What’s Your Definition of Success? | The Roommates Podcast

What’s Your Definition of Success? | The Roommates Podcast

– Yo, what’s good, America? It’s your boy, Hafeez. – Chris is on the show, baby. – Yeah, and welcome to another episode of Roommates Podcast, A
Late Night Conversation, taking you behind the scenes of becoming, featuring all the interesting
people perspective and conversation you
experience on the way. – Also. – Also known as the best RV
week where you are entertained. – Like a standup. – Educated. – Like a TED Talk. – And enlightened. – Like a sermon, baby.
– Boom. – Hey, man. We’re doing something different this week. – Ah! Ah. (Hafeez laughs) I feel good. – We’re doing something
different this week. I feel like we should do one
of the Funkmaster Flex rants. (laughing) Yo, we’re gonna go ahead and bring the roommate
in at the beginning. I know we usually don’t do this. – No, we don’t. – But for this roommate,
I think we gotta go ahead and bring him in at the beginning. – He’s a special guy. – He’s a very special guy. – You guys are looking for ratings, huh? (laughing) – Of course! – Yeah, he got it! – Of course, you got it! – But without further ado, guys, please introduce or
welcome to the podcast, your brand new roommate,
Mister Gary Vaynerchuk, AKA Gary Vee! – What up, fellas? Thank you so much, thrilled to be here. – Alright, man, appreciate you. First and foremost,
this view is phenomenal. – How you concentrate? (laughing) – ‘Cause I’m fucking focused. (laughing) Looking at the garden
everyday makes it fun. I mean, I wish the Knicks were
playing a little bit better, but it’s funny, when we
moved into this office, I guess there’s four corners, but there was two core corner offices, this side and all the way
in the other opposite side. And the other side is even
better, there’s water, it’s the Statue of
Liberty, it’s New Jersey. I’m an immigrant that
grew up in New Jersey. So it’s like made for me. (laughing) And yet, I still was like nah,
I wanna look at the Knicks. And the Knicks suck,
for the last 20 years, that’s how much blue and
orange I’ve got in my body. And so, not as much as
green with the Jets, but yeah, this is a nice view. – Man, that rookie out peak
though looking real good, in the summer league. – Man, it’s so funny, I got some good text
exchange with my brother, saying I really believe in
this kid, I’m real excited. Yet, I never watched him play a Kentucky, which was completely intuitive. He goes, “Why?” I’m like, “I don’t know. “I don’t have a real reason.” But the way the NBA’s
going, I just could see, it’s real interesting, his
first summer league game. It obviously caught a lot
of people’s attention. I think I’m excited about it. – That’s good. You should. – So whose season are
you more excited about? – The Jets. (laughing) – Well, that was easy. – ‘Cause Zinger’s out until Christmas. So poor Zinger’s out until Christmas. Obviously we’ll watch Knocks develop and see if Frank, the
point guard, can develop. Super Mario just signed, so
he’s an interesting prospect. So he might pop, but Sam Darnold, like- – Do you believe in Sam? – Do you believe in Sam? – Honestly, honestly. – So I got some really
good, we got content. I don’t even have to. Documenting my life on my vlog
has been the greatest thing, so I have real content. Here’s what I mean. Some people who were listening may know. My brother, AJ, and I have a separate company called VaynerSports, which does talent representation,
Jerry Maguire shit. – Yeah, (laughs) throw me the money! – Great movie. – And we courted Darnald and
we were in the finals with him, so I sat in Sam Darnold’s
living room with his parents, pitching him why he should sign with us. We got real close. He didn’t go with us, I get why. Quarterback, we were
still a young company. I think he was a little scared, but him and I became
unbelievably personally close- – That’s awesome. – Through the process. I also got fairly close with Josh Rosen, who I love a lot as well. So both of them, I was really like, “Yo, this would be real, real cool.” And the way it worked out,
’cause Baker moved up. ‘Cause at one point, I was like, “Fuck, “Darnold’s gonna go to Browns,
Rosen’s gonna go to Giants, “And what are we gonna do?” And not to disrespect
the other quarterbacks, but those were the two guys for me. Man, when he got drafted, I lost my shit. I believe in him tremendously, I think he’s much more mobile. I think he’s more green
than people realize. So actually my only concern
is I don’t think he’s ready. They throw him out too
early, it’s New York. But what’s weird about Sam,
my personal point of view, is his demeanor’s on point. I think New York, you can
only win on two demeanors, either Sam’s, which I think is
more like Eli, chill as fuck. I don’t think Sam’s gonna
be affected, I mean it, when people are like,
“Fuck you, you suck.” – Yeah, he’s from LA. – Sam sucks, it’s not even about LA. ‘Cause Sanchez was from
LA, others are from LA. – [Hafeez] Yeah, that’s true. (laughs) – No, no, it’s a DNA thing. Sanchez’s a star, and like
charisma, guy who goes out. Darnold’s like staying
in on his 21st birthday. He’s just cerebral. And so when the Post’s
headline is Sam the Suck, some people struggle with that, and I just think it’s
not gonna affect him. – [Hafeez] You see- – So real quick on that. – [Hafeez] Go ahead. – I think the other way to win
New York is like Jamal Adams, right, who was our first
catcher from the year before. He’s like Mister New York, out and about. When he gets his game going
and the Jets get good, he’s gonna be a star in this town. He’s gonna be courtside at the Knicks, he’s gonna be this and that. And those are the only two ways, being an alpha, alpha dog like Jamal, or being an alpha dog who’s cerebral. And I think everybody in the middle gets killed by this town. That’s at least my hope. – No, I was gonna say, you
