When Comics Get Told to Clean Up Their Comedy (feat. Brian Regan)

When Comics Get Told to Clean Up Their Comedy (feat. Brian Regan)

♪ Christine, you’re
producing your way ♪ ♪ You’re bringing up clips ♪ ♪ You’re doing your thing ♪ ♪ You’re a girl about town ♪ – Weren’t we gonna
do a Bonfire musical? – Yeah. – The Christine song,
where she goes– ♪ Christine, you’re more
than a YouTube jockey ♪ ♪ You’re a producer
of the show ♪ ♪ Executive Producer
Christine, I can see it now ♪ ♪ I’m gonna be somebody big ♪ ♪ Well, guess what boys ♪ ♪ The videos don’t
play themselves ♪ ♪ Pause, start, stop, finish ♪ ♪ It’s all the same to you ♪ ♪ I’m in a tornado of commands ♪ ♪ Jacob’s gone,
and Lou is drunk ♪ ♪ And black Lou is doing
something on social media ♪ ♪ And I’m alone in the light ♪ ♪ Just a girl getting coffee
for some people in the office ♪ ♪ Donkey laughs, Donkey laughs ♪ (brief metal guitar riff) – Well, I actually
had the pleasure of opening for you,
Brian, at Carolines– – Yeah, I remember. before you made the feeder jump. The last one, such
a funny moment. I think I told you
this on Oddball tour, but they told me, “You want to work with
Brian Regan this weekend?” And I went, “Yes, for sure.” But Carolines goes you
have to be squeaky clean, and I was like, yeah, I’ll
figure it out for sure. And on the very first show, I was going squeaky clean, and there’s a guy
in the audience, I think he was gone before
you even got on stage, but he was just giving it
to me, we were just going, and I was trying to go
back at ’em with like, this guy’s being
a real jerk, huh. (Brian and Dan laughing) I bet you I’m
trying to be clean. I’m like, “Yeah, why
don’t you go home “and have sex with a man.” – Clean comebacks. Look at this weirdo! – Cool shirt, jerk. Ha ha, this guy’s a real jerk. (Brian laughing) – I came back in the Green room,
and as Grant told you that, and my favorite thing
about this story, and I thought was the
coolest thing ever, was you went, “You can curse,
it doesn’t matter to me.” – [Brian] Yeah, do your thing. – The club was Giff
was came down so hard, and I was like, “Sir, you
are a real bad guy, you.” (Brian and Dan laughing) “Ah, I don’t like
the kind of person “you are at all, talking loud.” – You seem like a
filthy man, a bad man. I opened for Nate
Bargatze in West Virginia, and he was like, “Hey,
man, you gotta be clean.” And I always kinda thought
that thing of like, how clean do you have to be? So I cut out all my curse
words, but I said God damn, and a woman in the
second row just goes, (whispering) “He said GD.” And that fucked with me. – Yeah, for sure. – Like, that just threw
me into a tail spin, ’cause I was like,
what else in my head, all I could think when I
was for the rest of the set was what other words are bad
that I don’t know are bad. (Brian laughing) – Well, I do like
to work with people who are not super
dirty in front of me, but I don’t like
to censor people. – [Dan] Yeah.
– Sure. – So there’s a
difference between booking somebody
who works clean, and asking somebody
who you just booked, hey, you have to
work clean tonight. – Yeah, ’cause that’s– – I don’t like throwing
that on people. – [Jay] Sure, sure, sure. – I don’t want to censor you. – Right, right, no, for sure. – [Brian] You know what I mean? – No, that’s what I loved about
when we talked in the back. You were like, yeah, I wouldn’t
tell you how to deal with, which I thought was
such a cool thing. – That is a very cool thing. – I had another comic
before who was just, I worked with him before
he went on the theaters, and it always blew my
mind when I went on stage. I wasn’t very dirty,
but when I got offstage he asked me to come in the back to go I need you to
be squeaky clean. And it was one of those, like, this guy was getting
ready to go huge, too, so the audience was so excited
when he touches the stage, it wouldn’t have mattered
what happened in front. Same thing that I, you
know, with you, Brian. I don’t think I’ve ever
told you a story that, ’cause I was so
mortified as a young kid, that same weekend, you
know this, don’t you? – I know this story, and
this is, this is, yeah. This is a great story. – I mean, it’s a terrible
story, but it’s a great story. – It’s a terrible story,
but the fact that Brian’s on the show and you
can tell it to him. I think you’ve told the
story before on the show. – [Jay] I’m sure. – But it’s a thing of
being opening for someone and having just a
fucking colossal … – It’s a real story of
the beware who you tell. Like, yeah, I’ll get
you and your friends, or whoever into the show. When I first got to
New York just trying to find work that
wasn’t difficult, and also as a fat, insecure guy, I tried to get a job
at a weird strip club right across the
street from Carolines. I think it was more
of a whorehouse. No booze, and it was just
very bizarre, small place, and the women in
there were scraggly. But when I went in there
and talked to the guy and told him I was a comedian, I became friendly with
the bartender guy, and he would come see me do
comedy shows once in a while. The guy who owned the place was
a much more seedy gentleman. He was a guy that
would walk in– – If you can believe that. – I liked the expression,
a seedy gentleman. – Again, I’m pretty, you know, I’ll go into a dark,
