Why Did Joe Rogan Stop Live Streaming?

Why Did Joe Rogan Stop Live Streaming?

boom live live live live live live live live live live live (repeating increasing tempo) boom and we’re live Hello I am Jacob
and this is that is nice You have two questions on your mind and the first
question is why did Joe Rogan stop Live Streaming? and the second question is Why has Joe Rogan given no response? for the last couple of days I’ve been
really digging and trying to find reasons why it could be this answer and
I narrowed it down to four and I’ve been doing research on each of them and to
see which one is the most reasonable because again we don’t have an answer
from the man and we all want one so let’s centralize it right now let’s
figure this out the four most reasonable answers as to why he stopped are one he
was on vacation. Two TriCaster problems three premium service app coming out and
four he got live-streaming disabled so I’ve been digging and digging and
digging for the last few days to try to find evidence to either prove or
disprove these four and the way I’m gonna go is whatever has the most
supporting evidence that’s the one I’m gonna go with full disclaimer is I’m a
huge Joe Rogan experience fan I’ve been watching Joe Rogan ever since I was
first shown it years ago this is a pro Joe Rogan video right here so if you’re
against him you may not be interested in this secondly I do not speak for him or
his podcasts or anything he does but I do want to share my thoughts and what I
found to be the most conclusive reason because the community wants an answer so
we don’t have one so let’s just see which one is the most reasonable but the
most reasonable does not mean that it is the actual answer we won’t know the
actual answer until we get it from the man himself but being the most
reasonable is the key idea here so that he doesn’t have any
negative connotations tied to his name or his podcast alright let’s take a look
at the first reason that has been proposed it’s that he was on vacation
that’s why they’re all being recorded what evidence do we have of this well it
doesn’t seem like he’s on vacation and it doesn’t seem like they were
pre-recorded days before because when he has a guest on if you look at the if you
watch the podcast and then you look at the stories like the Instagram stories
of the guests coming on that day they had the same shirt on they have the same
clothes on and everything the same day so that leads me to believe that it
wasn’t pre-recorded a week ago so that one right off the bat I’m gonna say
that’s not that’s not it okay reason number two is the premium
service slash app that he’s trying to develop and that’s why he stopped
live-streaming because he wants to start charging for
people to watch it live now let’s see what evidence supports this evidence
that supports this is there’s a video of him talking with sam harris about him
trying to develop an app make sense coming from you my thought is i’m in
negotiation or in discussions right now and i talk to you about this too about
building an app and what i want to do with the app is have a set amount of
money that you pay per month if you want to sign up for the app and you get the
podcast with no ads right so you could either get it from itunes or whatever
you google play or google podcasts or you can get it from the app and if you
get it from the app you pay X amount per month and you get the podcast with zero
ads and it’ll stream live I’m gonna figure out how to do both of those
things in this video he says that he wants to develop an app and he’s trying
to find a way to go live on the app but that doesn’t mean he’s gonna stop going
live on YouTube that could just mean he also wants to be able to go live on the
app as well in that same podcast he’s talking to sam harris about his business
model because sam harris kind of runs his business model like PBS would and sam
harris is saying to Joe Rogan how his platform how sam’s platform works well for him
and how Joe’s it works great for him the ad base model is really successful for
Joe and he’s been like top dog in it for how many years
quite a few and let’s think why would he change that you know what if it’s
working so well for him why would he change that there could be an
opportunity cost there and who’s to say when he’s talking about a premium
service he’s not talking about a premium snapshot if you know what I mean
something else that doesn’t support the premium service theory is when a company
or somebody is trying to launch a product or a service they try to build
hype around it before the actual public launch Joe Rogan has not tried to build
any hype around a Joe Rogan podcast app so for example when Tesla was developing
the new roadster you heard about the new roadster
probably over a year ago and it’s not even out yet they’re trying to build
hype around the vehicle to gain people’s interest so he would be doing the same
thing don’t you think Joe would have long been talking about the cool
benefits you would get with this app that he’s developing say yeah you got to
pay like five bucks a month but you also get to send in like viewer mail and ask
questions that I’ll answer on the next podcast he’d be saying things like that
he hasn’t done anything has antenna really promote it and I’m sure I mean
I’m sure he is developing an app but I don’t think it’s gonna be a money grab
that’s the only way you can watch live streams kind of a thing I think it’ll be
more of a way to centralize everything related to his podcast and that would be
more beneficial to him because if it’s centralized like that it wouldn’t be you
wouldn’t have a lot of his material stolen and he wouldn’t lose out on a lot
of monetization because there are a lot of channels that will take clips of his
