World’s Hottest Pepper Challenge: Carolina Reaper

World’s Hottest Pepper Challenge: Carolina Reaper

Today we eat the world’s hottest pepper,
the Carolina Reaper. Let’s do that. ♪ (theme music) ♪ – Good Mythical Morning.
– It is not a Good Mythical Morning, it is a bad Mythical Morning
for us. I am not happy.
Not one bit. Okay, last year,
about a year ago, we made a video where we ate–
Where we could find the hottest pepper that we could find,
the Ghost Pepper. – (fiery sound)
– ♪ (dramatic music) ♪ What does it feel like?
Tell us what if feels like! (rough voice) I can’t talk!
(normal voice) It is so hot. – What’s the worst that could happen?
– Burns so bad! – (moans)
– (fiery sound) Now, as you can see,
we didn’t take that too well, but– – That was so much fun,
– but we did– I was thinking,
“I can’t wait to do that again with – an even hotter pepper.
– Right. Let’s go twice as hot.
Let’s go with the hottest pepper certified – on Earth, the Carolina Reaper.”
– (fiery sound) – (very deep voice) The Carolina Reaper.
– (fiery sound) And I wasn’t planning on doing this.
Let me tell you, many of you told us,
“Hey guys, that Ghost Pepper’s not the hottest pepper
in the world, the Carolina Reaper is the hottest pepper in the world.”
Well, we were ignoring you, okay? We didn’t want to eat this pepper,
but then, – Michael Graves
– Sent us a letter. from Murphy, North Carolina,
had to up and send us something – in the mail.
– Hello Rhett and Link, I’ve been watching your show for a couple
of years now. Recently, in the past eight months or so,
I introduced your show to my wife, and now we do make it a part of our daily
routine. – Well thanks for that.
– Our youngest son is three months old, – and we named him Lincoln after Link.
– Thanks for that. – (laughs)
– Had to choose one of us I guess. We live– Yeah, good choice.
We live in Murphy, North Carolina. I’ve watched y’all do the hot pepper
challenge and the Ghost chili challenge. The Ghost Pepper used to be the hottest
in the world. A guy in South Carolina has cross-bred
some peppers and his is now recognized my Guinness as the hottest now.
It’s called the Carolina Reaper. – I’ve enclosed a few for y’all.
– Why? – (Link and crew laughs)
– Maybe you could make an episode out of eating these.
I hope you find these– Uh– okay, and don’t forget,
you do have at least one child named after you.
(inaudible) – Did he say that?
– Yeah, he said that. Michael Graves, North Carolina.
So, in exchange for naming your child – after me, and mailing us these–
– If we do this, – you should name your next kid after me.
– Oh. Okay. Now, I’m wearing a glove when I handle
this thing because – I’m gonna inevitability, like, wipe–
– Yeah. Yeah. – (stutters intentionally) Inevitability.
– Wiping away every orifice that’s gonna – leak with pain and there’s gonna be
– (crew laughs) blood coming out of my ears.
I don’t know what’s going to happen. Let’s just put this into perspective,
okay? This is, as Link said,
approximately twice as hot. – (Rhett) I mean, I am so anxious right now.
– (Link) Two million scoville units! Like, I feel like I’m going to vomit now
and I haven’t even put it in my mouth yet. This thing looks like the heart of satan
himself. – (crew laughs)
– Ugh, and, okay, – here’s how we’re gonna do it different–
– It kinda smells like death. – I’m serious.
– Last time when we ate the Ghost Pepper, we ate it and then we immediately went to
the relief mechanisms. The dairy products, right?
Well, the people who help us – make this show,
– (crew laughs) who are not going to be eating these
peppers, have decided that we should wait – ten minutes without relief.
– Okay, so what we’re gonna do– – Oh gosh.
– (crew laughs) What we were planning on doing,
which I’m questioning, is– Put these in our mouth,
bite it at the stem, got the whole thing in your mouth,
chew, chew, chew, swallow, swallow, swallow completely.
When it goes into the mouth, the ten minutes starts,
and we are not going to, first of all,
drinking water makes it worse, – so that ain’t got nothin’.
