WHAT’S ON MY IPHONE XS MAX 2019! I rearranged my apps AGAIN…

WHAT’S ON MY IPHONE XS MAX 2019! I rearranged my apps AGAIN…

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hello everyone and welcome back to the self-made CEO podcast to the self-made
CEO podcast I’m your host Adrienne Finch you didn’t
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and now back to the video you actually wanted to watch hi guys welcome back to my channel hello
hi how are you doing in today’s video I’m gonna show you guys another updated
what is on my iPhone 10’s max I’ve been getting so many questions like am I
getting – 11 am I getting the new an iPhone am I getting the new iPhone this
honestly is like the first time that I don’t necessarily have plans to get the
new iPhone if you guys have been watching my videos for the past few
years I’ve always get the new ones and I make a bunch of videos about it but I
don’t know there’s something about this time that I just don’t feel like it’s
that different I really love the phone that I have and I feel like I don’t need
to get the new one but please feel free to like give me suggestions down below
if you think I need the new one then tell me why because I’m really open to
it I was just away this weekend and one of
the guys had the new phone and the camera was cool I mean my camera is
really good but I like said they had the wide-angle lens but like if that’s the
only thing pulling me to the phone I don’t know if I need to get it but
anyway I just recently had another monthly mental breakdown about my iPhone
apps and decided to rearrange all of them completely and this time I finally
found a strategy that I actually really like I’m gonna show you guys basically
what is on my phone how I reached my apps I think it’s a really creative way
I actually talked about this in my seven creative iPhone app organization styles
videos and I chose one of the ways that I talked about in that video so I’m
going to show you guys without further ado how I’ve organized my iPhone apps
let’s just get right into it okay so before I show you guys how I arranged my
iPhone apps here is what it looks like before so as you can see I basically
just had the most important things on the front opening homepage like all the
things that I use on the daily and then as you scroll through I kind of had a
mixture of folders that like group apps together by category and I also just had
random stuff wait around this was okay for a while especially once you memorize
where everything is it’s pretty easy but I knew that I could be more productive
and have them arranged a lot better and just it just felt a little bit cluttered
okay so the very first thing that I did is I deleted apps that I don’t need
anymore so just go through your phone and get rid of anything that you really
don’t need because I found that I had a lot of apps that I forgot that they even
did especially photo editing apps I feel like I had so many and some of them I
was like is this even helpful do I even use this to leave the ones who don’t use
next I basically wrote out all the categories of apps that I’m
oh that I want these are the categories that I wrote down editing so video and
photo editing apps money social media fitness and wellness food travel
shopping planning work so let me tell you this actually took me a lot longer
than I anticipated but we’re just gonna get right into it
so this is an overview here’s the first page here’s the second page and here’s
the third page now I decided to make my background very minimal I just feel like
lately I’ve just really needed again to declutter my life so I wanted a minimal
background and I actually just saved a bunch of minimal ones I went on
Pinterest and just searched minimal iPhone wallpaper and saved a bunch so on
my home page again I keep the stuff that I use all the time but I also kind of
did a combination of using the folder so basically okay I forget what I called
this folding method I think I might have called it like shelving or something but
basically what it means is that on the very left side I have a folder with all
the apps that like fit that category and then the three apps directly to the
right of it are the three that I use the most often or the most frequently that
way they’re just like more accessible to me they’re right there I don’t have to
go into a folder and search for them so here are my homepage the top two rows
are the things that I all the time use like every single day multiple times a
day and I know that and they’ve been here for a really long time so calendar
photos camera maps settings clock which will be timer or alarm clock ways and
notes the next row I used to have like three different photo editing folders I
finally combined them all into one so I just have this it’s the editing side and
I actually did arrange these apps in somewhat in the order of like which ones
I would use most frequently that aren’t the ones out of the folders like this
first page right here is definitely what I would use the most outside of the
three to the side so the three that I use the most are teza Lightroom and the
SEO so actually Lightroom is probably the one I use the most edit photos then
visco then Tessa but I did kind of try to do this weird like red like rainbow
color coordination thing it kind of didn’t work but I just decided to put
the white apps on the right those are the ones I use the most so on lightroom
i love to buy presets that are sold on etsy because they have so many presets
and they’re like four dollars instead of like eighty so if you can see here this
was a birthday sign that posted or that I put it my friends work
so this is what the photo looked like before and then this is the after I went
on to Pinterest and bought these presets for like $4 you can like find different
packs I have a couple different packs vintage and then visco and then teza is
also a great one and so is color tone and then these are all the ones that I
would use for like other things but I’m not gonna get too super into that cuz I
could do a whole separate video on how I added my photos if you guys want ok the
next room I had the biggest trouble kind of figuring out what to call it because
it’s sort of a combination of things so I decided to call it Instagram and
YouTube planning first we have the preview app I want to tell you guys
about this because in the past I’ve used two other types of apps
bounnam and plan no Lee and like both just like unum was great until it kind
of stopped working for me I don’t know why the app got weird and then plan Olli
was fine but like I didn’t like that you couldn’t view the posts and like
rearrange them you had to schedule them in order to see them in order it was
weird so preview basically just loads your
entire Instagram feed of what’s already posted on there and then same as the
other ones you can basically add any photo from your library into here and
like see how it would fit into your feet and you can rearrange them like if you
add another photo you can like rearrange these and I really love it air table is
what I use to plan all my content I’m actually thinking of making an entire
video just about how its fan content basically there are these templates
where I can completely plan all the content that I have so I have my
self-made CEO content calendars I have the Instagram and the podcast calendar
and I have my YouTube and my personal Instagram so I really don’t like the
mobile version I honestly preferred the desktop version but just to give you a
little bit of a preview because I don’t like the way that it’s laid out here but
essentially I have like my video tracker so when I click on one it’ll say like
the video title what day I want to upload it I can put the thumbnail I can
put the platform this is more just for my own organization and for planning
like I have video ideas here and there in different categories again I don’t
like how it’s laid out here I’ll show you right here on the screen what the
desktop version looks like I love this it helps keep me organized and it also
helps for when I eventually maybe have a team or people or an editor helping me
but I love your table and then unfold is what I use for my Instagram stories
sometimes you guys have been asking a lot about these like what app this is so
