WWE NEWS – Worst WWE Ratings/Roman Reigns On His Future/Hulk Hogan Opens Up On Stone Cold’s Podcast

WWE NEWS – Worst WWE Ratings/Roman Reigns On His Future/Hulk Hogan Opens Up On Stone Cold’s Podcast

Here is your news for July 31st
WWE NEWS – Worst WWE Ratings
Roman Reigns On His Future
Hulk Hogan Opens Up On Stone Cold’s Podcast
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This week’s edition of SmackDown
Live is in the history books and it was certainly a unique episode
to say the least. In recent months, the WWE has gone
through a lot of changes backstage,
and according to reports, Vince McMahon showed up just hours
before the show, and ordered that a
number of segments were to be re-written. Obviously this led to a high pressure
situation backstage, as Superstars
and writers weren’t exactly sure what they need to do mere hours
before the blue brand went live. One match that overwent a massive
change featured Kofi Kingston, as
the reigning WWE Champion was supposed to team with his New
Day partners and SmackDown Tag
Team Champions Big E and Kofi Kingston, to face off against
RAW’s Tag Team Champions Luke
Gallows and Karl Anderson with United States Champion AJ Styles. A huge match full of gold, this bout
was scrapped shortly before the show,
with the change being announced via Tweet, and the match
was instead a one on one contest
between Kingston and the Phenomenal One. Whilst the match was still highly
entertaining, fans can’t help but
wonder why the change was made in the first place, though it doesn’t
seem like we’ll be getting answers
anytime soon. Continuing on SmackDown now and
the rumoured Summerslam match
between Charlotte Flair and Trish Stratus has been made
official. Appearing on a special edition of
the King’s Court, Stratus barely got
a chance to speak until she and Jerry Lawler were interrupted by
Flair, who was irate that she had
so far been left off the card for the biggest party of the Summer. Flair certainly wasn’t playing around
last night, as she immediately tried
to provoke the Hall of Famer into a match at Summerslam,
though Trish was able to keep
her cool. That was until the record breaking
nine times Women’s Champion
brought up the Canadian’s kids, as insulting her family was more
than enough to get Stratus to
agree to the match. Though she retired in her hometown
at Unforgiven 2006, Stratus remains
to be in Phenomenal shape, thanks in her part to her
own brand of Yoga that she
launched in 2008. Last year, the Canadian legend
showed that she’s still got her
wrestling skills when she competed on three separate occasions, and
though it was Flair who broke Stratus’
record for the most women’s title wins in March this year, expect
the Queen to be in for the fight of
her life in just a matter of days, in Trish’s hometown of
Toronto at Summerslam. Whilst Stratus and Flair had plenty
of time to make their match official,
one Superstar who was certainly in a rush this week on
SmackDown was Roman Reigns. Saved for the end of the show, Reigns
appeared in the final 60 seconds of
the event, as it seems someone backstage got their
timing wrong. This led to a very awkward final
minute for the show, as shortly
after the match between Kofi Kingston and AJ Styles wrapped up,
the cameras quickly went backstage
for the Big Dog’s segment. As he walked backstage, several
objects and scaffolding fell on the
former World Champion, and though Reigns may have looked
cool by walking the attack off, this
probably didn’t change the minds of fans who loathe the Big Dog for
his seemingly Superhuman
strength and push. Reigns was supposed to reveal his
opponent for Summerslam until the
incident, but with SmackDown Live running out of time
this week, it seems fans won’t get an
answer until next week’s show, less than a week before the
Pay Per View. Speaking to Complex this week,
Reigns admitted he’s been bitten
by the acting bug after appearing in the most recent Fast and Furious
film Hobbs and Shaw, but told
readers he wasn’t leaving wrestling, saying: ““I’ll say I’ve been bitten by the acting
bug. But I think with what just happened
to me this past year with my health and being pulled
away from the ring, I’m always going
to have that love. That process that I just explained about being
live and as raw as possible.” It’s clear that Reigns’ first love is
wrestling, but that doesn’t mean
that acting isn’t still an option for him down the line, though he
should try and be more careful
the next time he’s on set. According to his cousin The Rock,
Reigns accidentally knocked out a
cameraman while filming an important scene of Hobbs and Shaw,
and it seems the former Universal
Champion is yet to live it down Back to WWE news now and for any
fans who don’t enjoy the company’s
Wild Card rule, they should know that they’re not alone. The rule, which was implemented
after WrestleMania 35, allows a
certain number of RAW Superstars to appear on SmackDown
Live and vice versa, but has been
received poorly by fans and those backstage. Brad Shephard this week reported
that one source in the company
called the rule “bulls**t”, and apparently this is the opinion of
many backstage. Tom Colohue has also reported
