushed it to a fat world so Audience laughs they got it’s great. You. Have a whole week I’m gonna take this time to remind you guys this isn’t about like making fun of anyone Oh, so don’t like dogpiling anyone don’t like point laughs everyone’s into their own thing. We’re celebrating fan mm Loves big ladies Darby Stanchfield whose is that? I don’t know she’s in scandal. Nothing in none of Y’all that doesn’t seem very fat. I’m honest tonight where she 4-foot 300k Whom who’s that some person native and walked by on the street oh She was in the Tesla tester Okay, holder of five Guinness World Records for gaming gotcha. Oh, she’s a gamer okay? Yeah, I understood the random seems to go to like gaming YouTube channels Produce actress and singer-songwriter, why we need to get in there, this is great yeah, there’s no D I really like this a lot alright. Well. Well. Yeah, we have a tie so uh Because because the validity of hard nettan cannot be impugned it goes to you the audience so there will be a link in the description And this applies to you know the audio feed YouTube video if you’re watching an RTLS that there should be a link there Punch it on over to strawpoll, which cannot be hacked Russians, try you can’t do it unlike our elections Paul is infallible Just elect presidents be a straw poll this really great idea man phone vote that’d be great like American Idol Now more people voted in American Idol Tex hashtag election your new president Can I say I want to see you? That’s what I wanted Well, thank you for listening to do tip everybody Yeah, we didn’t come to much of a conclusion about Elsa gay because it’s kind of stolen still in play who knows what’s gonna happen think it right that does hands weight has ballooned for the 360 it seems like spy world she’s loud ma’am does balloons a wrong word We’ll catch you next week I always appreciate you tuning in this shows a lot of fun so appreciate your time and attention Hopefully it was entertaining or educational if you found it either of those things I’d appreciate it if you could recommend it to a friend or Just leave us a review on a podcast side whatever it what have you but hey man just being here is enough I always appreciate that I Susan Sarandon Good what you got ahead Tim Robbins you monster. She’s known for social and political. I she’s got a really It’s got her daughter linked right in there and weighs 450 pounds her daughter can outweigh her Let’s find out around 80 just barely Wow just bail. She’s got youth on her side She’ll slow down. Eventually all right. Thanks Everybody well catch you next week, and if you’re watching live stick around we got the post show coming right up. Ah That’s what it is. It’s a it’s an investment in your family, and that’s that’s the thing too It’s like it doesn’t seem like greed that way that’s right when you apply certain like Objective terms to how people view things it models everything up so when you say this person’s being greedy They’re thinking no I think about it. I want to make sure that my family is protected

100 thoughts on “YouTube BRAINWASHING KIDS? #ElsaGate! – Dude Soup Podcast 151

  1. If you search for the freeform tag "Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics" on Archive of our Own, there's over 28,000 works, and that's just on Ao3, not including other sites like Livejournal, Fanfiction .net, and smaller fan sites. It's relatively obscure to anyone not in the know, but it's extremely popular in fan fiction circles and thousands of artists/writers embrace it in their fan works. It's super hard-netting because it is highly collaborative but really only exists online.

  2. FYI: They have rule 34 on that horse from Frozen. So much good furry porn on that character(along with others from Zootopita)

  3. Hey, I’m letting you guys know I enjoy dude soup and look forward to every episode!

    Also, die omega verse die. It’s definitely one of the most uncomfortable fan fiction tropes and I’m glad it’s losing steam now. A few years ago it was REALLY big. But it’s also kinda cool how it evolved into its own genre of fan fic and the different variations of the omega verse depending on who’s writing it. But it’s still incredibly cringy and I can’t wait until it finally goes away.

  4. Would you guys consider playing Hollowed on the podcast? It's an indie game so I know it's a bit different than what you normally play, but it was made by my friend and his colleagues and is featured on Steam right now for 'Best Student Game'. Also, it's free so that's always a plus!

