Welcome to Barshens

Welcome to Barshens

– Welcome to Barshens, folks!
I am Barry Lewis.
– And I am not, I am Stuart Ashen. – Stuart, can you explain what Barshens is?
– Barshens is a channel on the tube of you, and it is a collaboration between Mr. Lewis and myself, where we will just be pratting around, really, and presenting guff, for you, the viewer.
– And anything goes is a chance for me to not have to cook, and Stuart to show more than his hands, which you guys love.
He has a lovely face- But not that much more, the police have been very stringent on that. – Yeah, we were trying not to mention that.
– Sorry.
– We are trying to increase our subscribers at the moment, so please feel free to subscribe
by clicking above and down below. We have only just started the channel as you know,
this is our channel trailer as well, so please check out the fun content to follow!
– It is going to be a whole barrel of laughs- and you are in that barrel. We are not saying how
many laughs are in the barrel though, probably several, yes, more than two.

100 thoughts on “Welcome to Barshens

  1. That fellow with the bucket under his arm looks like "Future Baldrick" from the "Blackadder's Christmas Carol".

  2. i thought barshens would be ashens going to a bar regularly, like he would try to make some sort of profit out of his newly obtained alcoholism. "new videos weekly! …or maybe everyday even". i was happily relieved when i saw what it really was.

  3. Automatic subscription. My please were heard when I said that Ashens + Barry is the best YouTube duo ever.

  4. I've noticed something… sometimes the Barshens logo has a yellow S and sometimes the S is white. For example, the S is white in the background of this video, but if you look at the channel thumbnail it is yellow… strange.

  5. 0:57 – I love the ripping someone a new ass on the phone to realizing you're being filmed and giving a smile. Classic 90s tv move lol.

  6. I am 200th commenter damn so much comments and views already and been 7 hours since the channel got created

  7. When I saw Ashens' video about this channel I kinda hoped it was a channel where Ashens goes and farts around in various pubs doing stupid stuff, but THIS IS SO MUCH BETTER

  8. Wow some one still uses a wired phone?
    I have a wireless phone here and a smart phone that I yell at and call my stupid smart phone. xD

  9. Argh. Thought you were opening a bar for a minute there. Kind of let down. That would be one interesting drink menu.

  10. Uhh, yeah, can I start a tab with a pint of Guinness and a shot of Jameson, please?

    … What? Oh… I thought this was a bar. Okay, what is this, then?

    A couple of lovable twats? … You know, that could mean so many things, but fuck it. I'll subscribe!

  11. Well, I had to "GO FORTH", didn't I? Because your Marvel inspired trailer told me Jack shit about the content, just as the real Marvel trailers… so, good job, I guess.. Whatever! I'm here and I like what I see.

  12. ASSHENS! (no, srsly, it should've been called Ashry or somethin', because A comes before B… or it did the last time I checked)

  13. OMG the logo on the poster behind them having a white BARS and an orange HENS and their logo everywhere else having a white BAR and and an orange SHENS (which makes more sense) really irritates me way more than it should.

  14. They finally married. 10/10 would subscribe again. Jokes aside tho I really do enjoy these two together and am looking forward to what comes out of this. Hopefully they grow big and stronk. I do wonder if this will distract them from their separate channels though.

  15. I've been subscribed to Ashens for awhile and I've just noticed that he bares a striking resemblance to Simon Pegg. O_o

  16. Neither of you have this channel in your Recommended Channels list and I feel like that might be taking away a couple of potential subscribers. Just a little tip from a smart-arse fan 😛

  17. Two great men has come together and created something we never would've imagined. Another channel. Another set of videos. And another time consuming piece of entertainment that will screw up my grades completely.

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