11 thoughts on “Your Questions Answered: Favorite Charlotte Mason Moments

  1. Amo os programas, mas seria possível ter legenda em português? Pois não sei inglês. Desde já agradeço pela atenção. O conteúdo é muito rico…

  2. I love it when my son asks a question, what about this or what about that? I'll say, " that's a great question. Let's look it up." Then we'll do an engine search , look up the information, and talk about it. Then I'll say, " put that in your Journal and highlight it as extra credit!" I don't think he would have those opportunities in public school.

  3. Oh God bless your tender nurturing heart Sonya, I about teared up with you when you shared the victory of perseverance in training your sweet daughter ❤️

  4. My favorite part of the Charlotte Mason Method is seeing the healthy habits come out on a daily basis like: Obedience, Respect, Attention/Focus, & Diligence/Effort. I treasure those behaviors daily. I even keep a gratitude journal by my nightside and write the good behaviors that I saw that day, then praise that child for that behavior. They light up and that healthy habit continues, because who doesn’t love praise for doing good. Habits truly are the best education we can give our children because they’re timeless. They are one of the best gifts we can give our children.

  5. My children sigh and groan at a few books during the year.. just a few feels like I pull through through. At the end of the year, we pack up that school years books and pack away. The next week, they are begging to get out their New Years books. I won’t until after summer break. When I pull out the books, my older children excitingly say to their younger siblings, “oh you are going to love that book! It was my favorite. Oh and that one… this was good too.” 😮🙄

  6. Sonia, I’m trying to switch over to the CM method with my 5 kiddos. I just got my books of her volumes and I’m so overwhelmed! Do you have any direction on where to start so I feel like we’re doing something while I learn all the ins and outs of the method? Also where to start with habit training? I’m kinda the type who needs to fully understand something before implementing even a portion for fear of missing something or turning my kids off to it before we get a really legitimate chance at it.

    I love your soft gentle voice and the way you are so proper with your pronunciation! It’s so wonderfully refreshing to see and here the way you articulate yourself. Thank you for the time you put in to this💕

  7. We just started implementing some Charlotte Mason methods this year. I have been thrilled to see how well my oldest is doing with written narration (when previously I would have said he was a reluctant writer). The moment that really brought a smile to my face was with my two-year-old. I had turned on some music to listen to and she surprised me by immediately asking "Mommy Vivaldi?" She wanted to know if it was the same composer we had been listening to for the last few weeks.

  8. Thank you so much ladies for sharing your wisdom and encouragement! I'm very new to hearing about the Charlotte Mason method and im in love! I have a 3 year old boy and a 9 month old girl… where do you recommend i start with having a deeper understanding of Charlottes method and where to start implimenting things with my littles now? It is overwhelming!!!

  9. My 10yo son who does not enjoy reading by himself, but will after some complaining, because he knows he has to sit for a while (legos, and coloring are going on) enjoy me reading aloud. And when I think he's not really paying attention these past few months, Ive slowly implemented narration, and he is really comprehending what I am reading, whether
    its history or a good book story. 🙂

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