weird place with things and think things
are interesting, or even dirty is great. However, this guy
would just do a thing when the girls walked by, it was a very, like,
“Look at this new one.” Like, you know, like grab
an ass cheek, or a tit. It was very odd. But they asked me
when you were in town if they can come see the show, so I said they’re
probably sold out. But Carolines was nice to me, and they gave him four tickets. He goes, “We’re also gonna
bring, there’s four of us.” – It’s great watching. I’m just watching
Brian’s face process. You say, “So this is one
of the worst human beings “I’ve ever met in my life.” (Brian laughing) He brings three wildcards. You’re headlining,
and you’re all– – It was more the bartender
brought three people, one of them being the
owner and two of the girls, but I did not know
what was gonna happen. Where do they sit them? Front and center. – Oh, no, no. (Brian and Dan laughing) – You know what, though? But I can say this, it’s like
the Ghost of Christmas Future, that show’s in the past. Don’t worry, Brian, this
isn’t happening right now. – Oh, it’s the best. – I’m getting an
anxiety attack now. I’m going, how am I
gonna handle this? It happened, like,
many years ago. – What am I opening with? – I watched a hundred
plus sets of yours, from TV, to live, to that
weekend, I’ve never seen … In the middle of
one of your bits, you just broke and were like, Miss, like how
rude you’re being. You gave her a talking to,
which was legitimately … And I’m watching in
the back going like … (Brian and Dan laughing) I’m like, oh, my God. – I’m out of show business. – I’m like, this is gonna be so, like, the club is
gonna be like … I mean, they couldn’t have a
piece of paper on their thing that says more guests
of Jay Oakerson. (Brian and Dan laughing) – Now, Brian’s on stage
and you’re in the back. And for those that
don’t know Carolines, it’s like a back, and
then it’s a hallway, so you’re actually
around the corner. So you’re listening
to Brian on stage. Did you know when
he broke his bit that he was talking to
the people you brought? – A 100%, there was no one else
it could have possible been. It was an audience
that was all there to see him
specifically, sold out. They put my guests,
for some reason, right in the front of
people that were like, I guess, they were
more going for, like, the hook up of me
getting them stuff. – Right, because
when you said earlier that they wanted to
come see the show, I immediately
thought I don’t think they’re coming to see my show. They were just going
to see a comedy show. – I don’t think
they’re a fan of mine so I’m not worried about
them hearing this at all. – I don’t think
this guy that was pawing on these young women go, “Man, I wanna hear
jokes about donuts.” – He goes, come here
(drowned out by Brian) – These wholesome
donut sprinkled jokes. – He goes, “Come here,
baby, come here, baby. “You ever heard a good
Pop-Tart joke, baby?” (Brian laughing) She’s like, “I don’t
know, I like Pop-Tarts.” – Yeah, well I got your guy. (Dan laughing) – Did you, can you … – Have I got a guy
for you, tit grabs. (Brian and Dan laughing) – You like jokes
about station wagons? – Oh, hell yeah. – I got the guy for you. (all laughing together) – When you’re on stage– – He goes, “I like my whores
filthy and my comedy clean.” (Brian laughing) – He goes, “Aw, man,
nothing gets me than a good, “clean observation and
a good dirty girl.” – He says something astute like, “It’s all about the
juxtaposition of life, “you know what I mean?” – You know what, dude, Francis, I didn’t want to say this
about you, you’re balanced. You own a whorehouse and are
on the board of St. Jude’s? Do you know when
you’re on stage, ’cause at this
point you know what an audience feels like
that’s there to see you, when something like that
is in the front row, can you … Like, I was just at
the Albany Funny Bone– – It’s gotta be
baffling at that point. – You know what? – Yeah, that’s what I’m
saying, can you tell? – To back up, I think
I remember that night. – Oh, if you probably
do, I’ll tell you why. This story’s not over. – I remember being at Carolines, and there was a
woman in the front who was like just
out of control. – It was a prostitute
that I brought. I’m sorry. (all laughing together) I don’t know if I ever
properly apologized for that. (all laughing together) – I didn’t do the what
do you do for a livings, I would have known. (Dan and Jay laughing) Oh, I’m a prostitute. Oh, well. – How great is it to
find out that a heckler, years later, was just a
bad person? (laughing) – The best part of the story
is yet to come in a moment, was all I can’t wait for
now is the show to be over so I can go out and I’m
going to yell at these guys out in the hall, in the lobby, for like, what the fuck,
why would you do that? I got you in here as a guest, you’re making me
look like an asshole. It takes forever for
them to come out. And then, just the
guys end up coming out. I didn’t go out there,
I guess, fast enough. And then the guys come out, and right away they’re like, “Sorry, man, we’re
really sorry.” And I go, “Yeah, man, you
should be sorry, that’s crazy.” I give ’em the speech
I have prepared, “I hooked you guys
