Will It Meatloaf? Taste Test

Will It Meatloaf? Taste Test

Today we ask
the age-old question. Will it meatloaf? Let’s talk about that.( upbeat music playing )Good mythical 2018! We’re back and we got
a big season planned for all you
mythical beasts, and it all starts
right now. Today we’re gonna be testing
a brand-new exercise hybrid that I guarantee
you’ve never see before. – Mm-hmm.
– And then
we’re gonna be looking at some awkward things happening
on Google Street View. And don’t forget,
if you wanna make sure you get the full
GMM experience every day, click the thumbnail
with the… Both:
Green border! …to watch from
the beginning. And also in 2018, we plan on saying that
less and less. – ‘Cause you know it by now.
– That’s right. All right, we’re gonna
kick this season off right! I can’t think of
anything more right… Mm. than a “Will it…?” On today’s menu,
meat in the shape of a loaf, as also known
as “meatloaf.” It is time for… Typically, meatloaf is
made by mixing ground beef with raw eggs,
breadcrumbs, and ketchup, and then smushing it
all together in a loaf shape
and baking it in the oven. Now, I have eaten
many a-meatloaf, but I have never done
what I just said. That’s right, but what
our amazing crew has done is they’ve kept the raw eggs
and the breadcrumbs
as a binding agent, then we’ve added in our
“Will it…?” ingredients, shaped it into a loaf,
and baked it. – Well, baked most of them.
– Mm-hmm. So not all these have
ground beef in them, but they all still
look like a loaf. Let’s get started
with the first one. Bring it in. Pizza is one of the greatest
foods on the planet, which is why it’s been
transformed into calzones, Bagel Bites, Lunchables,
and, as of today, the pizza loaf. We wanted to channel
a meat lover’s pizza into a loaf form, so this thing’s
got pepperoni, sausage, bacon,
Canadian bacon, pancetta, ham,
and pizza crust blended up with eggs
and breadcrumbs. It’s also got
larger chunks on top, marinara sauce mixed in, – an entire log
of mozzarella cheese…
– Look at that. …in the middle. – Oh, gosh.
– Where is it? This thing
looks so glorious. Okay, Link, I’m just
cutting you a slice, bro. – Link: Over here.
– Rhett: Get in on it. I think that’s
the cheese log in the middle. Here take a plate and… – Oh, my goodness.
– …give yourself a slice. Get something real, real nice. – We call this
“Meat Loafer’s Pizza.”
– Oh, gosh. It looks like
a classic meatloaf, except when you get closer,
you’re like… “Wait a second.” This is like the deepest dish
meat lover’s pizza ever made. Oh, thank you.
Now I just received a knife that I can actually
cut “loafs” with. Okay.
Now, we have a side
of ranch dressing. Now, typically,
I would take ketchup
and pour all over the thing, so I’m just gonna do that
with the ranch. Just a nice little boop. – I’m gon’ dip.
– Then you can be a dipper. I’m dippin’. Oh, my goodness. – Dink me.
– Sink me. – Mmm. No matter how you…
– Very meaty. …you arrange
these ingredients, you’re always
gonna be happy. That is just
the lesson of pizza. And the ranch gives it
a nice refreshing pop that you would usually
get from the ketchup. I don’t even
need the ranch. Oh, my goodness. I don’t need take
a ride on the ranch. – Guys…
– I’m gonna stay
right here on the loaf. How many calories do you
think this whole loaf– Don’t answer that question!
Don’t say the C-word. I think we might be
in five figures at this point. – Stevie: Yeah, yeah.
– This is a 10,000-calorie loaf. Wow. But the real
question is not that,it’s will pizza meatloaf?Both:
Now, chips are
great for parties, but chip bowls take up
a lot of real estate on the party table. But not no more
they don’t. We’ve taken every single
chip we can think of and put it all in one place. We present to you
the chip loaf. Good gracious! You gotta squint
’cause it’s so bright! – Thing is orange.
