You Will Never Be Lazy Again | Jim Kwik

You Will Never Be Lazy Again | Jim Kwik

The average person opens up Instagram a hundred and fifty times a day But that’s by design. Like you said companies probably know from product design They’re paying or putting fortunes and to understand why we do what we do and a variable reward don’t have a me absolve all that’s Exactly. And so if you’re picking up the phone the first thing in the morning, the challenge is number reasons This is a challenge. First of all, there there are these four primary brainwave states Um beta is what you and I are in right now We’re awake Delta is when you’re fast asleep in between those two states theta and alpha are extremely important brainwave states for learning So theta is the state right in and out of sleep data is the state That we call creativity when you are your most creative or you’re Usually it’s coming because you’re in this data state and you know this when you’re in and out of sleep or you’re close to like You’re so deep your mind goes and you come up with ideas. You know, what put you in a data state our showers You ever noticed like when you’re in the shower you come up with some of your your best ideas and your brain kind of drift It does because you’re in that brainwave state So a big part of my work is taking the invisible making it visible Like I always when I do these demonstrations I always tell people that I I do it because I want you to see that there’s a method behind the magic and when somebody does something that’s extraordinary in athletics in education and technology with the human body There’s always a trail, you know, his genius leaves Clues above theta though is the state called alpha Right right below beta where you’re most aware and awake Alpha is the state of a learning Accelerated learning is the state of relaxed awareness This is the state we go into when we meditate because your critical mind is set aside and you just absorb information Unconsciously, you know what puts you into an alpha state television You ever noticed that if somebody’s watching the game or somebody’s watching their favorite TV show and you’re trying to have a conversation with them And they literally are entranced They don’t hear you because the television programming which might be an interesting word, you know programming and putting people into a trance But that’s the Alpha state. That’s where formation is. Just going inside your mind so we train people how to learn languages faster and learn facts better by putting them into an alpha state a Relaxed state of awareness and we can do that by by designed and people don’t realize this and this is the whole thing I really think this should have been taught back in school because school was a great place to learn what to learn math history science Spanish important subjects on what to learn But how many classes were on how to learn does that even exist is dead? Know that that’s why I’m saying like how many classes were on how to think critically? how to make the decisions how to solve problem how to focus and concentrate how to read how to read faster how to remember more right even if they teach you 3 R’s in school reading writing arithmetic But what about remembering? What about recall? what about retention right Socrates says there is no learning without remembering and that’s really the Basis of it all but I would say that Knowing you’re in this alpha theta state first thing in the morning. You’re very suggestible, right? And if the first thing you’re picking up is your phone then that really is what rewiring our brain for two things The dangers that’s gonna really decrease your level of productivity and performance number one Its training you to be distracted and we talked about that every like share comment Everything is just making you just pay attention everything else and rewiring your brain So when you’re having a conversation with somebody you can’t even focus because you’ve trained your brain to do otherwise and that’s why Mindfulness is so important, you know Whether it’s meditation or something else Because it’s not that I don’t meditate every single day just to be at peace and and be in the Zen State I do it because it’s a mental exercise. It improves my cognitive capabilities Meaning that when my mind goes somewhere else. That’s the opportunity. So I pull it back with my breath or visualization I built that muscle because here’s here’s really the the basis of my work is really about taking nouns and turning them into verbs So what do I mean by that? It’s it’s like so many people they wake up and say oh I Hope I have energy today or I have motivation saying things that they have right? I have creativity so I could write today or make videos or I have Memory or I focus or concentration Those aren’t things you have those are things you do and so you don’t have love you do loving things You don’t have energy you do things that give you energy just like that’s that applies same thing with learning. You don’t have focus There’s a process for doing focus. You don’t have a memory. There’s steps to improve your memory or to remember things better There’s not creativity is not something you have. There’s actually a process for creativity So you should never suffer from writer’s block or anything else like that because because that’s where if you’re if you don’t understand How you work when I was talking about self awareness