WHY H3H3 SUCKS NOW: Podcast, Ball Rider App and Hypocrisy

WHY H3H3 SUCKS NOW: Podcast, Ball Rider App and Hypocrisy

that a few people asked me to comment on Ethan and hila klein of h3h3 productions and the h3 podcast because they’ve gone through some changes lately in this video I’m going to take a look at it from a mental health perspective so make sure that you stay tuned what is up everybody this is Chris from the rewired soul where we talk about the problem but focus on the solution and if you’re new to my channel my channel is all about mental health so I try to help you out with your mental health or I try to pull some topics from the YouTube community and other things in pop culture try to teach you how you can improve yourself mentally as well as emotionally so if you’re into that kind of stuff make sure you subscribe and ring that notification bell and speaking of h3h3 productions they do their podcast over on Twitch did you know that I have a twitch channel now you need to head over there right now follow me on there pause this video go follow me on Twitch it’s just twitch.tv slaps the rewind so real easy stuff but I’ve been editing videos on there playing video games and talking to all of you we’ve had some great conversations so go follow me over there all right so those of you who don’t know who Ethan Hila are of h3h3 productions so I guess I’ll start out by saying like just you know me personally so you can understand things like I’m not a huge fan like they have they have some funny content and things I think I mainly heard about them when they were going through this lawsuit for some copyright stuff or what is it fair use that’s what it was that’s when I first heard about him I watch some of the videos are kind of funny I know he’s friends with like a channel always watch I do watch some clips from his podcast if there’s somebody on there that I kind of like like recently bill burr was on there bill burr is hilarious so they had a comedy YouTube channel they did a lot of commentary and things like that and people are into that well they’ve been getting a lot of backlash lately and a lot of people have been saying like you know their new stuff is awful and then there’s the app that they just released and I’ll touch on that in just a second all right bye anyways so one thing that I really want to point out is that months ago I think it was earlier this year Ethan made a video about his depression and why he wasn’t really making content he was talking about how you know he was just depressed and it’s something that constantly talked to you guys about all the time like so many people so many youtubers so many celebrities they struggle with this because they reach the top of this mountain and they realize that they’re still not happy you know and then all sorts of psychological things your brain tells you that you’re supposed to be happy you have the following the money all these things but you’re still not happy and that really messes you up how I even talked about how he’s you know trying to focus on his mental health now but I don’t really know what that means because he’s talked about like oh like human folk DeFranco had a good talk like philip defranco for those of you don’t know he’s supported by better help much like myself link down in the description and basically you know what I mean Phil DeFranco is very open and honest about things like I haven’t seen Ethan really come forward and discuss that stuff so a lot of Ethan’s depression from what I’ve seen not only happened because of the whole same thing and the money thing I’m just still not really being fulfilled or satisfied but also going through the whole lawsuit I think it lasted a year or longer and like he got a ton of support you know like Philip DeFranco helped raise money to cover their legal fees and they actually won but that’s really really really draining okay like going through anything like that especially like legal battles like is very draining I’ve been to a lot of people who deal with mental health issues like it’s just draining alright so anyways what I want to talk about first is the h3 h3 content okay so he doesn’t really post anything on the YouTube channel except for a video recently which I’ll touch on in a minute he’s mainly been focusing on his podcast okay whether or not I like his content it’s kind of the same way I look at Bobby burns alright like when people are going through their mental health struggles they gotta figure out what works for them and this is the same thing for all of you you gotta find out what works for you if you’re not happy doing what you’re doing go find something else this could be your career it could be your hobby it could be whatever like the more people force this stuff the more depressed you get and I think that’s that’s what happened with Ethan he wasn’t happy he wasn’t satisfied doing this commentary stuff anymore in a kind of a humorous way so he’s been putting a lot of effort into his podcast I’m like for me even though I’m personally not a huge fan it’s like you go boy like do your thing like it’s what’s making him happy right now it’s what’s satisfying him so for any of his long-term fans I would say like give him some time maybe he’ll return to more of the comedy commentary stuff if not like this is where his new niche is like he enjoys the podcast he’s liking to have conversations with people and discuss things and different topics about his opinions on these opinions but he’s not well educated for me it’s like who cares is his podcast like he’s not a political commentator like he’s never trying to impose his thoughts on to somebody I’m saying you should think this way now there’s a big difference cuz I was actually talking with my girlfriend about this over dinner because I feel like I’m contradicting myself because I talked about how like mojo has young audience right and she does all these things so you got to be careful like you are going to influence people I would guess that his audience is much older much older like 50 60 70 years old I’m guessing like adults you see what I’m saying and here’s the thing too when it comes to commentary like Ana podcast form or whatever it is like you guys it’s like you gotta form your own opinions you know what I mean like people are mad at him because he’s not educated and stuff it’s like we were so my girlfriend my son and I we’re eating at Chipotle and I was saying like you have to take responsibility for that like what if I which is the person behind the Chipotle counter and I started giving me car advice you know that mean like it’s to me as a person receiving this information to say okay maybe somebody working in a restaurant isn’t the best person to get core advice from you see what I mean like that’s our responsibility we’re not designed to just be these mindless zombies and like who do I follow where do I get my thoughts and opinions from like no that’s why I make these videos discussing the community Ike you guys got to you know take this information and do something with it like safety with me I have my own thoughts opinions beliefs and things like that it’s your job as the viewer as the consumer of this information to filter it right some things I say you might agree with or you say oh some mental health tips that I can try out other things you’re like no that wouldn’t really work for me you