– Now, all our loaves
are gonna come pre-sliced so we don’t have to go through
that every single time, so we’ve got some
end pieces for ourselves. Just drop it right on there. This thing has
Barbecue Lay’s, Nacho Cheese Doritos,
Original Pringles, Country Flamin’
Hot Cheetos… – “Crunchry”?
– I said “country.” – Crunchy.
– Look at that. They got this new product called
Country Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. It’s real big
in South Carolina. Garden Harvest Sun Chips,
Original Fritos, Salt and Vinegar
Kettle Chips, and Puffy Cheetos.
And then– – Boy, that’s heavy.
– This thing is solid! Yeah, we’ve packed
a lot into this. – Oh, my gosh.
– And then it’s served
with a French onion… chip dip on the side. – It’s like if
you steam-rolled…
– Oh, gosh! …the chip aisle
in a grocery store. Just steam-rolled it
and then… You don’t need
a fork for this. I think this is just
a dip and dink. – Oh, yeah.
– This is a dip
and dink situation. French onion? ‘Cause you know
this is gon’ be dry. Yeah, don’t overpower it. Dink it! Sink it! Oh. Hmm. – It is dry.
– ( laughter ) It’s corny.
Lot of corn. If somebody were to
decide to build a home – out of chips…
– ( chuckles ) Yeah. …and then you went through
and just swept up
the construction site, and then baked it all… You could bore
a hole in there and make a chip-gloo. – Yeah.
– A chip igloo
for like a guinea pig. Now, there’s something–
The chip flavor is great, but this is one of those
situations where… You’re missing the crunch. You’re missing the texture
and the crunch and the shape.
The presentation of a chip… is supposed to be a chip. It’s not supposed
to be a loaf. And there was
no way to know that
until right now. That’s the wonderful thing
about this show, is that we answer these
questions for you guys, so now you know you don’t
need to loaf a chip. Yeah, I had
high hopes, but,chips, will they meatloaf?Both:
All right, I am predicting
that this next item is gonna be a revelation
amongst college students across the world. College students
get ready because we have taken
every single item from the Taco Bell menu
and meatloaf-ed it. We present to you
the entire Taco Bell menu loaf. And it’s dressed kind of like
Nachos BellGrande on top. – Rhett: Look at that.
– Link: It’s like the general
color of Taco Bell. Ew, I don’t like
how that lettuce is hanging out
of the middle. There’s like
a sheath of lettuce. Just take that, Link. Okay. Again, it has
everything in it. It even has Baja Blast
Mountain Dew mixed into it. How’d you get
that in there? And it’s like… – it smells like Taco Bells.
– Oh. We got some Fire Sauce. I feel like we gotta
eat this with your hands. If this is gonna catch on amongst the students, they don’t have utensils. You’re just an animal. You show up your
freshman year, I remember, and I was just like, it was
either French bread pizza or a burrito,
and I ate that non-stop – for seven months.
– Look at your thumb. – It’s like…
– Yeah, I’m going
back to college. Ah! Whoa… – I almost choked you
on your own thumb.
– Okay. – That would’ve been weird.
– I’m just gonna add
some Fire Sauce here. Okay. Dink it… It’s got potential ’cause
it doesn’t seem too hard. …and sink it. Yeah. – It feels soft.
– It’s got a softness to it. You gotta have
a softness in your loaf. Consistency is great.
Taste is not bad. – Not bad at all.
– This could work. We’re gonna have to set up
a kiosk on every campus, though. ‘Cause I think it’s
the kind of thing– Hold on,
I’m fluctuating a little. No, don’t fluctuate now,
we’ve already committed. You gotta convince me. Think about the average mind
of college student, okay? Even a community
college student. – ( laughter )
– I mean, I’m talking– Hey, that was last year,
man, leave it be. – No, I’m just saying…
– Don’t bring that
into the new year. I’m just saying any kind
of college student. You know what I’m saying? They all– what they need is
they just need fuel – for the things that they do.
– Yeah. It’s like a brick,
fuel brick. – Taco brick.
– And this is almost like
the kinda thing… – Taco Bell brick.
