What Are They Pointing At? (GAME)

What Are They Pointing At? (GAME)

– I can’t see it from here! Here we go… Gotta turn my head? Geez! – Welcome to Good Mythical More. – Oh! 10 Word Story, guys. We’re gonna collaborate
on a 10 Word Story. I’ll start it: Timmy. – Ate. – Your. – Mom’s. – Kitty. – But. – He. – Farted. – So. – Sorry. (laughter) – If there’s no flatulence involved it’s okay to eat a kitty. – “Timmy ate your mom’s kitty
but he farted so sorry.” (groans)
(laughter) – We’re geniuses! – That’s a great story, guys. – Or is it “Timmy ate
your mom’s kitty butt”? – Hey hey! – Hemingway, eat your heart out over here. – Okay. So, you’ve got a series over on Bunny Ears where you point at things. – Yes. Yes, I go to different
cities and point at things. Everything from like landmarks to just a piece of poop on the ground. It really shows the city off. – We kinda sit here at our desk and look at pictures of
people pointing at things but they’re censored so we have to guess what
they’re pointing at. Never done it before, but
we’re gonna do it right now. Let’s see the first one. Oh. Okay. See, so the mom, I’m gonna say that’s a mom and a daughter. The mom’s looking up, the daughter’s… The eyeline’s different. – Yeah, they’re not looking
and pointing at the same thing. This is stock imagery for you. Bad direction here. I think it’s just dad. – I think it’s a clown. I’m gonna go clown. – I was gonna say man
who looks like their dad. – I think it’s a begging greyhound. Like on the back legs. – Oh it’s a jogging gorilla. – [Macaulay] I was pretty
close, actually. (laughs) – Okay, so is this a stock photo? It has to be. – No that’s a real encounter with Bigfoot. (laughter) – I mean it’s like, “I want you to look this way like you don’t see the jogging gorilla.” – And they told the woman like, “I want you to look where
the gorilla’s going to be.” – No, the girl’s just pointing at what’s behind the gorilla, Lord knows what that is. – Right, uh-huh. There’s
a lot to be confused by. – The eyes on that
gorilla are very creepy. Who gets the point on this one? – What did you say?
– I said clown. – Okay, clown is the closest to that. – Yeah, he’s dressed up. – Mac gets the point. – Yeah, I’ll take it. (interested noises) – [Link] Now this isn’t a stock image. (laughter) – I think he’s just flipping
the bird with the other hand. (laughter) – That’s a good one! – I think that’s the only
way to redeem the fact that I don’t like this guy. – You don’t like that guy? – Look at him, look at him! – [Link] He’s got on a vinyl bow-tie. – [Macaulay] Yeah, I was
gonna say the bow-tie and the color coordinated glasses. – You know what? It’s not his fault. Again, there’s some stock
image director who’s like cobbling this stuff together. – Mm-hm.
– Right. – Just throwing noodles at
a wall to see what sticks and what people will buy. – So you’re guessing noodles, then? – Yeah, I’m – a handful of noodles. (laughter) – I was gonna say dildo but I think I’m gonna go banana. – Okay, yeah.
– Close enough. – Yeah, the fruit – the dildo or fruit. The fruit. Fruit. Fruit of the dildo. – [Macaulay] Ah! See!
It was a piece of fruit! – [Link] Okay so you’ve got another point. – I’m crushing you guys today!
– Wow you are surprisingly good at this. – Every game that we throw
at you, you’re good at. – Yeah, what can I say? – Okay, all right, next one. Oh, well first of all…
– [Link] My goodness! – [Rhett] Dad just got out of prison. (laughter) – One of these things
is not like the other. – Just got out of all the prisons. – If there’s a couple
somewhere in the world where the man looks like that, and the woman looks like that… I would like to be their friends. (laughs) – No, no, they’re not married;
he’s just the babysitter. (laughter) – What does it say over his left eye? Does it say… like, “health”? – Yeah, health.
– Yeah. – He’s a health nut, can’t you tell? – “Tent”? – I think it’s a picture
of the next tattoo that’s going to go over his right eye, that they’re all looking at. “Yes, you see what daddy’s gonna get?” – Mm-hmm. – It seems like something
coming out of that flower pot… But it as… as bizarre as this is, it can’t be a flower. – Of course, they might be
looking at what’s in his hand as opposed to like the
flower that’s there, but… I dunno.
– Right. But that’s a well-placed pot. – But y’know, she’s pointing at something. She’s pointing at something. – I think it’s an animal. – I think its a photo of him pre-tattoos. – Hamster. I’m going hamster. – Oh, I didn’t guess.
But yeah, it’s an iPad! – That was just a mug.
– Oh, it was a mug! – Okay, well who do you think was closest? I think that there was
a photo on that iPad. – I didn’t guess! (laughs) It just popped up. – Yeah, well you’ve got
too many points to guess. – “This is where daddy’s room
at prison’s going to be.” – He seems like a nice enough… – This is daddy’s bottom (boing). (laughter) – All right. See, that’s