see what I’m saying like that’s cool like but you need to form your own opinions on this stuff so like as far as Ethan doing this podcast like good for him I think he’s only been doing it for like a year maybe less like he’s gonna get his groove and things like that and it’s just a place where he can talk about his opinions and viewpoints on the world and you know different stories in the news and stuff you know like whatever he he’s not branding himself as a political commentator so on that sense of the content he’s creating like I truly believe you know his depression was really getting to him and he needed to make some stuff that really fulfilled him and that is his podcast well now let’s talk about his app okay so a lot of people were upset you know they wanted more like content on his actual YouTube channel where he did comedy and all that kind of stuff so it’s been a long time it’s been a long time I’ve watched some videos on this it’s been a long time people been waiting asking them for content and he finally makes content and it’s for a new app okay so he because now he’s trying to sell you something now I have seen some people who say like he’s being very hypocritical because there’s like there’s a lot of stuff you could buy there’s in purchases and stuff and they said that it’s hypocritical because this is stuff that he always talks crap about about other people like Jake Paul and Logan Paul and things like that all right yesterday my girlfriend tagged me in this tweet from James Charles all right and it’s actually just something I was just thinking about is is this like it’s just so weird to me that people don’t they don’t understand like everybody has bills to pay you know what I mean like we all have bills to pay like I was telling my girlfriend like like imagine if I didn’t do anything like if I didn’t have any kind of income stream like and you like my content what if I couldn’t pay my internet bill well then I couldn’t upload any content a you as a viewer like to watch like there’s this wheel I don’t know it’s just really interesting to me about human nature where we don’t want people to make money now my girlfriend was explaining things were a lot different you know pre-apocalypse where it was just YouTube ad money and stuff like that but things have changed things have shifted you know what I’m saying and like I’m just you know maybe it’s cuz I’m a creator but just like support the people that you like and like whether it’s you’re buying an app or an in-game purchase or like one of their shirts or you know supporting them on patreon whatever it is like that helps them do what they love which is something that you love too but if they don’t make any income they can’t do that thing now and and this this second half of the video I’m kind of just getting a little bit more oh no philosophical and things and you know they’re just interesting subjects because what we were talking about and discussing was the standard of living like that’s where like for example I just showed you that James Charles tweet right and that’s interesting to me because I look at James Charles this dude’s a millionaire you know and it’s like okay well his standard of living is much higher so when he’s trying to get money he needs a lot of money to support a standard of living but as you begin to become successful your standard of living goes up so you might start selling more expensive products you might doing these things to uphold your standard of living but for me personally that’s why I try to do as many things that are as inexpensive as possible because something I preach to all of you is I know things won’t make me happy I know that having like a gigantic mansion in a car and things like that those things don’t make me happy like I like to travel and stuff like that you know that costs money but like my standard of living no matter how much I succeed in life when it comes to money like I don’t pick some myself like needing this very lavish lifestyle like a Jeffrey star or James Charles or anything like well what I even do with like a 10 bedroom house like you know like maybe like maybe I could see like a four or five bedroom house but this is up to you guys like it’s just I really think it’s important for the community to really sit back and just like see where you’re like thoughts and being upset and your anger is coming from like these are creators that you love don’t you want to support them to keep doing the thing that they love which then entertains you or informs you or educates you you know what I mean because if they can’t do that like the last thing I’ll say about this is I was working at for the last three years you know we were a private company so we took and we took health insurance and if you didn’t have health insurance it was insanely expensive and sometimes somebody is like insurance would run out and they’d have to leave three men because they couldn’t pay for it but the facility at worked out was pretty cool about like giving people like partial scholarships and stuff like that anyways you have the clients yelling at you just listen I wish that we can let everybody in here for free but if we did that we couldn’t keep the lights on you know what I’m saying and like when people get so upset about businesses or companies or brands or people making money it’s just it’s really a balance between are you trying to take advantage of people or are you trying to sustain this thing that is helping people let’s put it that way so it’s just something I want you to think about and if nothing else I go out and support a creator that you like I don’t even care if it’s me like support somebody out there whether it’s through patreon or buying some of their merch or whatever it is it helps them do the thing that they love alright but like as far as Ethan and Ella go like I haven’t like fully gone through there but it’s like I heard somebody say there’s like $100 in-app purchase is like okay that’s cool my son plays for nine 24/7 he used to begin lay into Legos that was costing us a ton of money every year now use all that money at four night and four nights they have an option for $100 worth of in-game currency if somebody can afford that good for them but like if you’re a business are you just not gonna give somebody that option some people want that option if you can’t afford that option that’s cool there’s a reason why I Drive a scion and not a Lamborghini because I can’t afford the Lamborghini option but anyways like a lot of you wanted to know my thoughts on a three a three and I would love to know your thoughts down in the comments below and let me know like did it did it kind of explain things for you like with their depression and just kind of changing their creativity and things like that let me know your thoughts down in the comments below but that’s all I got for you if you like this video please give it a thumbs up and if you are new here I’m always making videos to help you out with your mental and emotional well-being make sure you click that little brown subscribe button and win that notification pal and a huge thank you to everybody supporting the channel over on patreon and there’s also a link to the rewired soul merge song so if you would like to support me sign up on patreon or go grab yourself a shirt or a mug alright thanks so much for watching I’ll see you next time

