Why Nobody Listens to Your Podcast | How to Promote a Podcast 2019

Why Nobody Listens to Your Podcast | How to Promote a Podcast 2019

Welcome back, lovely listeners, to Pod Sound
School. How are those podcasts coming, lovelies? Fantastic, I’m sure. Today, Veronica is going to chat with us about
content and honing in on your ideal listener. And remember, what is not started today is
never finished tomorrow. Let’s get at it. Hello, mis amigos. After I asked on social media what were some
of the challenges of being a podski, most of you responded that growing your audience
tends to be a little challenging. Have in mind that if we want more listeners,
we need to concentrate our efforts on three main areas: high quality content creation,
high quality audio production, and a well thought-out promotion strategy. On this episode, we will be covering content. We will be answering questions like what is
content, why producing quality content for your show is important, who is my ideal listener,
why is it important to know who my ideal listener is, and how to cater our content having the
different stages of the listener’s experience in mind. So first, let’s define what content is. Content is all around us. Content is anything we create using our talents,
imaginations, creativity, skills, to share with the world using different platforms. We’re all creating and sharing content whether
we do it intentionally or not, and why not do it intentionally and with our target audience
or niche in mind? That leads us to our second point: why creating
high quality content for your podcast is important. Whether we realize it or not, when we hit
that submit button and our podcast episodes go live, we’re putting out free content for
our listeners. Depending on the type of content you are producing,
your podcast is either promoting your personal talents, personality, skills, ideas, et cetera,
or promoting your brand or business. The content of our shows becomes an extension
of ourselves. By creating our shows and putting them out
there for the world to hear, we’re inviting people to join us on our journey. We want people to appreciate our talents,
expertise, experience, and personalities. This is why it’s so important to have good
quality content. As podcasters, we create experiences for our
listeners with our content in a very intimate and close way. If your listeners identify with your content,
they’re more willing to listen to an entire episode, become regular listeners and followers,
and ultimately to become fans of you and your show. It works the same if what you’re trying to
accomplish with your show is to promote your business or your brand. By providing free content, you’re inviting
potential customers to check out your business, or to experience the service you have to offer. Exposing our audience to our content creates
a need for our product or service which can generate more leads for potential clients
or customers. Most of the time, unless it’s a life necessity,
we don’t know we need a product or service until we try it, and then we realize we need
it. Using our shows to educate our audience, so
they realize they can improve their lives with our product or service, is a very effective
marketing tool. But it can only be achieved if you have good
content on your show. Whether your main goal for attracting more
listeners is to direct people to your business, sales funnel, or brand, or simply to provide
entertainment to a broader audience, taking the time to produce a high quality show is
extremely important. The content that you create has your name
and the name of your business or brand written all over it. You want to be associated with good quality. Think of it as a free sample of a product
you tried at the supermarket. The first experience will determine whether
you will give the product a chance or not. And that leads us to number three: who will
you be catering your content to. Remember we talked about finding your niche
in a previous episode? Well, having your niche in mind when you’re
creating your content is key. We don’t want to create content that will
not serve our audience in any way; it will be a waste of time and effort. The content of your show must be always created
having our ideal listener in mind. But who is our ideal listener, and how do
we find him or her? It’s easy to identify who our ideal listeners
are if we take time to find our niche. This ideal listener is the imaginary, but
also real, person you will be talking to. Depending on your show, you will be providing
this person with inspiration, entertainment, information, education, anything to solve
an existing problem or pain he or she has. The content of your show will be making this
person’s life better in some way. If you have that in mind, your content will
be delivered intentionally. Another aspect you should consider is how
to lead your ideal listener through the process of becoming a fan. The listener’s experience can be categorized
into three stages: the curious stage, the invested stage, and the faithful fan stage. The curious stage. This is the person who stumbles across your
podcast by scrolling down the different directories, by browsing on social media, by word of mouth,
et cetera. During this stage, our content should spark
curiosity, create awareness, draw attention, and create an experience. You can achieve this by having eye catching
artwork, an inviting description of your show and episode, and a fun and thought provoking
intro, creating curiosity and anticipation around your show, really anything you can
think of that will make that person stay and listen to an entire episode. Invested stage. Our goal for this stage is to have this ideal
listener keep coming back for more. It’s important to build trust and be consistent
with our shows and the quality of our content. We should also build our relationship through
social media with our listeners, posting pictures, videos, and teasers of our episodes, and keeping
them informed every time a new episode comes out. Put your content on social media and build
close relationships with your listeners. And finally, faithful fan stage. During this stage, our content should compel
listeners to action. Your show should include a few call-to-action
sentences telling your listeners what to do to support your podcast. This can be a call to action directing your
listeners to join your funding page, try your product, buy your book, sign up for your seminar,
or tell other people about your show. Once your listeners become faithful fans,
they will take action for you. So ask yourself two important questions: what
is the ultimate goal I want to achieve with my podcast, and where am I leading my ideal
listener to? The answers to these questions will help you
in creating focused and high quality content for your show. Remember to dream big. Even if you’re taking your podcast as a hobby,
or as a way to get together with friends and share opinions, plan for success. And spend the time necessary to create content
that makes justice to your talents, skills, knowledge, and personality. Remember also to have your ideal listener
in mind every time you’re creating content. Creating high quality content that fulfills
the needs of our listeners is a surefire way of retaining and gaining listeners. And that’s it for today, amigos. It has been my pleasure to bring this information
to you. I hope you’ll find it useful. Remember to keep us posted with your progress;
we would love to know how your show is coming. Come and find us on social media @podsoundschool. For more written and printable content, visit
our blog at podsoundschool.com/blog. Also join us at the Overachiever’s Club, where
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  1. Who is your "Ideal Listener?" Where are you leading your ideal listener to?
    Many times, once we've created great content, we then just post it on the web and start the social media-ing without having a clear image of who our ideal listener is and what problem or pain they might have that we can help solve in some way.

  2. Wow! I think this is my favorite video so far! This is really packed full of a ton of useful information.

  3. Having high-quality content is so important. We want our shows to showcase our talents, skills, business or brand. This is why is so important to have good content out there.

  4. Hey – found you through FBN! Keep up the consistency! You have my support (:

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