turned me into a believer in Sam because at first, I
wasn’t a believer in Sam, and why is Sam playing college? I love USC, big USC fan
from the Matt Leinart days, Carson Palmer days, so I
follow almost every single quarterback from USC
from that period of time. But your point about the
cerebralness and chaos, that’s my number one thing. If I’m drafting a quarterback
or picking up a quarterback, recruiting a quarterback, I
am not looking at highlights, I wanna see third in long,
I wanna see fourth down, I wanna see two minute droves. – Or, listen, I hate them
with all my fucking guts, but when the Jets played
the Patriots in 2010, in the Monday night game, the Patriots beat the
Jets, I think 45 to 3. Now, seven weeks later, the Jets stunned the
Patriots in the playoffs, that’s why I’m probably
bringing up this thing. (laughing) There was a really interesting
moment in that game where Tom Brady, the Jets
are getting their ass kicked. I think at this point, it goes to 28 to 3. And Brady looks over at the Jets’ bench, and basically says, “Fuck you,” right? I believe in that too. Again, I believe in opposites. I think I’m that. I think I’m crazy as fuck,
competitive, high energy, but then I can also be kind and nurturing. The reason I think I’m popping
in culture and society is, I’m an enigma, I’m different. I’m showing two different things, and depending on the person, they’re seeing one of three things. One, they’re seeing the alpha dog, I’m gonna fucking kill you. And for a lot of young dudes,
they’re like, yeah, right? Then other people, when
they look at my content, they see the kind, compassionate, caring, patient tried and true. And you know who likes that? A lot of 40 and older, or wisdom, or even the 19 year old who’s got wisdom, they see the parent, the
leader, the real fucking deal. They love that too. Or number three, because
you’re always finding what you’re looking for, the combination of those two things, the
third thing they see is, they don’t like me at all. Because the thing I’m doing
is putting pressure on people. My content puts pressure. When you wanna spend time
blaming everybody else, you do not consume my content. – That’s real. – Because you think I’m an asshole. The friends that you have
that don’t fuck with me, it’s ’cause they’re
still stuck with excuses. And I’m not mad at them. I actually want them to win, I’m hoping that one time
on that Instagram feed, they’re gonna see something,
and they were ready to hear it. Because they realized excuses, the excuses part works for no one. – [Hafeez] That’s real. – The quarterback that blames
their left tackle loses. – Gosh, the left tackle is
important though. (laughs) – Yes, now that quarterback thing is big because like you say, you
look at all the greats, no matter what happened, you
hear them post game interviews, and you hear them talk about
like, “It’s all on me.” And I think that’s a really dope part and- – That’s life, listen,
everybody who’s listening, none of us are gonna be NFL quarterbacks. Let’s get it to real life. If your job sucks, that’s on you. Go get a different job, take a step back. My biggest thing right now
that I’m trying to reconcile is how to get people off of the drug that’s keeping them away
from taking a step back, it takes two steps forward. This is what I mean. If you’re making 71,000 because
you went to a decent school, got some debt, and you got a good job, but you fucking hate it, you could get 42,000 working
at K-Mart, you could. – [Hafeez] That’s real. – You could make 27,000
working at 7/11, you could. The reason you don’t is ’cause you put some money
down on this fancy apartment. The reason you don’t is ’cause
you want some fresh kicks or a fat ride to get
that girl or whatever. The reason you don’t is
’cause you created expenses around what you want to achieve now. The reason I really won in hindsight, because don’t forget my narrative, people who wanna drag me down or troll me, be like, “Yeah, but don’t
listen to him, his dad-” They don’t know the story. – They don’t. – I mean, the story, just so
everybody’s listening, is, I worked my whole fucking
life to 34 years old and left Wine Library and
yeah, I built it from 3 to 60, but I left with nothing. I don’t own Wine Library. I never made 2, 3, 400,000 a year. I left with nothing. Why did I pull it off? ‘Cause I live in Springfield, New Jersey and paid $1,100 in rent, right? Which is a lot of money actually. – It is. – I mean, yeah, in
Houston, yeah, you ballin. (laughing) – But Jersey sucks, that was
like a piece of shit, right? And the villas on Springfield
Avenue, I bought nothing. I had nothing, I owned one
pair of sneakers a year. – Was it K-Swiss? (laughs) – It was K-Swiss in sixth grade. I had no clothes, I didn’t go out. I didn’t do shit. I didn’t have a BMW, I didn’t do shit. I kept it simple as fuck,
’cause I loved the game. One thing I tweeted today, I’m really trying to figure this out, ’cause I don’t wanna be
as lame or as vanilla as like love the process. Unfortunately that’s the answer. If you just love what you
fucking do, for real for real, well then you probably have a shot. If you love what you
do and you’re patient, and you actually mentally give
up your 20s and early 30s, shit could get crazy. – I mean, look at us. (laughs) – But nah, so I love that plan, this is where one of
the things me and Chris were talking about a couple weeks ago, and you had brought it up about this idea between perseverance and delusion. And one of the things you talked about, your biggest thing was like- – Which I don’t think I spent enough time talking about that, I
