What’s In My Burrito? (GAME)

What’s In My Burrito? (GAME)

– Who’s gonna eat a worm burrito? – Did you say warm? – No, I said worm. – Let’s talk about that. (lively music) ♪ Good Mythical Morning ♪ – We’re going on tour to bring our comedy and music to your town! We got shows at September and November all over the Southeast,
Southwest, and a few other spots. Get tickets now at RhettAndLinkLive.com before they’re all gone! – Today episode, it’s gonna
be a little bit different but in all the best ways possible. Here’s why. We created an entire
game around the interest of today’s scheduled guest,
our friend David Dobrik! (cast and crew applauds and cheers) However, something came up last minute and David had to reschedule. – Now, we are very excited to have David on GMM sometime
soon but in the meantime, we still got a show to do. And like the old saying goes, when one David drops out,
another David pops out. Oh! (laughs) You know that. The good news is we do have a David here who works here as part
of our Mythical team. It’s David Hill! Get out here, David!
(everyone applauds and cheers) – [Crew Member] Go David! – Oh yeah. – Thanks for being a David. – Ah, thanks.
– Okay. – Thanks for having me. It’s great to be at the
front desk instead of behind. (Rhett laughs) Okay, we’re not gonna
change a single thing about what we’ve planned for this episode. David Dobrik loves burritos, so we made a game about burritos, which we’re gonna play
with you, David Hill. – All right. – Only difference is the last
name, no other differences. – Okay. – Um, do you like burritos? – Yes, I didn’t eat breakfast
today so I’m psyched up. – You’re hungry.
– I am, I am. – You need breakfast burritos. – Yeah. – Well now we’ll see how you’re
feeling about burritos after we played this game because it’s all full of rice beans and bad ideas. It’s time for three burritos
sitting on some plates, two we’ll love and one we’ll hate. – Welcome to zona neato de burrito. – All right, in every round
the dealer is going to deal three burritos, two are
normal and one is nasty, and then you guys who are,
I’ll be the dealer first, you’re gonna have the
opportunity to switch however you want to. – Yeah and then the players in each round will have the opportunity
to use one lifeline that can be the sniffy, where we’re able to sniff the burrito, the stiffy, where we can poke the burrito with a stiff finger or the iffy which is when
we can ask the dealer to tell us if he is iffy about it. – Yeah, that’s gonna help. – All right, let’s bring
out those burritos. – [Group] Round one. – Okay, I have three
burritos in front of me. I know that one of these
burritos is filled with Play-Doh. The other two are just regular
old breakfast burritos, – That salty preschool’s treat. Do you like Play-Doh? Oh gosh, what are you doing? – No, nope. – You’re doing some sort
of shell game situation which is meaningless to us. You may only be– – Confusing myself? – Confusing yourself,
which is a little scary. – All right, David Dobrik, I mean Hill, what are you feeling at this point? – Well, I think this
might be the Play-Doh one. – How long have you known this man? – For about two years. – Okay, I’ve known him longer than that. – [Rhett] Yep. – I think he probably has
the nasty in front of him because he knows we’re gonna switch. Of course there’s also a lifeline. You want to use a lifeline? – Yes. – Which one? – The stiffy. – Oh okay. – Okay, you don’t have
to use hand motions but. – So you guys can poke your burrito, but you can poke it one good poke. This is not a feel or caress. – Okay, here we go. – [Rhett] Okay, pull out. – Didn’t learn a lot, did you? – This, it could go either way. – Good, either way.
