What is it Like Being Bisexual? (Ft. Anna Akana) – Off The Pill Podcast #24

100 thoughts on “What is it Like Being Bisexual? (Ft. Anna Akana) – Off The Pill Podcast #24

  1. I love this episode,it discussed so many things that I have been wondering in my daily life.Thanks Ryan,thanks Anna,and David asked really good questions!!Thanks,Paco~I am a fan from China,I got so inspired from Ryan‘s vedios!Thanks Internet!!!

  2. Honestly these pod cast are good. I thought u wouldn’t like them, but I watched one and right as I know it 1 hour past

  3. Me:wow this is nice

    Me:she's bi and im straight but idc im not homophobic

    Me:she's ninja melk on table.
    Give me ninja melk

  4. “We’re so isolated every day. We’re not in the food chain anymore. So you just live this weird existence where you’re watching everyone’s best life on your screen and you’re alone in your fucking bedroom feeling like a loser. “

  5. Yes Ryan go see a therapist! It really is helpful to talk to someone professionally trained in helping you process your thoughts and feelings.

  6. I had never heard of her before, but i love her vibes! she seems a very hardworking, energetic, creative, multicolored but also analytical person!

  7. What’s it like being bisexual, lol. I always thought it was funny when people say, I’m not gay, I’m bi. If your a man and have sex with men, or a woman a have sex with women, guess what, your gay. I say to each there own. But for you to say I’m bisexual not gay, is like saying, man, woman, I don’t care, I’m a huge slut and fuck anything. That does not make you special, your still just gay, a gay slut.

  8. She used to look very sweet & cute ❤️when she was with ray William Johnson. Now she looks badass. 👩‍🎤

  9. Wanted to tell you Anna that your videos help me remember to stay on top of my emotional health!! Keep doing what you do!

  10. The thing they’re talking about around 19 minutes is called “call of the void” but is not the same thing as suicidal thoughts

  11. I wanna binge watch the entire podcast
    But now I realised that over a days worth of watchtime would be in order
    Dammit all

  12. David seriously so dense and awkward when it comes to the gay stuff…

    Constantly asking “since you’re bi, how do you choose which to date? Men it women????”

    Like dude obviously duh it just who you end up vibing and enjoying time with.

  13. My fave episode so far! I relate to Anna so much, she’s definitely someone I look up to now. She’s amazing

  14. This video actually inspired me to come out as a bisexual to my family. Thank you Bryan you still truly reamain as the most truthful youtuber on the platform. Dont worry we still remember when you were number one!

  15. It´s sad the fact that she says "has a woman you get used to a certain amount of danger"
    We need a society that is equal… the true feminism.

  16. I knew it! she had some Filipino in her blood.. I suppose it's her mom because in one of her videos, her mom speaks like a Pinay. 😀 😀

  17. Can someone slap David? His questions are so dumb and cringy. He need to research more before doing such stupid interviews.

  18. Yeah that's definitely me I am a creative but I have no organization… I have a love for vlogging but never could keep a schedule.if you have ADHD and it's pretty bad but I thinking of seeing a therapist who specializes in ADHD

  19. David's homophobia jumping out huh… Why he automatically thinking that Anna's crush on a girl was sexual… If Ryan talked about having a crush on a girl when HE was eleven David wouldn't be asking him about his sex drive… 🤔🤔🤔

  20. These podcasts are so cool to listen to when ur cleaning or just getting through boring tasks because it just makes everything more fun

  21. actually, iv knew anna from that I dare u video and since then iv always thanked Ryan for bringing her as a guest literally I saw all her videos in one day and since then iv been a big fan of her

  22. Damn these podcasts are actually really interesting and offer some great insights/perspectives. It's pretty cool how I used to like watching you for your comedy skits and now I'm enjoying your podcasts since we're both growing up. (Y)

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