Why You Should Listen to Podcasts

Why You Should Listen to Podcasts

hello hello hello and thank you so much
for joining me today my name is ileane smith and if this is your first time
here please subscribe and keep up with all of the tutorials here now typically
i’m always talking about starting a podcast and how you should get your
content together and all of that but today we’re doing something different
because we’re talking about why you should listen to a podcast i got
inspired from james Cridland over at podnews he was being interviewed on the
new media show with Todd Cochran and Rob Greenlee and he was talking about
something that we rarely do we rarely actually talk to people about why it’s
important for them to subscribe to a podcast so today I’m going to cover that
topic so I have a few things that I’ve gathered that tell you why I listen to
podcast I am a big consumer of podcasts I subscribe to several of them so let me
just start with my list and you leave me comments and let me know why you listen
to your favorite podcast well first of all you can listen on the go
great we all know that this is one of the reasons why podcasts are being more
and more popular these days is because we can consume them from our phones it’s
so much easier to do them when podcast originally came on the scene and before
Apple introduced the iPods and the iPhones okay you could you know
podcasting came before the iPod but once the iPod got introduced it got a little
bit easier and now with iPhones and all the other smartphones that are available
we can listen on the go we can connect it with our car and use bluetooth and
listen to our Podcast it’s a great way to brush up on
the topic you’re interested in you know a lot of the topics that are covered on
podcasts may not be covered in the mainstream media you may not be able to
find out about it watching TV or on the news or even through magazines or even
some of the blogs that are out here don’t cover the same topics that are
being covered on podcasts next is that it’s uncensored media so it because it’s
not being controlled by the big media power brokers pretty much the podcaster
has creative license to provide that kind of content that you may be
interested in and not necessarily something that you’re going to hear that
may have mass appeal to an audience and so it’s more niche specific or niche
specific whichever one you prefer now you also get that opportunity to
connect with the host oh and the co-hosts or whoever else is being
interviewed on the podcast you know you have this medium that you have you know
such a strong connection because of the power of voice and so you’re able to
listen to those voices and have them right in your earbuds if you’re
listening from your phone so even when you’re traveling in the car it’s easier
to because of that Bluetooth connection so that means you don’t have to listen
to the radio you know so trust really Oh some of us have gotten tired of all of
the advertisements that we hear we listen to a typical radio show and you
may have 15 minutes of content and I don’t know 30 minutes of ads it made the
ratio might not be that bad but you get what I’m saying that you know you’re
listening to these ads and they’re very generic now most podcasts don’t have a
lot of ads or them however some podcasters have
monetize their podcast through sponsorships and through advertising
however it tends to be more specific so if you are going to have to listen to an
ad or a sponsor read more than likely the podcaster has taken the time to make
sure that that advertisement is targeted to their target audience and so it’s
very specific and it’s more than likely something that you will be interested in
learning about also there’s the entertainment value of listening to
podcasts you know most of the time hosts have different segments and they you
know reach out to their audience to find out what kinds of segments are popular
with maybe they’re doing an interview show or maybe they do a tip of the day
or tip of the week depending upon how often or how frequently they put out
there their content and also you get the opportunity to expand you know your
mindset and the way that you think because the topics that are covered are
usually things that are outside of the main stream so those are my reasons for
enjoying listening to podcasts and I do want to give a shout out to some folks
that are here this morning and we have our friend tissue Rosales hey Tish good
morning how are you and also we have colleague collab Templeman from vlogs
and tech and so you know there’s an example when you want to learn about
vlogging is there a TV show for you to learn about vlogging probably not it’s
there a radio show who you can learn about vlogging probably not so Tish says
we got hash tag here Tisha’s my hash tag I was just so she says podcasts run the
world that’s you know and it’s getting to be a more
popular media so let me really quickly just go to the screen share because I do
want to share with you some ways that you can easily listen to podcasts now
this first app that I’m going to show you is an iPhone app but there’s also a
lots of Android apps as well but this one I want to show you is from it’s
called overcast and here my daughter she has a podcast so usually the first one
there is better than success so if you’re someone who is interested in
entrepreneurship and also you have a business or you’re interested in real
estate and especially if you’re in the Philadelphia area you would enjoy this
podcast because she’s talking about the Philadelphia real estate week she’s
talking about building media companies managing multiple large large scale
businesses overcoming this one person she had on as for an interview was
talking about overcoming a brain tumor so there is so much that you can learn
and I also want to say hi to my friend Beauty bubble she made it Thank You
Beauty for coming oh this is gonna be a quick livestream listening to the twitch
replay believe it is going to be all morning I leave for me yes I was hurt
one twitch alive earlier today and this is to be honest in all full disclosure
this is actually a do-over from my livestream here on YouTube yesterday
because I realized that first there was some little technical difficulties and I
just wanted to make it better for you because I want to encourage you if
