Why do sewing machines DO THIS?! (Skit)

Why do sewing machines DO THIS?! (Skit)

[funny music] [throat clearing] uh, bobbin… Bobbin! Can we get some thread up
here please? [music continues] [sewing machine whirrs] Huh? Wha- [gasps] [Whispering] Why!? So I’m actually having to fake this birdsnest on the back of this fabric, but this used to happen to me all the time on my older machine [laughs] I know! You have all been lied to… by a YouTuber :O If you watched all the way up to this
point, then comment “Annika you are so cancelled”.

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  1. For anyone searching for solutions, here's what I generally do! (Sorry for the super long comment, but I've found it easier to read larger comments when they're spaced out like this and not just a block of text)

    When you're starting a seam, hold your thread tails out of the way (I hold them towards the back of my machine, if that makes sense?)

    Play with tension, stitch length, stitch width (if applicable)

    Dust the inside of your machine! I use an old eyeshadow brush, but some people use a vacuum with teeny tiny attachments. Canned air isn't recommended because it just pushes the dust further into the machine.

    OIl your machine! Some machines don't need to be oiled, but some do. Check your manual before oiling, please.

    Change your needle! And/or try different sizes/types of needles!

    Thread a new bobbin. Sometimes a bobbin might look okay, but its just off enough that your machine revolts.

    Make sure the bobbin thread and the top thread are compatible or 'match' (not colour, that's up to you). I just make sure to match the fibres and that works for me!

    Try another kind of thread! Sometimes a fabric just wants a cotton thread instead of a polyester, or a polyester instead of a cotton. Also, using a higher quality thread is always a plus. I like Gutermann, as its within my budget but also a good enough quality for me to spend time sewing with it. I've also heard good things about Mettler and Aurifil, but I haven't tried them myself.

    If none of these work, I take a break for as long as my project will allow. Come back and try again in a bit (or the next day, or later this week, etc.) Maybe this is a chance to work on hand sewing.

  2. In addition to Kate's fabulous recommendations I have a few extra tips:-

    Never use supermarket cheapo thread! I won't even hand stitch with those!

    If using metallic thread – use only in the top and put a silky light thread in the bobbin. Experiment first on old bit of fabric

    Also the more expensive Titanium coated needles last a long time especially when free machining as they do not get burrs/grooves worn in the needle eye. I use a size 90 needle for all my free machining especially when using metallic thread.

    Use the correct needle size for the weight of your thread. Smaller size needle for Lighter threads ie 70 ok for light threads and 90 for heavier weight thread. A denim needle for denim and a leather one for leather obviously. For knits/jersey you will need a ball point needle so that it doesn't snag the fine fabric.

    I don't know about playing with the tension but I have found that the recommended settings are usually the best. Read your Manual.

    I find modern machines ie machines with top loading bobbins are less forgiving than the older type machines where bobbins go in a case underneath. Try to use the bobbins made by the manufacturer of your machine not cheap generic ones which rattle and move about noisily. I prefer metal bobbins but they don't seem to be made anymore.

    Regarding oil. ..newer machine models don't need as much oiling maybe once a year if you sew quite a bit but make sure you clean your machine often. Check before every use. A little make up brush is good but use a new one.

    After oiling your machine sew foe a bit on a scrap bit of fabric. You djnt want oil on you good fabric.

    Change your needle every 8 hours of use or for each new project.

    Use good quality needles.

    Sometimes you get birds nests when you try to sew flimsy fabric so use a vilene iron backing or a bit of heavier fabric like calico ( called Muslin in America) if you want to sew decorative stitches on thin fabric.

    Regarding free machining. …do lower the feed dogs. I know my friend doesn't on her expensive Brother but I always do. The feed dogs/teeth are what grip the fabric and you don't want that when free machining.

    For free machining get an extra bobbin race (for top loaders) another metal bobbin case for underneath loaders. ..Sorry can't remember the proper term…
    Then you can loose the screw a bit for more successful free machining and quilting. I marked mine with a blob of nail varnish. Janome have a special looser tension bobbin race for their machines that you can buy. It's 40 % looser. Its marked with a blue arrow. Red for normal tension comes with the machine.

    I would also recommend not buying cheap sewing machines. Anything under £350 won't have a powerful enough motor if you are sewing regularly.
    It also seems that there is no longer much between the makes as they are all made in Japan and China not Britain or Switzerland. But then so are most makes of car so I guess that's progress?