44 thoughts on “WHY H3H3 SUCKS NOW: Podcast, Ball Rider App and Hypocrisy

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  2. I wish more people would subscribe and see your and recovery mum, and bipolar pigs vids it’s a very niche community but it’s very helpful for me at least you’ve all helped me stay sober for the past few months after years Xanax and more recently on heroin

  3. h3h3 is one of my all time favorite channels. I hope they make it out okay, their videos always crack me up. I feel like they're doing so bad because of how youtube's algorithm/demonetization methods have panned out.

  4. My issue with monetization is that youtubers who take their content as a “job” don’t make videos because they love what they do. It seems disingenuous. And I’ve watched a lot of content suffer because of youtubers feeling obligated to “work” and put on a show, rather than be an authentic, relatable person. …did that make any sense?

  5. Hey Chris, I think that was a great point that some people twist these days that people need to make money. I think that Patreon is a good example of some people either wanting to either branch out or have some nicer things because of your support.

  6. I was smh when I saw the depression podcast. He was talking about these healthy habits that definitely are good for you, but they don’t cure depression. And if he got treatment for his depression he would more likely do the things he is talking about.

  7. I love h3h3 and have been following them a long time. I found it hilarious that they finally upload a video but it’s an ad for their video game. Everyone need to make money, though so why would people get mad?

  8. I was fine with the podcast when it first started, but that was only because I thought they'd still be doing other videos when not doing their Friday live podcast (that requires minimal to none editing). Now I'm a bit disappointed in them because it comes off to me as lazy that they aren't putting in as much effort in their channel.

