100 thoughts on “Will It BBQ? Taste Test

  1. rhett & link confuse me… the "rhett & link" channel hasn't gotten a new video in a year, they don't do songs anymore, and all that i really see from them is here on GMM, but there's more ppl working on GMM now from what i see, so what are they doing? If they're just slowing down and not doing as much as before, that's fine, im just wondering.

  2. Here in Australia we call the "grill" a barbeque (or "barbie"), so no judgment from down here! 😉
    We have a grill too, but you guys call that a broiler.

  3. I understand the need for sponsors but in this case the sponsors made the video make no sense.
    Grilled pork loin. Thats what I think when I think BBQ. FFS.

  4. Rhett and Link saying "We're still good" as their toilet slowly explodes is me trying to deny that my life is falling apart and I cannot stress this enough

  5. Here in Australia, the BBQ is both the machine and food, the grill is part of the BBQ. We also have a slogan for pork products, “Get Some Pork on Your Fork” 😆

  6. And that kids is thermal shock, ceramics are particularly vulnerable to this kind of damage; the watermelon grill was sweet though, I'll have to try that.

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