100 thoughts on “Will It Sausage? Taste Test

  1. i forget that not everyone knows what a nutria is and doesn’t experience genuine horror when driving home at night and seeing a flock of them cross your driveway

  2. You guys need to do a "will it soda?" you could start with chicken brothcand work your way up to a little soda pee lol. Im sure you guys could come up with a bunch of good ones.

  3. AM pretty bummed that the "hawaiian" sausage is…. that. We have such good food that isn't pinapple and coconut….

  4. Mythical Chef Josh has a jam packed résumé with the widest variety of meal preps and corresponding experiences for his next job. 😂

  5. Ya know, Oktobefest happened way back at the beggining of October. I believe it is the last week of September and the first of October.

  6. The funny thing is that Oktoberfest is actually celebrated on the last 2 weeks of September and the first week of October.

  7. I’m sorry why wasn’t it “it’s a wiener!” When it was good and then “it’s the wurst” when it was bad?

  8. As someone from Hawaii & a longterm GMM watcher, watching you eat that sausage was both 100% expected and absolutely mortifying.

  9. Hey it’s my birthday! No one made me a birthday cake sausage so I’ll live vicariously through this episode

    (P.s. do I have any birthday twins in the comments?)

  10. I like how link is borderline barfing while eating the fingernail polish sausage while Rhett is practically giving a speech about it.

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