100 thoughts on “WILL IT NACHO? TASTE TEST

  1. I'm a chef, and a pig's face WILL nacho, I have done many pigs head items as well as a large amount of Offal cooking, it must not have been done right.

  2. Now it’s time for me to ask an age old questions

    But I won’t say it because it’s nacho business…

  3. March 30, 2019: Finally got passed the dreaded Season 13 (and Good Mythical Summer '18)… Now I can catch up and follow the more traditional format. D;

  4. The last set of nacho's made me wanna get sick just looking at it…but I think the thought of the chips being pig ears just made me feel sad.

  5. Do any of the staff/cameramen/etc… try this stuff??? If they do, you should post their reactions!

  6. Season 13 i stopped watching, because…

    1. Obviously, too many episodes and hard to keep track of
    2. It was a lot of changed humor and more aged jokes so I think kids would lose interest or it wasn't as appropriate
    3. I honestly didn't mind the format, but it was hard to not miss any. Me and my friend just decided since we couldn't keep up, we just stopped.
    4. The lighting was weird, but this wasn't major.

    There were a few more, but those are the bigger things.
    Im glad this season and future seasons will be normal. I actually missed a lot, so now when they make jokes/refer to things they did in the past season, I don't get it and its kind of..not matching up with my brain, after all, i haven't seen it yet.

  7. I started watching the show when they did the multiple episode format, and didn’t have a problem with it. But now that I’ve watched the show for awhile now, I realize how much better the one episode a day format is.

  8. Y’all need to try jail food like cake made of oreos or burnt noodles or moonpies with peanut butter in the microwave

  9. Shoulda named the pancake nachos as 'IHOPPIN', International House Of Pancakes Placed In Nachos.

  10. The Charlotte's nacho is literally what Filipino's have, called SISIG. It's really good, if you only know how to cook it properly not like that😂

  11. Do you know if people can tell the difference between a party with a live dj and recorded mixed songs?

  12. You could make a sisig (a filipino delicacy) with the pig’s face and put it on the nachos, that would taste great

  13. i really wonder how many times theyve been sick for like days because they ate some disgusting stuff.

  14. this show is so good…how can i watch them all….ill spend weeks trying to ketchup. not to mention there chivalrous.

  15. I kinda feel bad that everyone kinda bullied them back into their old format. I prefer it like most everybody else, but I feel like us being babies has creatively neutered them in a way.

  16. With the alcoholic drink one u dont drink alcohol for flavor u drink it for the effect u should have see what one serving would have done 🤣🤣didn't give em a change 😭😭🤣🤣

  17. Got my boy naruto shook w/ that ramen nacho🤣😂🤣🍲🍲🍲. Sorry naruto fan here & I had to say it.

  18. I get the feeling that this man would win on Chopped, easily. The things he does with some of the ingredients.

  19. That first one is similar to a mcgriddle with jalapeño and strawberry jelly which I've actually had except I use grape jelly! My favorite!!

  20. I think if the pig's head one had been Pork Skins with bacon and a sausage-maple gravy it would have been good, lol.

  21. Today we ask the age old question… Will link STFU?! I hope he realizes rhett is the star and hes the guy that needs decked in his cork soaker

  22. Rhett, i would like to see a bread grooming, and shaving video. And i think the mythical community would as well..

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