that the WWE will be moving away
from the Wild Card rule after Summerslam, saying: ““They’re quietly wrapping up the
wild card rule. No big announcement
or anything. There’s a lot of people who want it to end. Companies,
sponsors, management and talent.
You don’t get another Lynch and Rousey moment without
that Survivor Series format.” The Lynch and Rousey moment is
seemingly referencing The Man’s
invasion of the red brand shortly before Survivor Series, and it’s true
that such a huge moment wouldn’t
have been so shocking if the Irish Superstar had been allowed
on the red brand at any time. Another issue the Wild Card rule
has had is the dissapearence of
the mid card, as with more of the same high profile Superstars being
used on both RAW and SmackDown
Live, smaller, talented stars have spent the past few months
being overlooked. When the rule was announced, it
was rumoured that It was put into
place to allow all the big stars to appear on SmackDown when the
blue brand moves to FOX later
this year, so only time will tell what the future holds for the Wild
Card rule. Moving to Monday Night RAW, and
the numbers are in for this
week’s show though things aren’t too good. After last week’s epic RAW Reunion,
nobody expected this week’s edition
to see an increase, and the red brand did 2.32 million views, the
lowest number of the Paul Heyman
regime so far. A drop of 25 per cent from last week’s
huge event, this was also a drop of five per cent from the RAW two
weeks prior. Things started shaky for the company’s
flag ship show, as hour one brought in
just 2.41 million viewers, though it only lost 7.2 per
cent of them by the end of the event. In the second hour, that 2.41 million
had dropped to 2.32 million in hour
two, and that number eventually settled to 2.23 million
by hour three. Breaking that down, the third hour
actually beat the first when appealing
to the 18-49 demographic, thanks in part to the women tuning in,
as the show saw a 7.8 per cent
increase in females aged 18-49 from hour one to hour three, whilst
the men of the same age stayed even. Teenage girls were also up an impressive
9.4 per cent from hour one to hour three,
whilst teenage boys dropped 13.5 per cent
during the show. Ranking sixth for the night on cable,
this week’s edition of Monday Night
RAW was down 20 per cent from the same show from this time
last year, though to be fair, the 2018
edition of RAW had both the return of Brock Lesnar and
Ronda Rousey to help boost the
viewers. We’re ending with some Hulk Hogan
news now, and though he and ‘Stone
Cold’ Steve Austin never got the chance to face off in the ring,
the pair did sit down for a historic
once in a lifetime interview this week A huge event spanning two hours,
Hogan was an open book about his
career, explaining his various injuries that mean the Hulkster
can never wrestle again. Nothing was off the table for the two
former WWE Champions, as Hogan
even addressed his partnership with ‘Macho Man’ Randy
Savage, going not detail about the
real life beef between the two Though they were friends on screen,
Hogan and the Macho Man didn’t
exactly see eye to eye backstage, as Savage was often
angered by Hogan stealing the spotlight,
even jumping in the ring to celebrate when Savage won his first
WWF title at WrestleMania 4. This wouldn’t be an isolated incident
though, as Hogan would also find a
way to make every World title win Savage had about him,
in both WWE and WCW. Savage was also incredibly territorial
over his real life wife Miss Elizabeth,
and often thought the Hulkster was trying to woo her. In the interview, Hogan gave an
example of Savage’s behaviour,
saying: “Elizabeth [Savage’s wife at the time]
was my manager, and we went to the
ring in Paris. There were no steps. Elizabeth was probably 95 or
100 pounds soaking wet. So, I reached
over the top rope – reached all the way over where she’s
standing next to me – and grabbed
her by the armpits, picked her all the way up – she had a dress
on – and put her in the ring. [Randy
said,] ‘You son of a bitch you grabbed her boobs…We walk up and
he grabs a headlock on me, but he puts
that side headlock on me Fortunately a real life fight between the
two didn’t break out, though Hogan
did admit that two match between the two was horrible,
thanks in part to the two not getting
along. This animosity would continue years
later, as even after the pair went their
separate ways, there was still beef between the two, as Macho
Man would have an entire track on
his 2003 album ‘Be A Man’ dedicated to insulting Hogan. For as good as he was in the ring,
Savage was almost also as famous
for how protective he was over his wife and Viceland even dedicated
an entire episode of Dark Side of the
Ring to their relationship. According to Hogan, the pair were
able to squash their beef shortly
before Savage’s death in 2011, though this whole thing goes to
show that sometimes the craziest
stories in pro wrestling aren’t the one we seen in the ring. Well guys , that’s the news for today
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38 thoughts on “WWE NEWS – Worst WWE Ratings/Roman Reigns On His Future/Hulk Hogan Opens Up On Stone Cold’s Podcast

