Which One Is Better? Physical Books, Ebooks, Audio Books

Hey this is the Daily Overpass. My name is Eric and I make apps. Now today let’s ask the question Which one is better? Physical books, Ebooks or audio books. Okay so today,I want to respond to a comment we got last week from Bill Naden all about books. Hey Great Videos. I’m working my way through the older ones then you often mention books. I’m curious to know if you do paper books, kindle, audible etc. I find it hard to stop and make notes for audio books and my mind wanders. On the other hand reading takes dedicated time slot. Thanks for that question but I answer it in the comment I replied to it but it was such a good topic I thought I would like to hear what everybody else thinks
about this because I do all of them. So I move the camera over to see guys to see the bookcase here in the office over a little bookcase. I have Books at home. And those are the ones I’ve gotten rid of because I just that I would never refer back to
them and they just become clutter. I often think when I want to read a new book which is better Should i go with audible and I have an audible subscription or I get two credits a month that I had it for years. I have like over 300 books in my audible library. Many of them are completed but some of them are like 20 percent whatever it is like this is boring and I just move on. I think I’ve got a few hundred books on my Kindle and then I’ve got all the books here the physical books and they all go out. They’re all. They all have their benefits and their drawbacks. Well and another thing you guys often say that I should have a affiliate account from Amazon whenever I talk about a book. I just never bother setting one up and I think if I talk about a book on the channel is that because I’m trying to make money from the books because I don’t. I don’t make any money from any any book. Right but because I think you guys find it interesting and sometimes the books can be really boring and you’ll never hear about it right now. So I’m actually reading a paperback book somebody recommended to me. It’s called The Snowball the snowball effect communication techniques to make you unstoppable. I’ve read the first two chapters of it so far but for hope it picks up. I’m going to stick with it so. Know it’s a physical books. Sometimes it’s nice to get a physical book especially if it’s like something with a lot of chapter headings or diagrams or especially computer books like this. This one over your head first design patterns. This is one I would hate to have on a Kindle Because it’s just really good thumbing through and everything on my bookcase here is the kind of stuff that I would pick up and i would thumb through. See the thing is. An audible book as an audio book is probably the most efficient because you can listen to it everywhere. But Bill, I’m the same way. I’ll listen to an audio book and I’ll go for a run or go to the gym or just for a drive and then Major something that is really like it sparks an idea or something. So it might be like a really good point I might say some marketing tips or something and you think yeah I could use it work I use. Yeah I could do that. Next thing you know my mind starts wandering for 10 minutes and I’ve missed all of that. So i have to find where I was and go back to it. And you’re often saying things like refer to diagrams such as search or as we discussed in the last chapter It’s really fuzzy on where the chapters are. If you did happen if you weren’t listening when he said Chapter 2. So audible books, audio books are usually what I start with first. I think you could because they have two credits a month of those are just download it but sometimes like right now I am listening to Tom Peters the excellence dividend which is I really love Tom Peters books he finally came up with a new one. But there are literally sections in this book where it say 2 point 2 point one And you’ll read it and I can’t keep the hierarchy in my head. Sometimes the books have to go through and just have to know the subheadings right. Kindle is really good because you get it immediately. You always have it with you but it’s really easy to highlight so I could just go through and how it was my finger in everything either. But it’s really hard to do this like there was a diagram early in the book can I just go back and see a code sample or something like that. That’s really hard to do One of the things I really like doing is getting an audible book and getting it with the Kindle book where it has whispersync I think it’s called whispersync. So that I can listen to the audio book in the gym. I could continue reading it later on my Kindle and it keeps the place and I have one book at the moment which is E-Myth book the E-myth mastery. Which I have the E-myth’s revisited does have whispers sync and then does keep track of where I left off on the one format to the other format. But it doesn’t do it on E-Myth Mastery.So I have to remember where I was and am flicking through trying to find out where the last place I remember them talking about on the audiobook and that kind of sucks. So I think my preferred method is the Kindle and audible at the same time there sometimes are by the books in all three formats so I’ll just go It’s usually if I really like something on audible like there was one book on audible that I liked so much that i bought the hard back just so I could referred to it. It was called story brand which is over here somewhere story somewhere.I’ll find it. I was so interested in it as I was going out for a run that thought that was one, I would like to read so it seems like there’s drawbacks on all of them like computer books I think are definitely are better as as physical books just because you’re constantly referring to them. But you can’t search them You don’t always have it with you.The Kindle you have it with you all the time you have your phone your Kindle whatever. Now to keep going on about it but for me I think my preference is probably Kindle at the moment unless it’s something worthwhile Lot of headings are things that most business books have a lot of headings so sometimes
it’s very good physical book and like usually on Amazon or go through the preview first trying to decide which way do I want to go with that. But anyway Bill I just want to give you guys my opinion on that. So let me know in the comments. What do you guys think. Do you prefer audio books because I think audio books are great but are you your mind starts the wonder you lose track of where are you. You don’t get the flow the format of how everything goes sometimes. Kindle books are great. You could highlight them. You always have it with you because you have your phone with you but you can just click through pages yet it’s really difficult to do. And of course physical books are great too for us old fashioned guys. You don’t always have it with you and if you carry around all the time these things are heavy. So let me know. What is your favorite format. That is it for today. I’ll talk to you guys again tomorrow.

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