What $100 Gets You at Outlet Stores vs. Retail Stores

– Okay so I love a good deal, I love shopping secondhand,
finding coupons, going to the sale rack
and the outlet malls. I just really love feeling
like I’m getting the best deal. Outlet stores are where brands sell their unsold merchandise
for a discounted price or is that just what
they want you to think? Conspiracy. Some brands have been accused of just making a lower
quality version of their items to sell at the outlet stores so you think you’re getting
like a high quality item for a discounted price but
you’re really not getting a deal, you’re just getting a cheaper
product for a cheaper price. And then sometimes the
prices at the outlet malls aren’t even that good but
they just make you think you’re getting a good deal
because you’re at the outlet mall so you’re like oh wow
this item must usually be so much more expensive, I’m saving money. So today we’re gonna
get to the bottom of it, I’m gonna go to five outlet stores and see what I can get
at each place for $100. As with the other $100 shopping challenges that I’ve done, I get a $10 buffer so the final purchase price has to be somewhere between 90 and 110. And then I’m gonna go to a
full-price flagship store for that same brand
and try to get the same or at least similar items
to compare the price and the quality and give
the verdict on each store if you are actually getting a better deal when you shop at the outlets. So Skyler is here, we
are at our first store which is GAP, well the GAP outlet. GAP calls their outlet stores
the GAP Factory stores, the prices are usually about half of what they are at the flagship locations so like I just found this dress
for 25 bucks, originally 50. I’m telling you guys, I
just love a good deal. (upbeat music) Okay so the GAP outlet, we got some stuff. The prices were really good but I feel like the
selection just wasn’t great. They had hardly any blouses,
mostly just like graphic tees and I feel like the items
here were more basic than I usually see at a flagship GAP store but I did find some stuff I really liked, it just took a little bit of extra digging so first thing I got is this denim dress. I really like the look of this, it’s a little bit
shapeless but I got a belt that I’ll show you guys in a little bit that I used to give me more
definition at the waist. This was 24.99 and it
feels pretty high-quality and then I got this brown belt for 17.99, I really like this belt, it just seems a little bit
expensive for the outlets and then I got this blue and white scarf, it’s kind of a lightweight
infinity scarf and it was 11.99. And then I got a second little ensemble since that outfit didn’t bring me to $100, so I have these high-waisted
jeans that were 35.99 and this green graphic tee
that says weekend on the front and this was 6.99. So those five items total up to $105.54, now let’s see how it went down
at the full-price GAP store. So now we are over at the
full-price flagship store for GAP and we’re gonna see if
we can get similar items to what we got at the outlet and how different the pricing is. As you can see it right behind me that dress is actually super similar to the dress that we got at GAP so definitely gonna have to try that on and I do see a lot of signs
saying like there’s 50% off and there’s this discount even though this isn’t an outlet store so I don’t know if that’s
gonna affect the price but let’s go inside. (upbeat music) So the GAP full-price
store had much cuter things like I suspected than the outlet store, they just seemed to have
like a lot more trendy in season styles whereas the outlet store had just mostly basics and I was excited to see that even though this was the full-price store, pretty much everything had markdowns on it so I got this denim dress
that is very similar to the one from the outlets but does have some design differences so this was 34.96 and it
has a zipper down the back instead of elastic which I do prefer. The straps are thicker
whereas the first one was spaghetti straps so like I said, this one was more expensive it was 34.96 where’s the outlet store dress was 24.99 and I do like some of the design elements on the more expensive dress better. It’s more structured, it
just feels like there was more like detail put into it but that being said, I
actually prefer the fit and the look of the
outlet store dress better. I do think that it’s lower in quality than the one from the GAP flagship store but just for my personal taste,
I think it suits me better and then I got this brown
belt, this was 23.97 and again I will say definitely higher quality than the outlets. The quality is better on