podcasts and they’ll put them out there before he can and the biggest reason
that I don’t see the premium service being the reason he’s not live-streaming
is Joe’s a smart guy Joe Rogan is a smart guy and to provide something for
free for years and then just decide to take it away and charge for it is a very
strange business model for somebody like him
I just don’t see that in his character he cares about his audience and you can
see that and I’ve seen that in countless hours of his podcast that I’ve listened
to you can see that he genuinely does care about his audience I don’t know if
you’ve only listened to his podcast via an RSS feed or if you’ve only watched it
on YouTube or if you’ve done both but if he’d done both you know that like the
first couple of minutes of every episode in an RSS feed has ads all his ads are
there but when he uploads it to YouTube he doesn’t have ads he could he could up
charge to also put those ads in a YouTube video he could do that but he
doesn’t do that he cuts those ads out and he just lets the ads that YouTube
provides be put on the actual podcast he hasn’t really done anything that’s a
money grab that’s just strictly out of greed that I’ve seen from any history
from Joe Rogan and to think about this logically what I did is I just looked at
his past actions and I used those that try to predict what he would do and I
couldn’t see any sort of parallel where he would just randomly start going for
money grabs because the app if he is if he is done live-streaming so he can
charge for it that would be a money grab like I said he’s a smart guy and he
cares about his audience so it’ll provide something for free for years and
take it away to start charging for it it’s a very strange business model and
I’m sure that he’s well aware if you were to do that that would be that would
be a major uproar and he would lose a lot of credibility so I don’t see him
doing that he knows these things you know he’s thought about these things
so the premium service theory I’m going to also say that is not why Joe Rogan
stopped live-streaming potential reason number three why Joe Rogan stopped
live-streaming the TriCaster they could be having TriCaster issues even in Joe
Rogan’s podcast setup page on his website he lists all the equipment he
uses and and for the TriCaster below he has
little footnote that says it’s problematic so he’s very clear and open
about it being problematic in the past there’s been lots of tweets about it
being problematic and in a recent episode with jessiemae Palooza
number 1279 you can hear him talking about problems they were having with the
TriCaster going live last chance for romance here otherwise we’re just gonna
film put it up is it alive really i centered machine ice energy should
happen we’ve been having problems with our TriCaster doesn’t want to try it’s
like not today every third show alive alright so the TriCaster theory seems
pretty plausible it really adds up so they’re having problems with the
TriCaster even recently the last one was just like three weeks ago he had
problems with the TriCaster going live i put there’s one key thing missing he’s
been super transparent every time about the TriCaster and it doesn’t answer one
very critical question into this being a hundred percent valid is the reason why
Joe Rogan stopped live-streaming his podcast and that is why haven’t we had
any sort of response because if it was a TriCaster issue in the past based on his
past actions he has notified us every time at this time not so much you know
he would say it he didn’t do that this time and because of that I’m gonna have
to put a slash through the TriCaster theory that Joe Rogan did not stop live
streaming because of a TriCaster problem alright so where does that leave us
three out of the four did not have significant evidence to really support
that being the reason why so the fourth live streaming was disabled this is a
big one because you have to look at things that would indirectly affect Joe
Rogan’s podcast things that really are not so much related to it but have
a ripple effect on it so what’s what are some things so what are some things that
would have an effect on his podcast there are three different categories
that we have to think about for this one the first is what’s going on with
YouTube in what’s affecting YouTube the second is what’s going on in the
media and the third is what is Joe Rogan’s recent content been so for
YouTube a trickle-down effect that would touch upon Joe Rogan experience let’s
see what’s going on with YouTube what kind of heat has you two been receiving
lately YouTube has been getting heat for an individual who livestream the bad
thing also for content and then they’ve been getting heat from creators about
like the copyright system they’ve been getting heat like article 13 which is
now article 17 so all these things YouTube is taking heat for so YouTube
then is going to go and change how it functions YouTube because of all of this
heat has to make changes and those changes affect the creators in YouTube’s
response to this is they change the community strikes policy and how that
functions so previously if you’ve got a community guideline strike you would
have live-streaming disabled for 90 days but now they change this and this is a
video from YouTube not from YouTube but literally from the company YouTube
talking about their policy changes and live streaming I’m a live streamer does
the 90 day free zone live streaming still exist we heard from lots of you
that this was too harsh so we shortened the 90-day livestream restriction now
following a warning the first strike results in a one-week temporary freeze
