12 thoughts on “You Can Go Mainstream With One Idea

  1. Look back into History and you'll realize that Gary is right. There is one singular moment that changed and impacted the world.

  2. I’m hoping it really is obvious when someone comes up with that “oh shit” idea. 💡

  3. Yea I think I’ll start a podcast soon. My YouTube channel is growing fast so it will help to have podcast videos

  4. Stay at home moms seems like such an untapped market 🤔🚀 combine jungian archetype personas and making some extra cash and boom 🤔

  5. Voice is already built in to phones and has been for years…"smart speakers" are just an accessory. None of it is new. When all of the low hanging fruit has been picked, you grasp at straws.

  6. There are very few long term practitioner like Gary Vee. You know he did X for years and Y for years he just isn't an 'Expert in Name Only' as he says he only talks about what he knows. So he goes and 'knows it' then talks about it. I would love to hear a history of Social Tech by GaryVee. You had email, then ebay, then amazon, then this but you always had the yard sale to get stuff to flip other places. Know where you came from as things repeat. Did I mention GaryVee knows stuff, heheh!!!

  7. All it takes is one idea. Just like how all it takes is for one piece of content to go viral for your brand to explode

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