  5. I told my sister about this a year ago because I saw my niece watching inappropriate videos on YouTube kids. Rather than doing anything about it she just lets her keep watching them and now she’s become extremely strange kid and can’t interact with other kids.

  6. 15:35 But that's not just how YouTube works. That's how the entire world works. Look at movies, games, songs, fashion etc. They all follow this pattern. People see it, it becomes a hit, more people see it, it becomes a bigger hit.

  7. I would just not give my kid the ability to watch internet videos until about the age of 8 unless deemed necessary, like a learning program that I have seen a judged already for them to watch. I would teach them things in ways I have been taught by my parents or other "teacher" like people (without harming them) without the use of any technology other than a controlled video. Since when I was a kid, we didn't have the internet in our homes until I was 9 years old, and before then I was pretty much only learning things through old NES video games, like Mario or Legend of Zelda. The teach them the difference between violence in a game and real life.

  8. The points about the monitoring of content is parallel to that of social media. I have in the past reported videos containing graphic images of people young and old which clearly should be not be seen by anyone, however when it is "reviewed", I always seem to get a message back saying they could not find anything wrong….. it has to be robots doing these reviews!

  9. LOL murrica so weird, I'm Dutch. Grew up with Dutch tv, tons of nude stuff and rudeness………it why we call Americans prude and laughed when you guys got so outraged at that ugly Janet Jackson titty.
    Dutch kid prolly sees more tits than most grown american men xD

    Think I remember seeing a movie in elementary school that had nudity…….

  10. Damn. Elyse really took that mirror floor joke far. I mean just look at her. What, like a year later she's wearing skirts and dresses all the time now that the mirror floors are gone. So progressive cringe

  11. Some of this stuff is blown out of proportion. A toddler drinks a beer, hurts their head, shows some cartoon blood, and gets bandages, while chilling drunk with a baby bitch Elsa. Young children watching that? NBD.

  12. James seemed pissed off in this episode until he was able to kiss Bruce. As soon as the episode ended they probably went in the bathroom to bang. Haha am I right?

  13. I'd much rather watch them play actual Touhou instead of a bullet hell knockeoff. Show the world what the original Dark Souls was: Embodiment of Scarlet Devil, Lunatic mode!

  14. Google (or alphabet or whatever that corporation is now called) runs their entire core philosophy on the uproar of automation, AI, and machine learning. I’ve read a bit into their backend infrastructure and software engineering, and they significantly award automation efforts and treat human intervention as a punishment or sign of failure, sometimes leading to pay cuts for engineers or departmental relocation. This, adpocalypse, and 4chans manipulation of the search engine are just red flags they are refusing to acknowledge or are naively (or geniusly who knows) trying to fix with automation and AI

  15. Wait? First dinner free from Apron valued at $30? Are you fucking kidding me, the meals are $30 each? You do know your audience aren't rich people right? I can get six meals for that amount of money.

  16. i genuinely want to know if anyone watching these podcasts actually use the promo codes or go to support funhaus through their sponsors and merch?

  17. Always, have I been impressed and flaburgasted by Lawrence's transition from the discussion, to the sponsor address. Wow 😮.

  18. Why do these videos you are talking about have to be disturbing. What is the thinking. listens to Lawrence.

  19. hmmmmmmmmmm in the recommendations tab next to this video i have your FROZEN NIPPLES wheelhaus gameplay here. damn algorithms are good as fuck

  20. What people fail to grasp is that AI is now in charge. There may be people who are at the top who can interfere, but why would they? AI gives money much more than hand over fist. It is a whole nother world of money and this is why no one will ever interfere with it. Conceived of what this means for our society. It is not just YouTube it is everywhere. This is the way it will be from now on. It is not Blade Runner or Terminator, but it is a i in control

  21. Question. Google is one of the largest companies on the planet. Why don't they just hire people to monitor this crap instead of trying to get random people and computers to do it for them.