on the ability to upload to YouTube including live streams in typical
YouTube fashion they don’t really say they don’t really answer the question he
said he’s shorten the period of time that live streaming would be disabled
but he didn’t say how long he’s shortened it to some other things that
consider our what’s in the media why is that gonna have an effect on Joe
Rogan well let’s first look at what’s in the media there was an I’m not gonna
promote the article I don’t I’m not gonna link it I’m not gonna share it or
nothing because I don’t want to give that clicks I don’t want to give that
attention but it is something we have to think about for the sake of not wanting
to promote anything they do i made a representation so you can kind of get an
idea of what I’m talking about and I’m sure you’re familiar with it
do you remember eight crazy nights and the technical foul you know if you
comment off the street with dirty shoes on your feet that’s a technical foul the
this organization is whitey from a crazy nights they are calling they call
technical fouls basically so yeah that’s the organization there was something in
there about that and this is this organization you don’t really it’s not
that it’s like it’s not like it’s a credibility issue it’s that it’s you
don’t it’s like bombarding it’s disruptive its
they’ll bombard you they’ll try to like ruin you by just they investigate
everything you know they look into like all this stuff now why would Joe Rogan’s
stuff lice treatment because of this let’s think about it to really to make
sure there’s no accidental slip-ups which is a good move okay that’s it to
make sure there’s no accidental slip-ups because you don’t need it’s not that
he’s like it’s not like it’s a it’s not a terrifying thing just you don’t need
it you don’t want it you don’t it’s just so it’s annoying you know what I mean
it’s like it’s the equivalent to if you’re going
out to have like a bonfire and there’s like a lot of mosquitoes out you’re
gonna put on some mosquito repellent just to avoid it because it’s annoying
not like it’s life-threatening it’s just you don’t want that in your ear just to
avoid that that’s that’s what this is kind of about I’m trying to not be too
direct and a lot about it but so say say he live streams and he says something
that could be just taken out of context or used against him severely that this
could be a reason why he doesn’t want a live stream right and the third one is
content what is this content and like what it would have been a talking point
on his content a lot of it’s been about you know gender stuff and it’s gotten
political because he’s had been on you know he’s had he’s that Adam on and that
got political talking about very similar issues borderline and YouTube policy
meaning that it’s it’s edgy content it’s things that you wouldn’t want to put ads
on because fifty percent of the people are gonna like it fifty percent of the
people are gonna hate what’s being talked about I went through the last few
podcast and I was looking at some of the guests and stuff like that and I would
look and I would see okay which videos are monetized which ones have ads on
them because you can see when they have ads and which ones don’t have ads
because if Joe Rogan doesn’t do anything that would that YouTube wouldn’t love
they all should have ads not like no one wants to advertise on its content so
let’s see which one’s got demonetized and for those of you who don’t know an
ad why other appear it’ll be five seconds and you can skip it or there
will be those little yellow lines in the in the bar of how far you are in the
video so we are looking for an ad that plays in the beginning that you could
skip or those yellow lines in a bar so let’s take a look the two that have been be monetized are
the one with Ben and then the one with Adam and if you look they had what did
they talk about in those ones if you watch them and you remember you know
very well what they were talking about so those episodes talked about a quote
unquote protected group and in YouTube’s safety and abuse reporting you can flag
a video and they could be flagged for got harassment cyberbullying
impersonating violent above all this stuff and then the one here is hate
speech against a protected group hate speech against a protected group and the
one that’s key that these both fall under would be this one so okay so now
remember we have YouTube we have what’s in the media and we have content so
YouTube has been getting heat for a lot of things and they’ve been making
changes policy changes and enforcing stricter rules especially in regards to
livestream so let’s see so we have YouTube getting heat and wanting to make
changes all right now for media we have an article about some I don’t sure how
do I say this without like promoting anyway it’s saying Joe doesn’t it’s
saying Joe isn’t Joe Rogan isn’t accepting of people I guess and then we
have Joe’s content where he has discussions about these things not
discussions where he’s ridiculing or nothing like that he he has discussions
just about the topic in general and YouTube will classify that as
borderline this could result in a community strike which could result in
not live-streaming so this could be a community strike all these things
combined could mean a Community Guidelines strike and then you also
remember those things like copyright you know he’s always asking oh can we can we
play that or this or that – Jamie if you can pull something up and Jamie will
like sometimes say oh no we can it’ll get it taken down so there’s those
things but those three YouTube content and what’s in the media are all on like
are all on similar subjects are all receiving hate in a similar topic okay
so it’s like the perfect storm so to speak so he’s got from one side somebody
