Why I Started A Podcast

Why I Started A Podcast

Today I’d like to share with you a new
project of mine that has actually been in the works for months now. It’s called
The Doug Neill Show and it’s a podcast (and maybe eventually a video series as
well). I have long been enamored with the podcasting a format (I started one of
myself years ago), and I am extremely excited to be digging into this format
again. Here’s why I decided to get this show up and running. We are at an
interesting time right now in the world of work. We’re in the midst of this
decades long transition from industrial work being the primary source of income
to more and more opportunities to do creative work, and in fact we’re seeing a
workplace that demands more and more creative skills. At the same time we’re
also living in a much more connected world, and we have the opportunity to use
the tools available to us to make things for folks around the globe, not limited
to our immediate environment. Along with that we have a growing freedom to choose – to choose how we spend our time (at least part of the day), to choose what skills to
develop, what people to help with our work, where to do that work, and how to do that work. So with those opportunities and with
that freedom comes one big question: How do you go about building a sustainable
creative career? By sustainable I mean without burning out, taking care of your
body, fostering your relationships with others, having a full life – whatever that
means to you. The creative piece means that you are developing and executing on
your own ideas, regularly. Not once a year, not once a quarter, but every week and
likely every day. And the career piece means doing and sharing that work in a
way that allows you to support yourself financially. That question of how to go
about building a sustainable creative career is one that I’ve been trying to
answer for almost a decade now, since I made the decision to not go down the
career path that I was trained for (which was to be a middle school and high
school teacher). Instead, I got pulled into the world of
visual note-taking (also known as sketchnoting) and what I do now, how I
spend my days and weeks, is by building resources to help others develop this
skill of sketching out ideas. That’s what I’ve been doing for years now and will
continue doing, but while I do that I also want to start addressing more
directly that question about what it takes to build a sustainable creative
career. So as I go through my days and weeks I’m starting to pay attention to
the lessons that I learn, either from my own experiences or from others in the
videos that I’m watching or the podcasts that I’m listening to. This new show, then,
The Doug Neil Show, consists of my weekly reflections on that question. Each week
I’m sharing three stories that feel relevant and important to me, stories and
ideas that hopefully are helpful to you as well as you tackle that same question
as you go about building your own sustainable creative career. Because one
of the things that I’ve learned about taking control of your career is that it
takes regular fine-tuning. And to be intentional about what you’re building
and where you’re going with your creative career, it’s important to stop
and take the time to do some reflection. And that’s what I hope this show helps
you to do. And as I add this show to the list of my creative projects I’m also
using it as a way to test out a new means of supporting my creative work, in
this case using Patreon. I really enjoy what Patreon stands for and the way
they’ve built this bridge between creators and those engaging with that
creative work. And in the case of The Doug Neil Show one roll of Patreon is to
keep this show ad-free. I don’t want to waste your time. I don’t want to sell
your attention to advertisers. So in this show you won’t be hearing any ads or
listening to sponsored content. I would rather rely on the direct
support of the people who enjoy this show then sell your time and attention
to advertisers. Over on Patreon is also where I’ll be sharing a bonus monthly
AMA podcast, and the folks who choose to
support this show at that tier or above will get to ask the questions that I
answer. I think that that will be a great way to dig deeper into the topics that
you’re most interested in exploring. I also want this show to be just the start
of a conversation. I want to hear your ideas on the topics that I explore and
it will be within patreon where those conversations will take place. That’s
where you’ll be able to share your progress as you build your creative
career week by week and ask questions of me and others as we build a community of
support for a group of people that are on a similar journey. I myself am super
excited about that journey and I’m excited to have this show as a place to
share what I learn along that journey. And if that sounds intriguing to you
then check it out and have a listen. Search your podcast app of choice or
head over to www.dougneill.com. And if you enjoy what you hear then do consider
becoming a patron. And if you would like to explore the core of my creative
career and maybe learn how to take your own visual notes like what you see here,
then head over to www.verbaltovisual.com. I’ve got lots of resources there to help
you do that. And as always thank you so much for watching. Good luck building whatever it is that you are building with your life, and I will see
you again next time. Until then.

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  1. Nice idea! I like watching videos but sometimes that is not possible. Listening is more flexible, useful while driving or working. Thanks for sharing good things and inspiring people.

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