– But you can use water to help get it down if you’re having trouble
getting it down. You can do that.
That’s part of pepper rules. If you need water to help you get it down,
you can do that as opposed to throwing it – back up or something.
– One of these is bigger than the other one.
One of us is bigger than the other one. – (crew laughs)
– (Link laughs) I don’t know what’s inside of these
besides a torture chamber. Oh gosh, like, I’m always shaking.
I’m a little wired, but, like, today, I am just–
This could be it. I’m so– I hate everything right now.
I hate everything that can (inaudible) I’ve got the timer here.
Oh gosh. (Rhett) I’m already having like
a gag reflex. It’s just weird because it didn’t happen
last time. I’m just– I’m not gagging,
I’m just fearing. – Okay. How– What– How–
– We need some sort of a countdown. – Let’s be like, “Be your mythical best.”
– Yeah that make me feel– – (yelling) Yeah, Link! Yeah!
– (yelling louder) Yeah! – Punch me in the shoulder! Yeah!
– (Alex) Everyone we gotta say it, okay? – Yeah! Yeah!
– (crew) Yeah! Punch yourself in the chest.
Punch your self in the face. – It hurt a little bit.
– (crew) Be your mythical best! – (symbol crash)
– Start the time. – (chewing sounds)
– Oh goodness. – (crew laughing)
– (growling) Are you still chewing?
I just swallowed. (burps) Ugh.
(hiccups) It’s started.
The– (hiccups) The hiccups have–
(hiccups) started. – (both hiccup)
– (crew laughs) Ew. (hiccups)
Take your glo– (hiccups) Take your gloves off, you stupid.
(hiccups) Oh man, I’ve been here before,
but never like this. – (both hiccuping)
– (crew laughing) – (gags)
– (hiccups) – (coughs)
– (Jen) Oh– – I hiccuped the see– (hiccups)
– Use some water, keep it down. – Oh gosh guys.
– (high pitched voices due to speeding up) – I hate the world.
– (crew laughs) – I hate that we exist.
– (crew laughing) I can’t do it!
Every breath out is like– – Time travel into a stupid, stupid place.
– (crew laughs) – (high pitched voices due to speeding up) Oh gosh.
Oh gosh guys. We’ve been told it peaks at–
Six minutes. – (crew laughing)
– (Rhett hiccups) – (high pitched voices due to speeding up)
– Oh gosh guys. – (spits)
– (dry heaves violently) – Nothing came up.
– (crew laughs) – I wish something would have.
– We need the ice cream. No! We can do this!
Stand up. – (metal bang)
– Just think about something else. (screams)
(punching wall) Woah. No. No. No.
Don’t do that! – (crew laughs)
– (spits) – (crew laughing)
– (high pitched voices due to speeding up) – Hold my hand.
– I’m not holding your hand. – No, don’t do that.
– (crew laughs) – Don’t leave me alone in this, man.
– We have to face this alone! – (crew laughs loudly)
– Be here for me. Oh. Stomach pain.
Stop. Dude, don’t even–
Don’t– Oh my gosh.
Oh Lord. – (high pitched voices due to speeding up)
– (punching wall) Hey, put you hat on.
Represent, man. (Rhett) Represent.
You’re Link! – (loud nose blowing)
– (Rhett) (spits) Hey, listen. – I’m gonna psych you up.
– I’m making sure there’s no blood – coming out.
– Hey, man. I’m gonna psych you out.
You psych me out. (yelling) Link!
Your name is Link! You have a freaking hat that says your
freaking name on it! (calm voice) You have a hat with your
name on it. You can do anything you want.
Reciprocate, man. – You can be anybody.
– No. Yeah. – (crew and Rhett laugh)
– (spits) You gotta reciprocate better than that.
I’m dying. – You can be anybody.
– Say it like I’m a wrestler. Like you’re a a wrestler.
Like you’re a pro wrestler. – You can be anybody.
– (yells) Like a pro wrestler! – (crew laughs)
– (normal voice) We’re like a tag team. – You tag me!
– (hands slap together) – Now I tagged you.
– I just tagged you. (yelling) And I told you you’re awesome!
Look at your hat! (yelling) You can be anybody!
(normal voice) Tell me I can do anything. – You can do anything!
– What can I do? You can travel!
You can fly! – Where?
– To a volcano! And do what in the volcano?
Turn it upside down into what? – You can swallow a volcano!