the full-price store’s belt and it’s only a $5 difference so I would probably go for
the full-price stores belt but it just depends on
like which design you want because they’re not exactly the same belt, it’s not like a one to one comparison. And then I got this blue and white scarf, this one is definitely more blue whereas the one from the
outlets was more white. This scarf was 29.95 whereas
the one from the outlets was 11.99 and that is
a huge price difference and I actually prefer the
one from the outlets to this. This isn’t an infinity scarf, it’s just like a big wrap
and it’s a lot thicker and heavier which some people might like but I just prefer a lighter scarf. Quality seems about the
same on the scarves, not really a big difference so I think on this one
definitely the outlet one wins. And then I got these high-waisted jeans, there was a big price difference on these so these jeans from the
full-price store were 69.95 and the outlet was 35.99 so
almost like half the price. I do feel a quality and a fit difference in the ones from the full-price store which kind of bums me out
’cause I really wanted the cheaper jeans to win. Now these jeans are different cuts, they didn’t have the exact jeans I bought at the outlet store
at the full-price store which kind of reinforces my thought that maybe they are just making
completely different clothes for their outlet store
and I do still really like the outlet jeans, I just there
is a difference in quality which I would expect
from a $30 pair of jeans to a $60 pair of jeans but
they are from the same brand which is a little bit weird so personally I would probably
go for the outlet jeans because I still think they’re a great pair but quality-wise the GAP
full-price store jeans are definitely better. And then last but not least, we have this green
T-shirt, this was 17.46. I like the fit of the
full-price stores green T-shirt way better than the one from the outlet but the outlet is like a graphic tee whereas this is more of like a boxy V-neck so it’s hard to compare. Quality feels about the same though, I didn’t really notice a big change in quality between those two. The one of the outlet store was 6.99 so I would probably choose that over it just because like I said not
a huge quality difference, just depends on your
personal taste for the fit and the total that I spent
at this GAP full-price store to get similar items to
the GAP outlet was $189.95. So then GAP overall, is
the outlet actually better? I think they’re just very different, it is not the same store at all. This is just speculation based
on my shopping experience but it definitely seems
like the clothes they carry at the GAP outlet are different than the ones from the full-price location and the quality is also lower. So if you’re okay with
getting a lower quality item which sometimes I definitely am, I think there is still something
for you at the GAP outlets but I wouldn’t go
shopping at the GAP outlet thinking that you’re getting
like this amazing deal because you’re not
getting the same clothes as the full-price store. So the next store we are
heading into is Tory Burch and Tory Burch might be
the most expensive store that we’re gonna be going to today. – Definitely.
– Most of the prices are usually around like 200
to 500 at the flagship store but at the outlet I have seen
some things for under $100 so I’m hoping we could either
get a bag or some shoes, that would be a great, let’s head inside. (upbeat music) So at Tory Burch, we spent $94.93. And with that, I actually
think I got a really good deal. I got these little brown
booties that I think are so cute and don’t get me wrong,
$87 is a lot to spend on a pair of shoes but
these I actually know are the full quality pair of shoes that you would get at a
regular Tory Burch store. These shoes had like a
special little tag on them and when I asked the sales
associate about them, she said they were
actually a store transfer. So these came from a
full-price Tory Burch, they didn’t sell and the
fact that she specified that makes me think that some of their items are made specifically for the outlets but these are definitely the full quality full-price shoes but actually marked down like what outlets are
actually supposed to be. I just think these are
adorable, they fit super well, they feel really high-quality and even though they’re expensive, this is kind of the actual
thing I come to the outlet for, like getting a high quality
product for a discounted price. We’ve got some like swanky mall jazz music playing in the background but we are outside of the
full-price store for Tory Burch so since the sales associate
at the outlet store said that those specific