up and then you’re “gonna just talk
during the show?” And he goes, “Talk? “Oh, you weren’t in there
for the very end, were you?” (Brian and Dan laughing) I went, “What do you mean?” He goes, “A lady next to us, “some sweet lady fan of yours, “said to one of the prostitutes, “she goes, wow, thank you, “you really ruined
that show for me.” And then this Puerto
Rican prostitute was just like, bitch, and
just decked her in the face. (Brian and Dan laughing) And then they go, “So
they were all removed.” – This story is getting
worse and worse and worse. – [Jay] Yes, it’s worse. – Dude, Brian, watching
his face go like this. He’s listening, and
he goes, “Oh, fun.” – And then the knives came out. (Jay laughing) – [Dan] You don’t remember this? So then the woman said– – Yeah, there was a
monkey knife fight pit in the lobby they’d set up. – Oh, my God. – [Christine] You’d
think Jay would have stopped picking up
strays after that. No. – That was not my
last dance with– – Jay’s invited some gnarly
characters into our lives. – And so the next
night, I invited … (Christine, Dan,
and Jay laughing) – So now we’re at a Friday. (Brian laughing) – He goes, “I’m under
the Manhattan Bridge. “I’m talking to some
real sketchy fellows.” (Brian laughing) – They seemed cool, though. I’m doing a show tonight, if you want to get
some free tickets (drowned out by Brian
and Dan laughing) – I would say go to the
early one for tickets. – I had a four-person
guest list, and it was the four people that legitimately made
the show horrible. – That is crazy. I mean, I did not
know this story. – You don’t get crazy people
at your shows, now, right? – No, not usually, no, especially if I’m
performing somewhere where that’s why
you would be coming. I mean, I’m not
in a comedy club, so if I’m in a venue where
you’d have to have a … You’d be coming there to see me. – Yeah, yeah, yeah. – And also with
the theaters, too, drinking is not constantly
coming around to you. I mean, there’s money made,
but it’s not a bar business once you’re in
the theaters, too, which makes people not
get so annihilated, which is generally
what fucks up a show. – When do you
think the last time a stack of fries was served
at one of your shows? (Dan and Jay laughing) – When’s the last
time someone really ripped into a rib eye while
you were … (laughing) – Yeah, who’s the
last time to dunk a chicken finger
in front of you? – I remember at
Carolines one time, and this was when I was at the tail end of doing
the comedy clubs, and there was a guy
at the front table, same table that
your guests sat at. (all laughing together) – Hey, some say it’s haunted. (Brian and Dan laughing) – They think it’s
a possessed table. – That’s right, it’s
a possessed table. – They’re afraid to move it. – Ever story has to do
with this one table. And there was a
guy, heavyset guy, and I was doing pretty good. The front table you can see, they’re in the pool of light, and waitress brought
a cheeseburger in front of him and set
a cheeseburger down. And his eyes rolled into
the back of his head, and the cheeseburger
immediately became the headliner to him. And he completely
stopped looking at me, and just turned and
spent about 10 minutes just loving every moment
of that cheeseburger. And I just remember
laughing to myself, going this is so bizarre. Like, it’s comedy to a point, and then you’re doing
comedy over people eating. And then when he was done
with his cheeseburger, he slid it away and
looked back up at me as if, all right, back to you. (Christine and crew laughing) – I say that out loud. – [Brian] Back to you, clown. – I say that out loud on
stage almost every weekend. At least at one show
where I just look down and I just see
somebody, exactly, cutting into a wedge
salad or something. They’re like, why would
you have something that’s gonna cover the
table in bacon pieces? – To me, the thing that
doesn’t make sense is, I can get over the
food and the drink. It’s when people are
doing group long division while I’m trying to do a bit, and they have the checks
and they’re like … You just watch that math happen and you’re like, I
can’t win in this. – You want to say one of you pay the tab and
work it out later. (Dan laughing) – Yeah.
– Work it out later. But to figure it out there is the most insulting
thing as a performer. Going really? And you can hear ’em going, “No, no, I ordered the second
beer but then I canceled it.” – Yeah, he goes, (speaking
in a whispering voice) I think you triple charged
us for a shot of (mumbles). – You know what I was getting
heckled by this weekend was you couldn’t even tell
what they were saying. It was just (indistinct
whispering). And you go, “Are you
guys good over there?” And they go, “We’re
just figuring it out, “just you keep going.” – Yeah, don’t worry about us. I say, could you imagine if
you went to a Broadway play, right, and then 20
minutes before it’s over some guy crouched down
next to you and said, “It’s 75 dollars a piece.” (Dan and Jay laughing) – It’s absurd! But that’s what happens in
a comedy club every night. – A crescendo of some
(drowned out by Brian) – Yeah, everybody’s
digging in their pockets while you’re watching the final
act of a Shakespearian play. – That’s the beauty
of the theater, though, is like I said, again, they’re always coming
