See, if you’ve just got an audio recorder
you don’t have any of this! This is Danielle Ward – a podcasting legend
here in the UK Danielle has not only managed to create two
hit podcasts from scratch one of them is called DO THE RIGHT THING and has four guests every
episode… it has won awards… it has a live studio audience and it’s on – I think – seven
seasons now Her other podcast is called ANY STUPID QUESTIONS,
that is now in a double digit number of episodes and every episode has an expert and a guest
comedian This is the Podcast Producers Podcast, with
me Neil Mossey – it’s a place where podcast producers share their tips and experience
so that anyone can start a podcast and keep it going This is the best way to get to know you Danielle
Ward – it’s if you have one podcast you could download right now just one what would
it be? Oh blimey the Adam Buxton podcast probably
It’s good isn’t it What is it about Adam’s podcast? It’s just he’s so gentle and funny and though
actually as soon as I said it then I realized that I’d actually swap Adam Buxton for Adam
and Joe I think I love it I really love his solo podcast but
actually thinking about it the 6 Music… because I listened to the 6 Music show go
out so I don’t really think of it as being a podcast but actually when I afterwards when
I went back and revisited the podcasts which have extra bits on them – the Adam and Joe
podcast from six music was really really brilliant It’s the chemistry I think
I think that’s what makes podcasts work Not all of them need it – some of them are
just one person talking to different people but from my experience that the stuff I’ve
done I think people really buy into the relationships. You’re not a fan of just one person just gobbing
off for an hour I don’t think I’ve ever listened to a podcast
that it’s just one person talking I don’t even know how that would work do they
just talk? Yeah with this this is guy Jocko Willink who
is a Navy SEAL who is taking his Navy SEAL experience into the world of self-help and
he seems to manage it quite well it’s yeah – it’s – but I think you need to be probably
as intense as him to be able to pull that off I think I’d run out of steam I don’t think I’d be able to do it either
– it’s why I’ve always so I used to really love to be a radio presenter – always loved
that I did it at university – it’s the thing I’ve always wanted to do That’s why I got into comedy – it’s cuz I
wanted a radio show – but I wanted a proper radio show with music not Radio 4. I wanted like this sort of when Lee & Herring
used to do their shows on Radio 1 or Armando Iannucci – but I always thought I’d never
imagined it just me I always thought there would be a co-host I think you need someone
to bounce off. I need someone to bounce off. The podcasts that you’ve done seem to be quite
well structured rather than just a chum cast– Yes because I like formats. I couldn’t just go here’s a bit let’s just
chat about something I sort of feel– I think in formats. Everything I did was a format point. So it seems then that podcasting – yeah – is
a way that you can express yourself in format terms. Yes for me certainly. Some people probably use podcasts in the way
that I use stand-up comedy which is if I have a thing that I want to communicate with the
world I go out and do it on stage. I guess if you don’t do that then podcasting
it’s probably a better way of doing it but for me podcasting is more about exploring
formats. Who are you and what is your role in the podcast
universe? So I am Danielle Ward and I am the co-creator
and host and writer of Do The Right Thing podcast. I’m the creator and host of any stupid questions
podcast and I am the co-creator and former host of film Fandango podcast. I was Dave Gorman’s co-host on absolute radio
and my thing was doing this roundup called Ward’s weekly word which is where I would
and I’d literally write it at 10 to 10:00 in the morning just before we went on air
– so that’s why it was always ridiculous and I’d do a cultural summation. And one of the easiest things to do is film
reviews because they come out weekly I’d kind of go “this film is about this this one
was about this” but I also really love films and so absolute radio said why don’t you do
a film podcast where you talk about films? But I didn’t want to just do new releases
because that means that then you have to go to the cinema all the time and also Mark Kermode
has that nailed down. So I did a podcast where we talked to people
about their favorite films that was the format point number one and then we would sometimes
go see some new releases that was another format point… it was just a chance to talk
about films that we loved but rather than it just been like “I like films you like
films let’s talk about films” I felt like it needed more than that. So you brought the structure. I brought the structure to it yeah and also
I was like hosting it I think maybe this is because I come from a radio background so
everything has to have some sort of structure because otherwise it’s just people chatting
and it’s a bit meandering And also like when you if you said it’s a
podcast about films… Is it films that you watched yesterday? Is it your favorite films? Is it new release films? I think you have to have some sort of order
to things and so if it felt quite natural for me to put format points in. But like I said, that might be the terrible
grounding that I had at the BBC where if it doesn’t have any format points a someone can
nick your idea for a start, and also how do you differentiate it in a crowded market. That’s not what I was thinking when I started
doing podcasting but I guess that is an instinct that was there What were you thinking? Because you had already developed formats
for radio 4 – yeah – you had already been on something that could be called a podcast
– yeah – that was from a radio station – yeah. Did something then give you a leap or a ping
or an idea or a light bulb that you could do this under your own steam? It was the frustration of waiting for things
to get picked up by Radio 4. So I had a format in with Radio 4 that was
a really good idea and from the initial treatment – so the piece of paper with all the ideas
on it – to it getting a series took THREE years. And in that time it didn’t change a ****ing
bit. Because, it was a really good format. But it had to go through these hoops and and
it was just so frustrating that Ben Walker who was also a radio producer said to me “I
really like it, I think it’s a really good idea why aren’t they– why haven’t they
picked it up, what’s going on?” And I said I don’t know. And he said why don’t we make it a podcast? And I went “what’s a podcast?!” No, I knew what one was because of the absolute
radio show but – but I didn’t – because that was made by absolute radio so it was a podcast
that went out in tandem with the absolute one. How they did it was they would have their
show that went out live and then they would cut together all the bits of the talking without
the adverts and music and that would be the podcast. So I was still thinking that podcasts were
attached to radio shows basically and Ben Walker said we could make our own podcast
and it wouldn’t be attached to anything… and I was all “who’s, why would you do that? Who’s gonna listen to that?” It’s surely like putting something on YouTube
is gonna… you know… how does that happen? And Ben was like trust me and so he – he – we,
we re-jigged this idea that I’d had for Radio 4, and worked it into something much more
interesting and freer and and that’s kind of how Do The Right Thing came about. Thanks for listening the next episode is listed
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