Which Type of Energy Do You Use Most? – Craig Groeschel Leadership Podcast

– What are the different forms of energy? There are four that I like to study, and these are the four forms of energy, or sometimes I’ll call
them the four energy tanks. We wanna keep our energy tanks full. What are the four forms of energy? Number one, there’s physical energy. That’s pretty obvious to most people, but let’s start there. Physical energy. Number two, there’s emotional energy. How you tend to relate to others and how you emotionally process what’s going on in your life. Number three, there’s mental, or we might say creative, energy. The capacity to create, to
think, to dream, to plan. Number three, mental or creative energy. And number four, there’s spiritual energy. All of us have these four
different forms of energy. Physical, emotional, mental or creative, and then number four, spiritual. If you find yourself feeling drained, frustrated, out of
energy, you might be wise to diagnose which form
of energy you’re lacking. Or another way to ask the question is, which energy tank is empty? The reason you wanna do
this is because you wanna be able to identify which
tank needs refilling so you can function at your best. (uplifting music)

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