Will It Chair?

Will It Chair?

– Today we ask the age old question. – Will it chair? – Let’s talk about that. (upbeat instrumental music) (flames burning) – Good Mythical Morning. – Thank you for making us a part of your daily routine, and today we are going to do another Will It? But this is a little bit different. Typically we taste weird
combinations of foods in the name of discovery
so you don’t have to, but today we’re gonna
give our mouths a break and focus on our butts. – Because sitting is important. You probably spend more
time siting than eating, and usually when you’re
eating, you’re sitting. – Yeah. – So it follows that chairs are important. And you know what we think? We think we have not yet discovered the limits of the possibilities of chairs. It’s time for, – [Both] Will it Chair? – Okay, for our first chair, we wanted to utilize objects that you
got laying around your house that otherwise you might just throw away or feel guilty about never using, for the sake of the environment. So, we present to you, (drum roll) the rocking chair! – Everybody’s got a bunch
of musical instruments in the attic from that time you thought you were gonna be a musician. Things didn’t work out. – First of all, it looks amazing right? We have not sat on it yet. I mean it’s very inviting, it’s– – I did notice that there’s a tambourine where I think the booty goes. – Sit on the tambourine, man. – I’m still a little tender. (discordant notes playing) – So the better your posture, the more notes you can play. – I didn’t know I was so musical. I just sat down and made a music bed. – Just play us a little something. – Okay, well let me, (back track playing) (piano keys banging) (guitar strumming) There we go! (backtrack playing)
(guitar strumming) (piano keys banging) (chimes tinkling) (accordion honking) – I’ll be expecting the
record contract in the mail. P.O. box, put our P.O. box down. – Put it down at the bottom. I did notice that there’s a boom box that I hadn’t seen before. – Yeah, that’s in case you get tired playin’ all these musical instruments. ♫ I’m so tight ♫ So stressed ♫ Need someone to rub my neck – So will it chair? (bell dinging)
– Yes. It’s time to get fruity.
(drum roll) The banana hammock. – Now, when I pictured a banana hammock, this is exactly what I pictured. – Well I don’t spend a lot
of time picturing them. Typically I like to keep those thoughts out of my head. Now I sometimes go to the grocery store, get too excited and buy the
whole pyramid of bananas. I’m sure you’ve done the same thing. If that’s the case, well
create a hammock out of it. Link, last time we had a hammock, I tested it and then you pushed
me into a pool of chocolate, so I’m gonna let you do this one. If you could please straddle it, as if it were a thong,
that would be great. Because that’s what
banana hammock is really. – Is that right? – Yeah, it’s like thong bathing suit. – Okay, here it go. Foing. I am currently banana
hammocking the banana hammock. – Okay, Link, hold that
position for a second, while I’ll explain what we did here. So we have 100 pound test line that is going through straws that are going through the bananas and then continuing on,
and then we have a couple of cross-braces, again,
100 pound test line, you’re 160 pounds, but
there’s a whole webbing here. I think this could work. – Okay. I don’t want to put, I’m gonna go, – How do the bananas feel? – There a little cool in a good way. It’s refreshing. So I haven’t put any
weight on it actually. (grunting) I’m gonna start puttin’ some weight. I’m tyrin’ to evenly
distribute the weight. – [Rhett] All right, feet up. – Uh, one foot. – Yep, yep, yep, it’s lookin’ good. – And (groaning) another foot. (crew laughing) – And there’s clearance. – Swing me a little. (crew laughing) We didn’t have quite enough height, but oh this is nice. (string snapping)
(metal clanging) (people groaning)
(crew laughing) – Okay, well, – [Link] Will it chair? (buzzer buzzing)
– No. – For this next one, we wanted to go with comfort, luxury, and edibility? Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you (drum roll) the chair-mallow. – Oh. – A chair made out of marshmallows! – This thing is solid marshmallow. There is no structural support in here, other than marshmallows, all
the way down to the bottom. They are held together with hot glue, but there are some special sections that are held together
with marshmallow fluff for edibility. – It’s like a grandpa chair kind of thing. – You ready for me to do this? – Oh man, I’m kind of jealous, Rhett. – Yeah, you should be, brotha’. This is what we needed for
the ver-sec-tom-e recovery. – Ver-sec-tom-ree. – We should have just
had one of these sittin’ in the middle of the living room. – We could set up shop, and sell ’em. (exhaling) (crew laughing) – Oh. Oh, it’s still movin’ a little bit. – You still goin’ down? – Oh. I’m settling. I never thought I could settle so much. – Don’t lean back so hard. You know what they say, never settle. – Yeah, but at the same time, I’m not settling at all. I’m demanding the best, and getting it. Oh man, it feels like I’m, you know how when you were a kid, and you looked at the
clouds and you were like, “I’d love to sit on those,” and you were like, “But I
don’t understand physics.” This would be as if a
child’s understanding of the physics of clouds was true. And he sat on them. – And ate them. It smells great.
– Look at that. I got a little, got a
little marshmallow attack. – So here’s a demerit. – Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa, whoa whoa, up, bup, it may not be chairing. – [Link] Oh no. – [Rhett] Whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa, no, no ,no. – No, no, no, no, no I want it to chair! – Listen, I can’t have
you come to my house and support my armchairs. – I would love to. – So just be yourself. Like you’re hangin’ in your own chair. No, no, just let it go. – Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! – If it’s gonna fail, let it fail! – [Link] No. (crew groaning)|
– Oh gosh. – The back failed. – Give me the torch before
the whole thing’s gone, I gotta eat some S’mores. – Okay, okay. (blowtorch burning) Now, your pants are there. – Oh gosh, what do I do now? Do I blow it? (Rhett blowing) Okay.