(audience laughs) – Because it has the ham and bacon. – Okay, I think you were about
to say that it’s Play-Doh, but then you realized you
didn’t want to tell me that because I’d be like, I think
you should keep that one. – I just started to
think about the textures of ham and bacon. – Yeah, I do that just occasionally. – [David] Because it could
be soft, it could be hard. – You know what I’m gonna do? I’m gonna say we shouldn’t
switch at all, man. I’m telling you, he
thinks we’re gonna switch. Let’s not, let’s just hold. – Hold, hold, all right. – [Link] You cool with that? – Yeah, I’m cool. – You know I’m just saying
that ’cause I’m your boss. – No no, not at all, I trust you. – (laughs) There’s a slight
conflict of interest here. – All right. – Okay now guys we have
to take a corn cob bite. We’re all gonna grab the burritos and bite in the middle because that’s the best way to get whatever the ingredients are. – [David] Oh, right in the middle? – All right, all at once. Three, two, one. – Mm. – That’s breakfast (laughs). Turn that around, show the people. – I should’ve rode on my own instincts. – Yeah, don’t, now you know. – Po for y’ll, po for ya’ll. – Don’t ever trust this guy. – [Group] Round two. – Two of these burritos
are tasty carne asada, but one of them is day-old seaweed. – [Rhett] Oh, the best kind. – [Link] And nothing else. – The best kind. – I’m talking jam-packed full of it. (imitates whip) Uh oh, okay. (imitates whip) – Okay?
– Okay. – I’m trying to get inside your mind. – A lot of room in there. – (laughs) I, uh, not
gonna argue with that. You know, statistically speaking, and this is what I was
thinking in the first round, I’ll just let you know what
my thought process was. – Okay. – Because there’s three of us and there’s only one nasty burrito, statistically, I give
myself the best chance at not eating the nasty burrito if I don’t start with the burrito, because there’s a higher chance that it’ll be in another place. – So the opposite of
what I thought about you. – Right, but I don’t think
that you think like that. – Obviously I didn’t,
in the previous round. – But would you also then
again give the burrito to David after feeling a little bit bad about what you put him
through in the first round. – I didn’t put David through anything. We made a collective choice. – I think you used your–
– Are you blaming me? – No. – You should, listen, he used his executive privilege. – [Link] Who are you blaming? – He used his executive privileges. He did, he stepped in as
your boss and I saw it. It bordered on intimidation. – Who made you eat the burrito? – I’m wondering if both of
them are scheming against me. – Hey I’m not, man. We’re all on the same team here. – I’m losing trust, that’s all. – We’re on team carne asada. – I’m always on your side. – I feel like Link has done
what he suspected me of doing. – I think ’cause it’s my first time, they’re trying to get
me on all three rounds. – Who’s they? – Y’all. – (laughs) Okay, so you
think you’ve got it. If you think you got it, you
know what you ought to do? If you think you have it
and I think he has it, you just switch with him and
I feel like I’ll be okay. – He doesn’t know anything. He knows nothing more than you do. – You should use a lifeline, though. Why don’t you use the iffy lifeline? – Iffy, ’cause I’m iffy on both these. – And ask Link a question. – See, we made him so paranoid. – I don’t know anything. The premise of the game
is that I don’t know. – Yeah, he doesn’t know that. – I don’t know, only he knows. – You know what, at this
point, I don’t know if I know. – Ask him a question. – Are you iffy about
the one in front of you? – Yes, are you iffy about
the one in front of you? – You can’t ask questions, dealer. (audience laughs) – I’m on the fence. – I think he’s got the bad one. Let’s just switch ours ’cause maybe you’ve got better carne asada, maybe I’ve got better carne
asada than you, you know. You want to do that? – Sounds like a good deal. – Yeah, I mean that’s like. – David, it seems like you’re just doing whatever he tells you to do. (Rhett laughs) I mean, I’m not even playing the game. I’m just making an observation. – Well, I mean you’ve got the seaweed. – All right, let’s eat, here we go. (audience laughs) – That’s carne asada. – David! (Rhett laughs) – [Group] Round three. – Two of these have cheese and
beans and one has earthworms. – Earthworms? – Someone’s gonna be
eating earthworm Jim today. – Not a sponsor. – Who will it be? – Okay, so you want to move them around, you want to deal it. – Everybody watch closely, watch closely. All the viewers, anybody
have a zoom in on this. I’m for the post team to
add music to this one. Do me a solid Casey, do me a solid. Help me out here, help me out. – Do you know where the earthworms are? – It’s a gamble. – All right.
