100 thoughts on “What’s The Best Cheese For Your Burger? (TEST)

  1. American Cheese isn't even cheese!!! It's a grotesque abomination of manufactured chemicals. The packaging can't even say "cheese" on the label.

  2. American "cheese" isn't even real cheese, it's a factory processed "cheese" food and shouldn't even be included.

  3. Why did i think that at 0:12 link was gonna sing I AM A GOOD BOY? Hahahaha i forreal sang with him 😂😂 if you know you know

  4. Cheddar being eliminated is the greatest injustice of this channel. It is a travesty Rhett and link and the crew have utterly lost my respect. This video does not deserve the title of "What's The Best Cheese For Your Burger?" it is a complete and utter farce. This is just another example of how giving control of your show over to your crew is driving it downhill. Good day sirs

  5. So the end result was just keep yellow American cheese in the fridge and you'll have a good to great burger…especially if link gave a normal rating on the last burger acting like the last one was trash…just keep the same cheese you always do in your fridge at home lol

  6. im from the UK and Cheshire cheese is the best here you guys should try its awesome , it's creamy and just awesome on ham sandwich melted or cold (melted is my fave) 😀

  7. I've been ordering jacks double jacks with swiss cheese instead of american for awhile now. Pretty good! Now if they only had gouda…

  8. I love you guys, but honestly your taste in food in questionable to say the least, I rarely agree with your choices, you like sweet waxy American? C'mon, Cheddar is the best on a burger, and the brand also matters Tillamook for the win.

  9. I was basically done with this as soon as chevre and mozzarella were chosen over swiss (the best option for ANY burger), and cheddar.

  10. Griddle is NOT even close to as amazing as a charcoal grilled burger. You both need your man card revoked and deserve a punch in the face.

  11. Its impossible you didnt put cheddar and you put chevre and buffalo motz what are you're taste buds

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