What To Do When You Run Out Of Ideas

What To Do When You Run Out Of Ideas

– I got an interesting question one of my fans is asking me. “Well, Dan, since you
upload so much content “on social media and you make “so many videos, do you ever run out “of ideas of what to
make and what to say?” (energetic music) (car engine revving) The answer is no, no. And the reason is actually
very, very simple. What we do when we make
a short video like this, it could be five, 10 minutes long, it’s actually very, very short. And in my, say, in my program
when I teach four, five hours, every week for over a
six, seven week period, so you think about for comparison that’s actually very
little when I’m sharing. Because when I’m sharing on social media, I have to keep the content more, that has a wider mass appeal that appeals to the most amount of people. So, most of the time,
a lot of things I share I keep it very, very basic. So imagine what we do, like this right, where it’s a short video
compared to what I do when I’m teaching, when
I’m teaching others, which we go much more in depth. Even after that much
depth, and if you actually talk to some of my students,
people who learn from me, entrepreneurs, professionals
who learn from me, and they will tell you,
as in depth as some of those training programs,
it’s like this much, maybe one percent of what I know. So, no, the answer is no,
I don’t run out of ideas. If anything, I have so many ideas, but sometimes on social media I cannot go too much in depth because
most people just won’t get it. They don’t understand
it, they have no context, and try to figure out solution in the five minute, 10 minute setting. It’s just not the quote
unquote best way to learn. So, I have to keep things at kindergarten level on social media, right? So, second, the way I look at this is very often, you give me ideas, you let me know what you want to know, you
let me know the questions, you ask me the questions, so I will take your requests, I will take your questions and turn that into ideas and content. So, because now we reach tens of millions of people every month, so we are getting a lot of ideas and different things. Oh, I could talk about this,
I could talk about that, that is something that you wanna know. I won’t run out of ideas either because of the feedback that we get. Number three, I’m
constantly learning, right? Sometimes you will see, even what I said a few years ago compared to
today, that I’m evolving, I’m learning all the time, all right. What used to work no longer works today. So, people has to stay up
to date of what’s happening. So, because I love to
learn, I love to read books, I’m constantly learning, so I am getting new ideas all the time that I could bring back
and kind of share with you. And I just share with you
what works in business, and what I believe is working today. So, because of that, I will
not run out of ideas either. So for those three reasons, running out of ideas are not my problem. My problem is actually
carving out the time to spend time with you, to create content to share my story, my message, my lessons. Time is actually a bigger
issue instead of ideas. And that’s why when we are in a car, when we’re going somewhere
that we’re filming Boss in the Bentley series
to have a conversation with you, to talk with you. So, any questions? Let me know, comment below. – I got my first Boom! Yes, I closed my first
program for my influencer, a new influencer. 1500 Euro, so it’s like
one million Canadian! No, I’m just kidding,
but it’s a lot more money in Canadian, so it’s 1.5K Euro program. So, I’m really happy about that. So, I want to share my
first boom with you. I want to say a huge thank you to Cefu, a thank you to Tina Liter and Desmond, you are a great team, all the team, all the HTC family for your support. So, thank you very much. – And by the way, make
sure you check out my new four part training series on How To Close. You’ll love this, this is like an in depth training, more than a five minute video. So, make sure to click the link below and check that out, you’ll love it. Until next time, I’ll
see you in my Bentley.

100 thoughts on “What To Do When You Run Out Of Ideas

  1. hey dan, I am 15 years old I am going to start a pod store what should I do if the store become successful

  2. I like the ideas you shared from "0" subs to "1000"… I started to apply in my YouTube channel… Thanks…

  3. Have an idea that you want me to make

    a video about? Want to ask me a question

    about business, life, or success?

    Comment below. I will consider making

    a video.

  4. I do struggle with this a times. Creating any good piece of content is hard, however what I've found to work for me is model what already works and apply the learn, do, teach formula. You can learn something new everyday. Apply it and then teach it

  5. Love your content bro but what will you call it if you decide to get a Rolls Royce or any other exotic? Boss in a Rolls Royce? Lol

  6. One takeaways

    Be constantly learning, growing, and evolving.