this is called unfold and basically all it is is you can click
on oh they read it how you see it that’s cool
so you can click on a template and then it’ll ask you to choose two photos so
let’s just say this photo and this photo and then you can like choose which way
you arrange them I don’t know if this is literally random background color we you
can like do whatever you want so they have a ton of different options for this
which I love I just consider that planning out because it’s kind of me
like planning out my stories and then in the folder over here I have spark post
which is Adobe spark if you guys do any sort of graphic design for social media
for someone else’s company spark post is literally so awesome because you plug in
your branding your colors your font your logo and then right away it’ll just
customize everything to be what you need for your brand and then I have my IG
captions this is a random website I found so long ago that actually works
for having line breaks in between your captions so I actually just saved this
browser as an app and then put it in this folder then I have like the YouTube
studio and the other ones I don’t really use but I didn’t know where to put them
so yeah again I just have the three most important ones on the side and then the
bottom row I didn’t really know there weren’t enough to categorize into
folders but these four apps are like the social media and music and podcasts
obviously that I use the most so Instagram and YouTube are really the
only two social media platforms that I go on every single day I really don’t go
on Twitter or snapchat at all honestly podcasts I love listening to podcast and
then Spotify is where I listen to all my music stuff and then of course in the
doc we have my messages calls email and Safari I have toyed around with whether
I want to use Chrome or Safari Chrome saves all my passwords but sort of
Safari but like if I’m on my computer Chrome will save the password and then
it’ll also save here which is nice but anyway moving on to page number two so
on page two we have all folders and using this same strategy so I have my
social media so the three that I would I guess use most frequently behind the
ones that are on the first page are Facebook Twitter and Pinterest I’m
obsessed with Pinterest like super obsessed the next row is work so here I
just have like Google Docs and things like that so I use the most my Google
Drive there’s Chrome and then files is
basically like my desktop on my computer but here which is super nice because
sometimes I’ll save a thumbnail like to my computer and then I’ll forget to send
it to myself so if I need to upload or change anything right from my phone I
can on files that’s really nice next I have
my fitness and wellness folder so this is all either workout apps or meditation
apps heart health all that my doctor’s app and like also my Apple watch app
because I usually use it just for fitness and then I have the Basecamp
app which is the gym I go to activity which is super nice activity is like it
tracks on my watch so if I do workout it’ll track my activity you can also
hold yourself accountable by like sharing your activity with friends so
that you can see like how much you guys all have been working out and it’s just
kind of cool mind body is an app that I use to book my workout classes for the
gym Basecamp that I go to uses my body so those are the three that I use them
most frequently the next row is food one of my favorite rows obviously the most
frequently and I use post mates ubereats or door – those are all food delivery
apps I also have some like grocery delivery apps Prime now if you have
Amazon Prime does free two-hour delivery over I think $40 or something and then
shift is also another grocery delivery app that I’m gonna be trying out
actually take our promo code where I got free delivery for a year I think they’re
something crazy so all you guys know how that one goes and then next I have
travel and I definitely use uber lyft and bird probably the most but in here I
have booking apps for booking flights or hotels and I also have pretty much every
Airlines app that I’ve ever like used yeah and those I use less frequently so
I didn’t really put them in a proper order or anything but I just know that
they’re in there and then last but not least on this page
I have my money folder in my money folder are lots of different things some
are ways that I budget and track my own finances PayPal all of that stuff for my
taxes and my banking apps but then also there are things like tab and split wise
where it helps you to like split bills with friends if you’re out at dinner but
the ones I use the most frequently are Chase and Bank of America
those are my banks and then venmo because whenever I needs like pay
someone for something I just click on Vemma and then the last page is also
folders just continued so the first one is shopping and I basically in there
have a bunch of stores Best Buy I also have like apartments and zillow and
trulia because I’m weird and I love looking up like the price of houses and
what they look like and stuff I like love real estate not that I would do
anything with it but so as my top used ones I have do’t Amazon and Target and
by the way you guys if you didn’t know if you go to Target and you’re about to
shop there if you scan all of the things that you are like putting
in your cart it’ll tell you if an offer is coming up like if there’s a discount
it’ll tell you and then if you scan that at checkout it’ll give you those
discounts target like doesn’t tell you that this is a thing it doesn’t ask you
like for a card or for like a discount code so I recommend doing that every
time you’re at Target the next row is both watching and reading so like TV
apps and like Netflix all of that but also reading so audible which is like
audiobooks Kindle read it so I have Netflix Hulu and prime video as my top
three I honestly don’t really use these very much at all unless I’m on a plane
but I figure it’s on the last page like if I am on a plane then it’s cool that
they’re right there they look cool too and then I have music so I have these
random music apps I just like love messing around with beats and like remix
and songs to the ones that I definitely used the most art GarageBand and Shazam
is like obviously if you hear a song in public and you won’t know what it is you
can Shazam it and then I have an app called bands in town and that tells me
like when artists that I like are coming to play a show in town or anywhere near
me which is really cool so I like have some really started getting into going
to concerts and I just love it and then last but not least is literally just a
random row it’s extra stuff so there’s all these things that come with the
iPhone again like Eventbrite which I don’t use that frequently these are
organized in zero order whatsoever and then I have my lights which these
control my LED strips and my side lamps that have different colors so that’s
cool and then my wallet which I use for basically my credit card but also like
all my plane tickets are always in there which is super cool and then I have the
NFL app because I’m trying to actually care this season I’ve been watching
football on Sundays and trying to character lot of my friends care so I’m
like totally I care too yeah so yeah you guys said that is what’s on my iPhone
right now I hope that you guys enjoyed it I’m like really excited to have it
arranged like this I feel like it’s pretty aesthetically pleasing and also I
don’t know what feels more organized the next thing I need to definitely do is go
through all my apps and turn off notifications for ones that I don’t need
them for because it drives me insane seeing all these badges I just I can’t
that is that I hope you guys like it remember that you can check out my vlog
channel and my podcast everything of mine is linked below all my social media
and let me know in the comments if you think I should be getting the iPhone 11
Pro or whatever the one you think I should be getting is or if I should
stick with this so far I mean I’m perfectly satisfied with this
so we’ll see anyway thank you guys so much for watching I’ll see you in my
next video bye