– Here, here. It’s like we’re campin’. Oh yeah. I’ll leave that to you. Man, had high hopes for this one, but I just don’t think it panned out. Where you goin’? (crew laughing) Where you goin’? – I have no control over this. It’s just happening. (crew laughing) – Like an avalanche. Marshmallow-valance. Whoa! Will it chair? – No
(buzzer buzzing) This next one represents our
efforts to waste nothing. (drum roll) The stool stool.
– There it is. – Yes, 100% steer manure. Only the best. We don’t go for just regular bulls. We go for castrated bulls. – Woo! – Because they have pure poop. – Do they? – I don’t know. – I think there’s a lot of potential for the livestock farming community. You know, you just kind
of gather it all together and pull up a stool. A stool stool. – This wasn’t super easy. This requires taking a stool, pushing it into a drum, a big bucket that’s shaped just like this, in layers to get it really tightly packed, add some water, let it dry, and then literally saw
the container off of it. So now we have a pretty
nice platform here. I just touched it. – So if this chairs, you
now know how to make it. – As you can see, Link
is wearing white pants because it is not yet Labor Day. I want you to treat this
like an actual stool. Don’t be ginger. It’s like, you’re going up to the bar. – This is no banana hammock. – Pour me a somethin’
with sassafras in it, you know and you just sit down, so just do it like that. – All right. Just slam on it? – Just sit on it like a normal chair. Don’t even think about
it being a stool stool. Just sit on it like you would any stool. – Bam, like that?
– Yeah. – Oh, here we go. Yeah. Hey. (crew laughing) You build it up. Hey look at me. Give me some sassafras, and
give me some sarsaparilla. – Now a fight breaks out in a bar, and you gotta turn around quick. (feet thumping)
– Hey, this is solid man. – No, no, wait stop, hey. You gotta turn around quick
and see what’s goin’ on. (crew laughing) That was a fight happenin’. – Oh gosh, look at me.
– That’s a problem. That’s a problem, when the
fight breaks out at the bar and you turn around.
– I’m in the manure pile. – Don’t turn around. – You know what? This is still good, though. It’s now a recliner. – Oh, oh. – Mmm, not really. – It chaired for a little bit, but I think the answer to the question will it chair? No.
(buzzer buzzing) – Got an overwhelming amount of chickens and you don’t know what to do? Well, you may not know it, but you’ve got the makings of, (drum roll) an egg chair!
– Whoa. – Otherwise known as the chegg. – Now again, this is eggs
all the way down, guys. – Right at the bottom, they’re sitting in halves of cartons, and
then we’ve got of course halves of cartons for
the arms of the chair, and then the back. But all of this here is nothin’ but eggs. – And there’s a geometric
arrangement here. So you’ve got a full 12 eggs, and then you begin to put eggs in the
middle of each set of four. So you go one less layer,
one less outside layer, you know what I’m saying. It’s a pyramid. It could have gone forever. – Well not really, because it– – It would come to a point. – Which is not forever, it
would have been about here. But instead, we made a nice
little hiney spot there for you to try, and I have
high hopes for this one, because an egg, if properly positioned, can hold 20 pounds of weight. Which is how much a chicken weighs, so it makes sense. – And there’s a lot of eggs, and I probably weigh less than
20 times whatever that is. I don’t know how the math is done. But I do have on my chicken farming pants. – So, I mean, don’t slam into it, because if this works, heh, this would be amazing. – So just sit in it like a normal chair. – Just sit in it like a
normal farmer would sit in a normal chair. – All right, well I’m
feeling a little moisture. I’ve gone about four layers deep. – Don’t lean back too much, ’cause we’re discovering that, of
course the back is not sturdy. – But what if I want to
put my full weight on it and take my feet up? (eggs cracking) (crew laughing) – It’s still workin’ guys! – Okay, I’m still siting. And that’s really the test of a chair. – Well, now I think this is the real test. You’ve snuck into the chicken coop, you’ve spent all the time building this, and now all the chickens are comin’ back. – Oh gosh. – All the chickens are back. What are you gonna do? – I gotta, but I (egg shells cracking). – [Link] You lost an arm. – A chair has got to take gettin’ up, runnin’ around after some chickens, and then sittin’ down and relaxin’ again. – So he’s tryin’ to destroy it, obviously. – Hold up, I’m still sittin’. – But you know what? Here’s what I think were learning. – Every time I sit down
it gets a little softer. (egg shells breaking) It’s really fittin’ the mold of my booty. Oop, it didn’t break. I have reached the point of stasis. I have reached egg stasis. – Well if you took this stuff off, it kind of becomes an ottoman. – Okay, all I can say
is I’m still seating. (crew laughing) I’m still seating. I’m still sitting. And I’m not goin’ down any more. Ooh, we got yolk just runnin out. I don’t know, this is a tough call, Link. – Is it? Because I’m pretty impressed. – I probably wouldn’t sit in it tomorrow. – I will. – Okay. Will it chair? (bell dinging)
– Yes. – Success! Thank you for liking,
commenting, and subscribing. – You know what time it is. – Hey, I’m Joe and this is Red. – I’m Abby, and this is Baby. – Coming to you live from the farm in Holbrook, Idaho where
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