74 thoughts on “Why Most Americans Want To See “Far Left” Policies?

  1. 45,000 people die from preventable causes due to lack of insurance per year. 500,000 people declare bankruptcy due to medical bills per year. For all this we pay MORE than other countries, considerably more per person.
    This is nuts. We need Medicare for all.

  2. the limit of the american voter's hope, is that some kind politician will sling a few bucks in his or her direction. this is not 'left' politics, it is submission politics. right-wing politicians do it too, it's cheaper than patrolling the streets with tanks.

    real left politics is shifting power into the hands of the people, typically by establishing democracy. democracy is the left, all else is various forms of elitism.

    politicians will never give you democracy, it has to be taken, usually with some measure of force.

    not enough citizen quality people in usa, so democracy will not come. but you can content yourself with hoping for a fairy god-mother in politician guise, obama played that role very well, walking on water while leaving no footprints.

    somehow bernie and obama seem different, probably because bernie has been slogging while obama danced . bernie is too good for the usa, although that's a low bar- a nation that elects trump when there was a least one other candidate is in dire straits. just think how contemptible you have to be, to lose to such a person.

  3. I am fine with with left polices just not when come down to censorship of pop culture. I despise people who want censor free speech. I watch and play videogames to escape reality

  4. Let me tell you where people like Elizabeth Warren go off the rails. When they push extremist lgbtq positions, for example. Recently, she stated people should be imprisoned based on their "identity," and they should then be provided government subsidized "reassignment" surgery.

    There is no way I would EVER vote for someone who suggests such lunacy. Everything you mentioned, I'm in favor of, but when people suggest insane policies like the example I gave, I simply can't trust their judgment.

    And then the democrats wonder how the hell that idiot, trump, got elected. Well, part of it is that they have allowed themselves to be pushed so far left by lgbtq activists that practical sensible folks simply can't support them.

    In the end, I (and many people like me) am left with NO sensible option. I would never support trump, but I'd never support warren either. That is how will wind up with the idiot another four years.

  5. Please do a longer video on this topic. The neo-liberals of today are not left. Bernie is the closest thing. Elizabeth Warren is a joke.

  6. The ones that most strongly oppose the left do so much like those that were so against FDR and the New Deal. They are threatened by the left the most and will now be against Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren's Policies, A lot of Wealthy powerful People oppose the uplifting of the Working Class, and they have been getting their way for years as the overall prosperity of Americas working class has been slowly deteriorating and standard of living declining. For a long time things were improving, but the downward spiral has been in motion a while now. . We need a new progressive Administration and a Majority progressive Congress to begin turning it back around so The Working People of America can thrive and The American Dream will once again be an achievable goal and not just a memory of what Your Parents or Grandparents had maybe achieved!

  7. As everyone is talking about Trump's impeachment, he is in the process of weakening Medicare. NO ONE is talking about this. I think we'd better try to KEEP the Medicare (REAL Medicare, not the so-called "Medicare Advantage") we have now! Retirees will be SUNK without REAL Medicare.

  8. The Republicans went so far right they would be calling the father of conservatism, GOP Senator Barry Goldwater a leftist socialist commie.
    These people are corporatists. Corporations are people too, my friend, and they rule. Your taxes go to corporate welfare not citizen welfare or your welfare or your family's welfare

  9. Wow I hope Bernie does win and start putting his plan on to effect but the upper class or one how get to rich from are mess . Are going to fight tooth and nail to keep it just because of all the $$$$$$$ they make hopefully. He can have two terms it may even take longer are Nation is Technically a Young one . The older ones have there problems how or what can we learn from the Nation of the world.

    Right now we are a Laughing point of the World because of the simple teen how got elected . He can't even run his Buissnes with out going Bankrupt of all MILLIONAIRE got audited they go to prison . They lie to how much $$$$ they made and lie about how poor they are for tax purposes all in the same BREATH . The radical Trump
    Supporters are the are Violent People the raise there vocies then start screaming even attack you if you get to close or even when you leave a rally with a different opinion . I got few old friends o due not talk. Politics with because they start raising their voice even when it starts as a simple normal voice conversation it crazy any more .

  10. We are in a Class Warfare between the Greedy Rich & the poor !
    An the Greedy Rich scheming thieving bastard's don't want the poor to benefit from anything or in wages they want all the socialism welfare for themselves and bigger tax cuts for themselves with no regulations !
    Go ye Rich men weep an howl for your miseries are coming !
    for your riches are corrupted with Fraud !!! for they have reap up great riches upon themselves in the Last day's ! As in a day of Slaughter ! The Gluttonous bastard's will pay dearly ! He'll still free & available an can't be bought
    so don't waste millions paying a homo Pope priest to get you out of purgatory only these Devil's would come up with this scheme !
    Their Paradise end's an hell to pay !