watching his every move to watching and hoping he slips waiting for him to slip
up on the other side you have somebody who is going to penalize any moves he
makes that they don’t agree with and then on another side you have guests who
like to talk about these things you have guests who have strong opinions on these
things so what do you do in that situation so there’s also actually been
something super similar going on with other people like steven crowder almost
got taken down recently all right and if you’re familiar with what with what’s
and if you’re familiar with h3s podcast you know that they have been pretty
vocal about what’s going on in the live streaming you know right here they’re
talking about how their podcasts are no longer gonna be live streamed because of
a copyright strike so what they want to do instead to avoid any of this because
people are very exhausted by YouTube’s copyright strikes and Community
Guidelines that are very inconsistent there’s no clear lines
so what h3h3 is doing is this he’s saying if you want to avoid this
happening you have to go offline post video first to let it run through
YouTube filter see what claims come on it and if it gets blocked worldwide that
way you can fix it before making it public and avoid D monetization also for
the YouTube live streaming policy if you get a strike on an active live stream or
an archive live stream your live stream access may be disabled these are some of
the live stream restrictions now it could be he’s trying to avoid all this –
you know maybe Joe Rogan just wants to avoid all of this and then if you also
look at the last podcast that was live streamed with the fighter a lot of the
topics could fall under YouTube’s like cyber bullying or harassment it wasn’t
because it’s UFC it’s literally a show that they put on but they don’t you know
algorithms don’t understand this you know you have the guys saying how he’s
like all these things he wants to do to his opponent and it seems it sounds very
scary you know what I mean it sounds very scary so he’s saying all of these
things that could have gotten him a community a community guy like strike
and then after that they were uploaded okay so YouTube has been getting
pressure to be more transparent and to fix a lot of issues that are difficult
for it to fix April 15th the article and the media came out that I was the one of
a technical foul or a news organization okay alright so April 15th the media
article came out April 15th the media article came out
about Joe Rogan podcast April 16th was Joe Rogan’s last livestream April 20th
h3h3 was talking about stopping live streams Crowder post the video about the
show possibly getting cancelled in April 20th young Jamie retweeted H threes
tweets if more than a few videos on your channel were deemed offensive and had
certain features disabled for them you might not be able to live stream on
YouTube so two podcasts were demonetized and some last month were to be on to
monetize probably because of borderline content and this would fall under the
category of a few videos on your channel being deemed offensive the organization
all that information I just threw a you was very messy and I apologize for that
so I’m just gonna sharpen it up quick key points are specific topic
borderline content is being talked about to YouTube and they’re getting heat for
it the media is putting heat on Joe Rogan about specific that exact
borderline content and Joe Rogan’s recent guests we’re talking about that
specific borderline content and the ones where he talked about that were
demonetized didn’t have any ads on them so with that being said it’s a mess
right and what do you do in that situation think about it from Joe’s
perspective for a second if you were Joe Rogan you know a lot of those things
that are going on currently are out of your control right you don’t control
what media is saying you don’t control what YouTube is doing you don’t control
what people who are putting heat on YouTube are saying to YouTube
you control none of that you control your podcast right
so any proactive steps you could take would be within your podcast because
you’re not changing youtubes my a change in the media’s mine so the only control
he has is in his podcast so if he were to do something it would have to be
something with his podcast okay but now the we need this question answered in
order for this to be a valid reason this question has to also be answered why
didn’t he respond to us okay so if this was what was going on and why Joe Rogan
stopped live-streaming why wouldn’t you respond to your fan base asking you hey
why are we not live-streaming don’t wanna we like the live streams why
aren’t we live streaming he knows the key so I’m guaranteed there they’re
aware we’re asking you know so why aren’t they responding to us you know
they responded with the Jack Dorsey when people were when people were upset about
the Jack Dorsey interview he responded and he even went on to have another
podcast with him to sort of rectify the fan base being upset about it why isn’t
he doing that okay your Joe Rogan if your drogon and whitey
from eight crazy nights is watching your every move to have a technical foul but
your community they’re asking you you’re fat I mean you but your fan base is
asking you you know why aren’t we doing this no more why aren’t we
live-streaming if you respond you can make it bigger than it is this article
I’m talking about that I don’t want to give notoriety to I’m doing this because
I assume not know this article I’m talking about that I’ve been very good
like tiptoeing around is because I don’t want to give any notoriety to it because
I think that’s what Joe Rogan’s strategy is here because you don’t want