– (yelling) Into my mouth! – I can take magma
– (crew laughs) that turns into lava,
and I can swallow it! – (normal voice) Oh, it’s down here now.
– ‘Cause I’m not a chump! – (crew laughing)
– I’m not a chump! – I’m not a freaking chump!
– Don’t break stuff man! – (high pitched voices due to speeding up)
– I feel like my right nipple’s gonna – spout fire.
– (crew laughs) – Left nipple, fine; right nipple, fire.
– Listen, let’s just act like what we just did is something–
You know what? We– This is–
We proved our manhood. – We were boys.
– You know what? Eight fifty and we– We are in a tribe.
We’re a tribe. – A tribe where–
– (crew laughs) No, we’re not in the tribe yet,
but we were boys, and they were like, listen,
we’re gonna give you guys these hats. We’re gonna give you these peppers,
and you’re gonna eat them, and you’re gonna put these hats on,
and after that, you’ll be men. – Yeah.
– (yelling) We are men! – (yelling) Look at these hats!
– Yeah! I don’t need no ice cream. – We’re men!
– (high pitched voices due to speeding up) Guys we got ten seconds and we get
ice cream. – Bring in the ice cream, man.
– Okay, Internet. – ‘Cause I do need the ice cream.
– There you go! – I’m still a boy.
– Ten minutes with only the use of enough water to
keep it down. – (ding sound)
– I’ll take– I prefer the yellow. – (laughing) I mean the white.
– (crew laughs) – I don’t even know what it’s called now.
– You know what? I’m not– I’m afraid of putting anything in there
that’s gonna make everything come up. I don’t wanna eat it with my hand!
Give me a spoon! – (crew laughs)
– So because you ate first, that means I win?
(laughs) – I win! Right?
– Good. Congratulations, buddy. – You’re on the tag team. I don’t care.
– Oh gosh. – This is about me and you.
– Ugh. The struggle continues, but thanks for liking and commenting
on this video. You can– I’m gonna try this to do this,
okay? – Give the blog, man.
– You can support the show– (coughs) By che–
By checking out lynda. – (crew laughs loudly)
– And lynda is not a woman. Well maybe it was at one time. is a website where you can find – thousands of online video tutorials.
– You can learn all types of things. Video editing, motion graphics,
photography– Uh– Probably even eating peppers,
I don’t know for sure, but check it out, you get a free trial.
Go to – You know what time it is.
– Hey guys, it’s Andrew here, and it’s very hot in Baxter, Tennessee so
I’m gonna take some precaution measures. – (water splashing)
– It’s time to spin the Wheel – of Mythicality.
– Make sure you check out our other YouTube channel.
It’s called Rhett and Link. We’ve got music videos and sketches and
all kinds of amazing things. We’ve never gotten this close to injuring
ourselves on that channel though. Thanks for subscribing to that,
also, I ca– Bleh. Click through to Good Mythical More
where we continue to battle this, and try to talk members of our crew to
eating some more of these things. – Cow tipping.
– They deserve it. Hey.
(whispers) Oh gosh. You want to go cow tipping?
I don’t. – (crew laughs) [Captioned by Hayleigh:
GMM Captioning Team]

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  1. No joke, when you got the hickups, i got them too! I was drinking something when you started to eat, i could not keep it in. So can you feel another one's pain? YES!

  2. I ate like the tail of the CR pepper they showed in the vid…not even 1/4 inch ..but I had to sign a waiver to get them to serve it to me. I think the place was Gator Dockside and Wings

  3. No vomit… no LIKE.
    Milk would have helped with that… which is often WHY people drink it. It doesn't actually help with the heat. It just makes the experience more entertaining for the people watching. Which is kind of the point… that was coincidentally missed.

  4. My dad gave me a bit of carolina reaper, I'm taking it into school on Wednesday so people can try it and I can watch them suffer. I plan on trying it but I'm buying chocolate milk 😂

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