to see you particularly, or from whatever
it is, you know, they’re coming to see a comedy
show where the comic … I mean, bombing, or
just hearing silence in a room and hearing the sounds of a guy pulling
gristle out of his mouth to wrap in a napkin
or something, or just the sounds of fries being pulverized by
teeth is jarring. – I still hear it sometimes, I heard it when it
goes completely silent, you just hear someone
swishing around ice cubes like you’re impressing
a Bond villain. And they’re like, is that
all you have, Mr. Bond? – And like, you look at ’em. Like, you don’t hear that? You don’t hear
what you’re doing? – They’re just like, you suck. I don’t know, maybe
make me like you more. – Years ago I was on vacation
and went to this little town. They had a play, like
a local community play, and it was all these
long tables with chairs. And whoever put on the play, it was just like in this old
wooden, rustic structure, but it’s fun to see
stuff like that. Well, they put bowls of Chex Mix throughout the entire theater. So everybody sits down,
and all you’re hearing is (loud, obnoxious chewing noises) And I’m like, who approved this? (Dan laughing) The whole play, people
were chewing on Chex Mix. – They go, you know what
adds to Shakespeare, loud bar snacks. (Brian laughing) – Put some licorice nibs in
that bowl or something, man. – How ’bout something soft chew? I’ll soft chew anything,
even a Charleston Chew. – And the chairs
were like metal. It was a concrete floor, so anybody that sat down or
got up to use the restroom, it was (metal
screeching on concrete) – Sounds like a prison visit? – And then when
they did sit down, (obnoxious chewing noises). Man, this is a great production. – You go, you guys really
sussed this room out. – What was, do you remember
in your early days, like just hell gig
still to this day? I mean, I started in the
black comedy circuit, so I have so many
just from being the one white guy in a
place that would go haywire, but then, let alone then
jumping in the open mic scene and performing in
basements of places, or places they don’t think you should have a
microphone, even. – Do you guys know
Betty’s Fireside? Betty’s Fireside was
a gig in New Jersey, and it was notorious
for being a rough room, and I had heard about it before I even moved
to New York City. So I kinda looked forward to eventually playing
Betty’s Fireside. Betty’s Fireside was a
place where they had a band, and then in front of the
band was the bartenders, and then the bar, and
then the audience. The audience was all standing. So for comedy night,
nobody was seated, it was just packed with people. And I heard that the
room can be rough. So they wanted me to
be the first comedian, so I said, all right, fine. And I said, “Who does
the off stage intro?” And they looked at me like
I was from another planet. (laughing) Off stage intro? – This guy, fuckin’ what
do you think you are? Where are you? Where do you think you are? You think you’re in the
(drowned out by Jay) – Saunter up there. – What, you think there’s
another microphone somewhere? – Oh, I’m sorry, Liberace, we couldn’t get
the chandelier down for you to play your tunes. (Brian laughing) – I’m sorry, that
that guy’s lighting the candelabra right now. (Brian and Dan laughing) – I don’t know what
I was thinking. And I said, “Well, how
does the show start?” They said, “You just get on
stage and start the show.” So I was gonna be the first
of the three comedians, and I said all right. And I thought I had enough chops where I could
handle a rough room. And so I just start walking up the steps to get on the stage, and this guy from the
corner in the back yells, “You suck!”
(Dan laughing) And I’m not at the mic yet,
so I can’t defend myself, so I have to like look and wink, like, hey, I’ll get
to you in a second. (Brian and Dan laughing) – [Jay] Hang tight, bud. – Hang on, I gotta get to
the microphone! (laughing) – You have to give
a politician point, where you go I hear what
you’re saying and I’m gonna … – Yeah, yeah, I hear ya. Give me a second, I gotta
get to the sound system. – There are issues,
there are issues, sir. (Dan laughing) – So I’m still
walking to the mic, and a guy from the
other side said, “We think you suck
from over here, too.” So I was like double-barreled. And I got to the mic and
tried to nice guy it, which was the worst move. – Yeah, smell the fear. – Oh, man, you know, I
hit with the angle of, “Hey, c’mon fellas.” (all laughing together) “Come on, I’ve got some
lighthearted comedy jokes “I’d like to share with you.” – You verbally put your
hands on your hips. (Brian laughing) You went, guys, stop it. – Boys? Boys? – Boys, yelling is bad. – Yeah, that’s not right. Come on, guys, you
know that’s not right. And they just buried me. And it was one of
the first times that I didn’t do my entire time. Everybody was supposed
to do a half hour, and I’m on stage 10 minutes in and I’m going this ain’t
doing anybody any good. (Dan and Jay laughing) Me doing a half hour ain’t
doing anybody any good. You know what I mean? – The guy after you’s
got more to clean up. – Yeah, the guy who
was following me, like he’s gonna watch
30 minutes of this? He’s gonna leave. – There is that funny
