What’s the Best Microphone for YouTube (on a Tight Budget)?

What’s the Best Microphone for YouTube (on a Tight Budget)?

– In this video I’m going
to answer a viewer question about what are some of the
best inexpensive microphones to use to make Youtube videos. – Hi Caleb. I’m ADMHD and if you’re on a tight budget to buy a microphone
for DSLR, or can it be. Can it be a shotgun mic or
a lapel mic, I don’t know. Please answer my question. If you don’t, look behind you. Alright, thank you. – Thanks so much for the question, Austin. This is a question I get
often about microphones especially about some
of the entry level ones that I recommend. So thanks for asking me at askleb question and remember you guys can ask on Twitter with the hashtag #askleb. Make a little video of yourself, tweet it to me, and I’ll go ahead and do a
video response here on Youtube. So, the microphones I would recommend if you’re just starting out and have a tight budget, a low budget, are, number one, the
smartLav plus from Rode. This is gonna be a lavalier microphone that then can either plug into your phone or right into your camera. The other one I would recommend
is the Rode VideoMicro. This is about 60 dollars US and it plugs right into a DSLR, a mirrorless camera, something like that. And this one excels if you
are really close to it. So if you’re vlogging, or you’re a couple feet
away from this microphone this one’s really good. If you’re going to be a
little bit further away, there’s two options from Rode I like. This one is the Rode VideoMic Pro. And this is with the new
Rycote suspension system. But this one’s really
good because it has power so you can add gain to the microphone. Which is really good when
you’re plugging it into a DSLR because DSLRs don’t have
really good microphone pre-amps to boost the level of the audio you’re getting from the microphone. So if you’re using a DSLR or some other type of
microphone plugged into it and you’re getting a hiss sound, try the VideoMic Pro from Rode and add this up to plus 20 DB, you’ll get a little bit more power and you can turn down the input
volume gain on your camera. So those are the three that I recommend. If you want to have a more studio setup, you can use something like
a Rode NTG microphone. I’m using the NTG3 here
just out of the picture. It’s a shotgun microphone. Takes XLR cables to plus into
a camera or audio recorder. So you’re getting up there more in budget. This one’s 700 dollars but they have an NTG2 which
is about 300 US dollars. So, those are my recommendations. Rode smartLav plus if you
want to record into your phone or camera using a lavalier. You might need to get
an extension cable too ’cause this isn’t very long. The Rode VideoMicro plugs
right into a DSLR at the top. Good for vlogging or when
you’re close to the camera. A Rode VideoMic Pro if you have
a little bit more to spend. This one is 200, 230 dollars or so. And then, if you want a studio
shotgun sound like this, get a Rode NTG. And Rode’s not sponsoring this at all. I’ve just been using their
microphones for years now and I use other brands for podcasting. I use a Shure microphone. And I’ve used Sennheisers for stuff. So this isn’t sponsored
by Rode or anything. I just really like their microphones and they have a lot of different options for depending on what you’re trying to do. So thanks so much for
the question, Austin. Remember, tweet me your question
with the hashtag #askleb. I’ll see them and respond to
them here in these videos.

30 thoughts on “What’s the Best Microphone for YouTube (on a Tight Budget)?

  1. Another note for newbies: if you're recording outside, ALWAYS use a windscreen on your microphone! (often called a 'deadcat'), it's that furry microphone cover. This will vastly reduce – or even eliminate – wind noise in your recordings. You can even get them for the lav mics.

  2. Hi Caleb, nice video. One remark and one question though :

    (1) The SmartLav+ is really a good Lav mic for the price point. But it uses a TRRS connector so you need a TRRS->TRS adaptator to use it with anything other than a smartphone. And as I discovered it myself the hard way, for newbies Lav mics can be little daemons really tricky to use properly to avoid cloth noise (as a major hint : don't use synthetic fabric !)

    (2) Isn't the NTG-3 a shotgun mic ? I was told you should not use shotgun for indoor recording. True ? False ? It depends ? What's your opinion about that ?

  3. hello caleb.
    there's a question that hanged on my mind..
    can you mount videomicro on a boompole?
    there's a lot of discussion about videomic pro + boom pole, but never heard about videomicro + boom pole..
    is it possible?
    thank you caleb..

  4. Excellent video, I like to add a very cheap microphone and works with dslr cameras and mobile phones without TRRS link … boya by m1

  5. Hey Caleb, cool video. Are you also able to do a Best Audio Recorder on a budget? I know that plugging in my Lav Mic directly into my DSLR has poor quality compared to plugging it into my Phone or my Laptop.

    Just wondering what you would recommend, thanks.

  6. Nice video! Unless I'm doing client work, I always have the Rode VideoMicro on my GH4. Small, light, no batteries, and sounds pretty dang good for $60.

  7. I like your recommendations. I have a Rode Video Mic Pro and I like it but most of the time I reach for my Panasonic DMW MS2. If you are using a Panasonic camera it is more flexible (stereo ambient or shotgun) it packs better, it is more robust, and you don't have to worry about batteries. Gerry in Calgary.

  8. Is there a better mic than the rode videomic pro for on camera use? What is the next step up? Preferably something that still uses the 3.5mm jack instead of an XLR.

  9. Saw you on ThinkMediaTV and was curious on your tutorials because I just started editing videos. Thank you for the tips, there very helpful ! I have a question. I have a canon powershot sx20is but curious on buying a sony a6000. Should I stick with canons or try something different?

  10. hi , there , Thank you for useful video, I have a quick question: does any of these three options cover the auto lens- focusing noise ? Because that's my major issue. I am just starting with video adventure. Thank you so much, best Agata
    Ps: Are you Polish? the last name sounds like it 🙂

  11. Your lighting looks so natural! If you had to give a real quick answer, how do you set up? I would love to know! Thanks!

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