44 thoughts on “WHAT’S ON MY IPHONE XS MAX 2019! I rearranged my apps AGAIN…

  1. Yayyy another what’s on my phone video from Adrienne 🤙 honestly I love these kind of videos so it’s perfect that you upload a video like this every 4th (?!)video 😂👍❤️

  2. just got the 11 pro max a few days ago.. the battery life is AMAZING and the camera is such an improvement. overall such a great phone

  3. People: the red badges give me anxiety 😩
    Me: YOU HAVE TO MANY APPS 🥴😖😭😳😰 (i have 75 apps and i kinda want to get rid of some even though i use them all, simply because it feels like a lot.

  4. I got the 11 pro today in mail and coming from the X. I haven’t open yet cause my husbands didn’t come to and I feel bad 🤣

  5. 2020 iphone should considered it sucks they call it pro and comes 64 gb and few more things battery and camera only good things

  6. If u had google pixel or samsung i think you could really made great customization and put apps anywhere u want seen some epic setups on youtube on android phones

  7. I'm the same way, I always love getting the new iPhones. I had the original X when it came out and I did love the design, just not the size. I wish they made the X a "Max" or Plus size version from the beginning, and had other plans for the XS besides the size. It would have saved me money in the end from buying a new phone a year later, but we all know why Apple does do that; for the money. I love the concept of the camera but as far as I've seen there are no other differences which I feel like there should be considering it's a new branded name phone, the 11. So I have to agree with you, I'm not so sure on the new phone. Plus, I like the glass back on the XS, just makes it more luxurious in my opinion.. and the camera design in the 11 is a little too chunky lol. Anyways, enough ranting I just love iPhone stuff as much as you do! I love your tech videos, I feel like we need more tech girls out here on the tube. 😊📱💟

  8. Hi. Adrienne @adriennefinch. thanks for always bringing us the very best. I love the way you arranged everything. May I kindly ask does unfold let you pick a video and a picture as part of a collage on one page of instastory? Congratulations on your new vlog channel. God bless and happy weekend.

  9. Honestly you don’t need to get it you can easily take a wide photo with a camera app that comes out maybe neater and better the iPhone 11 and iPhone XS or IPhone XS Max is basically the same thing as a 11

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