appreciate you bringing it up. You need to rant on that. – Yeah, I agree. – ‘Cause that’s- – Write that down, my man. Alex? Yeah, write that down. – People are writing it down, we’re making faces at Facebook, Facebook me, tweet me that. I’m serious, how many
people are on right now? – [Alex] 643. – Good. Fuckin’ tweet me. – [Hafeez] Hey, go ahead, yeah, so- – Let me take this. – [Hafeez] Go ahead. – I don’t wanna take away all your- – [Hafeez] Nah, go ahead and do it, man, go ahead and do it. – So what’s the name of the podcast? – It’s called the Roommates podcast. Oh yeah, I think you’re
on the other side of it. – I am, I am. – You’re looking really old. (laughing) – Go ahead, tell them. – Yo, it’s the Roommates
podcast at Roommates H- – Go ahead, don’t worry. – At Roommates HTX, go
ahead and check it out. Yeah, go ahead and check it out. – One more time, because guys,
I’m about to cut you off, and you’re gonna have to hear the rest of it on their podcast. – Ay, it’s the Roommates
podcast, go ahead and look us up on Soundcloud, iTunes,
all that good stuff, and also look us up on
social media, @RoommatesHTX. – There is is.
– HTX. – [Hafeez] Yeah. (laughing) – Alright, keep going. – Yeah, so the biggest thing
that you talked about was, your superpower is your patience, right? Your superpower is your ability
to be like, you know what? I’m gonna-
– It’s perspective. – Okay, go ahead. – Patience is a byproduct
of my perspective. – Real. – Right? My perspective in the macro is, there’s abundance in the world. My perspective is most people are good, my perspective is nobody’s
victories are taken out of mine. My perspective is find good always. Be patient, if you’re
good enough, you will win. Because by virtue, by structure,
if you were good enough, you would have figured it out. If you weren’t good enough,
it means you dwelled on being a minority, by being a woman, by having a bad boss, by
having an alcoholic dad, by growing up in Phoenix, I
don’t know, sorry Phoenix. (laughing) – Phoenix.
– Shots, shots, shots. – By virtue, being good
means net net, did you win? And so, all these people that
are like, but I was good, but I got fuckin’ taken
advantage of, no, you didn’t. So my perspective, one of the
pillars of my perspective is patience, it just makes sense, my man. You guys are gonna live to 100 years old. How old are you? – 27. – You?
– 24. – Right, and now somebody’s
gonna leave a comment, be like, like a boss or cancer,
I get it, asshole, but- (laughing) But at a macro, it’s very likely that you guys are gonna
live for 70 more years. And when you actually
take that into account, I don’t know, maybe you
should start doing different, maybe all of a sudden,
eating shit for a year as an intern for a fucking G, even though you’re not getting paid a lot, is smart, not stupid. My man, I’m telling you
right now, it’s crazy, I’m thinking about working
for Mark Cuban and Bezos and Zucks and P Diddy for a year for free. If I’m doing that, the fuck are you- (laughing) I’m literally not joking, that if something happens with transition, like Disney comes and
offers me 8 billion for this or Marcus becomes the CEO or Andrea, if there’s a transition
moment, I’m not joking. I may literally at 48, at
54, have a transition year where I intern for somebody
with a Billy in my bank. (laughing) – Yeah, you can do it
free, we would do it. (laughing) – But here’s what’s funny. It’s actually easier to do it free being 24 and having nothing than being 48 and having a Billy, it’s easier. The fuck am I gonna intern for free and wasting my time at 48,
after I did for 30 years? That’s harder, actually
let’s talk about actions. – [Hafeez] Alright. – What the fuck am I
doing on this podcast? – You are having a great- (laughing) – When people shit on me, I
know people listen right now, and I know you have an audience of people that don’t know me, right? And they’re trying to calibrate what’s going on right now, right? Actions, time is what
we’re talking about, right? Time is what we’re talking about, right? I should not, by any
stretch of the imagination, be doing this podcast right now. – Of course not. (laughing) – Like triple zero. My comms team, my PR
team gets so mad at me. I’m passing on Wall
Street Journal, CNBC, CN, I’m passing on shit all day long. Covers of maga … passing,
pass, pass, pass, busy, busy. – Real life. (laughing) – What am I doing here? I’m living my truth, which
is, what are we all doing? I think it’s good ideas to
fuckin’ live humble as fuck in your 20s, stop worrying
about what other people think about you, don’t live for somebody else, which means your parents
and your boys and girls. You’re living for your
parents or your friends, you need a BMW for one reason, to leverage it in society
to show who you are. You can’t love driving it enough, to put yourself in more debt. – That’s true. – You can’t, don’t fuck with me, I hate when people
bullshit me, they love it. Fuck you, you don’t love it. You love what it gets
you, you wanna hook up. You think it’s a leverage point, period. You wanna show people you made it, you didn’t waste your time, you made it. Since you seen me last in
high school, I made it. You’re worried about
other people’s opinions. I say go inside your own fucking head and do right shit, first for yourself. I am sitting on this podcast right now ’cause I ate shit for
15 years out the gate, which gives me the luxury
now to put other people on. – I love it. – I’m putting you on. – Yes, you are. (laughing) – Let’s not get confused,
what’s gonna happen after this? You’re gonna promote it, I’m
gonna give it a little share. I just did a little promotion,
now they wanna see it. You’re gonna get a whole new audience, but way more importantly than
that, people aren’t smart, way more important than that? You’re about to get any guest you want. – Yeah, yeah, we are. (Hafeez laughs) I mean, yeah, I mean.
