What Is Podcastage? (Channel Trailer)

What Is Podcastage? (Channel Trailer)

Greetings Earthlings! Greetings Earthlings! Greetings Earthlings! Greetings Earthlings! Greetings Earthlings! Greetings Earthlings! Greetings! and Hello! My name is Bandrew, and over here on the Podcastage channel, we’re crazy!! Do you like interface reviews?
We got those!! Do like microphones, too? We got those, also! Do you like camera reviews?
Meh… We don’t really have many of those. If you want to see more of what we got,
don’t forget to hit that subscribe button! Also, don’t forget to leave a comment letting me know what you want to see next! And I hope to see on Tuesday and Friday! Bye!

90 thoughts on “What Is Podcastage? (Channel Trailer)

  1. Bandrew I think that's how to spell it sorry if it's not your videos make my life better also I would love to see you review the ECOOPRO Studio Condenser Recording Microphone please

  2. Hey, my friend was looking for a Mic that fits his setups color red and black. I was thinking mxl tempo kr or shure mv5. there isn't a really in depth review of the mv5 that I liked so could you post one?

  3. After being subbed for about 4-5 months now, you have a channel trailer 😀 congratz on 10k subs though, I don't think I ever said that, and by the time you'll read this you'll probably be on 12k.

  4. I'm going to buy a new dynamic mic and I just want to know which is the best cheap dynamic mic. Hope u reply. By the way you are one my favorite tech channels. Your awesome

  5. Woahhhhhhh! He has another room in that apartment! It's like a whole new world! 😂

    Oh, and this video was more than likely sponsored by Coffee!

  6. I feel bad for laughing but I feel like this is supposed to be completely ironic, because this doesn't seem like your usual video personality at all

  7. Hi Podcastage i need help with my Microphone a Rode Procaster it does`t work and i have a mac mini i hear my voice coming from the left side if you could help me that would be cool i am looking for so many tutorials and it still does not work pls respond

  8. I have a request for a microphone review: M-Audio Nova or the M-Audio Sputnik. The Nova is only available in a studio bundle for $199, and the Sputnik can be easily found on Amazon.

  9. Podcastage – Okay I have a problem and a challenge – as I recently purchased a DJI Osmo mark two as a cell phone stabilizer which when using a Samsung g8+ block the 3.5mm mic input socket and the audio sucks from the on-camera mic — any help would be great…Thanks Mike

  10. So what mixer would you suggest.

    What i want to do is use it in a voice chat channel. Where i can hear the people talking to me. And i can hear my self talk. and at the same time if i play a song on the computer i can play it into the chat room (and still talk) and hear the music and me talking. I think they call that loop back. Oh and i want it USB hookup. and have phantom power any suggestions?

  11. I am looking for a better camera for streaming. I just watched your review from 2016 of the MEVO camera. I was not impressed with it. I was very impressed with the camera that was on you in the beginning though. I looks like the same video quality here and on your other videos. What camera are you using??

  12. hey there.. I'm trying to buy some cheap mics that works which doesn't sounded like i pinched my nose while talking through it. I noticed that most mics had that kind of problem when i tried it. Especially through a headset that comes with the mic.And also with noise canceling, it sounded more like i'm holding my breath while talking through a vacuum. I happened to found some funky designed mics that had some attractive price tags. With one looks like a viking horn such as this. https://shopee.com.my/YANMAI-Portable-Studio-roadcast-Microphone-with-Stand-Holder-i.27431344.679564241 and another one https://shopee.com.my/YANMAI-3.5mm-Plug-Adjustable-Studio-Broadcasting-Recording-Condenser-Microphone-i.27431344.784673278 . But i'm totally clueless if these mics could run normally on a 3.5m through my pc ? Or it's a must to have an amp or a phantom power.

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