    That’s what life is all about! Growth.

  7. Should we master english if we want to become an entrepreneur? Coz in my country they dont use english and im not really good at english

  8. Hi I am 16 years old I have seen a lot of your video and will you make any advice video for even teenagers!

  9. I am commenting on the title alone. I'll watch in a minute…

    Running out of ideas? I crack up when I hear people say that. I have so many ideas on my back burner, with so many more coming in on a daily basis, I cannot imagine running out. It absolutely astounds me that people can actually "get bored" in life.

    Ok, now to feast…

  10. Make a video about "do not start a business first, get a job first, especially when you are young"

  11. Dan, I have seen lot of motivation video. But when these all idea apply into real life, it won't work somehow. I wanted to know that how we transfer anybody's motivation ideas into real life.

  12. Bearing in mind the social interaction and communication difficulties, what advice would you have for an Autistic person like myself?!?

  13. Video suggestion: What do you do when family members and friends ask you for money

    Relatively speaking I'm a pauper… I know of other family members who have a fairly good income, or myself who is known for always having at least some money, once people ask them for money (or a favor that cost money) once, and you say yes, they keep coming back. 😂 got return loaned money, call you selfish if you say no, it's like pulling teeth to get your money back.

  14. शतेषु जायते शूरः सहस्रेषु च पण्डितः ।

    वक्ता दशसहस्रेषु दाता भवति वा न वा ॥

    – व्यासस्मृति


    śateṣu jāyate śūraḥ sahasreṣu ca paṇḍitaḥ ।

    vaktā daśasahasreṣu dātā bhavati vā na vā ॥

    – vyāsasmṛti

    Meaning of the subhAShita:

    In a hundred a brave one is born, in a thousand a scholar, and in ten thousand an orator. Does a giver (even) exist or not?!


    Not everyone born is brave enough to tackle all kinds of tasks. People have phobias ranging from claustrophobia (fear of enclosed small spaces) to hydrophobia (fear of water) to a simple triskaidekaphobia (fear of number 13)! A very brave person is one in a hundred.

    Anyone can be educated, but a true scholar is one in a thousand.

    'Oration' is a skill in itself. One could be the most knowledgeable person, but when asked to present his ideas, he could become speechless! Someone hilariously once said, 'I'd rather be in the casket than give the Eulogy!' 🙂 Not everyone has the talent for public speaking. One in ten thousand is born a good orator.

    Then, the poet suspects if a true giver is born or not. A true giver is one who 'gives and forgets' without any prejudices. If such people are rarely born, then how can one write any statistics as to "one in how many is born?!"

    This is one verse where the poet would be pleased to be disproved! Being generous is a rare trait and unfortunately, not many people imbibe it. No one has ever become poor by giving. So, give!

  15. Hi! Dan Lok !

    What is the key or the best principles to be more effective in the less amount of time possible ?

    Thank you 💥💥

  16. The best thing is to change your point of view

    Changing your position from (closer) to (client)

    To understand what is going on in the prospect brain
    Be in his shoes

    A lesson learned lately and changed my life

  17. Hey dan, can you make a video for indie games developers, giving tips about the selling market ?
    [edit] it is a subject that conserns a lot of people… And we are seeing more and more people on social media discusting and addressing the dificulties of this issue.

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  20. #Danlok teach people entrepreneurship about manufacturing new innovative products based with technology and eco friendly.

  21. Easy Solutions for a lack of inspiration :
    – Anytime you have an idea, write it down somewhere. This way you have a Well of ideas when you got the white sheet of paper syndrome.
    – don't check the same stuff in the same domain all the time & broaden your horizon.

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    Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

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    By the way, I really like your ideas. Really interesting and Informative.

    Thanks Dan.

  36. I knew answer Dan would give would be no because he strikes me as the kind of person who learns something new everyday, great video Dan.

  37. Absolutely loved the talk, Sifu. Just one question: "What do you do when you exceed your mentor's success (when you get richer financially)." I'm not talking about getting a new mentor, but instead on what you, as a person, would do to that existing relationship. Thank you so much for sharing all the free content!

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