– Talk that shit, gang. – Don’t be talking. – I love it. – Hit him up. I’m not afraid. – My number one asset is time. I’ve got a lot of pressures, guys. I’ve got a ton of shit going on. I canceled a trip to Tennessee today and my own office’s
ninth anniversary party. I’ve got 40 disappointed employees in Chattanooga, Tennessee right now. I canceled Wednesday to go out to Chicago for a big piece of business, ’cause I got shit to do
right now internally. And I’m fucking sitting here
with you two jerkers, right? – I’ve been called worse. (laughs) – Because I’m giving love. – I love it. – That’s my version of 42 and winning. So if I’m doing that, I hate
when the 24 year old or the 22, easy for you, millionaire, easy for you. Fuck you, you don’t know me. You don’t know me. – Who upset you? Who’s in your comments right now? Gary, what’s going on? – It’s the 90% silent. My guy, for all the love
you see for me on social, and I get plenty of love,
I got at the opposite, I got people who think I’m
fuckin’ walkin’ on water. I get it, you have to understand, I’m so passionate to help these people that are sittin’ and
making excuses right now. Because it’s just perspective. It’s just (pops mouth),
it’s just (pops mouth), it’s just switch it. DRock had patience and
willing to eat shit, which is special. But what I gave DRock perspective wise was creative’s subjective. Get out your own shit. You don’t have ego as a guy,
you have ego in your work. Get rid of that ego,
ego’s fuckin’ dangerous. People confuse my confidence
and my optimism for ego. And I may have ego too,
these are semantics now. But I’m telling you right now, the people that know me
best think I’m humble and not that I have an ego. And that is what this is all about. – I absolutely love it and
I couldn’t even agree more. I think that’s the one
thing that we try to do that really causes us to
gravitate so much to you is that you’re doing this out of love and to add value to people’s lives. Now you’re just not- – ‘Cause by the way, I’m not
fucking the best guy on Earth. It’s ’cause I want legacy. People out here chasing money, fuck money. Money’s important, I get it, cool. Money’s cool, I get it. You know what money’s best for? Freedom, you could do what
you want when you want. But you don’t need a
lot of money for that. I don’t understand where the yachts and the boats and the fuckin’ Rolexes. And by the way, you love
that shit, Mazeltov, do you. – Mazeltov. (laughs) – Do you, but I’m telling you right now, I’m doing it ’cause I want legacy. Listen, I want legacy. Do you know how nice it is
that your daughter is gonna send me a whatever the fuck a
text message is in that day? – Yeah, it will happen, I love it. Write that in the quick market. – Oh, you want me to write
that down, I like that. – But now, you know what
Gary kinda reminds me of? Achilles from Troy. – Oh my God, bro. – Have you ever seen Troy, Lord Gary? – I don’t consume content, bro. – What? You don’t watch no movies? – I don’t watch movies. – At all? – You know what’s funny, man? Ready for this? I watch one or two movies a year, and they all happen the same. Actually, I don’t wanna bullshit it. Ready for this? I watch either two or four movies a year. Here’s how it goes. I watch two usually ’cause I’ll watch two movies between
Christmas and New Years. ‘Cause I’m off the grid
with the fam, checked out, good shit comes out,
gotta do something, right? Me and the wife will go
check out a movie too, boom. I may catch two others on some
long ass trip on a flight, when the WiFi’s fucked up
and I got all my work done, and I got no choice. But even the last time that happened, I dropped the airplane project because- – That was amazing. – Because I just got
motivated and it was like, I saw a movie, I gotta watch the movie, I watched the Tupac movie, which was fine. – Yeah, I liked it. – I liked it, ’cause I love the story but it wasn’t a great fuckin’ movie. But the story, I love Tupac. And then what happened? I had more time, and I was like, instead of watching another movie, I’m like, I’m gonna drop a mix tape. And it was terrible. Actually DRock, we need
to resurface the airplane. Actually you know what? Can you make a note to the team? Every year that it’s
the one year anniversary of the airplane project, we need to go hard and push it again. ‘Cause that shit is evergreen universal. That wasn’t time shit, that wasn’t like, use Facebook like this,
use Instagram like that. That was like fuckin’ thesis shit. – DRock, can we tell you
to do some things as well? (laughing) We’ll see what happens. – But going back- – I worked for seven years solo making my shit before there was a DRock. – Yeah, amen. – [Gary] Patience, baby. – We on it with you. So going back to the point about perseverance versus delusion, let’s talk about that because
you made a really great point. There’s two people working right now, one person, let’s just use
rap ’cause rap is easy. One rapper, both of them
like, yo, I love Gary Vee. I’m about to grind six
years, put my head down, just work work work work work work work. One rapper is- – Is gonna win.
