Why Twitter Should BAN my Grandma | Twitter Strategy 2019

Why Twitter Should BAN my Grandma | Twitter Strategy 2019

Grandma? You’re on Twitter? What? You know what? I like that idea. Yeah. You know, I never realized before that you
were so versatile. Hey everyone, I’m Studio Steve and welcome
back to the Pod Sound School. Today we’re going to talk all about Twitter strategy,
but I have to tell you about my grandma. A couple weeks ago while I was visiting my Grams,
I noticed that she was engulfed into her iPad. I figured she was just playing pinochle or
something, but when I asked her what she was playing, she responded, “Oh, I’m just tweeting.”
I snickered and thought to myself, “Crazy Grams. What could she possibly be tweeting
about?” And since recently I’ve been researching and preparing Twitter strategies for clients,
I felt it only appropriate to share my expertise with her. “Let me see what you’re doing there, Grams.
I can help you figure the whole Twitter world out if you want.” When she showed me her account,
I was dumbfounded. Now, I knew my grandma was a hip lady, but I would have never expected
that she would have such a strong social media presence. “Grandma, how’d you get all these
followers?” “Oh, I don’t pay attention to that. I just like talking with people.” Not
only did she have tens of thousands of followers, but her engagements were crazy. “Grams, look
at these analytics.” “Oh, I’d never seen that before.” Thousands of retweets, likes, and
comments coming in on a regular basis. How was she doing this? She had more followers
with better engagement than any of my Twitter accounts. I had to figure out what her secret
Twitter recipe was. I was determined, obsessed. So I asked her permission to log into her
account to dissect and analyze what exactly she had been doing to gain such a massive
following with so much engagement. After spending an entire weekend, I was able to unravel the
mysteries of her method and I came up with seven noticeable strategies my grandma was
using, even if she was unaware of it. So I thought I’d take the time in this short video
to share Grandma’s seven secrets to Twitter domination with you. But before we dive in,
be sure to hit the subscribe button and give this video a thumbs up. My Grandma would sure
appreciate it. Also, you can find a download link for a free Podcast Twitter strategy guide
in the description below, so make sure to check that out. Okay, Grandma, how’d you do
it? All right, so the first and most noticeable
quality of her tweeting activity is, one, she does not promote or advertise anything.
She provides value. She shares her best values, home remedies, and unsolicited but useful
Grandma advice. Twitter is so cluttered with people promoting themselves, their businesses,
their brands and products, that every time someone requests to follow you, unless you
know the person, you wonder what they’re selling or whether they would clutter your feed with
their advertising. Surely this is a huge reason my Grandma is so successful. She is legitimately
concerned about the information she shares and whether people will find it useful. Number two, she asks a lot of questions. She
asks for feedback, suggestions, and advice on how to cook her next recipe or about home
remedies and non-traditional medicinal practices from other parts of the world. These aren’t
questions with a hidden marketing agenda behind them. They’re questions of legitimate interest. Number three, she posts content that her audience
is interested in. She knows who she’s creating for. She’s creating for people who are just
as passionate about cooking and home making as she is. She knows her audience are people
who are cooking as a form of art, a way to express themselves and to connect and show
love to other humans, so she creates soulful recipes accompanied by creative and thoughtful
tweaks like Love Me Monday cherry pie or Hungry Soul Meatloaf. Number four, she engages in authentic conversations
with her followers. She has conversations with other people interested in learning how
to cook. She sends them recipes, tricks on how to get the picky eaters in the family
to eat, and even how to plan meals for those who work full-time. In return, her followers
share their cooking successes or debacles, how the picky eaters are enjoying a family
meal, and how cooking is pulling their family together. Number five, she shares other people’s content.
Grandma goes online and finds cooking articles and blogs that she shares with her audience.
She also shares and retweets posts, tweets, and messages from other people who are part
of the conscious eating movement. For her it is more important that her audience learns
the best recipes and cooking techniques rather than only share hers. Number six, she is real and relatable. Her
conversations with her followers are engaging and they show true concern. She’s been a problem-solver
her whole life, so she enjoys giving people ideas on how to create meals that are healthy
and quick for their busy schedules. And finally, number seven, she entertains
her followers with humor. Grandma is a hoot, especially when she’s not trying to be. Many
of her posts and comments are very funny and start hilarious stems and conversations. So
what’s the takeaway from all of this? Authenticity, transparency, true concern and desire to help
or solve problems, thoughtful and humorous engagement and knowing your niche and posting
relevant content that they’ll find interesting and helpful. So although Grandma was unaware
that she was using a terrific strategy, I know she’ll be happy to know that she’s helping
all of you get better at yours. Twitter is a wonderful place for conversation.
People are very responsive when they are validated or someone shows interest in them. Be real.
Set aside a little time each day for real engagement with your niche. Be interested
in what your niche is saying. Find ways that you can help them lighten their day with some
humor and ask them questions. Ask them for help or suggestions. People also love being
in the know and sharing their expertise. Good luck with your Twitter endeavors, Pod-preneurs.
I hope we can all include a little more Grandma into our marketing strategy. And before you
go, how did you like this video? Are there any topics or videos you’d like to see us
create next? Let us know in the comments. We post every week and we’d love to help you
with any podcast, business, or marketing related problems you might be having. Subscribe to
our channel so you’ll know when we’ll post each week. Until next time, look forward to
hearing your thoughts and I’ll be sure to relay them to Grandma. Happy casting.

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  1. Grandma's 7 Secrets to Twitter Domination!!! Grandma wasn't trying to dominate Twitter intentionally, but she has more followers than most and crazy engagement. We could all use a little more Grandma in our social media strategy. We've also got some really helpful Instagram Videos for Podcast, Business, or personal promotion. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PtttBcVd5RE&t=715s

  2. Ah Studio Steve!!! Mi Amor. I just love this video. Maybe one of my favorites. Such good info and a wonderful story!!!

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