Yarn Podcasts Sunday Shout Outs 4

Yarn Podcasts Sunday Shout Outs 4

Oh hi welcome it’s Dee from YDC TV come on in I have a great episode plan for you today we are going to do some shout outs
so I’ve been looking through all these amazing channels and I found well some
amazing people and I want to share them with you so not only have they shared
some amazing fibers amazing stitches and amazing projects so I thought I’d pass
them along to you let me grab my list and we’ll get started first, on our list we have Cyn’s crafting
world with Cynthia I put two videos on there for Cynthia um one is of diamond
painting for those of you who enjoy diamond painting and then I have her
crochet so you have those choices then we have Linda’s yarn barn
some of these you may know some you may not but I enjoy
Linda’s yarn barn for many reasons of course I’m gonna try not to say how much
I enjoy all of these channels I’m going to refrain with them but I have a lot of
envy for Linda’s yarn barn because I just love her crafting space there’s I
love watching everyone’s channels for all their crafting spaces and ideas that
I get for organizing and all of that amazing stuff but Wow Linda you have an
amazing crafting space just so you know I love your crafting space ok moving on
Betsy Weisnberg sorry if I didn’t pronounce your name right Betsy I’m so
sorry of Mimi’s crafty croJo I love her makes
they’re beautiful her pumpkin bag is so cool
check it out any of these channels you enjoy go over and give them a subscribe
if you like them a thumbs up a comment that’s always wonderful start a
conversation with any of the Creator start a conversation it’s always a
wonderful thing Judy at The Witchpeace craft check out the yarn she picked
up in London it’s cool then there’s left is right crochet with
sandy I misspoke I was speaking of yarn joy
podcast crafting space I enjoy I’m sorry about that Linda’s yarn barn she was talking about
the carousel swapped my bad I apologize your enjoys podcast is who I’m talking
about how about her crafting space my apologies
so Terry I get confused occasionally and it is almost four o’clock in the morning
when I’m making this and I have a gone to bed yet so and my notes look like this
they’re kind of all jumbled together so my apologies so yeah and no I’m not
going to edit this I’m going to let you guys have this all in the real so okay
back to Terrie’s I really enjoy her makes she has some of the most amazing Amie’s
out there I like all the ones she comes up with there’s so much fun I wish I
could make Amie’s that well you guys have seen some of my Amie’s they’re kind of
crooked I get a one or two that are good I need amie lessons people I really need
amie lesson but anyhow let’s move on yeah Kim’s crochet & knit check out her the
yarn dyeing she did for an appreciation giveaway really nice really nice Maria’s Crafts & crochet check out
she’s gotten upcoming I think it’s a live or die pot but the one before that
that I linked she’s got some pretty big news but I’m not going to spoil it
you’ll need to check it out the crochet lady her Tunisian crochet tutorial she
cleared up Tunisian crochet I mean I’ve done some of the simple stitches but
yeah Wow made them very simple like I’ve been trying to master some of the
Tunisian crochets for years yeah I saved them I will be going back and
she has some really nice glove tutorials really nice and I’m going to hopefully
try not to butcher this channel name by Fiberge crochet I’m going to watch her
videos quite a few times granted they are 4 years and older but her makes
are beautiful and her videos are very well done absolutely wonderful so that
is my shout out video number four so I hope you enjoyed it if you did please
give me a thumbs up leave a comment in the comment box below and if you’d like
to join me on any of the social medias all those links are below and let the
these craters know where you heard about them if you go over and check them out
subscribe to them if you enjoy them give him a thumbs up give him a comment let’s
start a conversation and I appreciate you coming by and sitting down with me
and letting me ramble on and again sorry about my misspeak
it’s been a little bit of a long day and I don’t have too much chicken scratch
but it is a lot of notes thank you for coming by you

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  1. Hi, I had alreafy subbed to a couple, so I subbed to the couple that I had not yet. I hope to enjoy their videos as well, ty. Get some rest Ladybug!

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