and understanding ourselves, you know I think if somebody wants to improve their their esteem the self same overnight just study it study your brain like you’ll get a boost of confidence and pride like instantly because it is the most incredible I Don’t even know what to call it a device a supercomputer what in the whole universe, you know? It’s not just about going out to to Mars and all these other places I’m gonna I want to go in here because this controls what Everything our careers our income our health our relationships, you know, whether or not you get, you know complete, you know We were talking about this before our conversation here would have you know? When you’re training for Ironman and triathlons everything else is how much of it is mental like we know like everyone knows what to do But do they do what they know because common sense is not common practice and it’s a myth that knowledge is power Not knowledge is it has a potential to be power? It only becomes power when we use it when we apply it Like people think they should get points for buying books and sitting on the shelf and it just sits there and becomes like shelf help Not self-help, right or somebody will go and learn something I listen to a podcast like this or show or they’ll go to a conference They’ll pay all this money But they don’t do anything with what they learn and part of it also is because they forget it, you know Everyone knows there’s a learning curve, but there’s also forgetting curve Did you know like the forgetting curve says that if you learn something once within 48 hours? 80% of it is gone 80% so you listen to a show you watch something you On YouTube you go to a conference You read a book Within two days the majority of it’s gone because nobody trains us how to have that’s why the memory is so important, you know And so this first thing don’t touch your phone cuz it’s training you to be distracted The second thing is it’s training you rewiring your brain to be reactive Reactive meaning that you’re in this relaxed state of awareness when you first wake up you pick up your phone You get one text That with bad news or one voicemail one email and you know this we’ve all still happen to us You’re in a bad mood for the rest of your day Because you’re so impressionable you’re in that hypnotic state and it affects you and you can never have a quality life You know with that You know and be the best version of ourselves be I elite mental performer or high performer when you’re responding and reacting everybody else You know my friend Brendon Burchard says an inbox is nothing but a convenient organizational system for other people’s agenda for your life and How can you have vision for your life like for me the night before? Like I have I did a whole episode on my morning routine like ten things I do every morning that jumpstart my brain and I also have an evening one-hour routine to get into sleep to maximize my sleep sleep Is so very important to be able to do but one of the processes I do besides, you know blackout curtains and cold and temperatures and breath and stuff meditation is I don’t touch a screen right because it creates blue light and you and most people should know this every you know, The screen on your laptop your phone everything else Emits, this blue light which inhibits melatonin production which helps you to relax and go to sleep sand those screens But the other thing I do is I write down the three things I want to complexed day personally and the other three are professionally so now when I wake up I have a vision for my life Like I’ll this is a win today If I just get these three things done personally and three things professionally and when it comes to my phone I don’t touch my phone until I get at least one thing done and that’s my that’s my test you know if I could just do that and it’s not always perfect, you know, but it’s about progress right because practice makes Progress alright and there’s never gonna be a perfect and I think people need to find what works for them But I would say again to step out is not Don’t trust yourself as the expert Instead of somebody else and test it, you know Maybe for one week Keep your phone outside your bedroom for just one week and don’t touch it for the first hour a day and spend the first hour Day being a thermostat Vomiter because a thermometer what it what’s a function it reacts to the environment and that’s a–that’s a kind of crappy way to like live Not that we don’t we do react in by we react to the weather, right? we react to how clients treat us we react but to the degree we’re happy is that we have the locus that Have the the location of control inside, right? all the studies show that the happiest people are the ones that feel like they have the control over their or their happiness and now Put it to somebody else a person or a place or something going the economy or politics or anything, right? So a thermometer reacts the environment but a thermostat is different. What is that function? It sets the environment it sets a goal is set the temperature and then the environment raises to it And so I feel like anyone who’s attracted to your work or to mine Their thermostats because they have a growth mindset because if they thought things were fixed They wouldn’t watch something like this because what’s the point? It’s just all predestined and it’s set and we can’t grow You Subtitles by the community