to make that bigger than it is because look at anybody who’s addressed like a
small group calling them out you know a small group saying all these outlandish
things it never ends well you know when this outrageous little mob is calling
you this and saying that and telling you Oh what you know you got to disavow this
you got to do that when people do that in recent years it doesn’t end well you
know it because it doesn’t stop there it continues and then what they’re
outraged about and the things they’re saying gain more momentum and grow
bigger making it harder on the person they’re attacking you know it’s not just
you give an answer or apologize it’s not that it’s if you give it an answer it’s
gonna be held against you too if you respond to you know you and me and all
of his fans who love the drill Rogan podcast then what that looks like to an
outside source people who aren’t fans people who don’t wish the best for the
Joe Rogan experience podcast because it’s such a big platform people who want
to see that get taken down to them if he addressed our questions they are not
gonna look at that like nothing you know they’re gonna twist that and they’re
gonna turn it into a look at that it’s an admission of guilt Joe Rogan even
said Oh Joe Rogan even said he stopped live-streaming because he didn’t want to
say anything dumb on-air that will hold against him but it’s not that Joe Joe
Rogan stopped live-streaming because he doesn’t want to say anything
on air that’s gonna be twisted and in case something is said that’s gonna be
twisted or copyright strike or just even anything like if it’s gonna be just
taken out of context and use against him he’s not live-streaming because he wants
this all to just kind of fade out he’s playing his cards safe he’s avoiding a
messy situation because if he starts responding to it that’s when it’s going
to be real real bad for him if he starts responding to
it he doesn’t hate his fanbase he’s not he’s not responding to us because he
hates his fanbase right doesn’t hate his fanbase he’s been doing this for so many
years giving it to us for free you know he’s an it’s been interesting
everybody his fans love him you know they love him you get the occasional
podcast where you know you get annoyed with him you know but sure you have a
best friend think of the last time you were annoyed with your best friend you
still like him you know he’s like a best friend us usually if we don’t like
something on the internet if we don’t like what someone did we just stop
searching for what they did but we still search for what he’s doing
what podcast he’s putting out because he’s like a best friend we listen to him
for hours every time we post an episode doesn’t hate the community he’s not he’s
not a shill he’s not trying to start charging us and just he’s looking to get
into our wallets he’s not doing any of that and I think you in me in all of his
fans what we should do is try to understand this because even if it isn’t
this even if it’s like something like personal you know if it’s something
personal we don’t need to know you know when I was we’re not as daddy I have a
good feeling that once this all dies out and everything’s getting squared away
and all like all this just settles you know then you know I have really good
faith that he’s going to start live streaming again I mean come on do you
really think that after all these years of live stream his podcasts do you
really think that Joe Rogan is going to stop the live streaming it no he’s
talked many times about how he likes live streams in the authenticity of it
you really can’t believe or think that live streaming’s done and the only way
is coming back as if we’re paying for it that’s not gonna happen he talked so
many times about how he loves doing it live because of the authenticity
and we love watching it live because it’s like you know oh yeah we’re right
there in the action we’re in the conversation it’s not going anywhere you
know it’s gonna come back eventually yeah but we gotta you gotta wait till
things calm down a little bit you know gotta wait till things calm down a
little bit so it’s like a strategic move he can’t respond to us because it would
be bad for him it would look like an admission of guilt is what people would
be calling it uh so yeah same old Joe Rogan don’t don’t you fret he likes his
community the live stream he’s coming back let’s not just dress out too much
but as I said I could be wrong but to me I like spent a lot of time like digging
and trying to find as much information of everything going on that I as I could
and this is the best answer I found okay you know I just wanted to have an answer
that’s sort of compared and contrasted all the reasons that each different each
different answer is a why stop live streaming could be I just wanted to have
like reasoning and kind of lay it out I found him trying to avoid the mess going
on between YouTube the media and the content he’s had recently him trying to
avoid that all that mess that’s what the reason is okay he’s just trying to like
lay under the radar for now because he doesn’t want some like crazy attack call
out culture nonsense going on or losing his channel right like our biggest my
biggest thing is I lastly let’s think about this look at how much everybody
dislikes that they’re not live streamed anymore imagine how much you would
dislike if he had to stop doing the podcast okay think about it let’s just
think about that alright so these are just this is just what I think is the
most logical answer so tell me what you think
down below I’m gonna be host a comment where everybody can vote on which one
they think is the most valid what they think all right so that’s it
I love y’all