you’ve never listened to a podcast think about subscribing to podcast and let’s
just go and check out another app that you can use and I want to show you this
app because the fact that you can get this one on
Android as well and this one is called castbox and we’re just on the home page
of castbox and you see that you if you have an interest into true-crime there’s
personal development there’s a graduation playlist how cool is that
right and you see this to some of the top shows there and then there’s
recommendations for you and some of these are based on some of the folks
that I also am connected with on Twitter and what they’re subscribing to and
here’s for example here’s the youtubers podcast talk about not being into
mainstream media so this is why I think it’s important for us to expand our
horizons not just listen to the stuff that’s on primetime TV and you know like
I said the convenience of listening to podcasts is one of the reasons why
people are so enamored with them you know you can do all of your multitasking
you can be at the gym or in the treadmill right you can do your
housecleaning you can be on your daily commute you know this is one of the
things reasons why ice consume so many podcasts you know on my daily commute
I’m usually in the car by myself every now and then I carpool but 90% of the
time I’m writing by myself and I don’t want to listen to terrestrial radio
simply because the commercials driving me nuts and most of the programming was
driving me a little batty and I just did not want to hear it so those are my
reasons for wanting to listen to podcasts please leave a comment on this
video and let me know why you listen to podcast
I think it’s so important not just to know the reasons of or to show you
and I have plenty of playlists here to show you how to get started with
podcasts there’s easy ways that you can start your own podcast but I think it’s
extremely important for us to talk about why why podcasting so many different
media’s out there and so I think I’ve laid out for you some of the reasons but
I know that there’s a lot more so I would love to hear from you please leave
me a comment and let me know why you like listening to podcast and hope
there’s one more thing I do want to show you back on the overcast app and I’ll
show you why I think it’s one that you’ll really like if you are one I
phone ok so before I go I want to do that so like I said I was listening to
my daughter’s podcast ok and let’s see there’s a setting in here where we can
go mmm-hmm let’s see where the settings are daily playlists alright let’s look at a
different one good morning mr. snow and right off the
top of my head I can’t find it but there is a way that you can go in here and and
scroll through and oh you can see all these show news show notes this is that
a wonderful way to get the show notes oh good morning mr. Rodney always nice to
have some early morning hugs before you go to work thank you so much for that
and oh I’ll show you this you can do the fast forwarding of the episode that
you’re listening to and you can rewind this is where I want to go into all
right so let’s just swipe to the left and now you see how you can use smart
speed to shorten the silences you can also do a voice boost and let’s say she
was doing an interview and the interview maybe one voice was a little louder or
lower than the other you can do voice boost but then you also can do what’s
called heíd fasting where you can speed up the
time that it takes for you to listen to podcast you can do 2 times 3 times even
though I think that’s a little too fast I really like one time myself but then I
can make that custom for this podcast and I also can put on a sleep timer now
that’s something that I would make use of simply because a lot of times my
podcast blow me off to sleep and so hey I just want to say hello to my friend
Larry snow he’s here well he’s saying hi to Tish there but he said good morning
earlier and also speaking of podcasters here’s our friend ant Capone he’s got a
great podcast on anchor and then tissues giving me another hashtag pawed fasting
and actually I did an episode about podcasting and what people are doing and
why it’s becoming such a phenomenon so if you’re thinking oh it takes too long
to listen to a podcast I just showed you if you’re using the overcast app and
even if you’re on Android there’s other apps that give you that ability to scrub
through and listen at double speed or one-and-a-half speed
I wouldn’t go up as high as three times speed unless I was literally looking for
a point in a show and I wasn’t sure then I may use that feature just you know
temporarily but you don’t want your podcaster sounding like a chipmunk right
you want to have that soothing dulcet tone in your earbuds while you’re on the
treadmill or while you’re doing laundry right so guys with that I really had to
make this a quick do-over and I thank you so much now I want to let you know
if you ever want to get in touch with me there’s two ways that you can do that
and if you want to leave me a voice up and email you want to send me an email
you will go to ileane slash contact ileane.link/contact I’m multitasking here and I said that wrong so let me say it again
ileane.link/contact that’s how you leave me a email now if you want to
send me a voicemail which may end up you being featured on my podcast then you
will go to ileane.link/voicemail and that’s I L E A N E and I
thank you so much for coming today and I will see you in the next video I do live
streams here on every weekend today was an unusual case but I wanted to get your
day started off right knowing why you should listen to podcasts and with that
said have a happy Monday peace

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  1. As podcasters we often go out of our way to let people know how to subscribe to our podcasts, but very often we forget to mention why they should even listen to our podcasts in the first place. Thanks to the suggestion of James Cridland from Podnews in an interview on the New Media Show, I was reminded that many people need to learn about the value that podcasting brings to the world. Catch the original interview with Todd Cochrane and Rob Greenlee here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lCGu7rcTEiU

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