What’s on My iPhone X – 2018 Edition

What’s on My iPhone X – 2018 Edition

– I’m gonna be honest here. When it comes to my work, if I were forced to choose
between my laptop and my iPhone, I would absolutely choose my laptop. This is where the majority
of my high-quality, high-intensity work gets done. That being said, my iPhone has become a bigger part of my
workflow in recent months and it’s definitely a
big part of my lifestyle. So, given that, and the fact that you guys have been
asking me for an updated what’s on my iPhone video. Since I did one, I think
about three years ago, and haven’t really talked
about it since then, I figured we should revisit the topic. The first thing that
I’m gonna mention here is that my home screen
really hasn’t changed in the 2 1/2 years since
I did that last video. I’m still using the four folders
at the top of the screen, Work, Play, Go and Sift, which is where I keep everything, except for the most
important apps that I use most often in my workflow. So, let’s just go through the apps here. There’s a couple that are definitely not all that interesting, like Clock and Safari and Messages, so I’m not gonna talk
too much about those. But the first one we are
going to look quickly at is Notion. This is the app I have been looking for for a really long time because it is the Evernote replacement that I have always wanted. I’m a big fan of Evernote. I definitely still use
it for certain things, but, for a long time, Evernote has been lacking some features that I have really been wanting, such as markdown support, such as collaborative editing in real time and many other features that
I’d just really been wanting. And no other app really
could fit the bill either, because I am both a Windows and a Mac user and I needed the app to be
available on the iPhone. So, I’d been stuck on
Evernote for basically all of my research, scripting
and many other needs until I found Notion. Notion fits the bill for, basically, everything that I want to do when it comes to writing videos, when it comes to organizing a
lot of my work-related stuff, because it does all the stuff
that Evernote doesn’t do. It lets me write in markdown. It lets me use databases
like Airtable or like Excel. And it also lets me collaborate
with my team in real time. So this definitely earned
a place on my home screen. Next up is Pocket. So this is a great app for
saving articles on the web that you want to read later. And the great thing about this app is it can actually save articles for offline reading automatically. So, if I come across
an article on the web, I don’t have time to read it, I can save it to my Pocket. My phone will download it. And then, if I’m on a plane or if I just find myself
with a bit of downtime, I can open it. I can read those articles
at my own convenience and I don’t have to worry about the internet being available. Next up we’ve got Google Calendar. This has been a mainstay on
my home screen for many years and I definitely don’t see
it leaving anytime soon. I do have a video on
how, exactly, I use that. So, if you are curious, I’m gonna have that in the
description down below. Next to that we have Google Drive, which I have, basically, switched over to almost entirely from Dropbox. I think Dropbox and Drive
are pretty identical in terms of most features, but the reason we switched over to Drive is that we use the Google
Docs and Sheets apps quite a lot, and I actually think Drive is a better option for students as well because they have a $2-per-month plan that gets you a hundred
gigabytes, whereas with Dropbox, I believe you have to go straight up to that $10-per-month plan
to get the terabyte if you outgrow their free
tier, which many people will. Moving down to the
second row of apps here, first we have Tide, which
is my favorite Pomodoro app. If you haven’t heard of
the Pomodoro technique, essentially it is a productivity technique where you set the timer for 25 minutes and during that 25 minutes, you do absolutely nothing but one task that you have decided to work on. Now there are lots of
Pomodoro apps out there on the App Store. This is definitely not your only choice, but it is my favorite
one because it, actually, plays ambient music or
rain or nature noises while the timer is going. Next up, we have my to-do
list mainstay, Todoist. I’ve been using this
for quite a long time. Now I actually use an app called Asana for a lot of my professional to-do work, but I find the Asana app on the iPhone to be kind of a pain to use. So I generally stick to
using that on the desktop. With Todoist, I’ll often
build packing lists for if I’m traveling, or, I
think the most frequent use case for this app is actually our grocery list. So anytime me or my girlfriend run out of something in the kitchen, we can just tell our Amazon Echo to put it on our shopping list and the Echo app actually has
an integration with Todoist. Its shopping list can sync with Todoist, so whenever we tell it to put
something on the shopping list it’s gonna show up on Todoist as well. And that brings us over
to an app called Front, which is my email app of choice. Now there are a ton of
email apps out there, just as there are a ton of
to-do list apps out there. Front is, specifically,
a team-based email app. I use this now because
I actually have somebody who helps me go through my main [email protected]
email address just to help me save time. I didn’t wanna give them