  22. Maybe I’m crazy, but if I had a kid I wouldn’t let them watch anything unless I had watched it myself first? Yeah there’s age ratings and such on things but I’ve watched tonnes of things where the ratings don’t match what I’d consider suitable. Every kid is different, some more mature then others so the parent really is the one that needs to make that judgment. If you don’t have the time or inclination to actually you know parent your kid, you probably shouldn’t be having one. Speaking as someone who had horrible parents who didn’t give a shit about raising us, so I’m biased I suppose.

  23. as for the argument between shaker and grinder, the answer is simlpe: always use grinder, that way the pepper is always freshly ground and basically just better. if you have problems while seasoning your meat with the grinder becoming slippery and what not, also simple: just pre-grind. just take some small plate or some nonsense like that, grind some amount of pepper into that and apply with whichever hand you want. take that Lawrence

  24. you know what would solve this? If we could teach a machine morals…… but how do we go on about doing that? Which raises an even bigger conundrum, that is humans now have to be taught morals by a machine that does not have a conscience. It has no inner voice that humans have that guides them towards the decision that they feel is right. The machine can only do what man teaches it and right now the state of man is that of greed and consumption which is devoid of morals and this is what we get. If the youtube algorithm is learning from what we input, then this is nothing but a mirror of what we as humans have become, and we are spreading our malevolence on to AI. Maybe we should fix ourselves (and by that I don't mean you guys u are AWESOME!!!) in order for this situation to get any better because it will only get worse.

  25. It's interesting to bring up Adult Swim because it seems that they set up their content so that kids don't stumble into the deep end as it starts with "tamer" shows like King of the Hill or Family Guy (show's mom and dad watch) and then starts going deeper and deeper into more graphic content after midnight. They then seem to slowly recover so if a kid wakes up early Adult Swim is replaying the "tame" shows that mom and dad watch normally.

  26. I think that it is really responsible for you to be suggesting that the only thing that needs to be removed from supposedly kid videos is gross sexual shit and other questionable things. Even kids videos that can draw kids in for hours that are supposedly kid friendly are still ruining their brains and causing addictions to shiny things and flashing colors and other things that do not develop character in a child in any way whatsoever and in fact destroying their minds as they are intended to be for the first time in human history. We are exposing our children to an unprecedented amount of two- dimensional entertainment, and there is plenty of research that pretty much proves that even so-called normal child content is not good for children. Good old-fashioned playing out in the yard, inventing imaginary games, and the like are what kids have been doing for millennia; and that mixed with plenty of Parental care and affection as opposed to parental apathy when so many single mothers and fathers are putting these electronic devices in children's hands unsupervised and for long periods of time. If you want to know what kids should be doing, simply look at the recent past before electronics were invented. That is what kids should be doing now, not watching YouTube videos of any kind. This elsagate stuff simply takes it to a level that makes child viewing preposterous and absurd.

  27. I am a parent, I have a three year old. I in NO WAY think I am the quintessential parent, I'm just considering every day he's alive at the end to be a win.
    That being said when other parents tell me they've had to watch Frozen or Cars or Peppa Pig ten million times I never understand that. Along with free will, kids also like structure and repetition. There's so much of the world they don't understand that when they find something they do, they want it over and over and over and over again.
    Much like you guys mentioned, there is a century of content I can show my kid, and at this moment how and what he watches is completely in my control. If a show comes on I don't like, we don't watch it.
    It sounds harsh, but he doesn't miss what he doesn't know about. I've even put on movies I watched as a kid, gotten 20 min in and realized that he might be too young and turned it off. Put on something else and life goes on. And because we've always treated his intake of content like this, he never really asks to watch the same thing multiple times.
    You guys touched on this and I just has to comment my support for it.

  28. WHAT THE FUCK EVER HAPPENED TO WATCHING YOUR KIDS?! You should be able to put fucking PORN on youtube, parents should be fucking watching what their kids are watching.

