Where To Download Royalty-Free Christmas Music and Videos

Christmas is right
around the corner and I know a lot of
you guys are working on really amazing,
wonderful content for your audience
this holiday season. Let me help you out a
little bit and show you where you can get some of the
best royalty-free Christmas music and video clips,
uses b-roll, on your videos this year. Hey guys, my name is Tim
Schmoyer, and it is Thursday. Time to do some YouTube
Q&A with you guys like we do everything Thursday
here on Video Creators. FieldhouseCollective
tweeted me and asked this, hey @timschmoyer,
know where I can find some royalty-free
Christmas-related music and video clips? Thanks. As a matter of fact, yes, I do. Let me share with you guys
three quick options and then my fourth option, which
is really my favorite one, and I’ll explain why
when I get there. Option number one
is incompetech.com, which has a lot of
royalty-free music that you can use there
completely for free. And they do have a
holiday selection, so you could start there
looking for some of your music. Number two is
dig.ccMixter.org, which is also another
royalty-free music site. And they, as well, have some
holiday worthy free music options you can select from. And number three,
of course, there is YouTube’s very
own audio library that you can download tracks
from and use in your YouTube videos as well. Now all of these have some
pretty significant drawbacks. The nice thing is that
they’re all completely free for you to download
and use, but you do you have to give attribution
to the creator of each of these tracks in
order to use them. Sometimes you have to actually
give that attribution visibly on screen, sometimes they’re
content with just a link in the description of the video. But either way
you do it, it does remove some of the
attention from you and your content and your video
and places it somewhere else. A second drawback, and this is
personally a big one for me, is that this is like the
same royalty-free music that almost everyone is
using on their videos. And I kind of get
like, not irritated, but like when I hear the same
music over and over again, or even me, as an editor, when
I am using the same music that I know tons of other
people are using, and then like iMovie
music especially. That type of thing,
that just kind of like makes me feel like there’s like
reduced type of professionalism to the content. And even other people are
watching your video are like, this video reminds me
of that other video, and again, it takes them out
of the experience of your video and makes them wonder, where
have I heard this before? Number three, another drawback,
is that sometimes there’s just a limited number of choices
that you get to select from. You know, you’re like,
well thank you that all 12 of these songs are
free, but none of them really work for my project. Number four, sometimes
the search tools that find the tracks that you’re
looking for are really poor. And so, if you have
a couple of hours to spend poking around the
internet trying to find them, you can. But oftentimes, what I have
found in my experience, is you have to listen to every
single track for a little while to see if it’s the one
that works for you. So that is why I want to share
with you the fourth option, which is the one I personally
use, and I think is the best. And that is, I just
have a subscription to audioblocks.com,
which happens to be the sponsor of this video. All of the cons that
I just mentioned do not apply to audioblocks.com. I can quickly find
what I’m looking for. They have over 700 different
holiday music tracks there. I can quickly preview and
skim and narrow my results to find the exact right
track that I’m looking for. I can use it without attribution
in all of my videos, as many of my videos, for
the rest of my life. Once I download it, it’s mine
to keep forever and use forever. So it is really good listening. An unlimited subscription
and here’s the thing, guys, right now, they’re doing a
deal, $49 for the entire year. It’s usually $99 for
an annual subscription, but right now, if you use
the link in the description below this video,
you can go get it at a discount, $49
for the entire year. 50% off, which personally,
I think is amazing. Now if you also want
some great holiday video clips that go along with
this Christmas video that you’re doing,
then you might also want to consider their sister
site, which is videoblocks.com. You can download lots of
great b-roll, different shots to really help you up
the professionalism of your content,
and they are also running the exact same deal. $49 for an annual
subscription to their website also, where you can download
over 400 different holiday video clips to use
in your videos. Not to mention,
their huge library of hundreds of thousands
of clips of content you can use throughout the year. So if you want to get that
discounted deal right now, there’s a link to them in the
description below this video as well. You can click it, go
there, save a bundle, and really up the
professionalism, save a lot of time, and
it’s just awesome overall. I would love to hear from
you, in the comments below, where do you go to find your
royalty-free music and stock video footage that you
use for your projects. And if you have used AudioBlocks
and videoblocks.com, what has your experience
with them been like? Share that down in
the comments below. Personally, I’ve been using
it for a while and I love it, but I’m looking
forward to hearing what you guys say down there, also. And if this is your
first time here, I would love to
have you subscribe. Every Thursday, do some
Q&A to helps you guys out, answer your YouTube questions
so that your channel can continue to grow. You can reach the people who
need to hear your message, and hopefully their lives
are changed as a result of what you had to say to them. But thank you for letting
me be a small part of that. Subscribe and I’ll see
you guys again next week. Bye.

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