What is a Podcast and How to listen to them

What is a Podcast and How to listen to them

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I’m here to talk to you about podcasting and what is a podcast full disclosure I
have my own podcast channel and as I was starting out and sharing it with friends
and family I noticed that a lot of them had no clue what I was talking about I
was kind of shocked about that because podcasts are pretty popular right now
grandma they’re not as big as YouTube but they aren’t very popular and you
hear about him everywhere and seems like everyone’s doing one so I’m kind of
shocked that no one knew about it but they didn’t but what is a podcast a
podcast is basically on-demand talk radio where you can get a lot of
different things you can get information there’s comedy current events whatever
you’re into you can probably find a podcast about it so the good thing about
a podcast is you can consume that content anywhere so say you’re at work
or you’re studying you can sit down put some earbuds in and go to town or say
you want to go for a run you like to exercise just pop in those Bluetooth
headphones and then enjoy and get lost in it or on the other hand say you’re
driving to work every morning or you’re on a long trip just sync up that phone
and listen to that podcast so there’s so many different things out there that you
can enjoy instead of maybe bending out in front of the TV you can pop in a
podcast maybe get more informed about something so who would not want that so
now that I’m done telling you about what is a podcast now we’re gonna talk about
how you listen to it cuz that’s the most important thing anyways though I can
only show you on an iPhone but it works pretty similar on a Android device as
well so you just have to find the right app there’s tons of them out there
there’s pretty standard apps from all the hosting sites like Spreaker
blueberry buy the iPhone podcasting app tons about their Google just came out
with one as well so I’ll link all those below or you can
download different apps they call them pod catchers one of the big ones is
pocket cast where you can do all sorts of crazy stuff like speed up the podcast
save it download it whenever you want it’ll automatically delete once you
listen to it and download the next one don’t any different options and all
these different apps that you can choose from you’re not tied to just one you can
consume your content anywhere it’s I Heart Radio Spotify some people put
their podcast on YouTube as well so there’s tons of ways to consume a
podcast unlike YouTube where you have to go to YouTube to listen to it you can
listen to your podcast anywhere on almost any application that you want
it’s all up to you and your preference alright I’ve said enough let’s get to
the app but first to what you want to do is find the app on your phone is this
the iPhone you want to find the podcast app though since iTunes actually has an
podcast app click on the purple app so in the lower right hand corner you see a
search menu you want to click on that so you can search for the podcast you want
to subscribe to now in there you want to look for a podcast we’re gonna look up
Joe Rogan came up pretty simple there it is click on it now you see the three
dots and you click on the three dots where the purple is it gives you limited
options subscribe and share now when you subscribe to it you get
more options we’ll get to that in a minute
you can see here the recent episodes popular episodes ratings and then
related podcasts to the one you chose so let’s go back up and let’s subscribe so
you just want to hit that button and then go back to the three dots and you
have more options the one you want to look at is settings and then in settings
you can subscribe to it get notifications you can also choose how
you want the order of the episodes to play sequential most recent keep the
most recent episodes a lot of different things might be subscribed for some odd
reason or you can go to custom settings and you
can choose a lot of different options you can shape newest to oldest oldest to
new you can download only new episodes all on played episodes turn it off any
different things you can delete episodes after you listen to them you can turn
that on or off you can limit the episode so how many get downloaded on your phone
if you have limited bandwidth or limited space on your phone and you can refresh
how often it’ll go out and search for new podcasts usually I leave this at a
week but you can do daily if you think that this podcast goes out daily next
what you want to do is click on the podcast here will click on the most
recent and click on play this episodes about 2 hours and 25 minutes you can
listen to it the good thing about it is you can pause it and wherever you leave
off you can exit out of the app the app and you can come back to it and it’ll
play right where you left off it’s pretty awesome well that about wraps it
up like and subscribe thanks for watching
take care

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  1. Everyone has been suggesting I start a podcast but I had not real grip on what they are. Very informative video, thank you.

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