– Is gonna win. – The other’s gonna lose. – One of them is gonna lose, because once- – Let me tell what you’re looking for, and I’m glad you bring this
up and you’re helping me. You need to see something. I think people are looking for everything, and I think the person that’s delusional doesn’t see anything. A year in, she’s got nothing. Another year in, she’s got nothing. And when I mean nothing, it’s
like, you need to see shit. You need to see your Spotify
go up, you need to get more. Listen, if you’re a rapper out there, and you’re two years in,
and you drop 30 songs, 50 songs, 100 songs, and you’re basically around the same numbers,
you’re in trouble. – I agree. (Hafeez laughs) I just now agree. – But if you’re seeing a little something, then you got something. I see a little something. I’m always seeing a little something. The reason I win is I
see a little something. By the way, sometimes
it goes the other way. DRock, how’s our YouTube
numbers views doing? – [DRock] Steady. – Nice and steady and shit. (laughing) – We’re steady. – We’re flat as fuck, why? ‘Cause the audience on
YouTube doesn’t wanna see what I’m putting out on DailyVee. Here’s the good news. I believe in what I’m doing, I think I’ll be historically correct. I’m documenting, I’m not producing
sitcoms and entertainment on YouTube, like so many of
the people that are winning. I’m not hacking the title as much, I’m not hacking the content within. If I fucking did an
interview of Richard Branson and we’re both jumping
out of a fucking jet, and we’re skydiving and
that’s the interview, it would get views. I know how to do it. I don’t want to do that. What I wanna do is put
down a piece of work that nobody else has put,
which is I’m putting out a fucking documentation, a documentary that has never been seen before, and when people take a step back and look at 20 years of DailyVee, they’re gonna be like,
“That’s fucking crazy.” You’re literally, literally
gonna see yourself in 17 years looking all young and fresh and that hair. – Hopefully, I’ll still be fresh (laughs) during that time as well. – Do you understand? – [Hafeez] Yeah, yeah, yeah, that’s real. – And so, you gotta see something, or you have to build a mission you’re on, or you just love it. Listen, if you’re making 100,000 a year or 40,000 a year or 150,000 a year, but you’re doing your rap on
the side, and you just love it, like you kinda deep down know that you’re never really,
really gonna be really pop, like Lil Yachty pop from the get. I hate when people
like, what about Yachty? I’m like, it happens, it happens. I guess I’ll state one, two songs, boom, boom, boom, it happens. What about the people
that were fucking hustling for seven years and
then it finally happens? It happens. – Yep, G-Eazy of the world, 2 Chainz. – That’s exactly right, right? And so sometimes you gotta
change your name from Titty Boy. – Yeah, that’s wild, that’s
a wild name, first of all. (laughing) – And so, it is what it
is, but I would say like, real simple, I mean,
even Nipsey Hussle, man. As somebody who’s been a
fan of his for a decade, this last album was kinda like where he went to that next place. And so anyway, nonetheless,
where I’m going, the difference is you gotta see something. You gotta see a little bit of growth, you gotta get that encouragement email. Sometimes it’s volume,
sometimes it’s impact, let me explain. Tierra whack, let’s
talk about Tierra Whack, somebody I really,
really believe in, okay? She’s gonna be big. She just put out a project
and it got real love. Her numbers haven’t super exploded. Sweeney’s exploded much more, right? Her numbers are gonna last a little bit. Tierra’s numbers didn’t blow up as much as I thought they would on Insta from this last little batch, but the comment from Meek Mill of like, “You’re gonna be a legend,” the tweet from Missy
Elliott, like, “You’re next.” That’s seeing something, you understand? So it might be just a DM from Oprah, like, “Keep going, girl, you got this.” Or it might be boom, you put a song, you got a million listens, right? Saba, up in Chicago- – Saba. – Saba. (Hafeez laughs) – He’s grinding, and he’s grinding, I see little things,
it’s little, it’s little. I wasn’t it when he was
cosigned by Chance on that album that went completely
ballistic, it wasn’t angels. It was, but it wasn’t, right? I don’t know, man, it’s so obvious to me, but here’s what I would say. You’re delusional if
you’ve been doing something for 24, 36 months, and you’re
kind of in the same place. You’re being patient
if it’s a slow, little. You can’t be climbing a mountain, and three years later,
you’re still at the base. But it’s okay if you’re
only 1/10 of the way there, that means you made some
motherfuckin’ progress. – [Hafeez] That’s real. – [Chris] I agree. – [Hafeez] That’s real. Now, that’s a good point. – You know who’s really good at this? Comedians. – [Chris] Oh my God. – Comedians eat shit for a long time. – They do, for a long time, I agree. – Kevin Hart was grinding for a long time. Hasan Minhaj is about to have his moment, he has been grinding for a long time. All these comedians have been grinding for a long time, and now Netflix came. They didn’t know Netflix was coming along and rebooting the late night special. Now they’re all being put on, right? Comedians are more in culture now ’cause of Netflix, right? – [Hafeez] That’s real. – Actually, we ask