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  1. Stay off social media!! It is evil!! I’m not going to lie to y’all, I’ve been on and off Snapchat and instagram when I’m off of it i feel good and at peace with myself but when I’m on it, i feel stressed i feel bad i feel like i can’t put down my phone.

  2. Exactly many are like this with their cell phones when we speak with them. Also I said the same thing about being taught these things in schools. Esp meditation I am 51 and never was taught meditation. I took a class in college called becoming a master student which was ways to study and we should be taught this in school at a young age. Even life skills should be taught !

  3. This was extremely motivational and educating for me personally. As someone who has suffered from depression and has felt like I have to be attached to certain things in life to be happy this really gets your brain thinking. The things I have sunk into my brain recently is that you should never be scared of change because in life just when you do something wonderful or maybe meet someone you really enjoy being with whether that's in your workplace or out and about socially things tend to turn on their heads at some point and your brain and your thinking really is the key to how you deal with such a downfall in life.

  4. What should i do, when nothing to do? I spend my time at phone everyday, i just graduated this years, 18 years old:') my life so lonely without phone and internet

  5. I have never been lazy since i met Linda Wood a senior lawyer from united state, she showed me some trading strategy to earn.

  6. It's not about being lazy is anmotivational thing , lazy people are creative and it's just bout how u enjoy every moment..and be your self ,lazyness is in DNA

  7. The point of this video.
    1. Write down 3 things to achieve personally/ professionally tomorrow before going to bed.
    2. Don't touch your phone tomorrow until 1 thing is done.

  8. SERIOUSLY, Everybody should be able to learn this at school from a young age, so we don't have to watch these on our phones when we're already lazy people🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

  9. Found this , or this found me a day after i deleted Instagram and not even half after i deactivated fb …

  10. My heart beats fast whenever i speak in front of many audience.Then i can't talk because of nervousness.

  11. …this guy…needs to say his things more correctly…"you dont have love, you do loving things"like what!? He may sound professional but no. That doesnt make sense at all. You cant do loving things without having a heart and love. Thats like saying that someone who bullies a kid isnt a bully, they just do bullying things. No. Doing things such as kind things are what makes you kind. Trust me. Even if someone were to fake being kind, they cant keep it up forever. In order to being a loving person. You must have love. In order to be a creative person, you gotta have creativity. And you cant do things that REQUIRE energy without energy. That really doesnt make sense at all. In order to do something that requires energy. You gotta HAVE energy. Im having some doubts about this guy's teaching. I understand that hes trying to help. And yes. He has valid and correct points. But some of his points are invalid as well


  13. A video about focus is not the same as focus. Everything good, including getting new ideas, is from God's grace. School was made by godless forces. People think they need to train people to control them. True believers in God will trust him and believe his word. The first thing I pick up in the morning is the Bible. Can't go wrong with the sometimes harsh, sometimes glorious wisdom of God's word. Lots of love~

  14. Okaayyyyy, really thought this Jim Kwik dude was a brilliant mind to be followed or something, and then first 10 seconds just lays the bullshit on thick, more likely, the average person doesn't even check their Instagram daily

  15. My Ultimate Goal In Life Is To Bring Hope Into People Lifes Through My Clothing Brand IG: _Hoperevealscollection

  16. The only thing I look at my phone for in the morning is to turn off my alarm. Social media I use a couple times a month. There've even been a few times where I go to unlock my phone & it tells me I need to use the password because it's been more than 24 hours since it was last used. I don't even realize that I haven't touched it in 24 hours…

  17. This is the real shit right here folks. I once woke up and did a IQ test and aced it with 160 ,after 30 seconds of eyes open I was in the zone answering questions and it was a breeze.

  18. We forget most of the things that we learned in two days? What's the point of reading and learning then? I love studying and reading but I cant use it everyday, it is just impossible

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    Part 1

  20. So is daydreaming in the “cognitive awareness state” or is it “the creative state”. Correct me if I’m wrong but I’m legitimately curious as I daydream ALOT 🤣

  21. I admit that me personally I probably could not live without technology but man… taking your phone directly when you wake up just to see how many people liked your useless picture… do you even have a life to begin with?

  22. I started watching this video but then saved it to Watch Later as I couldn't be bothered to watch it now.

  23. This is why I do yoga in the morning right after I wake up. It helps to rejuvenate your mind, and body. Great video!

  24. Indoctrination and brainwashing in the alpha state…What about hypnotism to lies? And indenting deception as mass credibility among the education system and media? Is Jim Kwirk really his name? Be reasonable with yourself using your own independent intelligence , and see the answer is "NO"! Is this so-called Jim Kwirk a fraudulent mind controller? The answer should be "YES"!

  25. This quote is very powerful & inspirational.

    "It's not always perfect, its about progress because practice makes progress! There's never going to be perfect"

  26. Half of the horse shit that came out of Jackie chan is OUTSTANDING Ima right 3 fuck you’s every morning with my chopsticks 🥢

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