Yarn Podcast 9172019

Hello fellow fiber collectors and Stitch
enthusiasts, it’s Dee from YDCtv and we have Mr 21 joining us today
it may be a little bit of a short episode today
because I only have one finished object but I’m gonna share some happy mail that
I got in this week but I didn’t get it filmed when I opened it because well the
person that sent it was didn’t want to wait for me to record it so we’re gonna
start with the finished object a few of you may remember the large 19 inch solid
granny squares I was making well they got turned into a cardigan so I can’t
show you the entire project because it’s a gift that will be going out probably
tomorrow and I’ll film it tonight and I’ll probably release it next week with
the normal video so you’ll be able to see the full finished project next week
but until then you’ll have to be patient and only get a sneak peek so that’s all
you get till next week because the person watching this channel sometimes
so sorry can’t take the chance so moving on what
should we start with next those how about you say why you’re getting this
happy mail Do I have to can’t? I just show it no? Why
don’t you say it’s? her birthday! Today. Yeah.(Laughing) No, it has not been a good day. Because.. I have two Two sprained fingers. Yes it came as
shock to hear two of them or at least for me and I have a mic I am very
Thankfully there not broken were very grateful for that well one of them was broken I was afraid
one of them was broken to be honest or at least we didn’t even think the second
one was touched we didn’t know about the second one at all I’m sad he is hurt I’m grateful it’s not
worse that’s why I feel groggy today in but I am going to start with what My Daughter sent chocolate and chocolate and then the other one because my
original one with missing in the move when our stuff got put into temporary
long-term storage will we move to Florida to Texas unfortunately a lot of
our things with new things like 21 boxes worth of things but let not talk about that I got a new sewing machine from my Mom and Dad and with that she raided her wonderful collection of all sorts of
different but fun pattern books so I have a lot of fun
different so we’re quilting but a lot of old
crochet pattern books a lot of them were old
Annie’s crochet pattern books so they were fun to look through and look
through all of them and found lots of fun and I’m talking there’s a lot of
them here just wonderful old amazing gems of patterns in here that she has
collect it over the years fun little quilting books, trash to treasures, treasures of crochet, and a sewing book so that’s my happy mail for today well
it wasn’t today this was earlier in the week yeah lots of fun so I get to
find a little place to set up which I shouldn’t have a hard time doing I just
have to figure out how I want to put it up so that was our fun adventures
this week projects and todos and thinking of what to do next well I know
what to do next I’m working on finishing up the ones from last week but I wanted
to get this cardigan done corner of the world
oh and soon we might have a happy mail of or at least I would because my album
is now in a CD version I’m happy oh yeah both of them it took them four the first
one to get out I released it in May so and I and it just showed up in September
so so five months ago yeah and then took two weeks for the second one what’s the
third one it really sounds cd in 2020 October October yeah well hopefully now
this the third one will be less time cuz this one only took two weeks and and
it’s less songs yeah when both of them on the album so we will keep you too
long hopefully next week we’ll be off some more projects think things will
slow down a little bit I hope as far as some craziness until we see each other

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