ourselves that all the time, and one we always go back, I feel like, there’s to the rappers
and you think of comedians of the world, we always
go back to why we do this. We know we have this podcast
because we wanna impact people, and this is our vehicle to do that. So we know our why and then
we also look at the results. We know that- – What’s your selfish why? – What’s my selfish why? – Yeah, because everybody’s
why now is altruistic as fuck. Even notice how you guys brought up like, “Gary, we know you do it out of love,” and immediately I jump in and say, “Cool, but also, I want statues.” I want November 14 to be a
national fucking holiday. If I can really get crazy and
get a couple more nuts off- – I love this guy. (laughs) – I’m serious, if I could get
a couple more selfish nuts off business wise in the next decade or two, don’t give me, do not let
me buy the Jets at 57 or 61. – You’re gonna act the fool. – ‘Cause if you give me 30 years, I’ll be on some Dalai
Lama real heavy shit. I’ll be like, alright,
we’ve got presidents, we’ve got Martin Luther
King, fuckin’ Columbus. I’m like, how the fuck, over the next 30 years, do I make November 14th, my fuckin’ birthday, a national holiday? And it’s gonna be sucky ’cause
it’s close to Thanksgiving, and we’re with fuckin’ family. (laughing) I do it ’cause I want the admiration because I’m trying to
still scratch the itch. My mom admired, loved, hyped me so heavy that the only, people don’t get it, the only way to really go there, to that real place, is to give, not take. – That’s real. – Do you know how many
billionaires there are that you’ve never heard of that are on a yacht right
now, popping champagne? And you think it’s great but
nobody gives a fuck about them, and their three kids from four marriages are gonna fucking… Which the math doesn’t even work on that, Or actually it does, one
of them didn’t have kids. They’re all gonna fight for the fortune ’cause he or she, they didn’t
do the right thing and put… People don’t get legacy. – [Hafeez] That’s real. – So cool, that’s very
nice that you’re nice boys, and you wanna fucking- (loud laughing) But I think the reason I’m
putting pressure on this conversation is we need to
have more truth out there. Right now, everyone’s all
like, “I wanna heal the world.” No, you don’t. You’ll be thrilled if
that happens as well. I think it’s super
important, look at me, right? All the best things I do,
charity, helping, all this stuff, quiet stuff, only Tyler, DRock,
some of these people know. The best parts of me as
a person are unknown. When you bring up my name,
a lot of people are like, “Oh, that’s that dude that’s crazy “That wants to buy the Jets.” That sounds like a dick. So I’m not scared to own my selfish shit. As a matter of fact, I put more light on my selfish shit than
on my selfless shit. My mouth is selfish, my
actions are selfless. Because the actions are the truth. All these people that
are about the culture, and the community, and
young entrepreneurs- – They aren’t. – Yeah, they may write a
$5,000 check to a contest to look good, but are
they sitting with you for 45 minutes, giving
up the actual asset? – Nope. – No. – So Chris, what is your
selfish why? (laughs) – That’s a good question. – And Chris, the key here,
man, is to not be full of shit, ’cause you have to
understand, it’s liberating. And it’s really simple, is it fame? Is it money, is it experiences
that those two things bring? I think it’s amazing
to wanna be like LeBron and jump off a cliff on
Fourth of July weekend. I think it’s amazing to be like Khaled getting yelled at for, even
though he told the conference that he wasn’t gonna be
there, being in the pool with his kid, living that life. I think it’s amazing if you
wanna have seven supermodels laying on the deck of
your yacht, that’s fine. Do you, I don’t want that. I’d rather be garage sale-ing on Saturday, ’cause that’s what I love. I love tchotchkes, look
at my fucking office. Cool, everybody’s got theirs. What’s yours for real? – For real. – For real, motherfucker. – For real, oh, this is good. – I haven’t been called a
motherfucker since my father would say, motherfucking Chris. I think it is the money. – Okay, I respect that. – Always, always desired
and liked the idea of being- – What do you wanna buy with it? – See, a lot of people ask me that, I think it’s experiences. It’s really just experiences. – Like what? – Like what? – Yeah, not like-
– I would love to- – Do you wanna go look
at the Pyramids in Egypt? (Hafeez laughs loudly) Or do you wanna take your
actress girlfriend on the… You know what I mean? – I would do some nasty
things to an actress. (laughing) – I gotta tell you why that’s important. Let’s say it’s nasty
things, actress, right? – Nasty things. – Then you could start talking about like, you probably need the
money, but maybe you don’t. And maybe what you definitely
need to do is move to LA. I wanna buy the New York Jets. Everything I do professionally is about buying the New York Jets. – Well, that was easy. – But it’s not, right? Selling a big piece of
my company to Steve Ross, the owner of the Miami Dolphins, is not easy when you know
you’re giving it away. – Wow, okay. – Right? Passing on a $200,000 speaking
gig to go speak for free to the owners in Aspen, Colorado ’cause you wanna build
relationship, not easy. – Got you. – Got it?
