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  1. Ouch, when the conversation got to LIDAR things got a bit painful to listen to. Love you guys, and that at least authentically sounded like you didn't know what you were talking about.

  2. Guys, please remember that you also have audio listeners. Those last few minutes make no fucking sense whatsoever unless you're watching the video.

  3. Since you used his face in the thumbnail, I will listen to this later and if Ivan Dorin is not mentioned in some way at some point I will be very angry and disappointed in you all.

  4. You guys almost made me write an scathing essay towards you about net neutrality. Good thing I listen to the whole debate and also good that your on the right side of history.(except for bruce)

  5. Archaeologist here. Lidar is used in mapping rooms, buildings, landscapes, etc with a laser to build a 3D image of an area. It is very accurate and a much faster way of finding hidden things you wouldn't normally be able to see with your eyes looking at airplane/satellite images.

  6. Hey dummies, net neutrality has nothing to do with what YOU pay to get internet, its what the SERVICE PROVIDERS have to pay to get their content out. You are confusing the topic, and that is what the ISPs want you to do. You can already pay more for faster internet, but if, say, FunHaus does not pay for faster output, when I go to watch, no mater what I pay, it will be slower. Get the net.

  7. Please please have a Bolo Yeung podcast! Bloodsport is the all time best film and I would love to see James show us his Dim Mak?

  8. Yup, because we shouldn't trust corporations to have control of the internet. Boo! Instead, let's trust the most bloated, inefficient, and dishonest corporation to do it: the US government. I love ignorant Internet personalities playing intelligent.

  9. you guys need to watch jean claud vandam Johnson in Amazon. you want to know what he's doing well check it out. it's hilarious

  10. It's funny cause I was taken out of GoT too during that mortuary scene. Except my thought was, why is the Grand Maester doing an autopsy?

  11. "Oh boy hard nettin!"

    "What in the actual fuck am i watching?"
    This week it's one of those things that somehow makes LESS sense the more you watch it. Guys, what the fuck is this, srsly tho.

  12. ´cause people love the story and the experience they just had, they just want more (gameplay terms) but a closure for the story. As james says, usually you can´t forget why you want something, when you just had this great experience.

  13. Here's a crazy idea, how about they make a Half Life 3, leave it open ended and every enjoys a yearly HL until we all get bored somewhere around the 10th sequel.

  14. Why does no one ask, "Why the delays or the possibility of never seeing a new Half Life" rather than "When the fuck is it coming out?"

  15. anyone else ever have one of the lil joystick boxes with atari games on them that you just put batteries in them and plug into the tv? id rather stick with that lmao i have 2 and a star wars one thats shaped liked vaders head xD

  16. 43:22 They get around the monopoly laws by having a duopoly. Time Warner and Comcast are technically competitors, but the way they set it up is that they don't really operate in the other companies region.

    Its the same problem with the argument that the free market would help protect consumers by ensuring that consumers could move to another ISP should the one they are with started creating problems. They do not have another option.

  17. Adam is miles wrong about the weighing of the liver in GOT – the most obvious analogy of the GOT time is elements from periods between late antiquity to pre-reformation and 'science' as formal exploration and examination of the physical world is much older than that (albeit not using the scientific method, but using precursor processes and similar mindsets) – 3rd Century BC Ancient Greece had individuals examining bodies through autopsies.

  18. …. this explained so much about why americans are freaking out about net neutrality. If the US loses that, when they lack the ability to tell said telco to fuck off and go with someone else I can see the cause for panic. Ta boys for clearing that up for me.

  19. 9:43 From my perspective with Star Wars and the EU, Canon seeks much like "Legends" seeks to capitalize on a universe, when its the work and effort of others like that of Del Rey and Dark Horse that impact the community to a far greater extent.

  20. Half-Life 3: On the Borealis, Gordon and Alyx discover that Aperture had somehow captured the corpse of the Nihilanth from the original Half-Life and were using the arctic temperatures to preserve its body and keep it psychically isolated from the rest of Earth. They discover Mossman's body and her team's notes, stating that Aperture had found a way to combine their portal technology with the Nihilanth's brain matter to open portals to Xen, but they had hidden the Nihilanth just before the Covenant attacked their base. Gordon and Alyx solve a riddle, that leads them to the ice fields where the Nihilanth had been moved, and the recover the Xen Portal Gun. The Covenant attack, having followed our heroes and seeking a way to escape Earth after their own portal had been closed by the Lambda Resistance's rocket. They narrowly escape to Xen, after destroying the base, and have to survive the harsh landscape. G-Man tells them of the location of a Xen city, where all of the other alien refugees of the Covenant's invasions are gathered. After a crazy trek through Xen, Gordon and Alyx must convince the other refugees to come to Earth, where the Covenant is trapped, and defeat them together. This is difficult at first since Gordon did kill their previous leader, but Alyx promises them all a place to live on Earth if they can defeat Covenant.

  21. why did this turn into the movie podcast for a bit halfway through? I mean sure I like the movie podcast but doesn't it kinda defeat the purpose of having a movie podcast?

  22. i dont even know what hard netting is about anymore i guess its celebrating the internet but idek in what way anymore

  23. https://youtu.be/IEuAf4KNrFQ?t=2328 You know you're basically talking about treating the Internet like a piece of national infrastructure, similar to roads? You're literally saying "I can afford higher taxes so that people on low incomes get to use the same roads as me." And earlier in the conversation you were talking about the Internet being a natural monopoly – that there isn't really any choice for the consumer, if they need it there's only one way to get it.

