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Pod babes, beauties, lovelies, so glad you’ve
made it back. Today we have another special treat for you
from our favorite associate research fellow, Veronica. Enjoy as she quickly chats with us about finding
the perfect title for your podcast. I am overjoyed that you keep tuning in for
learning. You know, patience and perseverance have a
magical effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish. Keep hold of those ideas, and patiently help
them grow. Now let’s find that title. Hi there amigos, welcome to pod sound school. So far, we have talked about refining your
topic and identifying your niche. Today, we’re going to cover the exciting topic
of choosing the right title for your podcast. You might already have some ideas for the
title of your podcast, or you might not. You may also think that you have settled on
your name, but before you write that name in permanent ink, let’s take a moment and
talk about three points you ought to consider, and they are: Topic Correlation, Input from
Outside Sources, and Domain Considerations. Number one, Topic Correlation. The name of your podcast should relate to
your topic. Your show is your baby, and just as you wouldn’t
name your baby the first thing that comes to your mind, your show deserves a thoughtful,
sexy, and engaging name. The name of your show should be tied to the
topic you chose, or something that refers to your brand or business. The name should tell the listener what your
podcast is about, or at least provide a hint so your audience can find you. However, the name doesn’t have to exactly
describe the topic. This is the time for you to start getting
those creative juices going. Don’t feel limited. If you choose to go with a more encrypted
name, you can always complement the name with a short sentence below the title, describing
your show. Number two, Input From Outside Sources. Get your friends, family, social media, and
local podcaster groups involved. Friends and family can be a great resource
to help you find the right name for your podcast. It is a good idea to get people who are the
closest to you on board with your ideas. So if you haven’t done so yet, ask your partner,
your parents, your siblings, your best friend, to brainstorm with you. We all have that creative and willing-to-help
family member or friend, but remember, while listening to the ideas and feedback of all
those can add to your creative process, your show is your baby, and just as you wouldn’t
allow other people to tell you how to name or raise your child, ultimately you are the
one who gets to choose which direction to go. Take opinions and advice with a grain of salt. Sometimes people who love us the most can
discourage us from being adventurous and trying new things. They don’t want us to go through failure or
disappointment. What they don’t know is that failure is not
the worst-case scenario. The worst-case scenario is to sit on your
dreams and do nothing, while others are fiercely pursuing theirs. And of course, in addition to friends and
family, you can leverage the power of social media. Podcast communities continually grow on social
media. There are a lot of souls out there doing what
you’re doing. They’re either at the preliminary stages of
developing their shows, or mastering the art of podcasting. Social media is a great tool, however, don’t
lose sight of what is close to you. Find local podcasters in your community. Don’t be shy. Get out there, and be social. And last on the list, Domain Consideration. You’ll need a web host service that will create
an RSS feed for you so that you can submit your podcast to iTunes, Spotify, Stature,
et cetera. There are a handful of services out there
that will host your podcast for free, but before you attempt to use a free web host
service, consider having your own website and your own custom domain name. Owning a website has been official for many
reasons, a few of which are: more room for expansion, increased searchability or SEO,
less or zero uploading restrictions, and it really gives your podcast a store front and
credibility. And there’s some food for thought, podcasters. As you’re coming up with your name, remember
to give your brain time. Don’t rush it. The perfect name will come to you, sometimes
when you least expect it. It’s always a pleasure talking with you, and
if you’re interested in learning about what we covered in today’s episode, visit our blog
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