– That’s real. – When you know what
the fuck you’re up to, it impacts your fucking decisions. The problem is most
people don’t synthesize what the fuck they’re up to. It’s vanilla as fuck, like, I want money. Cool, next, why, why, why? You? – Now, this is pretty easy. (laughs) (Chris laughs) But for me, I want a Sistine Chapel. Kinda like in your sense, I want to be the greatest
ever to do something. I wanna have something that I’ve created. – Do you know what that thing is? – Well, there’s two things
potentially right now, so it’s a book and it’s also a movie. So those are the two things, and then the third thing
can potentially be just like hands on, impacting people’s lives. I think it’s super adult,
like Gandhi, Oprah, like a one name person,
Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, even though that’s two names, but I kinda want my legacy in regards to absolutely change people’s lives. In your sense- – So what’s important about
that is you gotta think about, so self awareness matters, right? So to me, I didn’t realize at 25 how much I wanted to teach and give back. I just didn’t. At first, it was just like
help my family business. So when it gets that heady that early, and I think that’s, you’re
a man of the time, right? This is not the shit
that 25, 27, 29 year olds were spitting two decades ago, right? You need to be thoughtful about that. If that’s the truth, you’ve
got some big advantages. Number one, money’s not
part of that equation. – It’s not, not for me, not at all. – As a matter of fact,
I would never buy a home if that’s your goal. – I would never buy a home. (laughs) – He doesn’t have a bed. – I’ve been real, no,
no bull shitting you. I’ve been this way for a long time. – A long time. – They know it, I don’t care about money. I come in here, we’re gonna
interview a bunch of people. Us losing the money- – What’s your Instagram? – My Instagram, hafeezhtx. – Spell it for me. – H-A-F- – Hold on one second. H? – A-F, two E’s, and a Z, H-T-X, Henry Theodore Xavier. – I apologize, ’cause I
got confused by something. H-A-F. – Two E’s, and a Z, and
H-T-X, Henry Theodore Xavier. My dad taught me that
’cause he’s from Nigeria. He has a Nigerian accent
so whenever he says- – He does have a Nigerian accent. – Whenever he says a letter, he has to- – First of all, I followed you. – Okay, thank you. – Congratulations. – You gotta follow Chris too. – I will, or maybe I won’t,
just to make it funny. (Hafeez laughs) – That will be, I will
sleep fine maybe tonight. I will think about it. – Hafeez, I’m real proud of you, man. – I appreciate you. – The first thing I really wanted to see, I love fucking people that
fucking live their truth. You are in your comments, my guy. – [Hafeez] Oh yeah, of course. – But to me, that’s the first one. This one, you didn’t
get to the Easter one, but I like your hat. – Oh, thank you. – I actually told him to get that hat. – But Gary, honestly, you
can ask all of our listeners, we literally, our number one job is every comment, every email, every DM- – Yeah, but you know what? Now I’m gonna get mad at you because your last three
posts, you were in it. But the fucking four posts before that, not a single person. Let me tell you something that matters. Check this out, so these three
you fucking killed, right? But this, only eight comments,
nobody’s got a reply, right? – Aw, dang. – [Gary] No, no- – He on your ass. (Hafeez laughs) – Post before that,
nobody got a reply, right? Now I’m gonna show you another thing. Nobody got a reply on that one, three back, now the fourth one
back, 12 comments, no reply. There’s a book behind you, right? No reply on the post before that. That yellow book, that orange book, that’s the most important
book I’ve ever wrote. It’s called The Thank You Economy. You know how people are like, well, give me something how you got there. Fucking don’t give me
motivation, give me details. Here’s my details. From 2007 to 2012, I
replied to every email and every tweet that I
got, period, all of them. I went to sleep at 3 o’clock
in the morning, every night, five years, all of them. If you wanna change the
world, you need to change person by person by person
to show them you give a fuck. So what you need to do right now is on the flight home or walk home- – I’m gonna do it. – Every one of them. – I’m gonna do it.