thing when you’re watching someone have a
rough time in front of you, and a part of you is like,
you feel terrible for ’em. But then it’s like, oh,
man, if they jump early, it’s gonna throw
the whole thing off. You know, like that’s
gotta be a scary thing. – There’s been times where
I’ve watched people eat it so hard that you want
them to jump early. You want to be like, get
off, come on, come on. – No, I know, that’s
what I’m saying, ’cause you don’t want them
to have to do the full time of like, man, this
crowd might still … The people who don’t know
me are gonna come in here thinking like this might
be this the whole time. – Yeah, ’cause it’s
amazing, still, you know, I was just at the
Albany Funny Bone, which is in a mall, and
you really look out, and you’re like 30% of
you are here to see me and everyone else
just got a coupon. (Brian laughs) I was coming home on Sunday, and I was like, “Are you
staying for the Sunday show?” And he goes, “No,
it’s a hypnotist.” And I was like, “Oh,
yeah, yeah, yeah.” That’s like a Sunday
show at a club. And he goes, “You ever
open for a hypnotist?” And I was like,
“Yeah, you haven’t?” And he was, like, blown away. You forget all the crazy shit that you open for as a comedian. – All these mall
clubs, it really is. Add to the ridiculous
menu eating, now add like four bags from
FootAction U.S.A., LeClaire’s. – I filled in for
a comedy hypnotist, and nobody told me (Dan and Jay laughing) or the audience. – Wait, they were waiting
for you (mumbles)? – They thought that I was
going to do comedy hypnosis, and I just ate it for an hour. And I walked off stage and
you get that flop sweat, and the first thing
you want to do is go to the bar
and get yourself a double Jack and
ginger something. And somebody came
up to me and said how come you didn’t make
us act like chickens? (Dan and Jay laughing) – They were all waiting
to be hypnotized. – What are you talking about? And they showed me the table
tent that was on every table, Comedy Hypnosis Night. (Jay laughing) Nobody knew, including me. – It said relax your minds
and prepare for comedy. (Brian laughing) – More than a quarter of
the people in the audience after 20 minutes was like, this guy’s really
long on the foreplay. (Brian and Jay laughing) – Are we supposed to be
paying attention to key words? Have I been asleep
for 10 minutes and I
don’t even know it? – Has he been programming
us with these stories? – Yeah, all these goofy
the station wagon thing. Maybe now we start
making chicken noises! (Dan and Jay laughing) – Do you think we’re gonna
wake up in a station wagon that we’ve been
in the whole time? Yeah, that’s fucking crazy. But it was this innocent
question when the MC asked that, where he was like, “Have
you opened for a hypnotist?” You’re like, “Oh, buddy, I’ve
opened for a silent clown “and his wife
plays the piccolo.” And then what I like
is then when you meet a comic that’s been
around the road, they’re like, “Oh, T.C.
Hatter’s still out there?” You’re like, aw, fuck. – That was my favorite thing
ever was Chipps Cooney. He was featuring for
me in Philly once, we’re outside of Philly. And as he was tying his cape, he goes, “So what
have you been up to?” I said, “I just
opened for Dave Attell “on the Insomniac tour
on the East Coast.” And he goes, “Yeah? Like
theaters and stuff?” I go, “Yeah, it was like
a bunch of theaters.” As he’s tying his
magicians cape, he goes, “Ah, good to see that
kid’s doing theaters, now.” (all laughing together) And then he ran back
in the room, you know, whatever, 30 minutes
later in his underwear with a fake shit stain in it, holding his tuxedo in his hands, and he goes, “Hot crowd.” (Brian and Dan laughing) He goes, “Hot, hot crowd.” You know, the thing
about opening or subbing for somebody who you didn’t
know you were subbing for, that was always the best with the black circuit
ski trip shows. They would book them and
get these high budgets, ’cause they would be like, Chris Tucker and Martin
Lawrence are coming. And then they would
get the budget and pay me and whoever I
wanted to bring like $700. And you’d get there
and you’d be like, “Hey, where are the comedians?” They’d go, “I thought Chris
Tucker was gonna,” you know. It was like, not that level, but it was like they
always saw those names from Def Jam that were coming, and I was like, “No,
not only is it not them, “it’s also two white
guys who didn’t know “that’s what was happening.” And it would just go almost
nightmarish every time. – [Brian] That’s rough. – I mean, that’s just
gotta be promoters just being like, oh,
we can, you know. – It’s them snagging
money, yeah. They’re getting like, $10,000
budgets and paying out $700. – [Brian] Man, oh man. – If you would do
two in a night, you
would get like $1,000. I don’t want to hold
you up here too long, I know you got a
long day of stuff. I mean, you’re a legend,
you’re hilarious. – Thank you. – Thanks so much
for coming on, dude. – Thank you very much, man. I appreciate the kind words, and thanks for bringing
back the horrific memories of the drunk prostitute. – I’m so excited
on our radio show that I was able to
tell you that story. It’s my number one
story of you gotta watch who you invite to a
show, man. (laughing) (brief metal guitar riff)

