Why Your Podcast is Failing | Biggest Mistakes Podcasters Make

Why Your Podcast is Failing | Biggest Mistakes Podcasters Make

– Okay this is good, this is good, okay. – I’m a YouTube celebrity on the rise. And in the Lentils as well. [radio static music] Hello and welcome back to our channel. We help entrepreneurs, content
creaters, and podcasters to plan, produce, and
launch a successful podcast so they can leverage
the power of podcasting and expand their reach. On this video, I want to
talk about all the mistakes that podcasters make that are costing them not to grow their audience and
lose interest in their shows. So if you want to learn the mistakes that podcasters are making,
including ourselves, then stay until the end of this video. After reviewing hundreds of podcasts and working with clients,
we put together a list with the biggest problems we found. But before we start,
don’t forget to subscribe and hit the bell button. Our channel is full of free resources, you don’t want to miss out. Okay, let’s get to it. [piano music] The podcaster’s heartbreaking dilemma goes something like this: You spend countless hours
planning, researching, recording, learning, and
figuring out how to podcast. You’re excited because your
voice is being broadcasted on the main podcast directories and anybody can now listen to your show, but months have passed and
your show is not picking up. You can’t seem to get
more than a few listeners. So now what? Will you keep putting out episodes just for a small handful of people, or will you quit producing your podcast? No! Don’t do it! No! Don’t do it! Don’t do it, it’s never too
late to turn your show around. Watch till the end of this video and make sure you are not
making any of these mistakes. Making even one or two of them can really keep you from growing. Okay mistake number one, not
doing enough audience research. If you don’t know who you are
creating your podcast for, chances are that you will never find them, or they will never find you. Maybe you do have an idea
of who your audience is, but you’re creating
content that they’re not really interested in because
you haven’t asked them. You haven’t done enough
research to find out what kind of content they
most want to consume, or even worse, you have no
idea who your audience is and you’re creating
content only for yourself. There are many ways to find and connect with your ideal listener. But first, you have to be able to describe this ideal listener in detail. Who you imagine them to
be or even imagine them as a single individual
and then go find them on Facebook groups or
using Instagram hashtags or Twitter hashtags and
ask them direct questions. You can also use forums
like Quora or Reddit to find out what people in
your niche are struggling with or what are some of the
questions that they have. Mistake number two,
mistakes with your title. It’s very easy to become
connected to creative ideas and cool sounding titles
that mean something to us. Often times, we are too quick to settle on title for our show,
and we wind up with titles that are too long, titles
that are hard to pronounce, and titles that don’t match
the topic of our show. One huge mistake is to fail
to do research and find out if anyone else has the
same or similar title. How can you expect people
to find you, if you have the same name as five other podcasts. Take some time here. And if you already have a
name, be honest with yourself about whether this name really
sums up your show nicely and is easy for people to say and spell. Mistake number 3, poor branding. I know what you’re thinking,
“I just want to have a podcast, I don’t need to worry about branding.” Wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong. If you are publishing
something for people to listen, read, watch, or consume, you are a brand. You need to think about branding. Your logo, your artwork,
your podcast cover art, color schemes, fonts,
and even music selection have to be consistent on every platform including your website,
podcast directories, and each social media platform. Strong branding will give you
authority and help your show to stand out, people
will take you seriously. So take some time to evaluate. Take your fonts, colors, images, music, to see if they are in
alignment with your message. And that takes us to mistake number four, sloppy description or
no description at all. Imagine that you are at a
book store and you see a book with a nice looking cover
but there is no description. You really want to give this book a chance but you practically have to
skim through the whole book to find out what the book is about. The show description,
is a critical section that people will check to
decide whether they want to listen to your show or not. This is your opportunity
to invite them in. Take some serious time and
write a killer description, be creative, funny, engaging,
use descriptive words, and give them a reason to check you out. Also use keywords that
people in your niche would be searching. Mistake number five, lack
of social media strategy. Don’t be on social media for the sake of being on social media. Be intentional with what you
post and have a strategy. At the beginning of your journey,