  1. It's Buddy Murphy who tried to attack Roman Reigns if you look closely at the picture that was taken (Picture available on other wrestling channels such as Wrestletalk).

  2. Is this going to be a mystery just like back in the day when the Usos dad ran over Steve Austin's leg everybody remembers Mick Foley had to come out and investigate every wrestler and to see who would really do that to Steve Austin so will this be the same way

  3. This wildcard rule needs to end WWE needs the brand split and when SmackDown Live move to fox they need to do a draft because superstar shake up was ruined because of the wild card rule

  4. I don't think the wild card rule in itself is bad. It's poorly executed. I've said this before, it should include 205 Live, NXT and NXT UK. And it's not advertised who's coming, they just show up.

    Telling people it was some sort of rule was the mistake. It makes it sound as if it's going to enforced every week. Also, Smackdown and Raw stars who aren't on tv that much can go to 205 Live, NXT and NXT Uk as well. So they can be seen.

    I don't mean to rag on Alexa Bliss, but I saw her on Raw and Smackdown. Why? I don't need to see a "Moment Of Bliss" anymore either. Can't Shayna Bazler, Io Shirai, Toni Storm, Bianca Bel Air, Kay Lee Ray, Rhea Ripley or someone like that show up once in a while?

    Why not Adam Cole (Bay Bay) and The Undisputed Era or Velveteen Dream? I know it requires a lot of travel, but they can figure it out. Have match ups that fans would never dream of.
    Somehow someway, I wonder how Brock Lesnar would do against someone like Walter. Or Daniel Bryan vs Pete Dunne.

    Seeing the same people two nights in a row isn't even what you would call a wild card.

  5. Please give the title to some other female wrestler. I’m tired of flair bailey Becky. Becky is boring nowhere near as athletic as asuka or Kari sane or ember. Flair has become stale. I’d like to see the boss take her out then turn Becky out bailey more then likely will get knocked off by Rousey

  6. The ratings are dropping because they're making it too much like a cartoon with some of the wrestlers including a tag team wrestlers

  7. With all due respect to the person who posted the video just cuz reigns said he was bitten by the acting bug doesn't mean he's leaving wwe to do so. In my opinion it's more than likely it's his health Vince has been pushing him really hard the guy has only been back 5 months and making him be on both brands is ridiculous. His matches have shown he is working hard to get back to where he was yet all his matches are with McIntyre playing a role in them. If he leaves the company it's possible AEW could be where he goes after filming just depends. I want him to stay with wwe but Rollins and him have been used as punching bags to their opponents

  8. I think Hogan is lying about ending his beef with Randy Savage. I bet Randy went to his grave despising Hogan.

  9. Everyone needs to get the hell off of Roman's back. Enough already! I have come to the conclusion that the people that supposedly hate him don't even have a reason. He could walk on water and turn water into wine and people would still hate him. He came back from freakin cancer in less then six months. How many people could do that? The hate is not hurting him at all. He has a brand new movie and he is wrestling better then ever, so go ahead and throw all the hate you want. I am sure he is laughing all the way to the bank.

  10. I have a theory for the main event change. Could be a longer program having the o.c v new day teams at survivor series as part of a tag team elimination match (the o.c v new day and the usos)

  11. Wwe stay fuckin up things that fall in there lap…. two stables with all the gold… dolph vs Shawn .. Samoan dynasty..Seth being heel.. Kevin Owens..

  12. I wonder what would happen if we could be someone like ec3 or another wrestler not used.. and we didn’t show up to backstage and just stayed home.. would mgmt even notice?

  13. A very detailed demographics in the ratings. How did they know that women or girls are watching on that hour? Is there such an equipment that can spy on who was watching? Just wanna know guys.

  14. That Wild Card Rule is a GREAT concept, but NEEDS to be tweaked and have it for one week a month and rename it Open Fight Night where ANYONE from ANY brand can challenge ANYONE including for ANY title. It REALLY would add unpredictability and be a PERFECT way to introduce NXT call ups …

    It's a hybrid between TNA IMPACTS Open Fight Night with the Wild Card Rule with the titles thrown into it.

    So the Wild Card Rule SHOULD stay. Just NEEDS the above worked into it.

  15. Again with the anti Roman Reigns bias? Watch the whole freaking segment again, it's not that everything fell on top of him and he was fine because of "superhuman strength". He said "I'm fine, it didn't touch me", meaning he dodged, he stepped back or to a side so nothing happened.
    Jesus fucking Christ!! What does he have to do? His booking has been fine since he came back, he's more comfortable in promos, he lost on ppv to fucking Shane McMahon and he's been taking beatings from Shane, Drew McIntyre, Elias, the Revival…in many raw and Smackdown segments. He's not even in the periphery of the Universal or WWE titles or any title for that matter.
    He loses more, he's more himself on the mic, his illness is not being mentioned on air much lately, not in the past couple of months, so it's not been shoved down our throats. He's not main eventing shows all the time. And I think he has more than enough great performances in his resume for everyone to admit he's a good wrestler, more than serviceable. He might not be "phenomenal", "extraordinary", "amazing" or "excellent" but he is very good.
    And yet, there is still people like you who are willing to hate on him at any point where there might be the smallest question about his booking or his character's behavior.

  16. This has to be fake news how they hell do they know what sex and age is watching from all over the world I call bullshit and it's totally fake news

  17. Hogan is like Bischoff and Verne Gagne. Full of shit and would never tell the truth.. waste of time to listen to this guy

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