– …you just line ’em up. Like, open your mouth. You just line ’em up
and you just stuff it, you just stuff it
in like that. – ( grunts )
– You just… You know? And then they can
keep studying, they can keep doing
the things with their hands. – Mm!
– They do writing
and taking notes. – Mm, I’m smart!
– You know? I’m getting real smart! This is the perfect
college food. Mm-hmm. But I just think we need
an actual partnership with Taco Bell ’cause
I think they just need to start selling this. – Because I definitely
don’t wanna…
– ( laughter ) You doing okay over there,
college student? Doing great.
I think you’ve convinced me. Okay.Taco Bell menu,will it meatloaf?Yes.
– Link:Yeah!Now, if you like sushi,
you’ve probably heard of and had a sushi boat. And if you can boat it,
why can’t you loaf it? Let’s bring in
the sushi loaf. No! Yes, Link. All your dreams
are coming true. It looks beautiful.
Oh, my God. And look at the cross-section
of this thing. It looks like just a dead fish
laying on a board with the innards
still inside of it. Okay, well,
I’m about to give you
a description of this thing that’s gonna make you
want to eat it so bad, Link. So instead of breadcrumbs
and actual eggs, this is the one loaf
that we’re using sushi rice
and salmon roe, technically eggs,
as the binding agent. And then we’ve got
salmon and tuna sashimi blended up with the rice
to make a paste. We got a freshwater eel roll
that’s coming right through
the middle, we got a California roll
coming right through the middle, and a spicy tuna roll, and then the whole thing
is wrapped in seaweed. And then we’ve got some
assorted sashimi on top, spicy mayo, eel sauce,
and then, of course, we do have a sushi boat
with the, you know, the fixings. And this thing is, of course,
not baked… because it’s sushi. – Or anything,
except just assembled.
– It’s assembled. All right,
let me dump a little… Look at what I caught. – Dump a lot.
– This came right
off of the boat. Pull it into the boat. Oh, wow, Link,
you’re gonna love this. I can already tell. ( shudders ) Even for a guy
who likes sushi, I think this may be
hard to handle. I don’t know
where to start. You’re supposed to eat
a whole piece at once. Piece of sushi
in a bite, yeah, but… I mean, there’s three
rolls inside of it. Yeah, I’m grabbing
a little bit of that roll. And a little bit… gotta get some of those
eggs off the top. And then I’m gonna
take a dive… in the boat. Eh… I’m… And then I’m gonna stand by
and wait to dink. I’m obliterating
this thing. Okay. You want some of the wasabi? Can’t hurt, can it? Well, that amount can. – Oh, that’s too much?
– No, no, no, no, that’s
perfect, that’s perfect. I was joking, you have
to eat that whole ball in order to feel anything. – Dink it.
– And sink it. Ah! Tastes just like sushi. The green stuff is helping. – Whoo! But it’s strong.
– Yeah. I will note that
I’m not actually gagging. – Like…
– Noted. I’ve started to put some
types of sushi in my mouth in, like, social circles. – Just put ’em in your mouth?
– Yeah. And Christy’s like,
“He’s not eating,
he’s just testing it.” Just putting it in my mouth
is something that I’ve grown to do. So I think I might be able
to get this down. Well, while you’re trying
to get it down, now, here’s the issue. – The taste is great.
– No. It tastes like sushi,
but the problem is is that sushi has already achieved this wonderful form,
like you said, the individual– like, once you start
making it look like the inside of an animal,
and just kinda cutting it – like a loaf…
– Exactly. …it really loses all
of its appeal. It’s like sushi
for a giant. So if you got a giant
coming over for dinner and they’re like,
“Me want sushi!”, give ’em this.Otherwise, sushi,
will it loaf?
Throughout history, people have
found strange things and asked, “I wonder what
that tastes like.” Balut is a prime example. It is a developed
or developing bird embryo, usually a duck,
that is boiled and eaten… – Ugh!