social media is the main, if not the only place, where people are going to discover you. Here is where branding
is extremely important. Mainly you want to make each
social media platform happy and create micro content. Most beginning podcasters
will just promote their shows with posts saying, “New
podcast episode out.” Rather than doing this, most
of the time you should be entertaining or educating your audience on each social media platform with content that they like to consume
there and then occasionally dropping a promotion or invitation to check out your podcast. Many social media
strategists refer to this as the 80/20 Rule. After people follow you
and learn to like you, and engage with posts that they enjoy, eventually they will find
their way to your podcast. We have some very informative videos that can help you with this. Check out this Instagram video here, or this Twitter video here. You can access these videos
by clicking on the “i” button in the top right corner or
I will also leave the links to these videos in the description below. And now, mistake number six, your podcast sounds like poo poo. [laughs] Mistake number six, your
podcast sounds like poo poo. Many people will argue, “You don’t have to sound that good. I listen to such-and-such
podcast all the time and they don’t sound that good.” Is this how you feel? Let me know in the comments below. How important do you
think sound quality is? It’s hard enough as it
is to get people to come and check you out, and
when they finally do, if the volumes are inconsistent, the voices are hard to
understand or harsh on the ears, if there are clicking or popping noises, if the intro is way too
loud, or not loud enough, and whether people say they care about good sound quality or not, nice pleasant sound is
never complained about. But luckily, there are
quick and easy practices to help you with this. We have a whole playlist
about audio production that you can find here or
in the description below. Mistake number seven,
people can’t find you. Have you tried Googling your podcast? Do you have your own domain name? Having your own website,
though it does cost money, is a huge step toward having
more online searchability and growing a digital footprint. Having a website also allows you to create a landing page for Twitter or Instagram. This landing page can have clickable links to all the podcast directories. Be easy to find, easy to pronounce, easy to spell, and easy to click on. Mistake number eight,
no pre-launch strategy. So often, us podcasters get
so excited about our show that once we have an episode
recorded and ready to go, we can’t wait to upload it and launch it. Many people will launch and
start releasing episodes before even being approved on iTunes. And worse, many of us will
start releasing episodes before even having our
social media account set up. Creating hype and getting a
sizable amount of followers on your podcast social platforms before you even launch is a must, but so many of us miss
out on this opportunity. If you have already launched
without a big launch strategy, you can always do a big season two launch. Take some time off and revamp your show. Update your artwork, double
check your sound set up, refine your skills, and design
your content according to a ton of target audience research and then launch a big
second or third season. Mistake number nine, bad
format or no format at all. Here we’re talking about your episodes. Examples of this will be episodes that are unjustifiably too long,
little or no editing, no introduction or header, not giving people a
reason to stick around, no breaks or interludes, no
use of music or ear candy. People like to be told what to expect at the beginning of each episode. They like to know why
they should stick around until the end. Also, the brain enjoys an occasional break from straight talking. Small interludes or breaks with music can be very effective. They only have to be a
couple of seconds long. Sound effects or fun
segments can really add a lot to a listener’s experience. Put a little more work
into your show development. Add in a little ear candy and take control of your audience’s attention. Was that a lot podskis? Don’t worry, you can always come back and watch this video again. And because I really want to see you take your podcast to the next level, I created an easy-to-follow
podcast power checklist that you can download for
free by clicking the link in the description below. Thanks so much for tuning in today and please let me know
in the comments below what you liked the most about this video or what you’re struggling with. I love your suggestions for future videos and until next time, two things, [speaks in Spanish] and don’t forget to subscribe. Happy casting amigos!

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  2. Veronica, you are SOOOO beautiful!!! This information is so incredibly helpful. I only wish I had it sooner!!!

  3. I hope this information is helpful for everybody. At the beginning of our journey we made so many of rookie mistakes. Podskis, let us help you not to these mistakes.

  4. Also, interested in the lighting you use for your videos. Any suggestions to look your best cuz Veronica looks spectacular!

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