why you didn’t guess. So I’ll get the point for that. – Okay, Link gets the point. Everyone’s pointing at this! – [Link] It’s one hand pointing back. – (grumbles) I was gonna guess that too. (pondering noises) I don’t even know. It’s gonna be some sort of animal. – But it’s something that
a lot of white people would point at. – Oh yeah… So it’s a poodle? – White people love poodles. – “It’s a poodle”. – I’m gonna say it’s a hand but it’s not pointing, how about that? So maybe like a thumbs-up or, y’know, a middle finger or something. – I think it’s a foot. – Ooh that’s good. – All right, let’s see it.
– What’ve we got? – [Rhett] Oh! (laughs)
It’s just a thumbs up! – [Link] You nailed it!
– [Macaulay] (guttural) Yes! – Mac, how did-? Isn’t that exactly what you said? – Yes! I said a thumbs-up
or something like that. – How? – Just. I’m on my game today. You guys have great coffee. – Are you like, in the stock photos? Is that your-? – It’s actually my thumb. (laughter) – [Group] Oh my goodness – [Rhett] Okay so… – [Macaulay] It’s something long. (laughs) – [Link] What is – what is this guy..? – [Rhett] I think he’s
supposed to be like a tinfoil…
– [Link] Mad Scientist? – Yeah, I think some kind of
like, electrode or something. Something like that. It’s something long. – Why do these photos…
– It’s like an antenna? – It’s something that’s coming from that and then going into his brain. – That’s what I think. It’s like some kinda weird like
electrode-y kinda thing. Something electric. – I think its something absolutely stupid. – I think it’s a Dodson. – I think it’s a sign that
says “I’m with stupid”. – What have we got?
– Pointing at him. – Okay. – [Macaulay] Its an antenna! – [Rhett] It’s an antenna
with coffee beans. – [Macaulay] (laughs)
Coffee beans! All right! – Alright, you get another point. – Makes sense! There’s my clown! There’s my clown. – This is some more pointing. – Maybe he’s pointing back
at that prisoner dude. You know, he’s got like
tattoos on his arm and stuff. – Yep, he got the tattoos
down there on the left. I think it’s a tattoo of a clown. – I think he’s got a torn bicep. – I think it’s a face. I
think someone’s face is there. – [Link] Oh like- – [Macaulay] Oh it’s a bunny! – [Rhett] Of course it’s a bunny. Which is technically a face! – Yeah, yeah. Still. Close enough. – How many more do we have? (muffled voice off-screen)
This is the last one, okay. – Guys, this is the
last one and we’ve got- – [Macaulay] How come
this one isn’t a bunny? – [Link] A magician. A magician… I like his style in general. – Yeah he’s got style and grace. – I think his day-job is under that. (laughter) ’cause this is definitely
not his full-time gig. – I mean, is it just a card? Maybe it’s just a card. No, it’s gonna be like his middle finger. – I mean this is the last one. – That’s what I mean,
it’s gotta be something, I think it’s gonna be like a
middle finger or something. – These things are so random… – Maybe it’s like a dead canary. – Yeah I was thinking a dead animal too. You can see it in his eyes. He feels guilty for being there. So what is your guess? – I said like a middle finger
or something like that. – Okay so you’re going
with the middle finger. – A gesture. – All right. Well then I’mma
go with the dead canary, I’mma take your second guess. – So what’ve we got?
– Rhett, what’s your guess? His day job? – A child’s ear. – Bloody? Is it bloody? – Yeah, bloody child’s ear. – [Link] Nothing!
– [Macaulay] Nothing! Hey! – Oh, what an anti-climactic
ending to a wonderful morning. – But hey, Mac, I think you
actually won that game as well and there’s an even better prize; you get to pull David Hill’s finger. So David Hill, come on in. – Production Assistant David Hill. – All right! – Oh look, he’s bringing it in! (laughter) – Fart sound. – (elongated) Oh snap. – David just said fart sound. – Yes he did. – So that’s what happens;
you pull his finger and he says “fart sound”.
– Fart sound. – Fart sound.
– After some struggle. – Fart sound. Fart sound. – I can do this all day!
– Fart sound. – Fart sound.
– Can I? If I pull that, what happens? – Sound fart. (laughter) – Oh, so sound fart. – One more. – Fart sound. Fart sound. – What if Rhett pulls
it? What does it say? – Fart sound fart. (laughter) – Oh wow. – One more. – Fart sound.
– Okay, two more. – Fart sound. Fart. Fart. Far- far- far- far-
fa- fa- fa- fa- fa- fa- (rhythmic “fa”-ing) – We should’ve started with this. Wow. Forget the bunnies, this
should’ve been the episode. – You’re hired! – Fart sound. – [Link] We wrote a novel; The
Lost Causes of Bleak Creek. To celebrate, we’re hosting some very
special intimate conversations about the book in six cities only! Tickets are available at bleakcreek.com and every ticket includes
a copy of the book.

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