– …from the shell. Um, this is a– Yeah, you can see
that there’s like– I see little
bits of feather. – I’m just saying…
– Ugh. that there’s a little– let’s not dwell
on what it is. Let’s move on
to loafing it. Yeah, which, you know what?
May help. Because looking at that
just individually, it’s just like how did
that become a thing? But once you throw it
in a loaf– oh, it–
it looks like a… a horrifying,
loafed vomit thing. It smells like
a horror movie. I can see feathers! Look right there. Right there is, like,
hairy duck embryo feather thingy. Oh, gosh. But we do have
salt and pepper. – This is a delicacy.
– And lemon juice, which is gonna
make it all okay. ‘Cause that’s what they
typically eat balut with… – Hand me a plate.
Hand me two plates.
– …in Vietnam and other places. Okay, so we got– gimme. Give me. I want to make sure
you get the one – with the feathers on it.
– I’m taking the– ugh. There’s a whole– there’s just
a whole egg teetering up there. – Oh, gosh.
– Now… Can I quit now? Can I just–
I feel like we should have a little white flag
that we can wave – once a year.
– Ah! – And I’m gonna wave it
on day one.
– You want– on day one? Should I wave it
on day one? No. – Maybe.
– Hey, let’s do that, though. Each of us has a white flag that we can wave
just in case. Once a year. Shouldn’t do it on
day one, though, so… Maybe the hairy part,
maybe that’s a really good part. Gosh! It’s unpleasant
to run a fork through. It’s gotta be unpleasant
to actually put in your mouth. Run a fork through it. – Ugh!
– I’ve run a fork
through many a-loaf, but none as heinous as this. Let’s not just
immediately spit it out. Everything in your
body’s gonna tell you to get this little baby duck
out of your mouth. – Right, this is a new year.
– Yeah. We gotta bring our A-game
to let the people know… That’s right, it’s 2018! – …whether they should
do this or not!
– The year of the duck! – ‘Cause right now…
– Is this the year of the duck? – Is that a thing?
– The embryo duck. Mm, this is the year
of the duck for us. ‘Cause right now
you’re thinking, “Hmm, maybe I’ll do this. Maybe I’ll get a bunch
of these baluts and I’ll make a loaf.” – Because who knows?
– Maybe it’ll be great. We gotta tell ’em
that it’s a bad idea or a good idea! This is public service! – Three…
– Duck it… – …two, sink it!
– And suck it. ( laughter ) ( gags ) Lemon juice does help. – Lemon juice is very over…
– ( gags ) It’s the idea, man.
It’s the idea. – It’s the idea.
– The idea is what is
making me vomit. It tastes kinda like
turkey stuffing. Think of a new idea. Think of a new idea. This is nothing but
turkey stuffing in space. Think of Sky City.
You remember Sky City in Dunn, that store that
opened up next to Rose’s? And my mom was like,
“Sky City’s the new Rose’s.” They got everything. – Sky City, man.
– Take me to Sky City. Sky City would’ve never
gone out of business if they had a loaf of balut. Sky City was so confusing
because it was on the ground. And it was in Dunn,
which is just a town. Hmm? – ( gags )
– ( laughter ) I did it! I ate it! I’m coming, hold on. Join me!
In the skies! I’m running from the back.
I’m in the toy section
right now. I’m coming, I’m coming up
to the register. Join me at
the checkout counter. Come on. Come on. – Ah!
– You did it! You know what? It’s gonna be
a good year, Link. – It was horrible.
– It’s gonna be a great year. But that wasn’t great.Duck embryo
egg balut stuff,
will it loaf?Both:
( coughing ) Ugh. Okay, well,
now you know. And, crew,
this is all yours. Oh, yeah.
Speaking of crew, they’re gonna come on
in “Good Mythical More” and eat another loaf,
which is… an absolutely amazing
candy meatloaf, so stick around for that. But before you do that, make sure you stick around
to watch us test out a brand-new exercise that
involves a bench press
and coffee.Wish this video was longer
and in your earbuds?
You’ll love the latest episode
of our “Ear Biscuits” podcast,
available now wherever
you ear-consume your podcasts.

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