24 thoughts on “Why Did Joe Rogan Stop Live Streaming?

  1. I think since his explosion in popularity, it is very concerning for YouTube.

    YouTube might of asked for him to stop livestreaming and upload recordings to make sure everything is safe, not controversial or whatever. (Maybe YouTube asked him not to speak about this)

    YouTube and other tech companies are spoken about frequently on JR podcast. This obviously negativity effects their image so it wouldn't be crazy to think that Youtube/tech companies would want more control over monitoring his content since his number are getting crazy (asking to upload so instead or livestream).

    These are my thought, and I hope the livestreams aren't gone and come back!

  2. Joe Rogan stopped live streaming because he is on vacation. He did 2 podcasts a day for 2 weeks to cover him while he's on vacation. Simple as that. He even said a couple weeks ago on his podcast that he was about to go on vacation and in some of those podcasts, after they are over, you hear him in the background complaining about the exhaustion of doing multiple podcasts in a row. Even on his Fletcher podcast, he says that Graham Hancock was on his podcast last week. Well no he wasn't. It was actually 2 weeks ago which proves these are all prerecorded

  3. And Owen Benjamin is still live streaming every single day ranting about Jews. If he can, Rogan can also. Rogan goes hunting the 1st week in May every year. Checkmate

  4. I honestly think it's because of the Kanye podcast coming up, trying to normalize it in case Kanye says something outlandish

  5. I've been guessing he has some high profile people coming on soon, and he doesn't want it to be known when or where it's happening.

  6. You live stream because the subjects can't be silenced or sanitised.he knows that.i like him.this is weird.

  7. you're so adorable "a lot of people upload their clips…." Dude Joe Rogan MONETIZES probably about 95% of all uploaded clips that he doesn't put up himself. Nobody other than Joe is making a significant amount of money from youtube Adsense for his content other than Joe. In very short order when you upload a clip joe just claims the Adsense that clip generates. Even if that channel is unmonetized that one video will be monetized for Joe Rogan or the company he probably owns called BenPixels. The man said "I'm building an app", he said "app live stream" . It's cool to have idols but man you're literally wearing DMT colored glasses if you dismissed the app as the reason he isn't live streaming anymore.

  8. I'm guessing its because so many guests (and Joe) have said things in the spur of the moment, but regret saying it. I personally don't care if it's live or not. There was never any interaction between the podcast and the viewers when it was live. The "first" episode that started the pre-recorded stint was that Adam guy that very few enjoyed. That may have been live, then taken down, edited, and re-uploaded.

  9. I believe it was tim Pooles fault aparantly he said something he shouldn’t of when the mics were still on After the show had finished and upset a few ppl

  10. Maybe it simply takes away the live pressure for both the guest and Joe making for a better and more open conversation.

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