  29. Bruce's wheeze at 58:23 gave me a good chuckle. Love listening in (and occasionally watching) you guys (and Elyse) while playing Factorio, sadly I don't see any ads running but I hope every view helps a bit.
    Also you guys watched that Peppa pig thing last week, and I thought: "Wow, they're watching a youtube poop? … hang on, this isn't a youtube poop, this is trash. Poops are supposed to be funny and to show off a creator's ability to use a given material to bend it so they say different things and stuff like that, to show off their creativity. This is just edgy." I realized that yeah, kids could be watching that stuff because it just ends up there, but I don't think it would be that hard to separate them from the real stuff since most of them have a YTP tag in the title or something similar. Quite bizarre, but you know, money fuels everything.

  30. This reminds of the Seven Social Sins of Gandhi

    Wealth without work.
    Pleasure without conscience.
    Knowledge without character.
    Commerce without morality.
    Science without humanity.
    Religion without sacrifice.
    Politics without principle.

    Especially notice
    Wealth without work.
    Commerce without morality.

  31. How James and Bruce treat Lawrence in this makes me cringe a bit.
    I love James and Bruce, don't get me wrong, but holy shit. Lawrence is a punching bag for them.

  32. Age gated shit should still have appropriate ads on it.
    I would be a lot more comfortable if you guys age gated the majority of your videos, and of course, were a lot more relaxed with restrictions.

  33. All this fucking issues could be solved very easily. Do NOT give the fucking kids a stupid iPad for Christmas! Give them books and legos, for fuck's sake. What kind of middle class selfish maniac gives a kid a $500 gift? I used to beg on my knees for 1 dollar to spend on sweets when I was a kid and I couldn't get my first computer without having to work and save for it. I'm all for teaching kids the wonders of technology, but it should be done in a controlled environment like in a school and not with a dumb-friendly device with preinstalled apps that offer no real knowledge about how technology works. Internet is not a place for kids, period. Access to the internet should be taken as seriously as access to the streets of the city. What parent would let their kids go around the city without any type of supervision? Kids; I can't think about a more perfect victim for everything prejudicial that the internet can cause. Everything from inappropriate content, harassment, trolls and cyber-bulling, to cyber-security risks. When it comes to kids I blame nobody, no corporation, no AI, no webpage, but parents. If your kid watches an ISIS beheading it's on you.

  34. I let my son watch YouTube, but under my supervision. This site contains so much wonky and weird stuff, and even the child stuff is mostly harmless, though meaningless and without a messsage to kids. It's just mindless entertainment.

    However there are some of the child videos that do take you down a very strange road of really odd videos that even I as an adult don't see the point with and/or don't find entertaining.

    Most of it is mindless shit, but as you click further and further it becomes real weird.

  35. I dont feel bad for YouTube, but I also dont really feel that bad for the parents either. If you're going to hire a nanny to come into your home and entertain your children, alone, unattended for several hours, you vet the crap out of that person. What's the difference between that and handing your kid a tablet to go watch YouTube unattended? You're essentially inviting the creators of whatever channels happened to be approved by youtube to be on the YouTube kids app into your home to entertain your kids, without knowing anything about who they are or what kind of content they create. I think parents need to be wiser about that kind of stuff. And also remember that just because YouTube says something is okay, to them, doesnt mean it will be okay to you. I've seen YouTube channels that are marketed toward kids that talk about sex and being transgender or homosexual, in a very very confusing way (i.e. "if you love men and women, you're bisexual!"), and by youtube's standards, that might be considered appropriate learning for kids, but it sure as hell doesnt meet my standards. Kids dont need to be learning about sexuality at that age.

    In short, parents need to take more responsibility and not blame the babysitter they essentially had a one minute conversation with who said "dont worry, I wont show your kids anything inapporporate" for not raising their children properly. A very large part of this is the parents fault.

  36. One of the biggest cases of brainwashing children yet, run by possibly one of the sickest men on the planet. You decide for yourself…

  37. Lawrence turning that genuinely funny and entertaining segment making fun of the speech Bruce read into a something serious and randomly getting political just ruined this entire podcast ep for me.

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