Why SOCIAL MEDIA CONTENT is SO Important [FREE Download]

Why SOCIAL MEDIA CONTENT is SO Important [FREE Download]

Let’s talk social media content. You know
engaging social media content flowing through your social platforms and channels is important,
but where do you even start? We hear this all the time from clients and even struggle
with it ourselves, so we completely get it. In this video, I’m going to dive into the
top three tips to help you implement a social media content strategy to get your media platforms
engaging again. Hi. I’m Karen Rich at Rich Marketing, your
virtual agency for all things digital content and ad strategy where we guide business owners
and entrepreneurs to utilize the power of social media to grow your business, so you
stop wasting valuable time and money and focus on social media strategies that actually work.
When looking at social media tactics, we like to use data as our compass to guide our approach
because, ultimately, that data will guide your content strategy in the future. More
on using data as a compass coming up in another video. First, some consumer survey data that’s pretty
powerful and may give you the motivational kick you need to keep social media content
at the top of your priority list. According to a recent Time Inc. consumer study that
surveyed over 17,000 people across three major age demographics — those being Gen X, millennials,
and Gen Z — determined their feelings on custom content and how brands fit into their
worlds. Here are the findings. Two-thirds of consumers trust brand content
more than they do their ads. 90% of those polled like content as a way for brands to
engage and prefer it over their ads. 89% believe it’s a better way for brands to
break through the rest of the clutter online. In fact, 93% of Gen Z respondents want brands
to do something new and unique with their content in order to connect with them. And
FYI, Gen Z is the youngest of the respondents who are growing into the purchasing and brand
loyalty phase of their lives and use social media as their entertainment and news source
more than any other platforms. 92% of consumers believe brands have expertise
on topics and can add value through their content, the very reason your audience and
customers engage with those who post content they value. And 93% of respondents like brands
that share interesting things they may not have seen otherwise. So consumers in the prime purchasing phase
of their lives are basically screaming at us, “I think you know things about your products
or services, so share them with me in your content, but don’t sell them to me.” This
is a part of the know, like, trust engagement-building strategy. So let me ask, how are you feeling about social
media content now? Are you doing what your audience wants to see from you? Is it suddenly
rising to the top of your marketing priority list? Where do you even start? There are three
key 10,000-foot level tactics we use when approaching and engaging social media content
strategy. Tip one, be relevant. Know your audience and
customers, and align your content with their needs and interests. Think of content that
is helpful, informative, and interesting rather than content that simply fills your business
or personal goals or feeds. Tip number two, be distinct. Authenticity
is so powerful, so grasp your center stage and offer unique differentiated value by entertaining,
informing, and providing a service for your audience. Tip number three, be on brand. Make sure that
your business brand is woven through all your social media content and speaks in the tone
that resonates with your audience. Whether that’s your color scheme throughout your images,
your logo uses a bug in your visuals, or the verbiage of your post captions, keep it in
a tone that resonates best with your audience. So keeping these tactics in mind, I’d love
to know what your business or brand’s unique distinguishing factor is and what value or
service you provide your audience. Leave it in the comments, and let’s discuss this a
little more. Do keep in mind that every social business
account will be different. The reason your audience or customers will engage with you,
even if they haven’t yet, is because you are offering them content that they value. Your
social audience is not even the same as your business competitor, so cookie-cutter posts
based off what’s working for similar business in your industry just won’t work. So where to begin? Download our free Social
Content Strategy Guide. It holds an easy-to-follow five-step strategy process, monthly themes
to always keep in mind, two content planning calendars to use for planning out your posts,
plus 30 engagement posts with some pro tips sprinkled in to help you begin to figure out
what content your audience and customers want to see and keep you consistently producing
content they love. Wouldn’t you feel better about posting social
media content consistently if you knew what your audience and customers want to see and
will engage with? In our next video, we’ll dive into how to know what social media content
your audience wants most. In the meantime, download our free Social
Content Strategy Guide via the link below, subscribe to the Rich Marketing channel, and
hit the bell to be notified when our next video drops. If you found this helpful, let
us know and share with others who may find it helpful, too. That’s a wrap for this video from Rich Marketing,
where rich content, rich strategy, and rich marketing grow your business. Until our next
video, here’s to great success in navigating your social media and digital media marketing.
Take care.

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  1. I'd love to know what value or service you bring to your audience? What's your business or brand’s unique distinguishing factor and what value or service do you provide your audience? Drop it below!

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