boots were actually a transfer from the full-price store,
I’m interested to see if we can find the exact boot and if not, I’m just interested to see
how much a regular pair of like brown ankle boots is
at the full-price Tory Burch. (upbeat music) So when we went into the
full-price Tory Burch store, they had no boots, the sales associate said they stopped carrying boots in February
which makes a lot of sense as to why those boots would
have been a store transfer to the outlets ’cause
they’re not in season anymore but I wanted to get something to compare so I found these brown wedge heels which seemed like the most
similar thing in the store even though they’re not boots
and I really like these, they’re comfortable, they’re cute, they’ve got a little bit of a heel but they were so expensive. These were $278 which is way more than I’ve ever spent on a pair of shoes and don’t get me wrong like
they are very high quality but I feel like I would
rather snoop around the Tory Burch outlet and
wait for a pair of shoes like these to come as a store transfer even if that took a long time,
I feel like it’d be worth it because I just can’t stomach
spending that much on shoes. I mean I did but like it’s for the video and if you guys have seen
my other $100 challenges, my rule is if I don’t wear something in the first week of
buying it, I return it because I don’t want to be wasteful, wasteful in terms of the environment and also wasteful in terms
of like my bank account. So these are a pair of shoes that I feel like I most likely will
return but I just love them but it’s hard to give a direct comparison between these two items
because they are different but we also noticed that at
the full-price Tory Burch store they had a pair of flats that
we had seen at the outlets but didn’t buy and at
the full-price store, these little brown flats
with the gold detail were $228 and since we had
already left the outlet, Skyler was gonna be going back there to do some shopping for herself so she popped in to Tory Burch to check the price on those flats. So at $114.50, you are
definitely getting a big discount but since those aren’t the shoes I bought, I really don’t know the
comparison in quality. They may have made a cheaper
version for the outlet or those could be the exact
ones just at a discount so I feel like Tory Burch
it’s doing better than GAP in terms of deals because those boots are actually the high quality version but it’s still kind of like
the jury’s still kind of out. I might have to do another investigation. So I am out in front of our next store which is gonna be Lucky Brand and Lucky Brand is a store I like a lot but I rarely shop at. I’ve been to the outlet a few times, I’ve been to the full-price
location a few times and I think the style suits
my preferences really well but the prices do tend to be a little bit out of my comfort zone. It’s not too expensive at
the full-price location, items are usually anywhere
from you know 60 to $200 so I’m excited to see what
we can get at the outlet and how that compares
to the full-price store. (upbeat music) So at the Lucky Brand outlet,
I ended up getting one item, I got the Hayden Skinny jean. These were $89.50 and the
only discount they had on their jeans was buy one get one 50% off and I couldn’t afford to
buy two pairs of jeans in that $100 threshold so I
was only able to get the one so I actually technically didn’t even get a discount on these jeans. I do like these jeans, they
feel really high-quality and fit me well but I was
just a little bit bummed that I couldn’t get the price lower but let’s see what I was able to get at the full-price store. So we are at the full-price
flagship store for Lucky Brand and as you can see, it says
40% off the entire store which the jeans that I got at the outlet weren’t even really discounted so I honestly wouldn’t be
surprised if the full-price store ends up being cheaper than
the outlet but we shall see, all we gotta do is find a pair of jeans and I wrote down the exact
name of the jeans I got so I’m gonna see if we
could get the exact cut and if not something very similar. (upbeat music) So at the full-price store,
I got the exact same jeans, they had the Hayden Skinny. You guys are gonna freaking die, so keep in mind, this is
from the full-price store, these are supposed to be more
expensive and you know what? Let’s just roll the clip
of when I figured out how much they were gonna be. The girl who worked here,
her name is Jessica, so Jessica shout out if
you’re watching this, she is a viewer of the channel
and I could not believe it when she read out the
price of these jeans $32 for the exact same jeans that
we paid $90 for at the outlet. I’m shook.