  9. I disagree with almost all your points but im too depressed to type it so i will keep watching you maybe it will get better 😉

  10. What you said about forming your own opinions? That's why I watch Philip DeFranco. He just lays it out, and lets you decide. I've heard criticism toward him for that, but I like that, a lot.

  11. This video is a representation of what is wrong with society. In the title you use the verb "sucks" an opinion of yours but a negative connotation none the less. If H3H3 happened to come across, do you think it'd be received as positive, or would it be a contributor to his "Depression" in your title alone, is a negative connotation, this is a contradiction to what you seem to advocate for mental health. Initially you hedge your interest in speaking about the H3H3 because "several" people asked you to speak about it, just be truthful that this topic is popular YouTube content, while you might of been asked to cover it, don't represent it as a supply and demand. You have names like Idubbz and Jake Paul in your description, this is unnecessary to the topic, but knowing that it is helpful in the search engine it is understandable but it categorizes you within the majority of YouTube that uses the same few names to illuminate your own agenda. You used an analogy of a person working at "Chipotle" and how you'd never take car advice from them based upon the small window you've crossed paths with this individual, this is really again something naive and shallow to broadcast. Advice should be given from education or perspective, this person could have knowledge to offer, it seems you'd be better severed to find out if they have a perspective or experience with cars, but because they work at "Chipotle" you immediately brush them off, this is ignorantly articulated. Next you talk about your past in working with those dealing with mental health issues, I respect that you've done this but to speak about the business aspect of it and saying you might of turned people away due to inadequate funds so non-chalant is very insincere, wasn't relevant to the topic. This YouTube issue is extremely simple and was predictable, not knowing what to use the platform for these initial booms for creators was similar to a gold rush or something of short term opportunity. Once these ads and profits became minimized, most of them showed their true colors, and these "Internet celebrities" didn't care to invest well enough and naively thought this was going to last forever, the ones that are hanging on are desperately trying to do anything they can because it is a false sense of success and what is beneath them might become reality. H3H3 similar to Fousey is pulling the depression card for sympathy, which is very disingenuous, depression is an ongoing issue regardless of your current success, not to confused with by source of income has been affected and I don't have another skill set, or I thought YouTube was going to let me make 6 figures on their platform telling fart jokes.

  12. Holy fuck they have always sucked because they're jews….. Most sjw's dont see this because they're cucked and dont realize it

  13. I agree at some and disagree a bit. Like I love h3h3 and I would keep on supporting him. But he is kinda making enough money on the podcast with alot of sponsers. Like he moved to a bigger estate and got himself a tesla 3 ( kinda pricey) and he's been going on some… expensive purchases tbh. Like he deserve it all but yet like. Atleast give some love for the people who supported you tell were you are now. BTW Nice vid my dude.

  14. first time seeing ur channel & need more of ur voice in my life. U sound like the old gospel singer Alvin Slaughter. Anyway… I am ironically a (very part time) mental health professional.

  15. I disagree on your point about him saying what he wants on his podcast. Obviously he can say what he wants, but actions have consequences. A lot of young fans look up to him and he's been known several times to say some false things that kinda encourage hate. Yes mostly adults look up to him. Which you are right on that one. But a lot of young people too imo. He spreaded false info with the acid attacks in London, he did it with the police situation more recently. As a content creator, he needs to do some research when discussing sensitive or popular topics. Especially since that's the route he's going which seems he IS actually becoming a political commentator. I don't know for sure. it's undeniable that his podcast is becoming more political Also, have you seen how toxic his fantastic already is?

  16. If you know anything about in-app purchases or microtransactions, they are a way for developers to squeeze the most amount of money from someone. I am not fully against them, but they don't NEED to be used.

  17. He is in the eyes of people from adults to CHILDREN. His uneducated takes on the police, the catholic church and other divisive topics DOES influence young people. As an adult. Yeah, I can listen to what he says and know its bullcrap. However younger kids will just listen and believe. He has become a big hypocrit and a shell of his former self.

    You defending him is just messy. If he did a 180 turn and started spewing absolute falsehoods and had no energy and isn't funny, then that's on him.

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