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  4. "It was a prostitute. That I brought. I'm sorry. I probably should apologize for that." Hahahahhaha. What a story. I frickin' love this show. Brian Regan is a LEGEND too.

  5. Producer,,,,, that clean thing, imagine if you don't know, not clean but you don't see it,
    Honesty is what a like, ….

  6. Why so many stand up, so drug aggressive, …. Do sad to watch, I get turned of does shows
    War is EU tell you dtY out

  7. Love these guys. I wish they'd let the guests talk a bit more though. They tend to cut the guest off more than once to keep getting little jokes in. I think Jim and Sam do a better job interviewing… where these guys are better without the guests.

  8. people are so damn stupid about the tab. heres how you do it:

    i order food that totals $15. i throw down a $20. done.


  9. i do clean standup. my friends and peers do dirty. i feel for them. its hard to bend to the circumstance of a venue. i do my clean anywhere. its harder to make bits but its so easy to perform..

    by the way i believe that each comic should be allowed to do anything they want. zero censorship.

  10. oh man, holy hell. the black tour thing with the famous names and last minute replaced by "middles"… eesh! that cant turn out well..

    id love to do one but still, lol

  11. Brian Regan is such a cool dude and fits in incredibly well on so many different shows. From regular FM radio to Compound Media and Jim & Sam to The Bonfire…he kills with every audience. It really is a rare and amazing quality to possess and a hell of a fun thing to watch.

    Crackle crackle campers 🔥🌲🏕

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