– I am so shook. – $29.98, these were not on clearance, these were just like a normal
on the rack pair of jeans but as you saw throughout
the entire store, they were having 40% off
and then they also I guess had a different markdown on their denim and now that I’ve been able
to wear both of these jeans at least one thing is in
the outlet stores favor, they are the exact same jeans, they definitely didn’t make a
cheaper version for the outlet which I definitely appreciate but the fact that I would
get a better discount at the full-price store than at the outlet really just like kind of makes me rethink outlet stores in general. While we were shopping
and we saw that 40% off, Skyler looked online and
it was 40% off online on Lucky Brand too and at like every store across the country so it wasn’t just like this specific store was having a sale but the outlet wasn’t having that sale, the sales associate said
they have different sales at the outlet, I don’t know,
that just really surprised me so anywhere you’re outlet shopping but especially Lucky Brand,
definitely double check on those prices because yeah,
they had a lot of cute stuff and yeah, it seems to be the same quality as the full-price location
but it doesn’t actually seem like you’re getting a good deal. In fact, I got a much
worse deal at the outlet. So for our next store, we
are going to Kate Spade. In my experience, Kate Spade seems to have like the biggest markdowns
from their outlet to their like full-price retail stores. Maybe it’s just been like
I’ve been really lucky with the items I found but
I feel like their discounts are just pretty awesome
so I’m excited to see like a one to one comparison and kind of see what I can find. ♪ Oh oh ♪ (upbeat music) ♪ Oh oh ♪ ♪ You gotta listen up, listen up ♪ ♪ There’s not a thing
that I can get from you ♪ ♪ Boy I don’t need that
much, need that much ♪ ♪ How can I tell you what I wanna do ♪ – So Kate Spade, at the
outlet I spent $101.46. So I got this little gold spade necklace and this was $30.50. I got these little gold
hoop earrings for $23.20 and the Mini Bradley Nylon Backpack for $47.76 which I was very excited about because I wanted to buy
this backpack anyways. The swanky jazz music just
keeps getting louder and louder but we’re just gonna roll
with it so we are outside the Kate Spade store at
the full-price location so we’re gonna be looking for the three corresponding items here, the black mini backpack and gold necklace and gold kind of like hoop earrings. So let’s head inside and
see how the prices compare and hopefully we can find items
that are actually similar. ♪ Maybe there’s a place where we can go ♪ ♪ Where it’s always
shining like the snow ♪ ♪ Listen to your
heartbeat, don’t you know ♪ ♪ That I just wanna be with you ♪ ♪ Oh oh ♪ – So at the full-price Kate Spade store, the most similar necklace I could find is this little gold clover necklace. This was $58 and other
than like the actual symbol on the necklace very similar
to the one from the outlet. And the necklace at the outlet was $30.50 so the full-price necklace
was almost double that and it is a necklace
and like I’m much better at judging quality differences
when it comes to clothes rather than jewelry ’cause I definitely do not know much about jewelry, they both feel nice, they both look nice, and I would go with the
outlet one over it for sure. And then I got these little rose gold like much smaller hoops
than the ones at the outlet but kind of the same idea. These were $48 and the pair
that I got at the outlet was $23.20 so again like half the price and I actually prefer the style of the ones from the outlet
better in my personal taste but also quality very, very similar. So on the earrings, again,
I’m gonna go for the outlet, I feel like Kate Spade just
has really good discounts and the quality seems almost the same. So the Kate Spade full-price
store didn’t carry the mini backpack but they had
the full size version of it so I got this, it’s still nylon, it’s similar design and it was $198. So considering that this one
is like the little baby version of this guy, hard to give a comparison but again, like Tory Burch, Skylar and I had seen this exact backpack or at least very, very similar design when we were at the outlet so when she was over at the
outlet mall this morning, she popped in and found out the price of this backpack at the outlet. At $77.50 for the big version and $47.76 for the mini version,
the outlet for Kate Spade just definitely has the
best deal on both fronts. So my total at the full-price store of Kate Spade was $327.57. The quality seems very, very similar to me on all of the items from Kate Spade and the discounts were so extreme like opposite of Lucky Brand. Everything was about half the price if not more of a discount and the quality seems about the same so I think Kate Spade is one store where the outlet is definitely worth it. So our last store number five, we are going into the Nike outlet. Now I really like the Nike workout clothes but I have like four
or five workout outfits that I just cycle through
and that’s literally it. So I don’t go shopping for
fitness gear that often but hopefully today we’ll be
able to find some good deals. At the full-price Nike