    Industrials are not expensive and come set into a table (flat bed) but don't have all the decorative stitches. The old models with metal parts seem to last forever but you need to understand tension etc or have a good mechanic! And quite a bit of room. I learnt to sew age 7 ( what was my mother thinking? Those things are fast! ) on one that had been used in a tent factory and we altered jeans no problem. Quite a shock to have to change needles on my household make.

    Hope that you found this helpful and that I didn't sound like a know it all! Just sew and have fun!

  3. I love your videos and lil sketches! You are truly amazing! I know it's being in a lot of constant pain and depression (I have chronic pain and depression too) and the fact you still try so hard to even make these makes my day/week/month better and makes me feel like doing things, so thank you so much you are wonderful and awesome and amazing! And I love you 💕

  4. LOL 😅😂😆🤣🤪 🥴😁 I love it!!! Anyone who's ever use a sewing machine can so relate to this!! LOL 😅TFS ❣️🍂🧡🍄💛🍁

  5. My machine never does this. It´s from 1981, and maybe that´s why. All other machines I have sewed on does this, but not mine. Instead it has lots of other problems, but I am so glad I don't have to deal with this specific problem.

  6. A stitch is formed by the top thread being pulled down around the bobbin and the take up lever pulling up the slack. If you have no tension on the upper thread, it won't pull up the slack so more and more thread gets pulled down into the bobbin area.
    It's the upper thread. Most likely your thread didn't get in between the tension disc or the thread isn't in the take up lever when you threaded your machine.
    Put up your presser foot when you thread so the tension discs are open and make sure you get the thread in the take up lever.

  7. I somehow missed the last part and was trying to figure out what the hell happened to make everyone comment that Annika is cancelled. 😂 rip in piece me

  8. My mom always said that it is the quality of Thread I was using. Also, now I have used different machines, some machines just do that more or are more sensitive to it. But it's a big frustration

  9. Omg this! I had a bobbin that always managed to mess up the thread tension somehow. The top of the seam always looked nice, but the other side looked like scribbles. None of the other bobbins ever did that, and the machine maintenance lady couldn't find anything wrong with my sewing machine. The weirdo bobbin is now a keyring charm, and I bought a bunch of replacements. Maybe the thing just had other plans for life lol

  10. OMG how could you do this, you’re so cancelled.

    Jk 💜
    Pls teach me how to not have that happen it’s destroying my patience and my garments

  11. This would happen to me all the time!! It's the worst!! (Other than when the machine just stops working… which is why I haven't sewn in awhile… gotta get a new one.) Also, Annika, you are so cancelled!

  12. Annika you are so canceled.

    This was cute though, I love it. I've had stuff like this happen when i hand sew (I don't have my sewing machine yet) and it is super annoying.

  13. Annika omg you are So cancelled!!!! My machine does this all the time and I actually wanted to know why!!! I demand a real answer!!!!

  14. We'd never cancel you! (Annika you're so canceled!) And thank you for the walk through on the bobbin issue in the comments!

  15. I clicked on this video hoping to actually find out why machines do this and how to fix it. If the goal of this video was to disappoint people then I guess it worked?

  16. RIP every project I try to sew 😭 Generally when it starts to do this I just wind a new bobbin, and put the offender in The Shame Box (aka the bottom of my sewing kit)

  17. Yup, pretty much the reason why I gave up on sewing machines and only hand sew now. I was sick of wasting so much thread and having to seam rip before finally finding the right tension (if I even did). Also, I looked for videos that would explain why this was happening and I thought it might just be me…

  18. I did this few times, you need to clean bobbin /presser foot. Adjust tensions to make it right. Don’t cry as I did this many time since high school. If it keeps screwing you up, it’s time to get new sewing machine.

  19. Haha Haha. You're so cancelled. No, not really. I love your work! I was kind of going for some suggestions on this exact problem, but i appreciated the laugh.

  20. For me it happens ALWAYS when I'm already annoyed with something not turning out the way I want. I take it as a sign of putting aside sewing for that day.

  21. Hey, I left a comment regarding that vid where you took pics of the teeth and it was like "design your own backpack" or something. And you took the vid down because the company was shady. Correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't PAOM the sponsor? Because you still have them linked under the swimsuit top video with the dinosaur fabric. But I could just be entirely wrong.

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