access to my Gmail inbox. I didn’t wanna give them a password. So the great thing about Front is you can actually create a shared inbox and then you can assign team
members to specific emails. Another really nice feature of this app is you can actually have
comment conversations within any email thread without actually replying
to the person who emailed. So, if the person going through
my email has a question, they’re like, I don’t
know how to deal with this kind of question or this kind of an email, I can tell them. They can start getting smarter over time and that actually saves me a
lotta time in the long run. If you are not running a team, I don’t really recommend Front since it’s about 15 bucks
per month per team member. So if you are just a solo person wanting to find an email app, I would recommend either
the default mail app on iOS, or the Gmail app. Unfortunately, there’s not an
app that can make me lattes. Next up we got Twitter and Instagram. Not a whole lot to say
about Twitter and Instagram other than the fact that I am on them and I’m especially active on Instagram. So if you have not followed
me either platform yet, I am tomfrankly on both of them and I will have links in
the description down below and I will especially encourage you to follow me on Instagram because I will be doing a
lot more content on IGTV, which just launched, as well as the stories
and the normal feed. Next up we have one of my absolutely favorite
apps in the world, Habitca. This is my habit tracker of choice. It is the subject of one of my very first
videos on this channel, and it, essentially,
gamifies habit building. You actually get a little character, and as you check off your
daily habits every single day, you get experience points, you level up, you can go on quests. And my favorite part of the app is that you can actually
team up with other people, put them in your party, and
then go on quests together. The best part about this is if you don’t do your
habits on a certain day, you’re gonna take damage,
but your friends’ characters in your party will take damage as well. So there’s some nice
accountability built into the app. Speaking of accountability, one way that I keep myself
accountable with my daily habits is I actually post a
screenshot of my habit streaks every week on my Instagram Story. So there’s another reason to follow. Next up we have Strava, which is an amazing app
for cyclists and runners who want to track those stats
and get better over time. I am not a runner, but I am a cyclist and right now my goal,
at least for the summer, is to cycle 50 miles every single week. So I use Strava to track that. Basically, just bring my phone
with me on each bike ride. It can show you where you went. It gives you kind of a map
view of your entire route. You can actually pre-build routes and then have it give you directions if you want to go on a
specific route in your city. And it gives you tons of stats, including your average speed,
your distance traveled, your elevation change,
all kinds of great stuff. In addition to Strava, I do have one other fitness-related
app on my home screen, which is called Fitbod. This is the app that I use
to track my lifting stats whenever I go to the gym. There are tons of these out here, but the reason I selected Fitbod is, it is one of the only apps out there that actually integrates with Strava. The reason that I wanted to do that is, I want Strava to be kind
of like a central hub for all of my workout data. So, every time I go to the gym and I track my fitness stats with Fitbod, it ports that data over to Strava and it shows up in my feed,
along with my cycling routes. In addition to that Strava integration, Fitbod is pretty cool,
because it actually has some artificial intelligence built into it that can use the data you give it to generate workouts for you. So if you’re the kind of person who wants to get some variety
into your gym schedule, and you don’t wanna build your own manually-structured
workout program, then this can be a pretty cool app to use. That being said, it does have
a monthly subscription cost. There is absolutely no free tier. So, if you are looking for
something that is free, I would look into something
like Fitocracy instead. Fitocracy is a little bit like Habitica. It has some gamified elements. But it’s also free and
it is just a great way to track your workout stats. Next up, Google Maps. Not a whole lot to say about that. It’s Google Maps. But, the one after that
is pretty interesting. Scanbot has been on my
phone for quite a while, because it makes keeping track of my
receipts and other documents really, really easy. As a business person, I have to keep all of my
receipts for tax reasons, but, I don’t wanna be
shoving them into a folder and having to keep them physically at all, and I also don’t wanna
have to take out a picture or use a scanner or do
something that they did back in the 1980s. So, with Scanbot, you can actually just point
your phone at any document. It will automatically detect
where the document is, and it will take a scan of it, then automatically upload it to, basically, wherever you want. In my case, Evernote. Beyond just receipts, another great use case for
Scanbot, if you’re a student, would be to scan your notes and send them to Evernote, because, since Evernote has
