Who is Joe Rogan? With Jordan Peterson

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  1. Ha, I live in GrandePrairie. If you think your gonna die from the weather, then you just need to wear a T-shirt when it gets ten

  2. I just stumbled upon Jordan Peterson and became obsessed with his character and life. I've been obsessed with Joe Rogan for years. I had an idea where it would be epic if these 2 individuals had a chat. Google search and boom. I'm not disappointed. thank you!

  3. On the subject of Florida. When you live in a small country town, in say New Jersey. You can't be an a******because everyone will soon know and you won't be able to deal with anyone the banker the mechanic the dry cleaner the deli.

    That's when you move to Florida for the short-term jealousy that you glean from the people that you were an a**** to. Then you can enjoy the long-term anonymity as the population swirls amongst many like-minded non-rooted transients.
    Which then turns Florida into what my father would call "Carnival Country"

  4. Jordan Peterson’s family name is Peterson, and he is addressed as Jordan by acquaintances. He is a male, and has balls of eyes in skull.

  5. the anti censorship platform has a few key things i think it needs to fully function to avoid past pitfalls:
    hubris elimination – use flags to weigh down the posts of toxic users until resolved
    troll conversion – flaming without the fuel leaves embers of fervent belief. removing the sting of a threat enables rehumanization
    rectification of all value – if anyone authentically believes something is good, there is a perspective for it. using perspectives to drive default explanations lets content reinforcement become a contributing action
    …and on a large scale, that theoretically enables every human to have a part time gig pursuing their personal optimized path into crowdsourced research in logos

  6. JP: "I haven't been in the scandals for at least a week". Joe: "But this podcast is still young.". JP: "Yeah, right!"

  7. I hope Mr. Peterson goes to California, and does the Joe Rogan Experience. These guys are so good together. Almost 2 3/4 hrs, and it’s captivating content end to end. I watched this because I’m a Joe Rogan fan, and once again I’m introduced to another person that I can respect due to their honest and open conversation.

  8. Great interview Mr Peterson. Thank you. Add me to the list of those who will rarely if ever shed a tear over loss or a "sad" event, however allow me to hear a story of an underdog overcoming adversity and I will be welling up in a few minutes at the outside.

  9. Sorry, but pot is bad. I know someone who started pot smoking in 8th grade -heavily! Pot disables the motivation centers of the brain. He has been unwilling and unable to work for 50 years. He did eventually stop the pot, but the damage has been done. Also, it can lead to psychosis and violence. There are mental wards for the pot smokers.

  10. Russia have become the doping scapegoat for a much wider scandal surrounding various institutions and governing bodies. You can see it in cycling how out of nowhere, Britain produced three tour de france winners who just happened of course to be on the team with the highest payroll and best corporate connections, not one of them showed signs of of being a grand tour champion prior to being involved with the team. Then there is the case of Usain Bolt, who took almost half a second of his 100 metre time, an astronomical improvement and who we are supposed to somehow believe was beating proven dopers clean. Now the greatest absurdity is in the ATP where Federer and Nadal who looked on the brink of decline a few years ago are now back to being top dogs, winning or competing for every slam. Icarus was given proper media attention precisely because it was about Russia, nothing against the documentary makers who did their job in exposing corruption but it was hyped up to make that country and their doping practices the boogeyman and distract from what is actually a worldwide issue in sport.

  11. You guys! (Pertaining to the first 4 minutes of the video) if you try to just write a joke and present it, it's almost like trying plan out what you're going to say on your first date or just encountering a person of significance in general. You think of all these things you're going to say and how you're going to say them and it NEVER plays out that way! 😂 so yeah I feel ya Joe, it seems necessary to let the moment determine the flow of any words spoken and then practice that. Practice the moment again and again. Then you can know for the most part how people will react there for you'll be able to say what you wanted to say from the beginning with true consistent intention behind your words and less distraction or deviation from your method if convection 🙂 realizations brooo

  12. So what Joe was saying, around the 2 hour mark, was that he was getting people hyped to stuff animal dicks in their mouths. 😂

  13. I've really enjoyed this but is it just me or does the first half or so of this discussion feel a little like Dr Peterson is trying to get a feel for a new patient? I'm sure it's more habitual on his part than deliberate but I still can't help seeing it.

  14. I would say, Florida is comparable to being stuck on a never ending loop on the 'it's a small world' ride🤯 (ironically, that's in florida🤦🏼‍♀️) – but, specifically this is regarding South Florida… Palm Beach/Broward/Miami-Dade… you know, if anyone is curious to know where to 🙅🏼‍♀️avoid🙅🏼‍♀️ going

  15. 38:05 "cooperative heckler" would make a good band name…so would "the goddamn journalists" and "a book on self-improvement and taking responsibility"

  16. 20:00 – 30:00 ish. I'm about Dr. JP's age.
    Discussing drugs; I was a young musician from a family of musicians. I had the benefit/cross to bear of being substantially younger than my 2 eldest brothers~ about a decade.
    Back in the 70's when I was coming into my teens, my 2nd eldest brother told me something that I have applied to almost every major part of my life.
    Remember, being musicians we could easily find just about anything drug related if we desired.
    Oh, and Although we happened to be talking about drugs and alcohol, it is a near Universal statement of advice.
    He told me, "Before deciding to try a thing, look at those who have been doing it for 5, 10, 15 years. If they are a model of who you want to become, fine, if not, don't do it, because they are who you will become."
    Back in the 70's they were claiming cocaine was not addictive, just a fun pick-me-up for partying, but when I looked at those who had been partying like that for 5 years, it didn't look like so much fun to me. I have never done un-prescribed opiates, and then only for very short periods~ I dislike opiates. They make me feel dead inside and I can't poop more than once per week. Why would anyone want that?

  17. Transgender inclusion into sports is pretty simple. You match weight and sex classes so…
    Transgender vs transgender. Weight and sex are how they are matched up. A man turns into a woman. He fights a man who’s turned into a woman of his same weight.

  18. I stay away from those type of pain pills. If you ask, they do have alternatives that work remarkably well, so I am not sure why the dangerous ones are pushed by doctors.

  19. Its so sad that we need someone like jordan peterson. We need him because most men are pathetic emotional pussies now. I listen for the philosophy not the psychology. But it seems like more ppl are here for the life advice. STOP BEING PUSSIES. women need psychology. Men should be stoic, strong, and consistent. The fact that that is not enough anymore means our society is in deep trouble. Honest, true men dont need any kind of security blanket. Not even God.

  20. Anybody find it cringe-worthy when Peterson is trying to be funny and Joe laughing his ass off like he’s hearing Eddie Bravo…😹

  21. Is this video slowed down? Or just my streaming… seems like 5-10% slower than both of their normal speech patterns…

  22. Such a super nice guy Joe is and I don't understand the hate Jordan Peterson gets. He's a nice guy too! What's the hate about? I saw a herd of college students harassing him and he listened to them!

  23. I learned nothing new about how rogan nor who he is during these two hours, this was more Jordan speaking his opinion on transgender kids, politics and everything joe Rogan spoke about while continuously speaking over him.

  24. Two people I could just listen to all day. My wife and Jordan Peterson. They could talk about anything and i’d just listen. Both have a phd in psychology. Hmm.

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