Wireless FM Transmitter for Car Radio with Hands Free Kit Update 2019

I this is a demonstration video on how this wireless FM transmitter for car radio radio from iPhone FM transmitter dot net iPhone FM transmitter dot net
transmitter dot net we are showing here is this aFM FM
transmitter ray now we have the car radio say that
87 not eking year though there’s a lotta noise
going on and now we’re gonna switch the song switch this home notice that the ER noise goes away immediately now we can
upload this own to an Android phone and in this
particular case its on an HTC J turn the song will play music sigh and a cool 6 p.m. services care your mom those are
the sounds coming out loud and clear including her mom’s the key pool so close to music an switches off know the seven that noise comes back immediately was
hit just back off and play the music hun where the most musicians now we pass the music we need ’em ok the a hands-free feature home this on HTC J enjoy a phone one okay know this and now we’ve got a phone
call and won’t answer his phone book phone
calling now hello came near me well yes I can’t hear you
very well it’s a reception coming good he’s a very
good thank you very much now we can hang up
the phone for me to she those services we hang up
the phone music comes right back all arm and this is the the amazing AFM FM transmitter for iPhone FM
transmitter don knapp iPhone FM transmitter on that thank you
for watching we got another call

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