What is the Write Now Podcast?

What is the Write Now Podcast?

Hi. I’m Sarah Werner. I am the host, writer,
editor, producer… pretty much everything here at the Write Now podcast. The Write Now podcast is a podcast for aspiring
writers, and it gives you the time, energy, and courage you need to pursue your passion
and to write every day. Why do I do this? Mostly because I love to
talk. I started out as a blogger and I really wanted
to encourage people to look deep inside themselves and find that well of creativity. I believe that we are fundamentally all creative
beings. Whether you are in to pottery, dance, painting, cooking, fashion, writing… whatever
it is — I believe that you have something creative to give to the world. I noticed when I first started doing this
that most of the people I talked to said, “You know what, Sarah? I would love to draw.
I would love to paint. I would love to write. But unfortunately, I have a job that demands
10 hours of my time every day, I have three kids, my mother-in-law just moved in with
us, and my husband wants a divorce. So ha ha, I have no time. I have no time to create.” I looked at that, and I looked at my own life,
and I said, “How can I help people find that balance?” So that is why I created this podcast.
It is a friendly voice in your ear that reminds you that yeah — you have a lot to tell the
world. You have something in you that needs to come out (creatively speaking, of course). So with my podcast, you’ll find episodes such
as “Was I Meant To Be A Writer?” And my favorite one is called, “Fail A Lot.” What I do is I reach down into the depths
and the breadth of the creative process and, hopefully, I make it accessible for you so
that you can say, “Yes, I can schedule this in to my calendar. Yes, I can make time for
myself. Yes, I can do this thing I’ve always wanted to do, whether it’s finish a painting,
finish a novel, even write a poem.” So what I want to do is give you that time
back to yourself and encourage you to use it in ways that can help you grow and flourish
creatively. So thanks for listening. I’m Sarah Werner,
and you are awesome.

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  1. I love the podcast, BTW. Just found it when Google launched Podcasts on Google Music. Do you have any published literature, out there? Keep up the great work.

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