  11. THE FAR LEFT….. What even is that? The US has 2 political parties. One is right-wing, the other one is some sort of cartoonish version of right-wing extremist. So where ARE these "lefties" that americans are so afraid of? They certainly arent in politics, in power, in the game.

    Just because you want social securities such as god damn healthcare, doesnt make you a "left winger" or "far left" NO other country that has free healthcare, clean water or workers unions… Are "far left"

  12. What Corp Media won't tell it's viewers is that what is being called Far Left is actually FDR ,JFK , MLK and Even Eisenhower policies

  13. The only Reason Maddow , Megan MCain ,Andrea Mitchel , Joy Reid and the rest of the Limo Liberals attack Progressives and our policies is it would inconvenience Thier cushy lives they get to hob nob with the very People they are supposed to be investigating and holding accountable

  14. People I’ve talked to who are not sure about Bernie for three reasons:

    1) He’s too old
    2) His policies might shake up the system too much and destroy the economy (their 401ks or stock funds)
    3) Medical care rationing

    And I would add:
    4) More equality might put them in an inferior position to others; or irradiate their privileged position.

  15. Firstly, I support Bernie Sanders for President. My guess about what people mean when they accuse Sanders and other left progressives of being “too far left” is they perceive these policies as being beyond the realm of a compromise between the two parties for their fulfillment. Or what is beyond the possibility of actually happening. They take the perspective that since the country is so polarized, we need to meet somewhere in the middle. However, they fail to understand how rightward the Democratic Party has moved- constantly capitulating to corporate influence that once was a hallmark of Republican interest. Oh how the mighty democrats have fallen!

  16. Hartmann, if you keep looking at the political world as just Republican vs. Democrat, all you are going to do is confuse your audience. Eventually you will have to acknowledge both sides are corrupt and work for the plutocrats. Contemporary politics is very simple; it’s not “Left” vs. “Right” or “Republican” vs. “Democrat”; these words have lost nearly all meaning. “Left” can mean anything from an actual Marxist, Communist, or even Trotskyite to Barack Obama who describes himself as a “Moderate Republican”. And the narrative around the “Right” side of politics has become just as distorted; notice how that a Trotskyite is now likened to a fascist Neocon.

    The best way to resolve this is to change the way you look at the political spectrum. The plutocrats want you to see the political spectrum divided vertically with “Left” and “Right”; clearly designated so both sides can be distracted by fighting among themselves. You audience should view the political spectrum divided horizontally with “Haves” and “Have-Nots” clearly designated. This is a “Class War” pure and simple; and until the people come to grips with this fact, nothing will change. While the plutocrats own and control the media and all branches of government and infiltrate all the Progressive institutions with their subversive agents (Hartmann) to corrupt any Progressive success, nothing will change. Know your enemy!

    Hartmann, always be wary of those who incessantly promote the "Left" vs. "Right" argument when it is clear that the "Left" & "Right" have the same objectives. Always be wary of those who intentionally use all their time pushing the "Left" vs. "Right" argument so little time remains to analyze the actual bipartisan political system. Always remember, misdirection is the preferred tool of the Plutocrat's minions. Notice how there has never been a public discussion in any "Left" institution of how the majority must have felt about the 2016 Democratic Party for for the corrupt Luddite imbecile Trump to have won the election?

  17. There is no Left in the U.S. Instead there’s a group that moved hard Right and accused everyone else of being Left.

  18. 'Most' Americans? Most Americans are showing up at Trump rallies. Most Americans abhor the censorship, disarmament of the law abiding, murder of the unwanted, and big government control over individual freedom that is promoted by the Democrats and the left. Most Americans refuse to watch propaganda channels like CNN and MSNBC anymore. Certainly most Americans are not watching THIS channel.

  19. The voter left is far to the left of the media and corporate politician left. That's because it takes a lot of effort to convince someone to vote against his or her own interests and nothing to the right of Bernie Sanders is even remotely in the interests of any of us.

  20. Most Americans want to see far left Policies? Thom Hartmann I think you spend much too much time smelling your own farts.

  21. @Thom Why don't presidents get full background checks? At least equivalent to public trust certification. I'm working on getting a job in cyber security and about half of them need TS/SCI or at least TS with poly and that's just for low level analyst positions. The POTUS should be under much more scrutiny.

  22. Corporate media is TERRIFIED of Bernie because they know he's coming for the money, power and privilege of their masters.

  23. Thom. Comment from Europe. I am sure you know that people thought of as Right Wing in Europe are seen as Centrists in the US. The kind of things that Bernie is looking for are mostly standard and have been so for years in Europe, New Zealand, Australia et seq. Tho "college debt" has become a thing in the last 15 years or so in the UK.
    Keep up the good work.