    Here's a radical idea for you: anything you need to live a modern life that constitutes a natural monopoly (so energy, public transport, telecoms) should be socialised and paid for through taxation. Then you can start doing radical things like literally providing free Wi-Fi for everyone in major cities.

    Finally, consider that any body which has to produce a product and provide profit to their shareholders will necessarily have less organisational efficiency (in the form of higher costs, additional bureaucracy to handle financials, and lower wages for workers) than any body which need only produce that product for the common good.

    Nationalise the Internet. Or better yet, make it the very first Globalised infrastructure.

  24. I actually really care about the story of Half-Life. Linear gameplay doesn't satisfy me as much nowadays, so I mostly want to play Half-Life 3 to see the ending of the story. It's been almost 20 years and I still have no idea who/what Gman is.

  25. Argument against net neutrality is that ISPs are private business. In a free market society, government shouldn't dictate how to run your own business.

  26. I feel like hard nettin is the best when the "netters" are a group or community on the internet that could only happen because of the Internet. It doesn't seem right when they have just 1 person like babaloony in my opinion

  27. I sure hope the internet stays equal and in considered a utility. As a student I have little to no income and need the internet for school to hand in work to be graded. And the area i live in only has 1 option for a net provider. I am afraid of what could happen if net neutrality fails.

  28. My god Lawrence..you seem so smart sometimes, then you tell us that you have never thought of washing your hands while cooking? made me wanna facepalm

  29. instead of restricting internet or making 5 tires of internet to "free bandwidth" how about spend some money on networking? but ofc they gonna scam you and instead of making the service better, just ask more money from customers and that's straight anti-consumer… (sorry for my english)

  30. @ 57:54 – if you haven't watched the whole podcast yet, start there and laugh hysterically or just look at your monitor all confused…

  31. Didnt realize Bruce was such a staunch capitalist. Adam made a good point about the potential monopoly that a umbrella service provider could have over a bunch of proxy companies thus eliminating any consumer choice.

    Bruce saying that 'well there are laws in place to stop that" – sorry to sound like a Marxist, but Bruce is wrong about modern capitalism; it represent big money far more than the consumer. The whole topic started on how net neutrality is in danger again and those were government laws specifically put in place to stop what companies were trying to do not that long ago. Now the companies are lobbying and bribing to have those laws removed. We will get to a point were eventually all the good consumers realize that capitalism does not favor regulation and laws, and that some combination of capitalism and socialism is needed to maintain a fair and progressive society.
    (Companies being competitive and innovative with governments still holding them accountable & protecting the people from corporate greed and extortion.)

  32. i'm pretty sure the corps are already taking over. i have one option for broadband in my area, and they just announced data caps. here's an interesting notion to discuss: this particular company offers 4 speed tiers…but one data cap. to me, this suggests that i'm now able to pay 4 separate prices for the same 1 terabyte of data…but i decide if i want to use it up faster. that's not offering tiers, that's falsely convincing people to spend more money for the same data, and no change to the service that has been given for years prior to this. opinions?

  33. I'd really like to know what Valve would do if somebody made a fan Half Life 3 on kickstarter or something like that, apart from the legal problems they'd solve by making a different game and then there coincidentally is a mod that mods the half life 3 story in it that can be downloaded from an unrelated website… That's not what I'm up to… The thing it that the Black Mesa mod was green lighted by Valve and free for a few years, so Valve didn't see a dine and probably lost in sales on Half Life source, so would Valve see a fan made Half Life 3 as a thread or an opportunity to hype the people further up for a game they publish maybe someday?

  34. Yo they used my half life meets gmod vid in the background! Thank god they didn't use the audio though, or else the ground would've been shaking.

  35. you beauties shine a light on my evening,

    but you really need a spray bottle or a fog horn to spray/blast at James when he tries to get analytical/ideological; there, he's a fish in a cloud bank.

    Kudos to him though for at least the second James Murphy/28 Days Later reference. Still though, please carry your half-baked notions to term before tossing them out; people are dumb enough to believe garbage.

  36. Net Neutrality is just common sense at this point. The internet has become a necessity in the past couple decades and it should be protected from corporate control.

  37. Actually Adam, on the Game of Thrones thing the maesters would actually be the scientists of the world, and their objective is to rid the world of magic, especially dragons.

  38. This just goes to show you what the average consumer knows about how the internet works. Basically cable companies want the rules to change so that they can prioritize high traffic servers like Netflix/YouTube etc because that's what your average consumer uses the most. Right now they work around this by putting dedicated servers in headends which is ran by the isps. Logistically it's a nightmare and ends up costing the content providers and isps more. Everyone that thinks that isps just want to throttle traffic "because greed" has a way too simple understanding of how the internet works and how local authorities regulate isps to keep them honest.

  39. What's with the pessimism about hl3?? They act as if its another cod… The story line has so many things to explore.. like how the combine conquered earth in 10 days.. do they have a Dyson sphere?? Do they think it will turn into a franchise shit like Halo??

  40. Gaben isnt making half life 3 beacuse he hates the NUMBER 3 trust me he worket on windows 1 and 2 and he never got to work on windows 3


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