– I believe you. – Hold me accountable to that. I’m gonna do it by the end of the day. – Don’t hold his hand. – No, I’m gonna do it. – Motherfucker, you wanna come at me now? – Because like- – That’s the answer, my man. – [Hafeez] I love it. – ‘Cause it will work. – [Hafeez] I love it, nah, it’s real. – It’s one by one by one. The people in the last
three posts on Instagram that you replied to feel
differently about you than the five posts before that
where you replied to no one. – That’s real. He ain’t tell no lies. – He not telling lies. – That’s why we love Gary Vee. – You know what it is? I know how I got here. I just know how I got here. The one thing that makes my life so fun is I just talk about the shit
that’s the truth to me and to other people that
I’ve seen successful. And then a lot of things
I see other people being successful at, and
I don’t talk about it. People are like, “Gary Vee, “Talk about this, talk about that.” I’m like, “It’s not real to me.” Even social issues sometimes,
people are like, “Gary, “You need to fuckin’ tweet about this.” I’m like, “Like everybody else “Who looks like a keyboard warrior?” You don’t know me, you don’t know what I’m doing behind the scenes. You don’t know who I’m meeting with, you don’t know who I’m writing checks to, you don’t know what I’m doing. – [Hafeez] That’s real. – So it’s an inside game. – That’s real. – Keyboard warrior. – That’s real. – Yeah, everybody’s great, everybody’s super down with it on fuckin’ Twitter. What the fuck are you actually doing? – Yeah, no, I actually love it. I love it. Anything else, Chris? Man, we wanna be respectful
of the man’s time. – I mean, I know I’ve
been cussed out today. (Hafeez laughs) – Tell me what’s been going
on, how has this been going? – Hafeez? – Oh, you want me to do it? – Yeah. – Yeah, no, it’s been good,
it’s been a lot of ups, it’s been a lot of downs. I think the biggest thing
that’s really been dope is we’ve had a lot of
opportunities with exposure wise. So for example, we got an
episode on own network show, The Book of John Gray,
so got that exposure. – Huge. – We were on FOX News 26, we made a short film
together on mental health. – Love it. – And so we did a podcast,
then we did a film about we were on FOX News for that one, featured on Houston Chronicles, Houstonian Magazine, Houston Style. And I was trying to
surprise you with this one but we’re gonna be
featured in the Atlantic, they’re doing this piece on- – Oh wow, thank you. – Roommates and like- (laughing) – And Roommates and relationship, and so they reached out to
us, we had a long interview. – How long has this been going on? – 78 weeks. – Early. – Yeah, so that’s the
biggest thing, but we… ‘Cause you calling me out really hurt me because it’s the truth, but we- – But it’s good. – It’s good- – I watched you, I was
watching you the whole time. You didn’t want that, you don’t want that on
wax, you know what I mean? But I saw you, I was happy. I did it because I want you to win. This is the point I made earlier. I’m not fuckin’ making
Instagram comments to be like, “I’m cool and you suck.” I’m trying to be like,
“Yo, stop fuckin’ talking. “This is your only fucking
life, motherfuckers.” This is it, this is it. – I love it. – I don’t want people, people
be mad at me on WorldStar, being like, “Fuck this guy.” That doesn’t hurt me, go
and seeing somebody 92 who regrets their whole
fuckin’ life, that hurts me. 18 year old Charlie in fucking Alabama who’s like, “Fuck this
guy,” it’s early for him. – That’s real. – [Gary] We can still fix Charlie. 92 year old Gertrude, she’s- (laughing) – Or Beatrice. – She’s finished. (laughing) – That’s real, that’s real. – I don’t know why it
affected me from the get, I don’t know why I hung out with old people when I was young. I still go to the playground, and just jump on the bench
with the fuckin’ grandparents and ask them about the
Kennedy assassination, and ask them about NASA, and
ask them about World War II. I don’t know why, my report
card’s a piece of shit hanging behind you, but history, for some reason, is good grades. I don’t know why I
respect the past so much, I think over time I realized
’cause it tells me the future, I’m not guessing out here. – [Hafeez] That’s real. – I’m not fuckin’ guessing out here. I’m not doing that to act cool. – [Hafeez] Nah. – I’m doing that because
I don’t do that now, I don’t reply to everybody. But fuck, for five years,
I did, you know why? ‘Cause I was at zero, I was at zero, zero. – [Hafeez] That’s real. That’s real, no, I
absolutely love it, and so- – And by the way, for everybody fuckin’- – [Hafeez] Yeah, go ahead. – Just like, ’cause I
need people to understand, I was at zero after working my
fucking dick off for 15 years building a huge business for my dad. Do not get me confused and
do not use me as an excuse. – Facts. – I did it better than everybody, I fucking came out the gate,
worked, gave up all my 20s, no fucking fun, no fucking fun, and gave back to my parents
for bringing me to America, and then at 34, I started. – Sound like, woo. – Man.
– Geez. – Do you understand though? – No, we understand. – The reason it’s powerful is like fuck, ’cause people out here crying at 27, and their parents are
paying for their Uber. (laughing) You know what I mean? Let’s get fuckin’ serious out here. You better find somebody
else to use as an excuse because I see it, I read it. Who am I mad at? I’m mad at the person who’s
got a friend who’s like, I love Gary Vee, and
like, yeah, fuck that guy. His dad gave him $3 million. My dad didn’t give me $3 million. The business was doing 3
million on 10% profit, 300,000, for all those that can’t do math. That was before expenses, I
walked into that fucking place. Honestly, I’m underestimating what I did. The reason I got firey,
I had a week to think, I spent some time with my dad. I fucking came and did shit,
and gave up all the shit that everybody’s worried
about on Instagram. I didn’t float in any fucking swans. I didn’t go to the fucking
polo Hamptons this. I had no fucking weekends. Do you know what it looks like to live your entire 20s working Saturday in a fucking liquor
store from 8 AM to 9 PM, every fucking Saturday? So I don’t wanna hear shit, period. That’s what’s up, see ya. (laughing) – And that’s why he’s a legend. So guys, make sure you go
ahead and throw Gary some love. As we’ve always said, guys, continue to support who we brought on this show. Gary, where can they
find you on social media? – Gary V-E-E, you’ll find me. – Go ahead and find the guy, send him a DM, a tweet,
send him a message, let him know how much you appreciate and how much you value him. Gary, we appreciate you, man.

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