  24. do whatever you want to, i don't care how much debt is monetized.. eventually nature will win this tug of war. You can't win this and to even participate is only causing us to have to suffer more later.

  25. Lies!! Most people I know DO NOT WANT far left polities, Periodt!! If so Trump will be back in the White House and democracy destroyed.

  26. I totally agree with the caller. Election reform & overturn of citizens united, including a convention to define personhood in an amendment would be popular and easy to grasp. Bernie should put it high on his platform.

  27. There is no "left" in America. Centrist Democrats are far more like Reagan Republicans than traditional Democrats. Even Bernie & Elizabeth, in my opinion, aren't left enough. We never learned the lessons of the recent past.

  28. The corporations have masterfully moved the country to the right . That way what was a scrap becomes a meal. They are drowning in wealth so the population thinks they need to be saved…. they can make people believe anything. In general though they condition us to be obedient slaves while they extract our wealth and leave us to die with nothing in the dark. It is an act of war.

  29. Bernie does stress his policies. He explains them in detail. At the debates he has explained Medicare for ALL. Taxes will go up for everyone. But no health insurance premium. No deductibles. No co-pay. No bill of any kind. Dental and vision included. The slight increase in taxes is massively offset by the elimination of all of the above mentioned. He also tells us how he will pay for it over and over. Which includes college for ALL. Student debt cancellation. And garranttied federal jobs program. Which is tied into all his other policies. And the federal jobs policy has nothing to do with becoming a government worker. But allocating funding for trade training, vocational training, free tuition for college, and funding for small businesses in green companies. And the burden is shifted to the uber wealthy and the corporations they are invested in. As well as taking away subsidies to corporations and eliminating loop holes. All commonsense and straight forward. It is mainstream media and both parties who lie and cheat. And why Tom tells the caller and his audience not to watch the so called TV and cable News. It is all disinformation and propaganda. And the media drive the narrative and holds the attention, while distracting from real stories that really impacts us all.

  30. You don’t even have half million subscribers of like minded minions and you think you know what the majority want from the same pollsters who gave Clinton a landslide. Breathtaking.

  31. One thing Bill Maher has right is when he talks about how the RWNJs have pulled the center so far to the right that Democrats are now Reagan Republicans and the GOPigs are so far to the right they are in crazy town.

  32. Its only considered "far left"because the political,media and economic has deemed it so.They are so far right that even common sense solutions are deemed far left. My god the wealthy has to pay a little more in taxes it would be a travesty.

  33. That caller is giving a demonstration of how groupthink works. It's not the fear of bold policies. It's the fear that other people fear bold policies.

  34. The right-wingers keep screaming, "The left, the left, beware the left"? The problem is the majority of Americans are 'the left'. It is the majority that is the progressive left.

  35. He’s full of it . His sister is not a progressive at all if she doesn’t support universal healthcare. Enough is enough, if people can’t wrap their brains around universal healthcare by now , than exactly how stupid are people?

  36. Yes I'm for Bernie and his policies and I am going to start to refer to myself as a moderate because the so called moderates have really become conservatives.

  37. Hard to imagine a person being as far out of touch as Thom Hartmann. Hey clueless, what people really want is a centrist to come to the forefront from the democrat side. My God man, you have a couple dozen total idiots on that stage and nothing to show for it but another loss to Trump. Stop with all the free stuff crap and get a realist in front of the camera. Oh, I forgot, you have one and Tulsi Gabbard is being railroaded out as fast as they can bury her. Trump supporters are openly laughing at the democrat party as is exists.

  38. postmodern/Communist opinion.

    Thom if you're an educated person. You're well aware that Western Europe was been socialist since WWII. But, main stream American mass media and education has successfully kept this a "secret", until just recently. Or at least, unseeming in public discourse. It's just not cricket", as the English ruling class say. While at the same time, these two institutions, mass media and mass education, have "Stockholm Syndromed", us on the word/brand, "socialism". We want the policies but the word frightens us and "Communism" even worse. Jesus Christ said, join those who are most unjustly hated and you will win.

  39. The title, "Why American want to see 'Far Left' Policies," is not a question and should not have a question mark at the end.

  40. Well if you folks want to pay for all these illegals medical and food stamps than have at it.I'm with trump, build the wall, round them up,and send them BACK!!!!.

  41. I think all this "labeling" whether "far left", "alt right" is too often counter productive and is leading to many "common" folks in US engage in some sort of ridiculous and continuing argument. Again I refer somewhat to what happened at the end of the French 3rd republic, and this cannot happen in the US. Just a side note to this discussion.

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