store, things usually range from about 40 to $120
so I’m interested to see how big the discount in comparison
is but let’s head inside. (upbeat music) So at Nike, I spent $92.62. So I got these navy
blue leggings for 32.98 and these are the Nike
Power Pocket Hyper Tight Fit in a mid rise. I really liked these, I
thought they fit nice, they feel nice, they feel
like a Nike legging to me and a pretty good deal for leggings. I also got this black crop top, I thought this was cool
’cause it’s a crop top but it also has a hood on
it which was kind of fun and this was $44.99 and
then I was just below that $90 threshold so I grabbed
a three pack of headbands and these were $7.97. Everything I tried at the Nike outlet felt like a Nike quality item to me but let’s go see how it went
at the full-price store. So we are outside the
Nike full-price store as you can see by that nice
little swoosh above my head. So we’re gonna be trying
to find those leggings and some sort of like black running top, I doubt we’ll be able to
find that like exact shirt ’cause it was very unique
but yeah, let’s go. (upbeat music) So they didn’t have that
exact type of legging that I got at the outlet
at the full-price store, they also didn’t have
any navy blue leggings, so I got this pair of black leggings that felt the most similar
when I tried them on. These are the Nike Dri-FIT
leggings and they were at $90. These feels very similar
to the ones at the outlet except like triple the
price so for the leggings, I’m definitely gonna say the outlet wins although I do really
like both of these pairs and they didn’t have
a top that was similar to the like cropped hooded
top that I got at the outlet so I got this blue Dri-FIT shirt. This was $45 so a whopping
one cent more expensive than the $44.99 top. I do like the outlet style more
than the style of this shirt from the full-price store. I just think it’s really
unique but in terms of quality, they seem very similar
so I’m gonna go ahead and go for the outlet for this one even though the price was the same, I think the item is a lot more unique. And yeah, guys, I’m
sorry, I totally forgot that I bought headbands at the outlet and just didn’t buy headbands
at the full-price store so uh we’re gonna have
to skip over that one on the comparison but I
mean they’re headbands, I’m gonna assume they’re pretty similar. So the total at the full-price
Nike store was $145.47. It seems like the clothes they’re carrying at the Nike outlet are
actually like on par with the full-price Nike store so I really like that and the
prices were pretty discounted except for like the crop top but that was kind of a unique item so for this one I’m
gonna say the Nike outlet is definitely where it’s at and I’ve also bought shoes
at the Nike outlet before and they have been wonderful. So Nike outlet, I’m here for you. So after shopping at all of
these different outlet locations and flagship store locations, I think the best discounts are definitely at the Kate Spade outlet. The quality was so similar, a
lot of the styles they carry are identical to the full-price store and the discounts were
just by far the biggest, like you know 50 to 80% off it seems like from a regular Kate Spade
item which is just awesome. So Kate Spade outlet
definitely a really good deal but what’s not a good deal
is the Lucky Brand outlet. I do like that they keep
the quality consistent from the outlet to the full-price store but what I don’t like is
that like the discounts are just not that good. Like those jeans were just so much cheaper at the full-price store and the fact that like I could have just ordered them online cheaper as well, I think Lucky Brand is a great store, their clothes are very,
very cute and high quality but if you’re gonna shop at the outlet, definitely just do a
quick little Google search and see if they’re having any online sales where you could get a better deal because yeah, I totally
would have missed out on a great $30 pair of jeans if I hadn’t gone to the full-price store. So that is my verdict on outlet
versus full-price stores. This video was like a behemoth, it was a lot to plan, a lot to film, a lot to like try to
condense into information for all of you guys so
I hope it made sense, I hope it was helpful and
I hope it was entertaining even if you’re not gonna go
like shop at any of these stores I hope it was interesting
to see the difference between an outlet store
and a full-price location. I think the biggest
takeaway from this video is don’t just assume that the outlets are always gonna be better, sometimes they are but
sometimes they’re not and I think a big part of the outlets is kind of just marketing, making you think you’re
getting a good deal and I totally fall for
that because like I said, I’m a girl who loves to feel
like I’m getting a good deal. So if you liked this
video and you want to see more shopping challenges, there is a card right up there or there, not sure which corner,
go ahead and click that and that will take you to a playlist where you can watch a
lot more videos like this and if you are new to my channel, make sure to subscribe, join the family and I will see you guys next
time with another new one, bye. (upbeat music)

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