What Does SYSK Love About Podcasting?

What Does SYSK Love About Podcasting?

– I think one of the things
that makes podcasting so cool is that it started out as
this hobby for a lot of people that had a low barrier for
entry, and it still does. I have to buy some equipment
and get a soundproof room, and it’s developed into
this legit, new media. We were fortunate enough
to get in there early and find ourselves
veterans of a new media, kind of accidentally, and
that’s, yeah, that’s super cool. – It is. The fact that it has this kind
of DIY ethic to it, still, and I think that actually
makes the relationship between podcasters and podcast fans much more even than, say, other forms of media. – For sure. – Because a lot of the podcast fans are podcasters themselves, you know? Even if just a few people have heard it, there’s a connection there. – Yeah, it’s funny. For years, it was me having to explain to everyone what a
podcast was, and now it’s, I cohost a podcast and it’s like, “Yeah, you and everyone else.” – Exactly. – I think we had a sweet
spot of about six months where it was novel and
people knew what it was. – Do you remember, also, when
we used to do interviews, every time we did an
interview, somebody would say, “So what do you think about the idea “that podcasting is a dead art, (laughing) “a dead medium?” – They’d say that right to our face. – Yeah. We’d just be like, “I don’t
know what you’re talking about.” It just seems to be
growing, growing, growing. I’m very happy to report
those people got proven wrong, ’cause it seems like it’s here. You can’t really predict the future, but it’s not going anywhere. It’s not a fad, a flash in the pan. I think it’s gone beyond that now. – Well yeah, because things that go away are more technologies and not platforms, like records or cassettes or whatever. But podcasting is a true medium, and it’s only getting bigger. I don’t think it’s just
gonna dissolve one day. – No. It feels a lot like
we’re at the beginning, what it must have felt
like at the beginning of radio or television
or something like that. – [Chuck] See? – [Josh] Exactly, yeah.

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  1. I first found you guys about 7-8 years ago and would listen at work . I was constantly asked what I was listening to and would have to explain what sysk was and then what a podcast was. Lol

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