optical character recognition, you could hand write your notes in class, send them to an Evernote Notebook and make them searchable. Next up we have Slack,
which, in my opinion, is probably the best team
communication app out there that exists. We’ve also got Audible, which is where I personally get all of my audiobooks. I would say that audiobooks actually make up about half of my
quote, unquote, reading time. And we have Snapseed. So, because I am using
Instagram a lot more often now, I’m also finding myself
editing photos on my phone. I’m actually gonna talk
about Snapseed and Splice, the app right next to
it, kind of together. So, Snapseed is just a more-capable
Instagram editing tool, I would say. Instagram has editing tools, but Snapseed has better editing tools. So I use that for a lotta the photos that I post on Instagram. Splice is what I use to
edit Instagram Story. So if you guys see me playing
guitar in an Instagram Story, I definitely didn’t put
the hands-free mode on and get a perfect take in 15 seconds. I probably recorded for two
or three minutes at least and then I bring the video into Splice. I can zoom in. I can add the edits to it. It’s just a little bit better of an editor with more capabilities than
the standard iOS Photos app. We’ve also got an app
called Guitar Tuna on here, which is a guitar tuner. I do have a real tuner on my good guitar, but I also have a cheap guitar that sits on a stand in my living room. It’s really easy to pick
up and play at all times. I don’t have a tuner on that. I also don’t have tuners on
guitars at friends’ places, that I like to pick up and play sometimes. So having a guitar tuner on my home screen is just really convenient. All right, so we got Clock, we have Safari, we have Messages. All of those are boring. You probably know what all of those do. This app right here is
called Pocket Casts. This is my podcast player of choice. I know that iOS has a
built-in podcasts app that does actually work quite well, but I’ve been using Pocket
Casts for many years, and they keep upgrading it,
keep adding new features, and I really like how
your main podcasts screen that shows all the shows
that you are subscribed to, is just this really cool-looking
mosaic of shows there. So, I keep using this one, though, if you don’t wanna pay for a podcast app, and I don’t blame you, I would
just use the default one. And, of course, if you’re
getting into podcasts, and you were looking for
shows to subscribe to, I actually have two of my own, the College Info Geek Podcast and Listen Money Matters, which is a personal finance podcast and I’ll have those linked in
the description down below. And last, but not least,
on the home screen here, we have Spotify. I’m sure all of you
know what Spotify does. The one thing that I will mention on here is that I’ve been building
out a few playlists that I’d like to share with you guys. So I do have a Spotify version of my Ultimate Study Music Playlist along with a Work Vibes playlist, that is, not really quite
tailored for studying, but is tailored for
just getting work done, work that doesn’t require a whole lot of intense
focus or creativity. And I also have my workout
playlist on Spotify. One app that’s not on my
home screen on this phone that I do wanna talk about
is one called Frame.io because I’ve, just recently,
started working with an editor in my videos and this
app is making my life so much easier because it enables just incredible
collaboration with video editors. And, since I will be hiring
an animator for my channel, at some point in the near future, as well, it’s about to get even more useful. Speaking of animators, I am definitely not the
only person out there who is looking for one. I know lots of businesses and YouTubers who are looking to add
animators to their team, so this is a great
skillset to learn in 2018. And, luckily, it’s actually a skillset that you can pretty
easily learn on your own. A great place to start would
be this motion graphics course over on Skillshare, which
is actually created by one of the senior motion designers at the Kurzgesagt channel here on YouTube. Skillshare is also just a great place to learn lots of other skills, from marketing to web
development to photography. They’ve got over 20,000
courses in their library, most of which have hands-on projects that you could use to
build your skills actively and submit for feedback within the class. And Skillshare is also
a lot more affordable than most of the other online
learning platforms out there, with unlimited access to the library, costing about as much as
a Netflix subscription, but, of course, a lot more useful. What’s best, you can actually
get a two-month free trial with unlimited access to their platform by going to the link in
the description down below and signing up. And doing so, will also
help support this channel. So, if you wanna start
improving your skillset today, whether it’s in animation
or in anything else, definitely give that
link a click and sign up. And I do wanna give a
big thanks to Skillshare for sponsoring this video and being a big supporter of this channel. If you guys enjoyed this video, a like is definitely appreciated. You can also subscribe right there if you don’t wanna miss
out on future videos. Otherwise, you can click right here for one additional video on this channel. Thanks for watching and I
will see you in the next one.

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