– All right. Here’s the deal, here’s the deal. Did he keep track of the worms
through that whole charade, or is he just throwing caution to the wind for the sake of entertainment value? – I would say that it
was in his best interest to keep track of the worms. – I was looking at his eyes, man. They were out here. – Yeah I know, but there
was also hands involved. I feel like, it’s just three things, you’re not moving that fast. I mean, I think he still
knows where it’s at. – I’m not saying I don’t
think you could do it, David. I know I couldn’t do what
you did and keep track. – Yeah, yeah, yeah, I feel like I could, so I think that he can as well. I think he knows where it’s at. I don’t think he threw
caution to the wind. I think he wanted us to think
he threw caution to the wind because then our pontification
would mean nothing. It would just be empty blathering. – Would you like to use a lifeline? – What do we got left? We got the sniffy.
– The sniffy. – All right – Don’t grab the burrito,
you got to grab the thing, because I wanted this to be fair, you gotta grab the plate. – The thing, yeah. – You get one sniff, one sniff. – One sniff.
– One sniff. – Like one lungful,
like (breathes deeply). – Like (sniffs) just a (sniffs). – I gotta watch you sniffin’ this thing. – Hey listen, if I if I smell worms, I’m not gonna give it to you. – Are you? – Or can you? – There is no trust at this table. We’ve established that. – Your palate has been compromised over the past two seasons
I’ve been here, mm. – Long before that. – Let’s sniff. – That’s it. – You know what I smelled? Tortilla (laughs). – I smelled lots of tortillas. – I smelled straight-up, I got absolutely nothing from that. I mean I’m being 100% honest. I smell tortilla. – Yeah, me too. – But I’ll switch with you (laughs). – I know I don’t trust him but I also know that I
only smelled tortilla, so I think he’s being truthful about that. – [Rhett] Yeah. – Would he risk having it there and us not switching with him. – Well, here’s what I think happened. I described a certain
way of thinking about it, which then you did the
complete opposite of that, so he had to then make a choice, am I going to play into the
way that Rhett described it, or the way that Link did it, so the the worm burrito
is either in front of him or it is not in front of him. – Yeah, you’ve blown a lot of hot air. I think, simply put, that he didn’t put the worms in front of himself, as you explained with the
odds from the last round. – So would you like to switch with him? – No, I’m thinking do I
need to switch with you? – Ah oh man. – I want to switch with him. – Oh no. – And then I can make a decision if I want to switch with him
after you switch with him. – Oh no, oh no. – That would be a new rule. – I mean if we all agree on that. – and I’m the dealer so. – You know you can’t do
anything at this point. We can switch these–
– We can’t switch twice? – Can we switch them and is it just one? Can we only switch once?
– Just one switch? – Is it just one switch, is that the rule? – [Stevie] One switch is the rule. – Yeah!
– One switch is the rule. – All right, so he only
wants us to switch once, and because I said that I
was gonna switch with him that must be what he wants, so I’m gonna switch with you. Boom, David. – Sure. – I got a fake tie on. I’m all right, I’m all right with this. I’m okay with this. – It’s too late, we’ve already switched. All right your eyebrows
are dancing, you’re lying. (Rhett laughs) – All right, let’s dig in. – Grab your burrito and
take a big ol’ bite. – Eat it, David. (Link retches) – Woo! (Rhett laughs) (air horn honks) – Air horn, we’re doing air horn. – I love beans and cheese. – Air horn, add that, Casey. (Link coughs) – There’s something about
beans and cheese together. – Yeah, compliments to the chefs. – I only think I got one
worm actually in my mouth, that’s more than enough. So, did you know that
you gave Rhett the worms, or were you just totally
randoming this thing? – Mm-hmm, yeah, can’t say, chaos theory. – Oh yes, chaos theory. Thanks for joining us, David, and make sure you check out
David Dobrik’s YouTube channel. We hear it’s pretty popular. – Ah, and we will be sure
to check out David Hill kicking butt around the halls of Mythical every Monday through Friday. Thanks for liking,
commenting, and subscribing. – Now you say, you know what time it is? – You know what time it is. – [Group] It’s Mythical
beasts going on 2019, it’s time to spin the
Wheel of Mythicality. Woo! – Woo-hoo!
– Good lookin’ group! – Thanks for coming by the booth, guys. Click the top link to watch us play Chipot-yay or Chipot-nay with David in Good Mythical More – And to find out where
the Wheel of Mythicality is gonna land. And attention, Mythical Society members, lose a pen, need an extra badge? You can now re-up or
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